all my dylan people

Well OK so I hit 1k yesterday and so i figured i needed to take the time to make a follow forever because that’s what you do right? haha. I have no idea how i got this far(even though i know 1k isn’t like a ton compared to a lot of people..but it means a lot to me ^_^) to be very honest. I want to say a very special thank you to my very first follower:

the-misfortune-teller without whom perhaps i would have just said “meh, maybe should give this tumblr thing up,” lol(you know, it’s like that first dollar business owners get that they hang up in their office… or something)

NEXT! i would like to thank givesmehale, for being like…the most awesome tumblr/texting friend all started when she randomly asked me for sterek fics and i drowned her in them…and we just started talking, she swapped fandoms and was hooked and now she writes awesome many times can i saw awesome..idk i must be Dean Winchester..i’ll try and use different adjectives

then we have this group of lovely people who randomly talk to me, write amazing stuff, make me happy on a daily basis with chatter, theories, random hellos and are otherwise just super nifty people, i’m lucky to know them, and i heart them all:

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And then I have all of my quieter mutuals, whom i love there posts and we silently appreciate and reblog each other…and stuff lol


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So i have no clue if i did this correctly, i just listed all my mutuals and who i talk to and stuff, if you’re not on the list i’m super sorry. I appreciate all my followers, drop by and say hello =) but if it’s not evident by this post i like to you have been warned!

Friday night? More like ‘I swear to god it was only 11:30 a few minutes ago, how is it 2:51 and why am I crying about Cowboy Bebop?’-Night
—  (me wondering why I let lightgetsout do this to me)