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BTS Reaction to Getting Into a Heated Argument With Their S/O

GENRE: angst, lil fluff ofc


A/N: i am full of so many emotions rn. my heart goes out to all of those impacted by jonghyun and the entire event as a whole. if you EVER need anyone to talk to, please do not be afraid to message me. i love you guys endlessly; you’ll never know how much you mean to me, and if i can help i absolutely will dedicate my time to listening to you.



@aphrxdite17 said: Bts reaction them getting inti a fight w/ their gf over something and it getting so heated she asks “Do you even love me?” Idk if thats too specific sonlike play around with it if you want





— “Do you even love me?”

Once the words slipped out from between your lips Jin’s face was full of regret. He had been away for days, spending his nights at the dorms rather than coming home to see you. You had attempted contacting your boyfriend but nothing seemed to work. No matter what you did, from cooking dinner to stating how desperate you were for his presence, he had not appeared by your side. Tears begged to fall from your swollen eyes, and Jin quickly responded without hesitating. He had not realized the impact he was having on you.

“Of course, baby… I am so sorry…” Jin wrapped you in his warm embrace, kissing the top of your head repeatedly while experiencing his own emotions. While viewing you crying and simply needing him to be around, he felt his heart break. Jin held you close and continuously mentioned that he loved you, stating that he was being inconsiderate and not a good boyfriend to you. You would not agree with everything he said, but you did not speak up. After the fight would sizzle down, you would not let him go, cuddling into his chest in your bed while finally allowing yourself to calm down.




— “Do you even love me anymore? It appears as if you do not—“

After speaking those words, you would be adding more fuel to the fire that was explosive by this point. Yoongi would be full of anger as he shouted back at you, resulting in more harm than good. He did not mean the words he expressed in the moment, and he would come to terms in his own time, but hurtful statements continued to leave his lips instead of comforting you and stating that he obviously did.

After you both had calmed down, Yoongi would slip beside you in your bed, hesitating before wrapping his arms around your waist. You would be asleep by this point, not responding to his actions due to he exhaustion that was a result of your fight. The next morning, Yoongi would wake up earlier than he had in a while, preparing you your favorite breakfast as an apology. Once you had woken up, he would beg for your forgiveness while declaring his actions unreasonable being that he had been avoiding you and putting himself first. It was your decision to forgive him or not.




— “Do you love me anymore?”

That would be his cue to stop the argument that he had began, pausing his actions and feeling his world freeze up. Almost like he had seen what your side of the story was, Hoseok felt himself break down into tears. He was not being himself due to the stress continuing to pile on top of his shoulders, and you remained to stare at him while awaiting his answer. You were at the point of forfeiting, preparing mentally what you would pack before leaving to stay with a close friend.

“More than anything else,” Hoseok would respond before lowering his head into the palms of his hands. You would allow a quiet sigh to escape your lips, having known all along the built up anger was caused by the upcoming events and performances. You would then quietly forgive Hoseok, stating that if he ever spoke to you like he had, no matter the reason why, that you would be out of the apartment permanently. From that moment on, Hoseok would not ever take you for granted, loving you more than he ever had, as strongly as he possibly could.




— “Do you even love me anymore, Namjoon? I am willing to leave if you give me the answer I am expecting!”

Namjoon would stop once the words left your mouth. He had not anticipated you to take the argument that far, but he understood your side of the conversation. He was being unlike himself and not considering your feelings. You disliked the Namjoon that you were observing before your very eyes, and you felt as if your heart could not handle his statements for much longer. Namjoon would gulp before nodding, stating that no fight could change his love in regards to you.

“I love you so much, baby.” Namjoon would quietly speak, barely above a whisper. You would nod, lowering your head to stare at the socks on your feet. Lately, it had felt as if he had not ever loved you like he once had, and you were at your breaking point. After hearing his words you were a jumble of emotions, not knowing how you should feel. “If I ever speak like that again, slap me as hard as you can and walk out. My behavior is not tolerable, and I do not want you to keep trying.”




— “Do you still love me?”

“Baby, of course. I am so, so sorry.” The second the words were spoken Jimin would be unable to forgive himself for the words he had expressed and the lies he had said. Jimin would feel the most guilty for the argument that had occurred, taking the precious time he had been given with you to make it up. Jimin would cancel a few days worth of practice and dedicate them to specifically you. Jimin would easily be similar to Yoongi and make you meals and take you to see movies and events that you had wanted to attend for ages.

A fight like the one you both had endured would never occur again, both of you vowing to stay strong together and not allow work or others to interfere. Jimin would have an eureka moment in actuality, pondering more before speaking, which would result in a lot less arguments. Jimin would often find ways to state his love for you rather than continuing the small bickering that one of you began. In the end, neither of you would regret the fight that once happened due to overall stress.




— “Do you even love me?”

Taehyung would be in awe at the words that you had spoken. He had his suspicions that you would eventually question him and his odd behavior, but he did not expect the statement to be said aloud the moment it did. Tae had arrived home from practice a lot later than he had anticipated, and he believed you would be asleep when he walked through the door. But rather than doing just that, you were sitting on the couch wrapped in a blanket, your eyes red and puffy from tears that had escaped due to the situation at hand.

“Baby, I know; I am so sorry and I promise to make it up to you. I can not blame missing our planned date night on work again, and if you allow me to I will take off the rest of work on date nights for the next year.” You would still be angry, disregarding the promises that you felt as if Taehyung would yet again break. Tae would allow a sigh to escape his lips as he continued. “I love you so much, baby. Allow me to gain your trust back; I know I can.”




— “Do you even love me anymore, Jungkook?”

Jungkook would turn towards your voice as it entered the empty dorms, not expecting to hear it so suddenly and angrily. Jungkook’s jaw would drop to the floor at the sight of you dressed in your finest attire, having expected Jungkook to pick you up at your apartment for three hours to find him located on the couch in the dorms, controller in hand and practically screaming at the television. It was the eighth date he had forgotten, and at that point you had disregarded whatever his response might be. You gulped before attempting to continue.

“I love you more than the world could even comprehend, and I do not state those words enough but allow me to assure you that I mean them with the most sincerity. I clearly do not deserve someone as magnificent as you, and I understand that you have the desire to break up with me right now but baby please… Without you I will be an absolute mess, allow me to get my stuff together. I promise I will stop my habits and spend more time with you.” Jungkook appeared as if tears were welling up in his eyes due to the pain he had caused you and himself. You would not hesitate to speak your next words, either calling off your relationship or accepting his extravagant apology.




*sobs quietly* 

I need you to take a moment of silence and think about this: just how special it must’ve been to both Jimin and Jungkook for them to wait a decade until FESTA-a very meaningful event to both BTS and Armys-to drop the cover.


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Lee Daehwi, a 16 years old boy who recived hate since the very first nayana perfomance for being “ugly”, who recived  hate for being “femnine” and “gay” since first episode, who went through incredible amount of hate for being ambitious about his dream to debut, who never cried in front of camera, who’s closest people in Korea were his friends, who, at his young age, can sing, dance, rap, compose and write lyrics, who never complained about a thing, who just went through all the hardships to his dream by working hard and not giving up.

I have so much respect for this kid, he deserves all the love and appreciation in this world. I’m proud of you, my son. 

It is the year of our Lord 2017 and Catherine friggin’ Tate is honestly out there playing my favourite Disney comics character, completely out of the blue, opposite David Tennant who is playing Scrooge McDuck

Never, not in my wildest dreams, could I imagine I would be typing this one day. 

What a time to be alive guys. 


“If you were both dumped by the same woman on the same day, you should say I’m an evil witch… and just curse me out together. You should console each other…You’re friends, after all… How could you fight like this?”