all my daddys

  • Tumblr: the lgbt people that worked on dream daddy are homophobic because of the cult ending found while data mining that was probably meant for a halloween dlc
  • Me: can I fucking enjoy a game I think is cute without discourse please
  • Tumblr: the game grumps said bad things a few years ago that they apologized for but they're still terrible people and if you play this shitty game i hate you

Okay like…. pre-release I was rooting for Mat as my dream daddy but as soon as I started playing Craig completely stole my heart because I am SUCH a sucker for the old friend trope. Like if you want me to ship something just make them childhood friends, or old college roommates like this. I am done, I am gone, I am dead, it’s so pure and wholesome.

tbh i see a lot of womenz complaining about the joseph ending and a lot of menz defending it

a lotta of women saying that they were lied to about the tone of the game, that they just wanted to play a non-confrontational story about cute men in their fluffy little relationships

lotta men reading josephs rout as a cautionary tale about a very real thing that happens in the lgbt community, on par with a lot of the other emotional bombshells that are dropped in other routs

lotta women raging about how this isnt good enough for them and the project should be boycotted

lotta men saying “well its not like we have a lot to choose from”

funny that. 


You’ve heard of Dream Daddy, now get ready for… Cute girls around your house dating simulator