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Everybody is talking about the Mike/Eleven relationship this season (and not without good reason) BUT I CANNOT BELIEVE THAT THERE AREN’T MORE PEOPLE TALKING ABOUT THE GLORIOUSNESS THAT IS THE MIKE AND WILL FRIENDSHIP.

Just a few examples of this goodness:

  • Mike literally refusing to leave Will’s side pretty much from the moment he got infected by the shadow monster until the final episode. 
  • Mike sleeping in a hospital chair next to Will’s bed at the lab
  • Will confiding in Mike about all the shadow monster episodes
  • “I’ll take care of him. Let me take him home.” (on halloween night)
  • Mike instinctually trusting Will about Dart being the demogorgon no questions asked
  • “If we’re both going crazy then I guess we’ll go crazy together.”
  • When Will had forgotten a lot of things because of the virus, but he hadn’t forgotten Mike
  • Mike trying to phone Will throughout the school day when Will didn’t show up to school
  • Joyce trying to send Mike home when Will’s infected and Mike is just not having ANY of that bullshit
  • The only time we see Will’s facial expression change when he’s under the control of the shadow monster is when a single tear rolls down his face after Mike has finished telling the story of the day they met
  • Oh no Will’s in trouble! *first thing we see is a camera pan to Mike’s worried face*
  • Oh so when Will wakes up in the disguised shack of course Hopper will be there in case something goes wrong. Joyce and Jonathan obviously, because family. Oh and Mike Wheeler, despite the fact that the rest of their gang of friends remained in the house.  
  • are you telling me that mike and will are like family because i am not emotionally ready to deal with that
  • When they’re all telling stories to get Will to snap out of it and Will’s own mother and brother have told heart-wrenching emotional stories and nothing’s come of it and the thing that finally gets Will to fight back and start replying in morse code is Mike telling Will about the day they met
  • Basically my emotions went everywhere when Mike was talking about the day that he became friends with Will 
  • “It was the best thing that I’ve ever done.”

You can go on and on about any of the other relationships between characters. But you cannot deny that the friendship between Mike and Will is literally the purest thing to ever exist on television.

To conclude, why are people not talking more about this beautiful example of everything good about the world that is Will Byers and Mike Wheeler’s friendship


A few days over the horizon just waiting for us.

the way she constructs her ‘reputation’ by opening the album with lyrics like “knew i was a robber first time that he saw me, stealing hearts and running off and never saying sorry” as almost an immediate fear that no one will want to stay with her because of how she’s constantly portrayed, all the way through to the closing sentiments in 'new year’s day’, after having experienced this chaotically beautiful journey day by day, and finding her true love, wishing that he “doesn’t ever become a stranger who’s laugh she could recognise anywhere”, as she realises she most certainly is 'ready for it’ and can now tell that the person she truly cares about knows her 'real’ reputation. she finds comfort amidst the chaos, and knows in her heart that this new chapter of love will be everlasting, and that’s all that really matters.

Taurus Sun & Sagittarius Moon

I usually have a good reign on my emotions, but when I feel like something might be interesting I’m just like fuck yeah, let’s do this. Most of the time I’m as apathetic and lazy as I look on the outside. But when something stirs my emotions, when something excites me, or impinges my freedom, I become a giant emotional mess. It doesn’t help that I become even more stubborn, uncommunicative or apathetic when shit happens. My emotions are everywhere and all I want is stability.

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Timothy startled as Shelagh tossed a book of road maps on the table before him.  “We’re going to the countryside on Saturday,” she said as she cleared his breakfast away.  “You shall be in charge of the navigation because, as we both know, I am not to be trusted with bus schedules.”


I was once a happy girl with flowers in my hair,

Dancing in fields, inhaling Earth’s air.

Not a worry or a weep, not a care in the world,

My hair flowing perfectly, glossy and curled.

As I grew up, things started to change,

All of my emotions became very strange.

A voice began following me everywhere I went,

I became confused as to what this now meant.

‘Don’t do this, don’t do that’ was all I ever heard,

Every time I stepped outside, my vision became blurred.

My heart raced fast whenever I travelled out there,

They are looking at me, but why on Earth do I care?

Mornings became the worst knowing I had to face the crowd,

Would I even be able to read something out loud?

I don’t want to be lonely but I want to be alone,

I don’t even want to pick up the phone.

The worst part of it all is that nobody understands,

Weak is my mind and shaky are my hands.

I don’t feel upset or feel any pain,

I just feel numb, emotionless and plain.

Now my goal is to get through each day,

I feel as though there’s nothing left to say.

And to this day, I know and I swear,

I’m no longer the happy girl with flowers in her hair.

—  @afffectionnnate (26/03/2014)

“Clarke and Bellamy have such respect for each other, even though they don’t see the world the same way. They also respect each other for their strengths. The fact that they are getting closer and closer — and it is not a romantic relationship — and yet they are closer than a romantic relationship.”

Just a reminder...

Kalinda Vazquez & Jane Espenson wrote an episode called ‘Best Laid Plans’ which will show on March 29, 2015.

The same writers who wrote:

‘Quite a Common Fairy’ (Jane Espenson) and gave us this…(the episode that ended my life tbh)

‘Witch Hunt’ (Jane Espenson)…

‘Quiet Minds’ (Kalinda Vasquez) with this…

‘Fall’ (Jane Espenson) and let’s not forget this…(an all time fave. OQ moment for me)

Now, I know they’ve said that this episode will focus more on Rumpelstiltskin, but based on the track record of these two and their involvement in OQ, I would expect nothing less…(even if it’s not much oq, there will be something.)

I’ll be writing my will now.

chimthecappy  asked:

Okay I'm giving in to the urge to say that TPOH is one of the few comics I feel totally invested in and, like, really worked up over? I really want things to end well for hero, but I suspect they wont, so every time we get a nice page like this, theres a niggling doubt lurking in my happiness. It's just amazing how likable and real everyone in the story is. However it ends, I sure won't ever forget the ride! Thank you so much for writing such a great story, it's the highlight of my day :)