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Gringos se creen que si insertas una palabra 
en español, ya cumpliste el requisito
de que tu latino hable spanglish
pues mera fucking huelebicho
thats not how it fucking works
Oye cabrón, Spanglish is organized
es un cambio entre frases y frases
Puedes empezar en inglés
but then the words are spanish
Por ejemplo, I was Playing DND yesterday
y el Dungeon Master nos putió bien brutal
Or, I was checking with MCS y la secretaria
se puso con tantas pendejaces
que tuve que mandarla pal carajo
like… what the fuck bit her in the ass?
O es tener que buscar en el diccionario
porque aprendiste la palabra quixotic
and its sounds so awesome to say
but then you realize its quijotesco
derivado del Quijote y toda esa vaina
y te sientes que ofendiste a tu tatarabuelo
Spanglish is not just a code, its a mindset
es la colonización de una alma
y la dualidad de su libertad falsa
its globalization at its worse and best
Its the end and beginning of two languages

Its all of my identity crises in one
Its Robert Frost and René Marquéz
in a wrestling match. 
Es el testimonio de mi locura. 


replied to your post

“If you don’t mind me asking, how do you make your tags on tumblr?”

I think they were probably asking how you personally tag things. Not HOW you do it, but more… what’s your system. Like do you have series tags, character tags, are their more specific art tags you use (i.e sketches, studies, digital art, paintings etc) Basically what tags you actually use for your posts, and how you have everything organized. IDK for sure though. :P

Ohhhhh! I didn’t think about that, oops. I don’t really have a system. I tag:
My art as “my art
Harry Potter fanart as “harry potter” and “hp
I tag each character with their name (I guess there might happen “Ronald Weasley” and “Ron Weasley” or stuff like that because.. dunno, it happens xD)
If I draw fanart of something else than HP then I tag it as that different thing e.g. “your name”, “unlucky mansion”, “howl’s moving castle” etc.
The drawing of my ocs are tagged as “original character(s)” <–yes, I might add that “s” by mistake u_u; and all the info about them (+drawings) is under “oc” tag
I try to tag my tutorials as “tutorials” but check my faq too, there are direct links to my tutorials (thematically ordered) and it’s easier to find what you’re looking for.
All my asks are tagged as “Q&A
My stupid comments and personal things are tagged as “jabbernaty”
Yeah, that’s it. I have a link to all my drawings in my bio and there are many useful links in my FAQ. You can always go to my archive and filter everything by the post type (choose photo) and you’ll see most of my drawings. The rest’s in the asks tagged as “my art”
If you want to see all my drawings in a more user friendly way(?) go to my deviantart: and browse.

Returning the love Spreading some more

I typically don’t participate in this kind of thing. Not because I don’t love you guys because I do! I fucking love you! But more because I’m fucking horrible at taking compliments. I’m like that weird kid in the corner who you say “oh you did a great job!” and I’m like oh ok. Or “Oh you look nice today!” and I run away because I don’t know how to respond! But, I got a lot of love while I was at work today and I would be remiss to not return it! SO!

@descentofthe-losechesters I gladly accept your cupcakes. And for the love of Chuck stop reading my shit and go read a book! I’m flattered but…books are better! I swear! 

@feelmyroarrrr You’re amazing. Always reblogging and commenting. I see you. Thank you. Also, flaunt dat booty.

@thing-you-do-with-that-thing You know I hate you. That’s really all you need to know <3 

@winchesterprincessbride I know we don’t talk much but I’m flattered you think so highly of me. 

To the anon who said I write Dean/Jensen beautifully and stalks my blog, thank you. I truly appreciate that you think that and that you think I don’t get enough love. I do get a lot, despite the massive amount of crap that’s been on my blog lately. 

To the Denmark anon, the anon who said I make you smile, and the anon who said you loved my work, thank you all. 

@bringmesomepie56 I will never get tired of you. You know this. I fucking love you and I can’t wait until June. 

@nichelle-my-belle My tumblr bestie. My not tumblr bestie. I fucking love you. I don’t know how many other ways I can possibly say it. Jared to my Jensen. 

@chaos-and-the-calm67 Thank you for helping me through all my fic crises. There are many. I know. And for just being you. Wouldn’t have you any other way. 

@impala-dreamer Beka you’re awesome. Kinda can’t wait for NJ now to watch you faint. Glistening neck sweat. 

@deansdirtylittlesecretsblog I know we don’t talk too much but when we do it’s always pretty entertaining. Is it June yet?!

@mamapeterson Thanks for reaching out. It was much appreciated.

And finally, to everyone who reached out in private messages, I may not have responded to everyone, I honestly don’t know. And I’m not gonna tag you because I don’t know if you’d want to be tagged but thank you and I love you guys too. You’re all pretty fucking awesome. 

Originally posted by jaredbottoms

Well! I’m sorry to have come back and then immediately gone silent again, but I’ve been dealing with some house and health stuff that has grown increasingly complicated with every new disaster discovered. In brief, I’m going to have to replace my whole roof, and a major section of interior drywall and insulation due to water damage. It’s unclear right now how extensive the repair will have to be; we won’t know until we get into it and start taking things apart. It’s going to be excruciatingly expensive, so I’m trying not to think about it very hard right now.

The other thing is that the antidepressant I was on started making my ears ring? I’ve had tinnitus since I was 18, but when I was switched from the 150 mg of name brand to 300 mg of generic, my tinnitus went from 10% to 90%, completely unignorable and affecting my life to the point where it was the last thing I thought about before I went to bed and the first thing I thought about when I woke up. I took myself off it immediately once I realized what had changed since the ringing suddenly got so bad. Since then it’s slowly ramping down to where it was before, but it’s still at about 40%. Thankfully, my psychiatrist is pretty understanding, and is totally okay with me reintroducing myself to the 150 mg of name brand slowly once I know that this ringing is going away for good.

So! I think all of my major crises are on the downswing, but not quite dealt with yet. We’ll see how the next few weeks go. In the meantime, I do have a very sleepy puppy keeping me company (and grounded) throughout this whole procedure, which is helping tremendously. How is everyone else doing?

They'll Tear Us Apart If You Give Them The Chance

Everything looks emotional in italics. I’m sorry it took me so long to get this done but life really got in the way :c However, Princes Daniel, Philip, Harry, Louis and William are finally back!

I’d like to quickly dedicate this chapter to Shelley, who’s been my rock for the past few days and probably for the next few decades. You’re already pretty much my best friend ever, and I’m going to cherish that tweet for the rest of my life for bringing me to you. I hope we last like Dan and Phil. I love you. <3 

anyway on with the gay princes 

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@callmeowl-san , thanks for a year (as of yesterday because I’m really bad at remembering what day it currently is)! honestly, you’re the one who made 2016 bearable, and that’s no small feat. through all of my existential crises, through all of my questionable life choices, even through my creative slumps and the kinkshaming, you’ve been there, you’ve been my doof, my bro, and I couldn’t have asked for anyone better to spend the last year with.

and uh… about my being a day late: I didn’t forget that the 15th is our anniversary. there’s a reason I’ve been practicing drawing Kuroo and poses and such. I legit just spaced that yesterday was the 15th, like… the reason I went to bed so early like an old man was because I planned to get up really absurdly early on the 15th to draw this before you usually wake up, but uh… that only works if I actually do it on the right day. it was actually kind of funny: at like, 11:55 tonight i legit action-rolled straight outta bed like “shitshitshitshit today was the 15th”… so yeah…. i’ve been planning this for like the last three weeks and I done goofed because I’m bad at remembering what date it currently is. so sorry I made you feel like I forgot ><

(of course the art is inspired by this conversation from waaaaay far back)

The King Diaries - Chapter One

Words: 1981
Trigger Warnings: existentialism, swearing
Pairing: Phan
Genre: angst/fluff/humor???
Synopsis: Dan struggles with theories of the universe quite often. What is his purpose in life? Who brought us here? He is also a barista at a small coffee shop in London that pays him minimally. He needs a some kind of change in his life. Luckily, he gets a change and it involves a young man called Phil Lester and the Buckingham Place.
co-written with ftphan!! we will be posting the fic on each blog :-) <3 loosely based around The Princess Diaries tbh
if you want to find out when the next chapter is posted track the tag “the king diaries”

playlist to listen to as you read

“Often, I find myself forming thoughts that send me spiraling into a pit of all my existential crises and I’m unable to decipher reality from my fantasies.

I run a hand through my hair as I’m thrown off course and into the smells of fresh coffee and pastries. I want to believe that I don’t have a problem with my personal existential crises, but in reality I’d be lying to myself and anyone who has ever spoken to me.”

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