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❄︎ Merry Merch-mas! ❄︎ Store Opening Soon!

Since the Holidays are here, I’d thought I’d give y’all a present. The opening of my merch store on Amazon! A little while back, you guys voted on a design and I’m here to deliver. I still have to finalize some things to make sure everything’s perfect so be prepared to get one for yourself, your grandma, and your grandma’s dog because he’s gonna look adorable.

FEATURING DESIGNS BY @arucelli the same very talented artist who did the art for my Unravel cover, check out her stuff!

And I’ll have another surprise artist that I’ll reveal a little later! 


Said I’d clean out my one wardrobe! It’s so much stuff now I look at it! Complete IDW comics and volumes, Archie comics, dreamwave, some older tmnt comics, all IDW tmnt mini series..all TMNT annuals, boxed figures, complete 87 series, complete 2k3, 2k7, 2k12, all movies.Umm there are plushies, Neca figures, Revoltech, 1980s figures, trading cards, flasks, games, plushies, mugs! bags..17 duvet covers and around the same number of shirts! not to mention doujin and other goodies!  

This basically confirms my feeling that the author are heading more towards soueri and takumegu. I’m so happy after seeing this colorspread, they look like on a double date here. I thought that Takumi and Megumi would never happened and just a crack pair, but I’ve always ship them since the moment they were on the same panel! and now I see takumegu as a huge possibility after the recent chapters, the OVA, the drama CD, and now this cover. I can’t wait to see the battle between them and that sexy lady. I can’t wait to see takumegu bonding oh damn I’m so excited! 

and this vol 21 cover…

All my ships are here!! Ryou besides Aice. Alice and Takumi look like pushing Erina and Souma towards each other lol. It looks as if Takumi wanted Souma’s attention too ,soutaku arise? lol, but may I think that Takumi is basically telling Souma to step aside so he can stand beside Megumi, like a boyfriend he is. Ah I have a lot of feelings because of these. Next week better come sooner.

Sneak Peak of "Rape"

You slide down the bathroom stall as tears wouldn’t stop. You were shaking with anger, sadness, frustration, but especially fear.

You were scared.

Everything that happened that night came flooding back and you felt like that scared naive 17 year old girl.

Everything sunk in and all you said as you sobbed was “oh my gosh, oh my gosh.”
He’s in the same room as you, he’s friends with Harry.

You heart clenched at the mention of Harry. He didn’t know about this. He didn’t know what you’ve been through. And you never wanted him or anyone to know.

You didn’t want people to know that you were raped.

You tried to calm your breathing but you couldn’t. You looked down at your dress and felt ugly, and wanted a long coat to just cover up.

You felt tainted and insecure. Everything positive about yourself just left, and you became that young girl again.

Your phone vibrated in your purse and it was a text from harry “hey babe, are you ok? Are you still in the restroom?”


A/N: still working on this. But I wanted to show you all a sneak peak! Will be up sometime this weekend . TELL ME IF UR EXCITED, it’s gonna be a rollercoaster

Well, guys, I think I’ve officially got one of the best photo ops ever out of these guys. A little background…

I am a ballroom dancer and I wrote a Destiel fic about ballroom. So I thought it would be great to do a ballroom style pose. When I told them I wanted to combine my favorite things, ballroom and Supernatural, Jared smiled and said that sounds great. As soon as I said I would pose with Jared, Jensen immediately grabbed Misha and said they would do the same. 

They were all so sweet and enthusiastic about my request and Misha even remembered me from my Cas naked covered in bees cosplay from Saturday. 

I just love everything about how the picture came out. Jared is smoking hot as usual. My Rowena cosplay dress ended up making this look like some kind of romance novel cover. Jensen is taking this pose very seriously. And Misha just looks a little shocked by the whole thing. 

So, Tumblr, this is my gift to you… you’re welcome.

the best part of the Harry Potter movies’ approach to teenage crushes was the scene where Ron and Harry are talking while they fall asleep and Ron is like “why are all these boys into my sister” and Harry clearly finds Ginny attractive and wants to talk about it with Ron but at the same time doesn’t want to actually TELL Ron, so he tries to think of an answer that simultaneously acknowledges her attractiveness while making it seem like he’s Never Thought About It Before and he comes up with “she’s got nice skin”

and Ron is like “you think all these boys are dating my sister for her skin…?!” and Harry is like “dude I don’t know I’ve never looked at your sister before and I definitely don’t have Mr. Harry Potter-Weasley written on the inside cover of my trapper keeper”

and then there’s like five seconds of silence before Ron, who’s clearly attracted to Hermione and wants to talk about it with Harry but at the same time doesn’t want to actually TELL Harry, says “Hermione’s got nice skin!” as though he’d TOTALLY never taken notice of Hermione or her skin until Harry mentioned Skin Niceness as a metric for attractiveness

and then they both go to bed without ever actually discussing the thing they wanted to discuss

which is like 98% of sleepovers I had as an adolescent

the stranger things cast, according to my grandma:

finn: “he’s gonna be a little heartbreaker when he gets older, he’s so adorable.”

gaten: “i’m adopting that one, he’s precious! look at his little curls and that smile!”

noah: “oh my god, he’s so tiny! can i adopt him, too? he reminds me a little of that big-eyed guy from the wizard ring movies you used to watch all the time.” (it took me almost five minutes to realize she meant lord of the rings and i think she was referring to elijah wood)

caleb: “another future heartbreaker.”

millie: “hey, we have the same name! but she’s much more gorgeous than i was or ever will be. she looks so stylish.”

charlie: “river phoenix.”

joe: “flock of seagulls cover band front man. also looks like that guy who played the spidery man.”

natalia: “gorgeous flower child.”

david: “big burly man who i would be very interested in dating.”

winona: “isn’t she the woman you’re in love with?”

Lets go over the Kyuranger designs and why I like them so much

Lets start at the top

Leaderman McLionpants over here is a good ass Red. Between his striking visor, black red and silver color combo, and nice matching transformation device, he’s all kinds of cool. Really strong way to start

I don’t know what it is, but something about Blue’s costume makes him look kind of thick. Like he has a really nice visor as well, but it kinda seems like his costume is made of thicker material. It might just be my mind playing tricks on me but he legit kinda looks like he’s covered in some kind of fur? He doesn’t look as shiny in the same way as everyone else, and kinda has more dark hues to his costume which makes him look like he’s covered in like… suede or something.

A BIG BOY THAT I LOVE VERY MUCH. I love bull themed super heroes and it isn’t very often we get a sentai member that is like… really clad in armor to make them look bigger. I love this beefy boy and his thick ass legs also his visor is the fucking best. So fucking cool!

A very sweet girl and I love that her visor is the head of the chameleon and the tongue envokes a cute little hair curl. ALSO HEY WE HAVE A FEMALE GREEN! That hasn’t happened before and it’s fucking radical! REAL GOOD!

Yellow boy here, between his pose and the look of his visor, looks like a really serious and noble type character, which makes me hope the Blue this time around is a goofball? We just don’t know, but I like the cut of this guy’s jib.

ORANGE! Yet again we have an orange ranger and I’m so glad it’s basically turned into a standard color that you HAVE to have now. Fucking orange is the best. His visor is really neat but kinda menacing so I’m a little worried.

Something I just noticed is that I’m pretty sure all the visors have a star pattern to them, so that’s really fucking nice.

Gold’s costume and visor are really nice, but he looks sort of robotic given the nature of his costume. Will we get a good ol robot Gold this season? Maybe! I can see how that would be used as “Balance” I guess.

Silver, looks a little plain, and a little brooding, but I like what little we can see of his visor and it’s good to have a gold and a silver again.

PINK LEGIT HAS WINGS! She’s amazing and I trust her because she has fucking WINGS!


Photo Album

Long time no write. I hope you all like this. It was fun to write!!

~ Christina

“Oh my gosh, Michael.” I gasped while looking at the cover photo of our photo album.

“How bad do we look?” Michael questioned while he sat down on the couch with two cups of tea. “Oh my God! That cover picture is such shit and the worst part is that we still look the same.”

“No it isn’t, it’s sweet. It’s our first picture together and we don’t look the same. We look like the better versions of those dorks.”

Michael grabbed the album from you and flipped to the first page. He pointed to the first photo and looked over at you. You moved a little closer and realized it was your homecoming picture from sophomore year. You wore a hideously bright pink dress, with way to many fake jewel sown on, and Michael’s tie matched in color.

“I’m sorry babe, but yuck.” Michael said passing over the other picture on the page and moving on.

The album’s picture were chronologically put together a few years ago and since then we’ve added to it. Each photo had great memories behind it.

“Oh wow Mike, Junior Prom.”

“Oh don’t even talk about Junior Prom. I got so sick from the janky seafood that I vomited onto your dress in my dad’s station wagon.”

“At least in this photo we look nice. Your tux looks stunning and my dress color actually compliments both of us.”

“Yeah, you had some wild dress choices.”

We through flipped many more pages and came across three from our trip to Seattle. It had always been a dream to go there and Seattle lived up to my expectation.

“Oh wow, I remember that trip so well. I surprised you with the plane tickets for Christmas and you laid on the floor and cried.”

“I was excited. At least the tears were worth it unlike the time you cried because Splash Mountain broke down when we were next to get on.”

More pages were flipped and more memories were brought up, but there was one one photo that needed to be added. A little black and white picture.

“I think it fits in perfectly, Michael.” I traced my hand over the plastic encasing the photo.

“Well, I think he’ll fit in perfectly to our crazy life.”

“Or he’ll end up be normal.” I shrugged while sipping at my tea.

“No, I don’t think a baby produced by two weirdos can be normal.” Michael let out a huge laugh with a smile so bright it could light a city.

This is for @aquajules who requested a married Steve & Natasha of @thegraytigress’ HotS Cloud Cover. I’m so sorry honey, I know you asked for this last year but took me so long to finish it. I’ve no other excuse other than life’s been really really busy for me. I thought I couldn’t finish it but then I couldn’t just let it go. Would be a waste to drop it, right? Anyway, thank you, thank you for popping into my inbox and for requesting the same. I really hope you like it! :)  And of course thanks to amazing Maggie for continuing to share us her amazing stories as always! :) P.S. Happy 2017 y’all!!!

Heart of the Storm series
Cloud Cover: Chapter 16

The sliding doors at the other end of the helipad opened.  Everyone stopped talking and turned around.  Steve looked up.  Natasha was there, hesitating at first but only for a moment.  She was dressed in white, a simple gown made of silk and organza in soft, sheer layers that flowed behind her when she walked.  Her shoulders were bare save for two thin straps, the cut of the bodice alluring but chaste, and the dress somehow hugged her slim form in all of the right places while draping around her.  She wasn’t wearing a veil, just her hair loose and free in the breeze.  She was stunning, graceful and pure, pure despite who she was and what she’d done.  Purity for him, honesty and openness.  Angelic, but wild and somehow untamed.   Everything she was.  And when she met his gaze, she smiled timidly.  He smiled back.

She came across the way, carrying bouquet of autumn flowers.  Tony, Sam, and Thor moved aside so she could stand next to Steve.  And she did, smiling more confidently now that she was there with him.  She handed her bouquet to Stark, who looked surprised but didn’t complain, and took both of Steve’s hands in her own.  “Ready?” she asked softly.

He could hardly find his voice.  “Yeah.  You?”

It was like any other day, like a thousand before this, the moments prior to a mission or just as they left his apartment to go out or when they headed into a battle.  “Yeah.”

Read more of HotS series on AO3!

SpockFact #29

Spock’s quarters are covered in glow-in-the-dark star stickers. They were originally put up as some long-forgotten prank, but by the end of the 5-year mission Spock can’t sleep without looking at the stars. After a few weeks he arranged them into the positions of the stars as seen from Vulcan, completely accurate down to the very last one. He can name all the constellations and spent a great many nights teaching Kirk the Vulcan constellations. He can even point out which star is Earth’s sun. Every night he falls asleep looking up at familiar cosmos that make him feel completely at home, that guide him into his dreams on their soft light and good memories. The only real downside he can see is that as a result of the stickers, looking at the stars for too long can make him sleepy. He has subsequently been found on numerous occasions asleep at his station while in the midst of mapping out new star charts and has even fallen asleep as a direct result of looking out the view screen for an extended period of time. The Captain doesn’t mind, though, and keeps a blanket near his chair at all times for just such an emergency.

All I Know is How to Love You - Epilogue (Yoongi x You Gang AU)

And here it is–the final chapter of my BTS Gang AU! (If you like to listen to music while reading I suggest Paper Hearts by Tori Kelly or you could listen to Jungkook’s cover of it xD)

All I Know is How to Love You - Epilogue

The school looked exactly the same as it had the first time you had ever seen it, except this time you could be honest about it.

It still looked like every other school you had ever been subjected to, but it was also still the most intimidating and scary thing you had ever seen. You hadn’t known then what would be waiting for you there, and how it would change your life for good and finally for the better.

You never had to set foot in a school again, the degree packed carefully in the bag you were holding proof of that, but for some reason you wanted to go in. You wanted to sit in the classroom where they had sung and played around and acted like idiots. You wanted to find his tree, and sit under it and feel him all around you.

“I miss you, Jin.” You whispered, the words getting lost on the wind.

Silently, you made plans to visit your tree with Yoongi later and pay your respects.

“Y/N Noona, can we go now?” Jae whined next to you. He was getting tired of waiting to see his older brother and his stomach growled aggressively. At ten, he was brighter than you ever thought possible, and somehow even more kind, caring and cute than before. You flashed him your dazzling smile, something you had learned to do a lot more of over the last few years thanks to him.

“Yes Jae Jae, let’s go.” You agreed, climbing back into the taxi and instruction him on where to go.

Jae was unusually quiet next to you an you patted his hand, prompting him to speak up.

“Do…do you think Yoongi Hyung will be happy to see me?” He sounded so nervous and unsure.

Your heart instantly melted and you sent him a reassuring smile. “Are you kidding? You are Yoongi’s whole world. It killed him to let you go with me and he’s been waiting so long to be able to take care of you again Jae Jae.”

He smiled faintly and you loved it, because the older he got, the more his movements and gestures and faces reminded you of Yoongi.

The cab took you as far as it could, and then the two of you got out, walking swiftly across the gravel drive. Both of you tried not to appear too excited, but in reality, both of you were fighting off the urge to run to the train car. And then you remembered that you weren’t the same person you were when you left and even then you weren’t the same. You didn’t have to protect yourself behind a wall and fight every urge anymore.

Looking at Jae you taunted him. “Let’s race.”

He grinned at the suggestion. “1…”


3!” You both shouted and then were off, tearing down the railroad and headed straight for the familiar train car. It was like you hit a brick wall when it came into view and Jae ripped past you screaming “I won I won I won!”

But all you could do was stare. The familiar words bored into you like a headline.

Wasted Youth Enter the Void

Everything, every emotion and every memory came flooding back at the words. You could feel every single piece of sadness and happiness and exhilaration that came from that car. All of the good feelings…you had waited so long to experience them again, and you were more than ready.

Just a few months prior to graduating from college, you heard from Yoongi that BTS had finally driven both Cypher and Whalien out of the city, well what was left of them at least. The last four years had been a costly war for them, in more ways than one and you knew you had made the right decision all those years ago to leave.

So you and Yoongi decided it was best to let Jae stay with you to finish out the school year before the two of you finally moved back. After you had gotten the news, you started looking around for positions in Seoul. You had several interviews on Monday which was scary and new and different and you weren’t sure you were ready but you knew this was just the next phase in your life.

On the phone last week he told you he bought this huge apartment not too far from the base and that he knew you would love it. It was big but homey the way you had told him once you had always wanted. After a lifetime of living in huge empty houses you longed for something warmer.

Jae was struggling to get up and into the car and you snapped out of your reverie, trotting over to him and placing a supporting hand on his back. He smiled at you thankfully as he pulled the door open and moved inside. You gave it a second, listening to see if you could hear their voices.

There were shouts and laughter and you smiled to yourself, knowing Jae missed them more than he had ever willingly told you. He always made an effort to not make you feel like he didn’t want to be with you. Taking a deep breath, you hoisted yourself up, feeling like you were seventeen again.

The inside of the car looked exactly the same, the graffiti still littering the walls like shouts into oblivion. As you rounded the corner you caught sight of the words you had written lifetimes ago and nearly laughed. When you ran from this place you finally got somewhere. You weren’t running in circles anymore.

The group was crowded around Jae, taking turns hoisting them up and ruffling his hair. You recognized them all immediately despite the fact that they all had different hair colors and had all gotten a little bit taller. You couldn’t help but look for one of them in particular, despite the warmth that bloomed in your chest at the sight of all of them.

His hair wasn’t the bright green it had been when you had first met him. Now it was a much more natural dark brown that still fell in his eyes and made him look at you through a cloud of bangs. His eyes found yours as if you were breathing in and looking together, always on the same wave length.

Ducking his head a little bit, he shuffled forward, breaking away from the group who hadn’t quite noticed yet. Seeing him, standing right in front of you, you felt the young love bubble up all over again, knowing in that moment that nothing had changed for you two, neither of you forgetting about the way you made one another feel.

When he was just a few inches away he looked up and you nearly jumped into his arms, yearning for the warmth he had always offered you. His arms snaked around you and pulled you so close that your feet left the floor a little bit. You snuggled into his neck, reveling in the familiar feel of it all.

“Welcome home.” He mumbled. You bit your lip as you pulled back to look into his eyes that smiled at you like you were the only thing in the world, like he had been waiting for you for a million years. “And welcome to our better life.”

A/N: I’d really like to take a minute to send a few thank you’s. First and foremost thank you to YOU for taking the time to read my silly little story over the last few weeks. I never thought or hoped it would take off the way it did and I owe a lot to the readers, silent and active, for pushing me to finish it, so thank you! 

I also really want to thank Elisa who kept me motivated every time I was up until one am writing by shouting DO IT FOR THE FANS. 

And then of course I want to thank Kelsey for being the best co blog owner ever. I treasure this experience, Kels, and I love that we do it together. (I know, I know, sappy af) 

So wasted youth, onto the next story it seems!



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03.29.2015 || 6:59 pm

Alrighty friends, here’s an in-depth look at my bullet journal, the process I use, and my specific pages for the past few weeks.

(Don’t forget to change the mode of reblog to text post, not link, if that’s what you want.)

To start things off, here’s my cover:

The paint is chipping just a wee bit, and I need to get a perfect method down for painting the covers, but I decided to dress up my Moleskine, as I have multiple and they all look exactly the same. When I get a better method down, I’ll post a tutorial so other people can decorate their Moleskines too!

If we open the cover, we have my legend and the start of my index.

As my schedule will be changing next semester, and thus so will the colors I’ve been using, I’ll probably make a new legend at the start of the summer or next semester. As for my index, I have it separated into two columns, one for the description of the item, and one for the page number.

It also covers two pages.

As you can also see above, I have my schedule for the semester written out, with the squares colored in with their coordinating pens from the legend. I have the name of the class, the time it begins, the time it ends, and the room it meets in listed. I think I may add the professor (or TA for labs and discussion) next semester since I’ll be taking even more classes. We’ll see.

Next we have my monthly layout.

I chose this layout because I had originally intended on having a task list for the month along the left-hand side, but next time I will definitely be cutting that and using the whole two pages for my calendar view.

I also have a condensed monthly view.

This is used for a easier way for me to see how packed which parts of the months will be, and stuff like that.

And now we move into my daily pages.

The first (above) are really quite boring.

And sometimes my colors align extremely well.

Sometimes I get distracted during studying and start doodling professional lettering into my pages.

This one is by risarodil, and you should go check out her stuff–it’s amazing! I’m currently out of color ink, else I would have printed it and placed the original with her name on it in my book.

This page is my favorite.

Crowded yet organized, colorful, bright. I have a test tomorrow and a project due the day after, hence the boxes of studying to-do lists (which I LOVE by the way–they’re super helpful).

As you can see, I put the number of the day and which day of the week it is along the side, with the number in a circle along a “ribbon” and the day listed in orange (go Pokes!) across the top of each day. I also color along the ribbon different colors (actually the order the colors are in the Staedtler pen case) to help separate the days a little more visually.

The supplies I use are:

  • Staedtler Triplus Fineliner pens, porous point, 10 count
  • Moleskine hardcover journal, large
  • Pilot G2 05 pens
  • Staedtler 925 Drafting Pencil, 05mm HB
  • Pilot Frixion pens (the kind with the Japanese writing all over it).

Let me know what you all think, and feel free to show me your bullet journals!


I think… I think today may be my favourite time of the year~ xD It’s just… Sitting on a rooftop covered in blanket and looking at all the fireworks going off at the same time all around you is soooo cool~ >u

anonymous asked:

can you make a tutorial on how you make your icons - esp. the part on how you make the background gradient look so nice? mine look crap lol

i’ve already made a tutorial for my pride icons and i use the same technique for pretty much all my icons!! but since that tutorial doesn’t cover background gradients other than pride gradients, i’ll quickly go thru how i make my background gradients!

✩ first you need to have your icon cropped and sharpened. if you’ve already colored your icon, you need to put those coloring layers into a group and mask it. if you don’t know how to do this, see step 4 in this tutorial.

✩ now add a solid color layer (layer > new fill layer > solid color) with whichever color you want your icon to be, only a shade or so lighter. you can always change the specific shade of this later! make sure this and the following layers are under your icon and any coloring group(s).

✩ next you need to add a gradient fill layer (layer > new fill layer > gradient). select a black and white gradient and tweak the angle to around 105-120 degrees. the specific number doesn’t really matter tbh, i’m usually really lazy and just drag the pointer until it’s around where i think it should be, and that’s usually around those numbers. then click “ok” and then set the layer to “soft light”.

✩ next, copy the gradient in step 3. sometimes i bring down the opacity to around 50-60% and sometimes i just leave it at 100%. it depends on what kind of icon i’m making, if i want a light pastel color or a darker shade. play around with it and see what you like best!

that’s it. below is a download link to the two icons at the start of the post so you can see an example of how these layers can look for a pastel icon and a darker icon.
dl | dl

Yomo Renji’s relationship with Kirishima Touka and Ayato.

I said I’d do this a couple weeks ago, so here it is. I know there’s a few people who already talked about this, but a few of you asked me to do my own analysis, so here it goes.

So… first there’s this:

They both liked teasing their little brothers. Also, Ayato and Renji’s expression is exactly the same. Then, Arata mentions that Touka is just like her mother.

After Chunta pecked Touka’s eye, she covered it with her bangs, similar to her mother’s:

Note that her hair looks pretty much the same than Renji’s sister:

We all know that Arata was a Koukaku; both Touka and Ayato are Ukaku, so it’s safe to say that they inherited their kagune from their mother. This is Ayato’s kagune:

And this is Renji’s:

As you can see, those panels look pretty much the same. If Renji is an Ukaku, his sister was too.

The man who gave Renji the notice that his sister was dead looks a lot like Arata:

Finally, here we have Uta talking to Renji; he points out something interesting:

And here, Eto talking to Ayato:

Again, a parallel between Ayato and Renji. I think those are all the parallels and similarities between Renji and his sister with the Kirishimas. The last thing I found was this:

Uta implies that Yoshimura gave something to Yomo (a purpose, something he cared for) that made him change from the troublesome teenager he was to the calm and reliable man we all know. Based on the period of time, I’d say he joined Anteiku around the same time the Kirishimas had to run away from the ghoul investigators:

And we all know Renji cared for them: 

  • He asked Itori for information about Ayato after he abandoned Touka, even managing to find out his whereabouts (Itori doesn’t give away information easily).
  • He stopped Touka from going to the Raid.
  • And he formed :re with Touka, even when he didn’t believe Kaneki was still alive.

I know a lot of you won’t believe it unless Ishida-sensei textually say that Yomo is Hikari Kirishima’s brother, but for me all of that is enough.

Started At The Bottom Challenge

It’s likely there’s numerous challenges with the same if not similar motives and theme as this one. But I’ve been looking for something.. challenging :P But with basic rules. Girl, I ain’t got time to read a novels worth of challenge rules and regulations. So I present my very simple challenge:

  • Make 4 or more sims.
  • Buy a lot of your choice. Size doesn’t matter.
  • Use the cheat code ‘money 1200′ to take all those simoleons away and give you just enough to cover the bare basics (for me this was 4 cheap sofas, a kitchen bench, microwave, toilet, shower and sink).
  • You can only use game buy/build mode items – no cheap CC :(

Gameplay is surprisingly difficult with multiple sims and limited funds. I found collecting and gardening came in handy for easy money and free food at picnic spots with a grill :D It was easier to have a cheap sofa/bench for each sim on the lot then have them find park benches. The downside? They can only nap so you’re continuously having to make them nap > nap > nap to fill their sleep needs bar. I also had to wait until they started work to afford a refrigerator. Apparently using a microwave REQUIRES a fridge … >.< 

I was unlucky enough to have ¾ simmies not start their job for 2-3 days -.-” which made it harder! My sims were all cranky and kept seeing one another use the toilet or shower which made them embarrassed and have negative moodlets :/


What’s the aim of the challenge? Move each Sim out and reach 3rd generation for each. Y’all know I never get past the 3rd gen so this will be interesting.

Tag me if you decide to give this challenge a shot :D


Okay so here’s something else i did. Thanks @pixlpressplay for letting me use your cubeheads to make edible versions of them.

Sorry if they look a bit wonky, baking is sort of unpredictable sometimes, i sworn i had edible googly eyes somewhere too but i couldnt find them so i had to improvise some new eyes with sugar.

Note that i did absolutely not try my best to make them look exactly the same but somewhat similar to what the cubeheads in the animations look like.

But y’all taste like coffee and vanilla, with a tiny hint of orange. As you can see the icing is still not solid completely, but i made some test cookies too and they are friggin delicious!