all my beautiful crushes

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workin on random art at 2 in da morning
lookin p good.
p proud it’s p good
p rogram
Good bye family
Never got to draw
His nostrils

honestly i have a crush on every single person in the cast of star wars

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Mmm kay so lemme tell you all about my crush. She's amazing. She's so beautiful and smart and funny and we get along so well and we've even made out a couple times (we were both drunk but oh well) and we make jokes about being in a relationship and ahhhhh man she's so incredible and we send each other like ten memes a day and if that's not true love idk what is

my friend… don’t you feel like you’re living in a fanfic? because that’s just so cool and goals!! The fact that you guys even made out is fascinating ( although you were drunk but I think it was worth it— I mean, I’m pretty sure she didn’t regret a second of it;) ) i hope you guys get together soon!! You’ll make a great couple. 🌸

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Are you happy drunk? Do you have any tumblr crushes? What have you been drinking?

  • definitely a happy drunk. i might go as far as to say i’m a downright giddy drunk,
  • oh sure. i have a lowkey crush on all my mutuals. they’re all so beautiful and funny and kind
  • last night i had a couple different wines. i get extra giddy when wine-drunk. 
Katsuki Yuuri



I’d been waiting for him to break down and let out all the negative feelings he’d been keeping… and I honestly loved it when it happened.

I’ve never seen a character development this beautiful. And it’s all because of Viktor.

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If you're open for prompts: "Person A has had a crush on B forever but now that they’re dating it looks like B is even more excited about it than A is and A just doesn’t understand how that’s possible." that one sounds cute for killugon ( *´ `*) thank you either way, your stories and prompts are all beautiful..! (including the one that, you know, really crushed my heart ;; )

This was written so fast bc I didn’t have a lot of time but I really hope you like it! I’ll edit it later! (I edited it yay) Thank you so much for your wonderful comment it made me so happy! I’m assuming the fic that crushed your heart was Soulmate Phen? XD

Aged up, canon universe!

Killua says, heart in his mouth, “Yes.”

Gon’s eyes brighten, like sun breaking through clouds. “You mean it?!”

Killua almost laughs; does he mean it? What kind of joke is that?

“Of course, do you really think I’d agree if I didn’t like you- mph!”

He topples back onto Gon’s bed as the shorter teen crashes into him. Gon’s arms lock around his torso and he squeezes so tightly Killua can hardly breathe. 

But that doesn’t matter. Nothing seems to matter except for the soaring feeling in his chest and how he can’t stop himself from smiling. Gon’s answering grin is so wide his cheeks have to hurt-

“I can’t believe you said yes!” Gon cries out joyfully.

“You?! I can’t believe you asked me! You’ve always been chased after by all those girls since we were young-”

“What? No way, none of those were actual dates! Besides, you’ve been to so many different places in the years we were separated, I was so sure you’d find someone else more interesting then me…”

Killua does laugh at that, because that was funny.

“There’ll never be anyone as interesting as you, Gon,” he says and Gon perks up. “Even if there was, I’d never go with them. I’ve never wanted to be with anyone but you.”

“Really?!” Gon bounces against Killua’s chest, making the whole bed frame shake with his boundless energy.

“Ah- yes! Yes! Stop-”

“Do you wanna know how long I’ve liked you, Killua?” Gon asks excitedly.

Killua blinks, heat slowly rising to his face. Just hearing Gon say something like that- that he actually liked Killua, after Killua had known for years that he was head over heels for Gon- its like a dream come true.

“I figured out I liked you a year after you left with Alluka,” Gon blurts without waiting for Killua to answer. “I mean, I always knew I wanted us to stay together ever since I saved you from your family. But then after you’d gone, I couldn’t stop thinking about you. I missed hugging you, and taking baths together, and sleeping in the same bed, and sometimes I’d wake up missing the smell of the shampoo you used, and-”

“GON!” Killua interrupts loudly. His face is on fire and his heart pounds against his ribs. 

“What? I’m just being honest! I really, really missed you!” 

“I- I know that, I missed you too, obviously! But you don’t have to go into that much detail-”

Gon laughs freely and hugs Killua even closer.

Killua wheezes. The fact that Gon cared that much about him, missed him that much…it was mind blowing. He never in a million years thought he would be so lucky to have the person he loved so much love him in return.

“It almost sounds like you’re more excited to date me then I am to date you,” he finally says, breathless from Gon’s embrace.

Gon hums happily. “That’s okay! I can’t wait to take you to so many different places, Killua! I have a bunch of restaurants I want us to eat at, and gifts I want to buy for you, and-”

“Hey, I’m not saying its true!” Killua yelps.

Gon makes a face at him. “Eh, but. I definitely like you more then you like me.”

“No way,” Killua said flatly. “I’ve liked you since the Chimera Ants! At least! That’s a long time for feelings to stew and grow.”

“And I just said I wanted to be with you since the beginning!”

“That’s-” Killua grabs the nearest pillow and shoves it in Gon’s face, “-not the same! Like liking someone is totally different-”

Gon pushes the pillow back at him and throws another for good measure, and soon they’re tackling each other and feathers are flying around the room and everything is laughter and joy and wonder and Killua feels like he could burst from being this happy-

Because that’s just what Gon is; Gon is happiness, pure and simple. And Killua will stay by Gon’s side as long as Gon wants him in return.