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my love,

I want you so much.
I don’t want to hold you in my arms,
I want us to hold each other because we’ve always been equal like that.

I want to complain about your coconut oil hair,
but I secretly love it.
I want to feel love leave my eyes, lost and lonesome until it reaches yours.
I want a dead arm from you lying on me,
but I’d rather die than move.

I want to be cold,
I want you to complain but you’ll warm me up anyway.
I want to hold your hand all night,
Intertwining fingers like we locked our love and clipped it to a bridge.

I want your freshly-brushed teeth to push breaths of air onto my face, making me wear your love like a mask for everyone to see.
I want to kiss the tip of your nose,
So that you know I love you like you’re my childhood best friend,
But I also want to kiss you for the truth,
That I’ve been waiting years to love you like I do.

I want a lot of things,
But I want you the most.


Couldn’t include all these amazing women on my last role model post so here’s another. Personal Disney female role models. There’s waaaay more than this but u fortunately tumblr (on mobile at least) only likes uploading ten photos at a time.

Shout out to Merida being bad ass, but I find her way too bratty for my liking. Also I’ve never watched The Princess and the Frog but I have watched the clip for Almost There and that’s inspiring enough to land Tiana a place.

Damn, I’m still missing so many.

zeal-teal  asked:

Hello! Sorry to bother you, but I really love your work! Your sense of color and form is amazing! I'm an aspiring artist and I've been looking through your blog and I've been wondering what kind of brushes and stuff you use to lineart and color in Clip Studio Paint, since not a lot of artist on tumblr have even heard of the program. ;w;

Hi! Thank you so much for asking! I tried to show some of my favourites. These are my most used brushes. I don’t change the settings on them at all, because I’m ok with them the way they are already. Generally I sketch with the sketchy brush, line with the line brush I showed, then do my basic colouring with the one painting brush. The other ones I use for BG and for blending in my colours.


@hinanami-week​ day 3: family ☆

Originally I had thought about doing something silly with Chiaki’s family, but honestly, I just love found families so much and decided to use that instead. So here’s some overly-excited sister-like friends helping Chiaki prepare for her arcade date with Hajime!

Artwork © 2017 Siobhan || SDR2 and its characters © Spike Chunsoft
Please don’t use, edit, or repost without permission; thanks!
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For @natsumeweek 2017 | (bonus) Theme: “Favourite OP/ED”

Nowadays I consider “Floria” and “Akane Sasu” to be my top favourites, but “Aishiteru” was my favourite Natsume song for years (and still is one) and I wanted to pay a small homage to it!

Last year I only found NatsumeWeek just as it was ending. Because of that I was hoping to participate more this year, but it’s been such a busy month so this was all I could manage. Despite that I’m really thankful I’ve been able to follow the event, see everyone’s creations and submit something of my own this year!!

Artwork © 2017 Sloan
Natsume Yuujinchou / Natsume’s Book of Friends © Yuki Midorikawa
Please don’t use, repost or edit without permission; thanks!

me, during the first two weeks of s4: gotta stay up till 5am in case a clip!!!!! comes out!!!! omg so excitedddddddddd theorizing all day, blogging all day, yousana yesss!!!! omghhh noora is likeeee, the only one that GETS sana??? blESsSS. evakk!!!!! my boisssss!!! nawww holy trinity riseee!! somghhngj balloon squad hahaha i love themm!!!!! julie is soo gR8 I CANT wait to see whats in store!!!

me, during the hiatus:……… julie can fix this right? she wrote s3 after all… let’s wait and see i guess…

me, this week during episode SEVEN (7) of s4: *hardly on tumblr during the day, goes to bed at midnight, the words ‘update’ and ‘clip’ have been erased from my memory, wakes up after midday and turns on wifi to see a new clip* “oh, okay cool.”

(bonus: sees clip name and goes on tumblr: “oh, NOT COOL.”)

Goodbye Skam

Hello everybody

Since as we all know Skam is ending tomorrow I just wanted to take a moment to write a post thanking all the amazing people I’ve met here and that have made the Skam experience so much better.

You know, I remember the exact moment when my life here in Tumblr changed. It was the day that the last clip of episode 4x03 was about to air. I remember that I had this scene in my head and I decided to write it and post it even though I’ve never really liked to share my writings because I’ve always thought that I’m no good at it. I remember that after that I went to the cinema and when I got out of it I checked Tumblr and I was completely overwhelmed by the support and love you all showed to that drabble. And after that I decided to post another fic and after that another one and another one and another one until today.

Another meaningful moment for me was when I decided to do the Skam Week. I remember being so crashed after episode 5 that I thought I’d never write anything again but when I saw that everybody here in Tumblr was as sad as I was I decided to try to make everyone feel a little bit better and that’s how the Skam Week was born and let me tell you that I can’t thank you all enough for the support that you showed me during that week. Just the simple thought of one person taking the time to read something that I’ve written, it still amazes me.

I can’t put into words how amazing and special this season has been for me. Because I’ve had the chance to live it with all of you and that have made the whole experience a lot better. The excitement I got every time there was an update and I got to share my thoughts with you and you share yours with mine that’s something I’ve never taken for granted and it’s one of the things I’m going to miss the most.

I love Skam as a whole but this season has been special for me because I’ve got to live the full experience, I’ve got to feel the anxiety and excitement while waiting for an update, feel the frustration when the update wasn’t what we expected, feel the joy when it was better than we expected. I’ve cried, I’ve laughed, I’ve got angry and I’ve got happy and what this season has made me feel no show has ever made me feel. And again, a huge part of that is thanks to all of you who are here every day sharing this experience with me, making me feel part of something.

When things went wrong in my life for whatever reason, when I was overwhelmed or sad I’d just go in here and see your posts and your messages and I would instantly get in a better mood. When I was too tired to even write or to even think I’d tell myself “you have to do this, you owe it to them”.

With all these what I want to say is THANK YOU. Thank you, thank you and a thousand times thank you for being there to share this experience with me, via fanfics, via posts, via direct messages, via anon messages. Everything.

I’m not going to mention all the people that has been there for me one by one because I’d never end but I want to thank each of you who has taken a little bit of your time to read something I’ve posted, being it a fic or not, who has taken the time to like, reblog, comment or send me an ask. Thank you to everyone who has lived with me in my denial island where everything was happy. Thank to all of you lovely people with who I’ve been sharing conversations about Skam and about life via chats, you know who you are and you’re all super important to me. Thank you to all of you who have taken the time to translate the clips and the texts because without you, us international fans wouldn’t be able to enjoy this amazing show.

And finally, thank you SKAM.

Thank you because when I say that this show has taken over my life I swear I’m not exaggerating. This show has taken over my life this season and I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world. And especially Yousef and Sana’s relationship, I’ve never been so invested in a ship in my life because what they made me feel, I can’t even put it into words, it’s the purest relationship I’ve ever seen.

I know that once I watch the last clip I’m going to feel like a part of me has been taken and I know it’s going to be really hard to deal with the loss of Skam but I’m sure that we will survive this because we are a family. And I’d like to take this chance to say that even if tomorrow the clip isn’t what we would like it to be let’s all try to enjoy it because it’s the last clip we’ll ever get and I want us to enjoy it together, no wars, no fights.

Thank you Julie Andem for creating this show, even if sometimes we’ve wanted to kill you, you’re an awesome writer and I’ve never seen a more perfect show in my life. The way this show makes me feel with one scene, with one look, with one sentence, with one song even with one text, it’s something I’ve never felt with any other show.

Thank you Sana Bakkoush for teaching me that hate doesn’t come from religion, it comes from fear. Thank you for teaching me that we have to put other people first and we have to be nice to everyone even when they wrong us. But also thank you for teaching me that we need to speak up for ourselves and fight against the unfair. Thank you for represent all of us who feel like we’re not the main character in our own lives. Thank you for being the way you are and for teaching us to be tolerant and respectful and that we should rather be true losers than fake winners.

Thank you Isak Valtersen for teaching me that we’re not alone. Thank you for teaching me that life is now and that we should rather live a true life than a fake one. Thank you for being the one who introduced me to this amazing show.

Thank you Noora Amalie Sætre for teaching me that everyone we meet is fighting a battle we know nothing about and to be kind, always. Thank you for teaching me that people need people and that our body needs potatoes.

Thank you Eva Kviig Mohn for teaching me that our opinion of ourselves should be more important than the opinion people have about us. Thank you for teaching me to forgive and to ask for forgiveness.

Thank you Vilde, Chris, Yousef, Elias, Even, Mutta, Adam, Mikael, Jonas, Magnus, Mahdi, Linn, Eskild and every single character of this show for teaching me what a true friendship is. Thank you for teaching me what true love is. Thank you for teaching me that every story has two sides, two versions, and that we shouldn’t make assumptions until we know all the story. Thank you for teaching me that everyone makes mistakes and that we should learn from them.

Thank you SKAM for being the best show I’ve ever watched.

And thank you all for sharing this experience with me.

SKAM will end soon but we will always have it in our hearts and we won’t ever forget what this show has taught us.


And remember


rooster-geek  asked:

Hey there! I've been seeing gifs and clips of the mcelroys all over Tumblr, and from what I've seen, they're fuckin hilarious, and I was wondering how you would suggest someone start watching their content?

Wow! A question like this for little old me? Honestly I’m a little thrown off but I’ll do my best to let you in on some info, and open this up to anyone a little more well versed than I am.

Monster Factory - This was actually my first introduction into any sort of McElroy content. It’s a series on the Polygon YouTube page your oldest brother and your sweet baby brother, Justin and Griffin McElroy respectively, create abominations within character creators in video games and basically…hack and roleplay their way into your heart. It’s probably one of the more universally known aspects of the McElroy fanbase because it’s easily accessible and hilarious. This is where all those Final Pam, Turbovicki, and Knife Dad jokes come from. I highly recommend starting here because it is a great base for figuring out if you like their humor style and whether you’d be interested in diving deeper.

MBMBAM - Better known as My Brother, My Brother, and Me. This is a podcast where the three McElroy brothers give advice for people of the modern era. You have Justin and Griffin, as well as the middlest brother Travis. A lot of questions come from Yahoo answers or user submitted things, but it is a wholly fun podcast. The first episodes are shaky and older, so a lot of people suggest jumping in later if you aren’t concerned about starting from the beginning. The podcast is super funny and heartwarming, and this was personally my first introduction to Travis McElroy, who is amazing. Don’t be confused by this podcast because there is a recent Seeso television series of the same name based on the podcast which leads to ….

My Brother, My Brother, and Me (tv) - I linked the episode of the show that was released on YouTube, and if you like it you can always sign up for a free trial on Seeso to see all the episodes. It’s an amazing show and I highly recommend watching it because if you enjoy the McElroy boys it doesn’t disappoint at all! 

The Adventure Zone - A D&D Podcast with all three brothers and their lovely father. I have to admit I haven’t delved very far into this one, and know all the baseline things but I do know it looks like a lot of rowdy fun with some wild boys!

Shmanners - Are you scared of being that one person at a function who doesn’t know which words or motions to use to not look like a total buffoon? Travis and his wife Theresa will show you what manners are all about! 

Sawbones - Dr. Sydnee McElroy and her doting husband Justin go through the mishaps of the medical world while being blissfully married. It’s super fun and if you like medical jargon and stories it’s totally an awesome podcast!

Rose Buddies - Griffin and his wife Rachel go in depth for some high brow analysis of the Bachelor/Bachelorette franchises and all of its side projects. It’s hilarious and dives super deep into the shows. So if you like seeing a more intense viewing of shameless reality television, which I do, this is super fun!

There is a lot more, and it’s all super awesome! I’ll link the Polygon YouTube page and their own personal podcast listing on their page so you can check more out. Anyone with more to add can feel free, especially for Adventure Zone related things!

anonymous asked:

Have you ever thought about meeting one of your followers? Everyone is a fan

Yes, We took a trip to Washington DC, we always talked about it anyway, but I had been chatting back and forth with a “young” man from the DC area. I met him through Tumblr when was posting here for a while last year, under the name Mommyforfun. Our chats quickly became very erotic, daring pics and clips of him doing sexual things for me at his home with his parents around,,so hot. 
 We planned a trip, my son and myself. My “friend had it all planned out, what train to take to be able to spend a couple of days together, he going back home in the evening then return to my hotel the next morning. I had gone out and bought some sexy outfits and some really sexy boots he said he would like.
 My son had planned on staying away for a while at first so my young friend and I could get things going, if need be stay away totally and be happy with me sharing the details in dirty talk after my friend had to leave for the evening.
 When we arrived in town excited to meet, he was no where to be found no emails, no phone calls. Just a text sating he was sorry with no explanation.
Very disappointed!
 I am very open to meeting a young friend from here (or friends).
You all should know what I like.
 We are planning trips this fall to Orlando in October and Las Vegas in Nov/Dec. Let me know if who will be around.
 Maybe I will see Elvis while I am bent over in front of the hotel window in Vegas with a young friend behind me pounding away,,,,,hmmm.

As a break between commission work I did a quick little piece based off of Chapter 15 of Yesterday Upon The Stair  by @pitviperofdoom !! Took a wild guess about Okumura’s character design, btw. I ended up making him a bit more demonic than ghostly lmao.

sweating bc i love protective deku sm like oh man the portrayal in this fic is so 10/10!! plus it’s about ghost and i love that all day everyday any day, no lies. Easily one of my favorites I’ve read in a while !! Highly recommended for anyone new to the bnha fanfic scene =v=


Busted and Blue

Yes, I have been listening to Humanz too a lot this week. And yes, I honestly love it with all my heart. So there goes a fanart for my favourite singer <3 (because I relate to him in some things) And in two versions, no less \o/

(drawn in Pentel, coloured in Clip Studio Paint)


Sí, yo también he estado escuchando Humanz toda esta semana. Y sí, a mí también me ha encantado con toda mi alma. Así que ahí va un dibujico de mi cantante favorito <3 (me siento identificado con él en algunas cosas) Y en dos versiones, nada menos \o/

(rotulado con Pentel, coloreado en Clip Studio Paint)


I actually combined Day 6 with Day 7 in my last post. Lol. But I wanted to do something separate so I draw another one. I wanted all my entries to be light and cute, supposedly, but…maybe except this one?

The second drawing is for all the admins and those who liked, commented, re-blogged my YooRan works. This is actually my first time participating in a week event here on Tumblr, so I’m really happy…! Thank you guys!

Day 7: The Morning After/Master and Slave

I found out that almost all of my drawings of Yoosung, he didn’t have his hair clips, I’m sorry.

@hinanami-week​ day 2: date ☆

So, small story behind this one!

They went on a date to a local arcade, and when they passed by one of the crane machines, Chiaki made an comment about how one of the plushies looked cute. Hajime really wanted to impress her and do something nice as her boyfriend, so he decided to get it for her! …but he wasn’t able to do it.
Eventually he gave up and Chiaki took over, quickly succeeding in winning it. But she gave the plushie to him, explaining that she had wanted it so she could give it to him as something to remind him of her, since it looked like her hoodie. (”That’s what couples do in dating sims after all, right?”) She still appreciated the effort though and he probably got a kiss on the cheek as a thank you ~

Artwork © 2017 Siobhan || Nanami Chiaki, Hinata Hajime, SDR2 © Spike Chunsoft
Please don’t use, edit, or repost without permission; thanks!
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Happy birthday, 707!!

To be honest, I wanted to draw a big and fancy print for his birthday, but… then I got the date mixed up and ran out of time. ; ; So all I have is this quick thing. Hope you like it anyways!!

Artwork © 2017 Siobhan || 707, MC, and Mystic Messenger © Cheritz Corporation
Please don’t use, edit, or repost without permission; thanks!
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Tom Hiddleston and Jim Jarmusch leave the set of Only Lovers Left Alive

10 years of tumblr

i can’t believe this tumblr is 10 years old… i literally joined this website in 2007 as a dumb idiot my first year of college. i joined because i wanted a blog but i didn’t wanna put a ton of effort into it. i modified an early theme to make it my own. reblogging was added as a feature. the logo changed. my username was first “helloadam” and then “jkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjk” to throw off my mom (seriously but also i’m kidding). 

i started making friends with other people in those early days and am still friends with some of them today. all my friends in school made tumblrs. we posted vaguely suggestive GPOYWs and clippings of life and music we liked. i made a lot of “art” and “fake art” and had a million side blogs for real design and joke content and cell phone photos before instagram. @twoseconds and i mostly talked to each other. @dannybrito and i kept our livejournal friendship going. i posted lots of inspiration and moody shit and talked about myself a ton and promoted my college radio show (don’t think i didn’t go back and delete that shit years later). 

i “swapped phrases” with @happy2bsad and befriended a bunch of cool gay nerds like @colinquinn and the chicago boys and met the internet IRL at sxsw 2010-2012 and went up to new york on weekends to drink four loko. my first-ever postcard design in 2009 racked up major “tumblarity” which was a thing. i wanted to get more of what i was doing “for my tumblr” onto paper so i made a zine. i made more postcards. i posted my “sorry i am such an asshole” balloons and people started ordering them. i made my 2012 unsolicited advice planners and people really really liked them. tumblr became my own little world where i was a meme version of myself and got feedback in real time. 

i started lurking a cute guy who seemed very smart and cool so i faved all his posts without talking to him. i got a book deal for my weird mix of dark humor and handwritten aphorisms. my joy division parody shirt went mildly viral and paid my rent in between jobs. that first book, a journal full of internet and tumblr references came out and sort of legitimized whatever my whole deal was. i visited the tumblr offices and got put into the spotlight section, two dreams come true. i made more stuff. i briefly had a job “making internet stuff.” i made a second book. i made a bunch of products. i became a brand. i got engaged to that cute guy. and i’m still posting scraps of ideas and life and music and my personal growth into an adult person. 

thank you, tumblr @staff.

I Will Be (IAHB Fan Song) (CLIP)
Double Felix
I Will Be (IAHB Fan Song) (CLIP)


Hi so I drew like 4753948 fan arts and then I bought out half the RedBubble store and now I’m thinking??? What do I usually do when I really love a piece of media??? I MAKE A MUSICAL OUT OF IT SO HERE *Throws this in your collective faces* I tried to make this sound as generic as possible and I think I succeeded 

I took advantage of the act that I am a prepubescent boy and made a song about one are you proud of me

Someday I will go from a pitchy soprano to a beautiful tenor that is my dream 



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