all my crise

I think one of the main reasons i have such a hard time being alone is because i completely lose my sense of self. Its like i only have context for who i am when i’m around other people, whose personality traits i can copy and steal

@callmeowl-san , thanks for a year (as of yesterday because I’m really bad at remembering what day it currently is)! honestly, you’re the one who made 2016 bearable, and that’s no small feat. through all of my existential crises, through all of my questionable life choices, even through my creative slumps and the kinkshaming, you’ve been there, you’ve been my doof, my bro, and I couldn’t have asked for anyone better to spend the last year with.

and uh… about my being a day late: I didn’t forget that the 15th is our anniversary. there’s a reason I’ve been practicing drawing Kuroo and poses and such. I legit just spaced that yesterday was the 15th, like… the reason I went to bed so early like an old man was because I planned to get up really absurdly early on the 15th to draw this before you usually wake up, but uh… that only works if I actually do it on the right day. it was actually kind of funny: at like, 11:55 tonight i legit action-rolled straight outta bed like “shitshitshitshit today was the 15th”… so yeah…. i’ve been planning this for like the last three weeks and I done goofed because I’m bad at remembering what date it currently is. so sorry I made you feel like I forgot ><

(of course the art is inspired by this conversation from waaaaay far back)

Kumi’s Spouses

Well, since I’ve married so many people already, I’d like to introduce you all to my S.O. s (some of them don’t even know we’re married bc I’m a hoe like that)

@logantheonlywolverine OG HUSBAND aka my fave and the best

@the-real-tony-stank CUDDLE WIFE aka Shrimp Scampi

@mcuimxgine DORK WIFE 

@bovaria THE GREATEST WIFE bc wepiogihnwpogijngjwop

@marvelous-fvcks ASDFGHJKL WIFE she’s just so amazing i am shook

@brit-worthy-knows WIFEY (we just got married today ~ 12/4/16)

@khaleesinarylfiel AHHHHHHHHHHH WIFE she’s so nice to me and I feel like I’ve evolved to my greatest, most powerful form whenever I talk to her. 

@thenightmarebeforebucky BITCH WIFE united in holy bitchtrimony


@redgillan FAKE WIFE, she keeps all the holy water she owes me to herself

@buckyslion YOGURT WIFE


@writingsofawaywardnerd THE NICEST WIFE