all my childhood crushes


draw the kids in sweaters to forgeter your regreters

bonus coran (he hand knit it, it took him 4 weeks):

I got so hyped watching the trailer of Dragon Ball FighterZ that it gave me the urge to draw Android No.18.

After all, she was my childhood crush!

Also wanted to try and test new techniques during my free time. This initially was supposed to be a quick doodle study, but it took me longer than expected to complete.

・ ・ ・

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I hope you like my take on her!

Bro, we are  Infants. Problem?

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what are your top winona films?

Okay so:

Little women- This movie has a special place in my heart. Little women is my favorite book of all time and Jo March was one of my biggest childhood crushes (honestly she still is) the movie makes me so happy and I watch it whenever I get sad. It’s true to the book and winona is the perfect Jo March.

Reality bites- okay honestly one of the most relatable young adult movies I have ever seen. I love it so much it’s funny and sweet and angsty and she looks really hot in it.

Age of innocence- Okay I just love her in this film I don’t really have a reason I’m just in love with her in this film

Mermaids- she’s so awkward and cute in this one and it’s got Cher and Christina ricci and it’s so sweet

Beetlejuice- she’s so little!!! She’s the same age as Millie or Caleb it’s somewhere in there and she’s so cute

Basically I love all her movies I was gonna list like six more but I won’t!!

  • Irene: *looks back and forth between Natsu and Jellal* ...and? Who did you pick?
  • Erza: Jellal, of course.
  • Irene: ... what do you mean, 'of course'...?
  • Erza: He's handsome, smart, tried to kill me 8 years ago by sacrificing me, spent 8 years before that psychologically torturing me with the well-being of our mutual friends, but it's okay since it wasn't his fault and since he's my childhood crush, I've been in love with him all this time.
  • Irene: ... *facepalms*
  • Erza: He's so handsome isn't he?
  • Irene: ... Not my fault, it's not my fault. I didn't raise her at all, so this is not my fault...

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Top 5 otome tropes! :D

1. “We’re trapped in this place and need to huddle to conserve body heat. There is no romantic tension involved here, honest. Also our clothes are probably wet from rain or snow or because we needed to wash them because a flock of birds pooped on us. So now I’m lending you my jacket while they dry, coincidentally rendering me, the Attractive Male Love Interest™, shirtless. You are flustered. I am clueless, questioning if you have a fever, because I have the observational powers of a sack of rice.”

2. “I ran all this way to meet you at the train station/airport/across town because I needed to tell you I love you before it was too late. Also it’s probably raining. Or sunset. And I missed some huge momentous event that I’ve been working towards for years, but you’re worth it.”

3. “Some horrible complication is getting in the way of a happy relationship between us. We love each other and we love our friends/families/coworkers/citizens of the country, but they don’t love us loving each other. Oh WHY is the world so CRUEL in the face of our PURE LOVE?? hold me”

4. “You’re my childhood crush, and even though we’re all grown up I realized I never actually completely got over you moving away/drifting apart etc. all those years ago when we met again by chance, and now I’m feeling things again and–wait what do you mean you don’t remember me.”

5. “We have to work together for the sake of this very important goal. There is no room for romance in this partnership. Seriously. Please stop being so amazing and making me fall for you. But I guess it’s okay, later in the plotline you’ll save my ass/I’ll save yours and we’ll realize what we almost never had and finally kiss. Just gotta be patient.”

i have a HUGE issue about being feminine? Like part of my dymorphia is not feeling feminine enough because of my features/how ugly i am and i drives me CRAZY. Like, i am not very skilled when it comes to makeup and i have this whole issue with that because i dont feel feminine because i cant do makeup well. Also i have fucked up skin and it makes makeup not fun for me. my hair is long but curly and messy and when i see girl with straight long hair dyed ombre or blonde in cute hairstyles with barettes and ponytails i flip THE FUCK OUT inside cuz it triggers me about not being feminine. And i feel like a failure when i dress in a cute outfit but have little makeup, bad skin, and bad hair. Oh and i have fat ass fingers when i should have long, dainty feminine hands and i am about the same size as my bf when i should be TINIER AND SMALLER THAN HIM AND I SHOULD BE SWIMMING IN HIS BAGGY CLOTHES and my waist is about the same size as my hips i have no shape whatsoever and a tiny waist and wide hips is always like shown as peak femininity and i have a fucking boy body. like i cant be pretty if I’m not feminine and i can’t be feminine if i’m not pretty

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I never really thought of myself as any kind of identity or label until like 19. I grew up on fresh prince/men in black so I had like the BIGGEST crush on will for like all of my childhood/teenage years then I start watching gotham and see his wife. It was like the heavens parted and I could see clearly now. 100% certifiable bi.

the pinkett-smith family is bi culture


The first time I have watched Naruto was when I was about 11 and at that age, I was crazy about Uchiha Sasuke like the rest of the girls in the show. I did not find Kakashi attractive at all. Watching it again several years later, man.. I just realized he’s goddamn hot. I still fangirl over Sasuke but what I have for him is just this nostalgic feeling. He was, afterall, one of my childhood crushes. But I’m all grown up now and with Kakashi.. it’s all new. Bla. I’m in love with him.

People freak out about shipping kids
But you know
Kids do have romantic relationships
They even have their own sexuality of some sort
It’s different from adults
But it is the thing that exists
So by saying “you should not ship children” you actually say “I neglect the fact that children are people”
You forgot your first crushes? Or what? Or you are teens/adults now and you consider children’s romanticism as “innocent”, “childish” and “not serious”?
I remember all of my childhood crushes well and, you know what? It was not a joke for me. You can freaking consider it as “aw so cute and innocent”, but for me as a child it was REALLY IMPORTANT.
Children are not as innocent as you think. And not as cute and you think either.
They are people. Little persons. They are not wise nor mature, but they CAN fall in love with eachother and they DO THAT IN REAL LIFE. (even in kindergarten. So no need to say anything about elementary school. For me it was a heartbreaking time when I first lost a loved one and I still remember them with a smile. I loved them so much)
They even touch themselves sometimes which is (PLOT TWIST!) absolutely NATURAL AND NORMAL.
You guys know nothing about children.


Alexandra Shipp: “You’ll look around and have Michael Fassbender doing some beautiful monologue in the corner, and then it’s me and Olivia Munn looking like supervillains. It’s fun. We get to play dress-up all the time.”

Brianna Hildebrand: “Ryan is my childhood crush. His name is on my wall. I literally Photoshopped myself into a picture with him my freshman year of high school. He knows—everyone knows! I was way too excited to work with him.”

Alexandra Shipp, X-Men: Apocalypse & Brianna Hildebrand, Deadpool for Elle 2015

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So, I'm a gay guy, and my boyfriend and I watch "The Fosters" religiously. Anyway, the other day we were re-watching Season 1, and he asked me how it was that, say, a girl transitioning to a guy would like guys (and therefore be "gay"), and if that person liked guys, wouldn't it just be "easier" to stay a girl. I tried explaining to him that "gender" and "sexuality" were two different things, but I don't think I explained it very eloquently. Could you offer any insight into that?

This is a really hard question to answer, because my gender and my sexuality are incredibly linked. I am a gay trans man. The reason I am a man is because I’m gay, and the reason I’m gay is because I’m a man, if that makes sense. They’re both really bound up in each other, which I know is not the case for a lot of people! 

Back when I was a woman, I tried everything to stop myself from feeling gay male desire, but I couldn’t. I tried being a straight woman, but that always felt off. All of the real crushes I had as a child were on gay men, I’m just not. Into straight guys! And I never really have been! So when I was younger I figured “Oh, I probably feel these feelings about gayness because I’m a gay woman” so I tried that for a while, too. Again, nothing. I couldn’t force myself to feel attraction to women in that way. I could fake it, and I did for a while, but it just wasn’t what I wanted, it didn’t feel right. 

When I realized that being both gay and a man was possible for me, I was relieved. Finally, my entire life just seemed to click into place. Every out of the ordinary thing experience I had as a child: my affection for my godfathers (both of whom are gay men), my obsession with Angels in America, the Normal Heart, and other AIDS theatre, the way I was invested in gay shipping in fandoms, my childhood crushes on gay friends. It all made sense. 

Experiencing attraction as a straight woman and a gay man are very different, just like experiencing attraction TO a straight women and a gay man are very different. I hate to use this, but (I’m talking to your partner now) I might as well ask you why you don’t just turn straight. It would be a hell of a lot easier, you’d probably get a whole lot less shit from people. No fear of homophobic violence or discrimination due to your sexuality. 

I can’t just decide to be a woman, no matter how hard I try or how many times I wished I was one. Believe me, I’ve run the gamut and tried all the genders and sexualities from A to Z, and being a gay man makes me the happiest and the most comfortable. So that’s why I’m not a woman.