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Style Art Challenge PT 1

So I am challenging myself to draw in other styles (Seeing as I STILL don’t comfortably have one myself- I kinda switch back and forth between semi-realism and anime esque in cause you haven’t noticed LOL) So I am testing myself by drawing the same exact pose (literally copy and paste the same base skeleton sketch that I did) in the style of a bunch of ML Artists that I admire and seeing what happens. Here is the first part ^_^ 

All credit for STYLE to the original artists: @hchano @portentous-offerings and @ferisae however all the art belongs to ME ^_^ 

As such please do not repost or alter without my permission. Please and Thank You. 


I dun’t know why, but this took a whole week.

And it was only 11 panels. Juuuuust 11.

This was based of an ask that Anger got and my favorite couple in real life!

Uhhhhgggg. Palette was so difficult to shade. All the yellow on him.


Palette Roller belongs to @angexci (I must draw your son moreee)

Art belong to moi, @chilli-drawz


based on the quote “everything is starting to make sense.”

the dialogue of the last section of this fic belongs to rainbow rowell! (as well as all the characters of course)

“I hate my roommate,” Simon grouches, dropping down onto the seat beside Penelope and propping up his chin on one hand.

Penny reaches across him for a slice of toast. “Hello to you, too.”

Simon starts. “Oh. Sorry. Morning.”

She waves her butter knife at him. “It’s fine. What’s wrong with your roommate?”

“He - he - he’s mad! He’s insane. He thinks he’s better than everyone else. He’s so posh and pretentious - he’s been putting random spells on my belongings and me to mess with me. I can’t believe the Crucible put me with him. Why him, of all people? I’d even pick rooming with Gareth over him.”

She lets out a disbelieving huff. “I’ll bet your roommate isn’t anywhere as bad as mine.” The thought of glitter scattered across their floor and Trixie’s high-pitched giggle makes her shudder.

Simon lets out another defeated groan. “It’s ridiculous. He’s absolutely insufferable. Help me, Penny.”


“I don’t know. Curse him. Teach me how to punch him in the face.”

“You can’t punch him in your room.”

“Anaethema,” they say simultaneously, her matter-of-factly, him wearily. Simon stares moodily at his plate.

“He can’t be that bad,” she tries.

“Pass me the butter,” Simon sighs, pulling the basket of toast towards him. “I’m going to need all of it. I’m going to drown my frustrations in beautiful buttery goodness.”

“Thousands of calories.”

He shrugs, picking up the butter knife and wielding it determinedly. “I don’t care.”

She frowns. “Simon, you can’t eat all the butter.”

“Watch me.”

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Admit it

Anon asked

Yay! Glad to see you’re taking requests! That’s exciting! How about a Bones fic where the reader is half Vulcan and he can’t believe he’s falling in love with them considering how much he hates Spock 99% of the time?

A/N:- This is my first ‘real’ attempt at the star trek fic writing. Having said that, I’m sorry. Constructive feedback is welcomed and encouraged.
Pairing: McCoy X Reader (working relationship), Kirk, Spock (Mentioned)
Triggers:- None
Word count:- 895
Beta:- @outside-the-government

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One asshole, many AUs.

In order, Canon Hux, Roman emperor Hux, Blue Milkshake Hux (belongs to @nightsofllyn), CWU Hux (belongs to @hollyhark), emperor and knight verse Hux, Sun and Stars verse Hux.

Sorry I’m not posting new art, I’ve hit a rough patch but I’m getting back on track and working on a HUGE (not complicated but literally 6ft tall print) of Kylo right now.

I’ll get to all your super nice asks soon and I’ll try to find the time to read the fics you’ve written based on my work, I didn’t want to read them while I was angry at the whole fandom, it would spoil your wonderful work. Know that I cherish all of these and they helped me a lot.

I love you.


Here’s that animation I did all the way back in March that I never posted.
I never finished the rest of these sadly, including the other animations to go with it. Because of my lack of satisfaction with my art at the time, I only ever got frustrated working on them which lead to their incompletion. I talked a lot about it, however, then didn’t follow through…so I hope you all will still accept it along with the incomplete doodles though its massively late.

Its all from this fic-> Flaming Red Hair Sunny wrote based on Wintels Monster Au // Tickle fics with Jack are the best and this version is all kinds of perfect with one of my favorite au’s

Fiction belongs to @sunflowernebulae
Monster au belongs to @winteldoesfanart

[Based on this]

I tried my best… you’re all very welcome. No hair pulled or falling scenes, too difficult to draw for me. Tho it would have been hilarious X°P

Yuuma Mukami, Yui Komori and Ayato Sakamaki belong to Rejet.

The drawing belongs to me.

All rights reserved.

Do not repost anywhere and do not use in any way.

Jealous [Eggsy Unwin Imagine - Request].

A/N: Here’s the Eggsy imagine request I needed to post. I’m sorry it’s quite short anon. I tried, but I’ve been so busy lately. It’s based off this:

Eggsy gets jealous because Charlie flirts with you all the time.

Pairing: Eggsy x Reader. 

Warnings: None, just a few swear words. 

Disclaimer: I don’t own anyone. And you belong to you. 

P.S: Sorry for any mistakes, my lovelies! Enjoy <3 

Charlie was an asshole, that much was obvious, but that didn’t stop Eggsy from getting jealous. You tried to reassure him that Charlie was just a jerk, who needed attention, but he wouldn’t listen.

“Eggsy seriously,” you said that night for the millionth time, “he’s just a jerk.”

The two of you were laying side by side, facing each other from your beds, in the recruit room, the rest were asleep.

“He just gets under my skin,” Eggsy sighed, “he’s all you know, and I’m…”

Giggling, you slipped out of bed, crawling in next to him, “my, my, are you tongue tied?”

Eggsy rolled his eyes, but smiled when you pressed your lips against his. You kissed him with everything you had, opening your mouth and tilting your head back, to deepen the kiss, pulling him on top of you.

“I love you,” you whispered, “I love you. Not him, okay?”

Eggsy smiled breathlessly, chuckling, “okay, okay. I love you too.”

Giggling, you reached up and kissed his cheek, before slipping out from under him and returned to your own bed, “you have nothing to be jealous about, really, nothing at all.”

“He’s just sofuckin’ annoying,” Eggsy sighed, reaching out to take your hand in his, both of them hanging in the space between your beds, “I hate it when he flirts with you. I hate it.”

“Well, you have nothing to worry about,” you whispered sincerely, “I’m all yours.”

“And I am yours,” Eggsy smiled sleepily, kissing the back of your hand.

“G’night, darling.”

“Night, sweetheart.”

A/N: Also, I hate to say this, but I’ve decided to close requests for a while. I’m sorry my lovelies, but I’ve got uni work and applications to fill out. I’m a bit stressed out, at the moment! I’m sorry. If I’m posting anything, I’d like for it to just be short stories or book stuff. I’m sorry again. I’ll try to open them up again soon. Thank you all for being so great <3 

anonymous asked:

I'm a transboy and I really don't pass, and I feel like I don't belong on this blog, or in the mlm tag at all.....

Your worth and ability to be here on this blog and in the community isnt based on how well you pass. It’s how you identify.
Youre a trans mlm? Youre welcome with all of us and if anyone says otherwise can kiss the bottom of my shoe. Passing doesn’t determine worth.
-mod d

RP Starters Based off of Old Memes
  • Credit to @demonictrianglularpsycopathgirl
  • “Do you like Waffles?”
  • “Can’t wait to get a mouthful!”
  • “They’re the Jedi of the sea!”
  • *spins leek*
  • “I’m teaching a cat to play piano!”
  • “You mad bro?”
  • “Forever alone!”
  • “Not bad.”
  • “Today it is Friday.”
  • “We so excited!”
  • “It’s peanut butter jelly time!“
  • “Never gonna give you up! Never gonna let you down!”
  • “You don’t say?”
  • “Chocolate rain!”
  • “Is this real life?”
  • “_____ bit my finger!”
  • “Double rainbow all the way!”
  • “This is the ultimate showdown of ultimate destiny!”
  • “I like turtles!”
  • “I don’t always ____, but when I do, I ______.”
  • “One does not simply ____.”
  • “This. Is. ______!!!!!!!!”
  • “I haz a sad.”
  • “I can haz cheezburger?”
  • “Shut up and take my money!”
Together [A Stucky One Shot].

A/N: Hello, my lovelies! As promised, and in light of the Captain America trailer that was released, here is a Stucky fic, based off some things seen in the clip. 

And just because I know they love Stucky, I’m tagging @undiscl0sed-desir3s, @mcuofstucky, @c-maximoffs & @stevestuckyonbucky

Enjoy! <3 

Pairing: Stucky. 

Warnings: PTSD, anxiety, mentions of war, fighting and blood. Near character death, angst filled. Fluffy in parts…

Disclaimer: I own no one. They all belong to Marvel. 

P.S: I have edited this, but if there are any mistakes, please forgive me. 

Steve couldn’t believe that Bucky was here.

He couldn’t believe that this was real, that this was really happening. His best friend, his pal, and the person he’d known longer than anyone, and the one person he loved more than anyone in the entire world, was here.

“Buck…do you remember me?” Steve asked, looking down at Bucky, who was still trapped in that vice. Bucky looked up at Steve, so open and broken, but so relieved – he remembered himself and the past, he remembered Steve.

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magnetichollow  asked:

Do you mind if other nuzlockes use or base the way people talk to pokemon on your headcanons for it? Credit and all that good stuff of course.

I don’t mind if people use any of my head canons and they don’t have to credit me at all. X”D
I kinda see my head canons as part of the fandom and people are free to use them as they please. Like… a sharing of ideas. If you happen to like the same theory, then that head canon still belongs to you. I doubt I was the first to head canon that way of speaking to pokemon so I don’t feel like it belongs to me.
So pokemon, cultures, Rangers, history of things and basically all of my world building and head canons are free to use. :3

If you want to cameo or include my characters (such as William, John, Matthias, Iago, or such), credit me for them~<3
and I’ll be super happy bc I love it when people cameo my dorky children

anonymous asked:

♢ Has anyone ever tried to steal your blog? Your headcanons? Icons? All that jazz

No, and I’m not too intensely defensive concerning headcanons–especially ones that either are popular fanon conjecture or closely based to these ideas. I did get in one shitty fight in another fandom over headcanon… by someone who was really burnt to see me RPing with someone else who played the same character as them; then turned around and accused me of stealing their relationship headcanons… which didn’t belong to them in the first place, since the ideas were originally from other fanfiction and fanart. 

In addition to that the person was emotionally manipulative on a massive level; seriously–”the only worth you have is to pay attention to me and how dare you give anyone else the time of day and” arghghgh blocked bye forever

So yeah if you’re all about MY ORIGINAL HEADCANONS DO NOT STEAL that’s a massive red flag to me :/ I do not understand why people are so defensive over headcanons based on ideas which are commonly accepted across a fandom.

You’re Safe With Me, Snow [A Simon x Baz One Shot].

A/N: Hello my lovelies, I’m so in love with Simon and Baz at the moment, so here is another one shot for you. This is based off a headcanon by @justsayalways, in this post. Thank you so much for letting me write this and for creating such a lovely prompt. I hope you enjoy reading <3. 

Pairing: Simon x Baz.

Warnings: None really, some swearing. 

Disclaimer: No one belongs to me. 

P.S: If there are any mistakes, please forgive me. I have, of course, edited this for all you lovely readers. 

Simon was tired.

It had been an incredibly long day at university and all he wanted to do was get home. Slumped in his seat on the train, he wished it would zoom by faster, so that he could go home, shower, eat and go to bed. Next to him sat Baz, his boyfriend, who also happened to be a magical vampire, who he’d fallen in love with and helped him restore Watford to all its glory.

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