all my brothers fault


SENSE8MEME: [1/8] sensates  Sun Bak

I take everything I’m feeling, everything that matters to me… I push all of it into my fist, and I fight for it.”

Cas and Dean getting into an intense fight whilst Sam watches them from the table where he’s sitting and trying so damn hard to do his research,
“I told you, I am fine.
“You and I both know that that’s just another lie to escape my hold, Dean. You and Sam need to pipe it down.”
“Oh yeah, are you gonna tell me what to do mom?”
“Stop joking around, you know that I only want what’s best for you and your brother.”
“Yeah, yeah, whatever. Maybe this is just all my fault, maybe I’m the one who’s initiating, huh? Maybe, just maybe you’re right after all. I should just shut my mouth and leave Sam alone and not talk about my problems with anyone, and stay the stupid moron that I am, am I right?”
“Dean, I—I didn’t mean it like that,”
“Oh, but that’s exactly what you meant. And if not, then I really have no idea why we’re still holding this conversation.”
And then suddenly Cas’ mouth falls open but nothing comes out, and Dean just gives him this look that says ‘well, I’m listening?’, and suddenly, suddenly he’s so enraged at how careless Dean looks and doesn’t think twice before he just spews out “I just fucking want you to quit blaming yourself for everything and lying and just—” and he inhales, “—I love you.”
In realisation of what he said, Castiel’s eyes go wide after a few seconds and he gulps. But Dean doesn’t look surprised, in fact, it’s almost as if he had been waiting for that phrase to come at some point, and he bents down just a little bit until they’re at the same level of height, looking deeply into Castiel’s eyes as if he’s searching for something before saying
“Prove it to me.”
Sam wants to scratch his eyeballs out after seeing Castiel jump on Dean and kissing him like they’re in a scene in the Titanic where the boat is slowly sinking.

Shikatema Highschool AU

The longest Fic I’ve written yet, chapters 1-5 of That Sexy Foreigner thing.  

Ignore how bad the first chapter is, I start liking it once chapter 2 comes along.  AKA once Yoshino joins the story.  

“I had the whole sexy foreigner thing going on for me.  But would the students in Konoha know about my father and his corruption?”

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Ibn al-Jawzee Rahimahullah said

“O my dear brother, in this month all faults and mistakes are concealed, all souls and hearts are softened, sins and burdens are forgiven, and Allah `azza wa jall relieves every sad and troubled one. He says to His angels, ‘O My Angels, look at those dry tongues, how they become moist with My remembrance.

Look at those hard eyes, how they soften and weep out of fear of Me, and look at those delicate feet planted firmly at the stations of prayer out of desire for Me!

O my dear brother, whenever you give food to others in this month for the sake of Allaah, the Lord of the heavens and the earth, you shall be raised to high ranks in the lofty grounds of Paradise, and you will be clothed with complete goodness and stripped of all sin…”

(Bustan al-Wa’idhin wa Riyadh al-Sami’in’ Pp. 185-186)