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Can we talk about something real quick?!

In this scene from the newest short, I could only imagine how angry Winston would have been after seeing his friend (I argue best friend) disappear. Like I don’t really see people mention how good (best) friends Winston and Tracer are!

-Winston makes Tracers chronal accelerator and in her words “But my friend Winston would not give up, he kept at it, day and night.” Essentially giving Tracer control of her powers. Also, he is present her during her training.

- On Winston’s computer, Tracers and his photo sit on top of all the others, including one of Dr. Winston (essentially his dad) and Winston as a baby!

- During the recall, Tracer is the first to answer Winstons call. 

-During the first short Winston and Tracer are fighting alongside each other. 

- They spend Christmas with each other gosh darn it! 

AND TO TOP IT ALL OFF! Winton FUCKING ONE PUNCHES Doomfist after seeing his (best) friend disappear! BFFs.



This is sorta lame and cheesy, but it’s basically just a fluffy Imagine about Tom being a cute boyfriend and taking care of his drunk girlfriend💗
Author’s Note: This is a oneshot inspired by sorta me? My mom had a party and made a ton of mixed drinks, and because I’m a dumb baby that never drinks, I forgot that vodka literally punches you in a face when you drink too much of it? Anyways, I got drunk and ended up crying to one of my cousins for about 40 minutes about all the reasons why I love Tom? Apparently, I’m even more cheesy and sentimental drunk than I am sober, who knew lol?

She giggled to herself, ankles knocking into each other as she braced herself on the door of her apartment. She was absolutely, completely, and undeniably smashed. Truly, she couldn’t even remember how she’d gotten this way, but then again, she could barely recall her uber ride home.
Her hands kept shaking and she couldn’t find the correct key to fit itself into the doorknob. At this rate, she’d be out all night.
Tom paused the film he was watching and glanced back towards the front door. He was pretty sure that he could hear someone out there, but it was probably just their neighbor’s being noisy. Allowing the film to regain his full attention, he did his best to ignore the strange sounds outside, until he heard something that replicated her giggle.
His eyebrows knitted together in confusion. She was supposed to be at a sleepover with her best friends, not coming home at one in the morning? Tom got up and made his way over to the window by the door. Peeking out, he saw that the giggle outside indeed belonged to her, and she appeared to be struggling hugely with the task of opening the door.
Quickly crossing to help her inside, Tom yanked open the door and barely had time to catch her as she crashed in on top of him.
“Tom!” She yelped excitedly, making no effort to move off of him, instead cuddling further into him, while he laid sprawled across the floor with her lying on his chest. “Do you wanna hear a joke? It’s so dirty and I know how you love dirty things!” She explained innocently, her eyelashes tickling his neck.
Tom chuckled, “Darling, come on up here. We’ve gotta close the door.”
“Okay, I’ll tell you!” She leaned over him, “What did Cinderella do when she got to the ball?”
“You’re absolutely wrecked.” Tom laughed, taking in her mussed up appearance. She still looked good, how could she not? Her skirt was just shorter, her breasts were more exposed than she’d be comfortable with sober, and her eyemakeup was slightly smudged. Her hair tumbled down her back in messy waves and she teetered on her high heels.
If she had come home sober, Tom would’ve dragged her off to bed with him, but alas, she was drunk and needed to be taken care of.
“She gagged!” His girlfriend giggled, finishing up the butt of her joke. “Do you get it?”
Tom burst out laughing and cradled the back of her head as he rolled her onto her side so that he could get up to lock the door. “Yes, baby, I do. Where’d you hear that one?”
She didn’t even seem to have registered what he asked her because, in response, she said, “I don’t think I’d be Cinderella if I was a disney princess. She gags, but not me. I don’t gag, unless you make me.”
“Oh my gosh, you’re going to be so embarrassed in the morning.” Tom said, slipping his hands beneath her arms to pick her up. Helping her down the hallway to their bedroom, he asked, “Darling, how come you’re not with your friends right now?”
She blinked her eyes slowly and licked her lips. “We were all talking, and drinking. So, so, so much drinking. Did you know that vodka is strong? Like, it’s so strong, because, I’m not sure if you can tell, but,” She leaned closer to his chest and pressed herself up onto her tippy toes to whisper in his ear, “I’m kinda drunk right now.”
Turning his head towards her, he decided to play along, “Are you serious? I’d had no clue.”
“Well, yes! Anywho,” She dragged out the last letter of anywho before she tripped over herself again.
Tom caught her and slipped a firmer hand around her waist. “Anywho?” He pressed.
“We were all talking about our boyfriends, and how much we love them, because, I love you so much. And then, we started talking about the stuff we do with our boyfriends.” She paused in the hallway to poke Tom’s chest, “That’s my favorite shirt on you.”
“Darling, I’m not wearing a shirt?” Tom said, cocking his head to the side.
“I know,” She smiled, “That’s why it’s my favorite.” She gestured to Tom’s exposed midriff, “This is all great. Like, you look so good. The best.”
Tom dissolved into laughter and shook his head, “My silly, drunk girl. What are we going to do with you?”
“Well, you see, what I’d like you to do with me is make-out. That’s really why I came home. We started talking about some things,” She cupped her hand around Tom’s ear and whispered, “Sexy time things. And we all agreed that I should come home to you so that we could do the sexy time things. Because, I wanna do them, with you.”
Finally crossing the threshold of their bedroom, Tom placed her gently onto the bed and tried to ignore her last statement. Yes, she was his girlfriend. Yes, she’d just told him that she wanted him, and yes, he obviously wanted her too. But, she was drunk, much too drunk to consent to sex with him.
Tonight, Tom would be a good boyfriend and take care of her, but, in the morning, Tom would be a good boyfriend and he’d give her at least 2 orgasms with 2 advil pills to chase away her headache before breakfast.
“Sweet girl, we can’t right now. You’ve been drinking too much, you’re absolutely wasted.” Tom tried to reason with her.
“No, no I’m not. If I was drunk, could I do this?” She took a deep breath, “‘May I feel said he/ (I’ll squeal said she/ just once said he) It’s fun said she/ (May I touch said he/ How much said she/ A lot said he) Why not said she.”
Tom cut her off, “Sweetheart, nothing you say matters right now, you’re too drunk. Now just let me help you out of that dress.” Shaking his head, Tom laughed as he walked over to her with an oversized sweatshirt of his in his hand. Only she would be able to quote E.E. Cummings completely inebriated.
Kneeling in front of her, Tom lifted one of her feet onto his lap to unbuckled her high heeled shoe. Undoing the clasp and carefully removing the heel, he pressed a tender kiss to the top of her foot.
“You know, I like it a lot better when you’re on your knees for a different reason.” She pouted, sitting up to watch him.
Tom chuckled again as he began to remove her other shoe, “Trust me darling, so do I. Roll over-” He didn’t even get to finish his sentence when she interjected.
“Are you gonna spank me?” She asked, rolling over. Her tiny dress had ridden up even more and Tom had to bite down on his lower lip and clasp his hands together to prevent himself from doing just that.
“You’re making this really difficult.” Tom muttered.
“Then do something about it. I thought bad girls got spankings?” She teased him, eyeing the hardness growing within his pajama bottoms.
“Stop it, I’m trying to take care of you and you’re making it really hard.” Tom groaned.
“I can tell,” She giggled.
“For fucks sake,” Tom rolled his eyes, “I’m going to help you out of the dress, and that’s all the touching I’m going to do tonight. Then, I’m going to take off your makeup, and you’re going to go to sleep.”
“Tom,” She whined, wriggling around on the bed, “I don’t wanna. I want you to do me.”
Tom laughed, “You’re going to die in the morning, oh my gosh. You’re such a child.”
“Ugh!” She whined and flattened out onto the mattress.
Sitting down behind her on the bed, Tom rolled her over and unzipped the back of her dress. He did his best to not look, but the zipper kept getting caught in her hair, and he couldn’t ignore the soft skin of her back. He saw that she’d chosen to wear the pretty, light pink, lace bra that she’d been wearing the first time they’d had sex. Groaning over the memories, he helped her rid her body of the confining fabric of her dress and had slid his sweatshirt over her body.
She turned to lay on her back, “Will you at least kiss me?”
“Yes,” Tom placed a soft kiss on her mouth, “Do you wanna get up to go to the bathroom to take off your makeup, or do you want me to do it for you here?”
“Hmmm, here.” She sat up and stuck her hands inside of the sweatshirt, only to toss her bra off seconds later.
Tom’s eye lingered on her chest as he got up to retrieve her makeup wipes.
“I love youuuuu.” She said, hugging herself to his chest after Tom had successfully cleansed her face of all traces of makeup. “You’re my favorite, even though you refuse to fuck me.”
Tom tucked the duvet under her chin and crawled in behind her. He kissed her temple and curled an arm around her, “I love you too darling.”
He prayed to the high heavens above that she wouldn’t feel his excitement poking her in the back while she drifted off and into dreamland.

Gift AU Idea

The thing about the Gift, is that you never quite know what you are going to get, and what it’s going to cost. 

It sometimes cost a lot, and early - for such little payback that it hardly seemed worth it. It sometimes cost nothing anyone could ever know - and changed a whole life. Sometimes it was a gift at birth, and sometimes a curse before death, but it always happened. 

When Jack Zimmerman was born, his parents were beyond thrilled. He was a weird looking baby, but my god, they loved him more than they ever thought would be possible. That first night, at midnight, a light filled up the dark room and formed a fae shape, indistinct but instantly recognisable. 

“I will take his first last breath.” The solid light said, before fading completely. Bob, who had his ability to grow a beard taken as payment for his ability to always land a solid punch, and Alicia (who lost all her memories before she was 4 so that her smile could light up a room) looked at each other and blinked. 

Because what the hell did that mean? 


When the light filled the hospital room where one Eric Richard Bittle lay sleeping, both his parents were wide awake and trembling. Susan lost her ability to read at 19, and Coach lost his own name three weeks after his 4th birthday, and both knew the sting of a ‘gift’ that never really lived up to the price they paid. Neither of them wanted their darling baby to suffer - to lose anything. They wanted to give him the world. Coach glared at the light while Susan hid her face in her hands. 

“That’s my son and I swear to all that is good in this world if you hurt him, if you hurt my boy-” his voice broke at the end. He’d paid a high price for his gift, lost his name and gained only the ability to write with both hands. Susan had it worse - she remembered words, her love of books, the simple skill of reading labels or instructions - gone now… all for the knowledge of when it was best to pick the ripest fruit. 

And god, he feared for his boy. 

“I will take his joyous childhood.”

And Coach found out that it was impossible to punch a living light.


Sometimes you met people who had the same gift, or paid the same price. Shitty lost his name, just like Coach, and Bitty was pretty sure thats why he trusted the mustachioed man so much. His gift was never feeling cold. Ransom lost his birthmark and Holster lost his first love - and gained each other, a soul bond so strong that sometimes it was difficult for them to tell who was feeling what. Lardo swapped her appendix for the ability to see in the dark, Nursey lost his spatial awareness for his love of words and Dex lost his calm. Dex wasn’t quite sure what he got, which wasn’t all that uncommon because really… in a world where your sense of smell can be traded for the ability to flip a pancake… sometimes it just wasn’t easy to work out what your gift was. 

Chowder lost his baby teeth for his joy of life, Johnson his ability to tell the time for some weird alternative universe only he could see. 

Jack lost his first last breath on the bathroom floor of a nondescript hotel room for a second chance - Bitty lost his carefree childhood with every taunt and shove as he grew up. 

Bitty figured that the price was okay. He could make the best pies anyone had ever tasted. 

Sometimes Jack wondered if it was worth it. 

And of course, sometimes… you got it wrong. 


Bitty always knew his childhood was going to suck. His mamma and Coach did their level best to make sure that home was safe and secure, but it didn’t stop the nightmares at night, the fear of monsters under the bed or the sheer god-awful time at school. The only time he was ever at ease was in the kitchen, where his mamma taught him to bake using her own way of things, never needing to measure, never relying on a recipe she couldn’t read. So, Bitty, and his parents, always just assumed that he was going through hell as a kid, so he could bake. 

Coach hated it. Coach hated a lot of things, but seeing his son scared and frightened one too many times had taken its toll on the man. They moved three weeks after the supply closet incident. 

All for the sake of some stupid pies, his son suffered. 

He never did eat a single one. 


It wasn’t until Bitty got to Samwell that his actual gift turned up…

Moving (Ethan)


“Well..” You said with a sigh, placing your hands on your hips as you stared at the empty boxes in your kitchen. “We better start packing.”

Your boyfriend Ethan stood in front you, running his fingers through his hair. He didn’t know where to begin and he hated moving just as much as you did which made for a pretty lousy team.

“This is going to take forever.” He groaned. “Are you sure you want to move to New York?”

You scoffed. “It’s already done, you goof. I signed the paperwork. Now quit whining and get to it.”

You snapped your fingers at him to which he reluctantly began emptying your drawers while you stretched on your tip toes to reach the glass bowls in the kitchen cabinet. You had always dreamt of moving to New York from the time you were a little girl. You wanted so desperately to escape the dramatic and superficial life you were living in LA. You were a wanderer and never cared to stay in one place for too long. Meeting Ethan changed that…at first. You couldn’t picture life away from him but over time, through the past three years of your relationship, things were beyond solid so really there was no better time. Ethan was sad but he understood, besides he had landed a job in New York with MTV alongside Grayson so you would still see each other all the time.

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Teen Wolf 6x14 and 6x15

-I find it so adorable how Scott is with Scott. He really did learn so much from Derek. It’s so cute how we saw Derek him to go school and Scott wasn’t even his beta ever but Derek always wanted to protect him, always ALWAYS looked out for him. I think because so much has happened and how much Scott has grown he really has appreciated everything Derek did for him. Bonus: He’s passing on those lessons to his beta. I love that. 

-Chris Argent will always go to great lengths to protect Scott, the whole McCall pack really. He’s grown so much. 

-Gerard is filled with so much hate. That hatred was taught to him by someone. He’s never tried to understand anything else, never tried to hear reason. That hatred has grown stronger and stronger. This hatred applies to real life issues going on right now in the United States. The Guidance Counselor is almost worse. She’s blindly following this man she met in the woods and he’s giving her all this free range and power. She thinks she knows the pack but she only knows one side of things. Hatred has consumed her. The same hatred that consumes Nolan, even the wolf he knew in the jail cell-he’s judging him because of what he is and not the person he is. 

-Kudos to Coach for stepping in and helping Liam. My heart broke when the students were holding Mason back it broke my heart. To see the science teacher just do nothing upset me-you have all this power and you just decided “I’m going to let you all handle it.” You shouldn’t be a teacher. Coach has always been there, maybe he knows more than he lets on. Regardless he saw what was happening and he acted. He saw the wrong and he corrected it. 

-”I have never told Scott to run and hid and I’m not going to start now.” Melissa McCall is such a strong, wonderful mother. 

-Okay Lydia Martin in jeans. Damn. Plus with that black tank top and leather jacket combo. Lydia Martin owns me. That scene with her and the guidance counselor I was clapping. 

-Malia and Scott are such dorks. They really do like each other. Malia was so cute when she like covered her face. Reminded me of when Melissa did the same with Chris last episode 

-Scott’s all “I’m going alone” and then Lydia and Malia come crashing through like “bitch you thought.” They’ve got each other’s backs. 

-Liam just collapsing into Mason I mean just so cute. The way Liam just reaches to wrap his arm around his friends neck and lays his head on his chest in complete relief. He feels so safe. 

-Kudos to Liam for not turning when his classmates were beating him. He just kept saying “The sun. The moon. The truth” He just kept remembering everything Scott has taught him. Such strength. 

-The scene with Liam and the guidance counselor in her office was so tense. The way Liam figured it out and how quickly his facial expression changed. Strong acting skills. 

-Malia and her comedic timing. Shelley really doesn’t give herself enough credit, she is the absolute perfect Malia. Also Malia laughing at inappropriate jokes is me.  

-But Scott being all “You ready?” and Lydia is next to him and then Malia and Liam are behind him and even Theo has his claws out. THEY ARE IN FORMATION AND READY. 

-Scott/Lydia/Malia holding each other in the Sheriff station my babies 

-The Sheriff and Parrish were so great and I was just so excited when Noah was like “Lock him up” because Nolan sucks but that whole scene was great. 

-Theo always deserves to be punched 

-”SHOW ME!” Complete and utter chills down my body I am so proud of Alpha Scott McCall 

-I knew they weren’t going to run. So relieved to see them all at Deaton’s. They are ready to fight and take back their town. 

-Overall pretty great two hours. Linden did a beautiful job at directing 6x14. It was the perfect balance of all the characters. The McCall pack were amazing tonight. 

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It was quite intimidating - this situation that is. And it wasn’t only because he had a cocked gun Aimed at me with not only his whole gang behind him, but also his alliances. It was intimidating because of how close he was right now. Just a few feet. A few measly steps.

This was the closest we had been to each other in almost a year. And the last time we encountered this close wasn’t all to friendly. The screams and cries, the shoving and punches that where thrown. His pleads for me to stay echoed through my head, every word staining my mind at the desperation laced in them.

<I>“Please baby girl. Don’t do this. I swear I’ll make things better, we can make things work again. Just don’t go.”

I remember every whisper, every rasp and every crack that fell through his voice in those words. But never the less I responded to his cries with harsh words and a door slammed in his face.

But if i had know that walking out would come back to haunt me like this, would I have ever done it? Maybe? More then likely no.

It wasn’t because I was scared. Oh no- not in the slightest. I had no fear. But just simply the feeling running through my body was too much to bare. The feeling of hurt, seeing him standing there with that girl - that bitch - wrapped in his arms.

That used to be me. It should still be me but I was too selfish to stay. To let him try again.

He hadn’t done anything wrong but I was too blinded by anger to realise that. In my eyes, he had committed the worst felony in our relationship. He neglected me, and i thought I would never forgive him for that. But if I had just not allowed the anger to consume me the way it had, and just realised that I wasn’t just Jason’s only priority, maybe I wouldn’t be standing here right now.

Guns raised, smirks settled on faces, some in pure bliss, others in shock. A year ago, tell me Jason would be pointing a gun to my head one day and I would have called you crazy. But here I was.

“What are you doing here?! This is my land Jason.” But I couldn’t show the hurt. The bitter sour taste on my tongue I received from seeing him with the girl. From what everyone knew, I was totally over Jason, and completely willing to put a bullet in his head if necessary. If only they knew that if it came down to that, I would rather put it in my own before I would let him die. I was utterly in love with him.

“Is that so? Well, in that case, speaking of things that are ours, why don’t you give back that little thing you stole.” He smirked in a not so friendly way.

“What the fück are you talking about? We haven’t taken shit from you.” I spoke quickly, lacing my voice with intimidation.

“Really? Cause that ring your wearing says otherwise.” Jason spat. “Now where could someone like you, possibly find the money for a stunningly expensive ring like that?”

“Shut the fuck up Jason you know well that I make just as much profit as you do. Where equals.”

“Not at the moment where not” he suddenly added “not right since you have almost over 2 millions dollars that belongs to me.”

“No one stole your money Jason. My gang isn’t as desperate as yours. We wouldn’t steal from anyone with the same amount or maybe more fire power then us.” I stated, as if it where the most obvious thing in the world.

Jason chuckled, his head low but gun still firm in place, pointed straight towards me and my gang. My hand growing tired from mimicking his actions, only my gun pointed on him. “Y/N. I’ve known you long enough to think you were going to say something like that. You always had a way of persuading people into believing things. Especially things that aren’t true.”

My hands fisted at my sides, very much knowing that right now, he wasn’t talking about ‘stolen money’. He was more so talking about our relationship. How I had persuaded him into thinking he wasn’t spending enough time with me, that it was all his fault our relationship didn’t work out. But it was easy to pin point the fact that it was really my fault. And Jason was right - i was good at persuading people otherwise. That’s what happens when your Americas most wanted female.

“You have no business being here Jason and I have every right to sink a bullet in your skull.” I stated but we both knew that wasn’t happening. We both knew that when it came to him, I was too soft. I was weak for his love. Love that no longer existed. At least not for me.

Jason shook his head, fake amusement plastered on his face. “I only came here for one thing Y/N, and I really don’t feel like wasting a perfectly good bullet on something as irrelevant as your brain so let’s make a deal.”

A scoff left my mouth, eyes rolling as I tried my hardest to hide the hurt effect his words left me. “And what do you propose that would be?”

“It I’m being honest your gang isn’t such a bad alliance. This area is getting a little bit rough and I need all the ally I can get. Despite some obvious tense past-” his eye darted around to everyone, a look of knowing on the face at the mention of our failed relationship. “-I think we could make a good team.”

“What are you saying McCann?” My eyes narrowed in on his face. Voice low and steady.

“You give me my money - we become your ally.”

Now your probably thinking- ‘why the hell would you say yes?!’ Well truth is, Jason’s Gang and my own have some tension. We’ve been attacked a few times by his gang before. Lost a few members. Out of all the gangs in North America, his one was our largest threat, especially with himself holding the title of Americas most wanted male.

So making amends with him wouldn’t actually be as bad idea as you would think. Nodding my head slowly in thought, my mind drifted back to the current situation at hand. “Alright well…any good gang leader would be foolish to pass up a deal of one like this. And knowing you for a while myself, I trust that you present your deals fairly….Okay McCann. You have yourself a deal.”

Jason smirked, his mouth turning upwards in victory as I blew a sharp whistle past my plump Lips, motioning my fingers forward.

A gang member of mine - Zayn, came forward with a large, black, leather briefcase, unlocking the latches until it stood open, revealing the large sum of cash inside which we had - actually - stolen from Jason.

Jason repeated my gesture, motioning someone forward. Someone I recognised as Khalil, Jason’s right hand man. Khalil and I where actually rather close during
the time Jason and I dated. Too bad that went to waste.

Khalil walked across the bounds to me and my gang, stopping short just inched in front of the brief case. Now this is what right hand mans are for. They’re skilled in things such as calculating large sums of money with only there eyes. amazing? - yes. Crazy? - not for us.

“It’s all good Jay. 2 mill- exact.” Khalil announced.

Jason smirked once again, clicking the safety back on his gun before slowly lowering it away from my head, and back down to The floor.

“Well then L/N. Nice doing business with ya.”

With a swift movement, Khalil had locked the briefcase shut and taken it out of Zayns grasp, strolling back over to Jason and his gang which had already begun leaving.

Jason spun on his heels, arm still draped around the barbie looking girl fitted in cloths sized for a 10 year old before suddenly stopping in his tracks. Craning his head to peer over his shoulder back at me, I watched as his smirk never faltered, opening his mouth to say,

“Oh and Y/n, sweetheart, I suggest laying off the Cheetos. I mean, I know you love them but your starting to let yourself go a little, don’t you think?”

The girl on his arm opened her mouth, allowing a not so attract snort to escape it before continuing on her way with Jason.

On the outside, I showed no emotion, eyes never wincing or giving away any sign of hurt, but on the inside I was crying, clawing the walls of my brain to run after him and beg for his love once again.

My mind was a dangerous place. I was unstable, no matter what people chose to believe, no matter what I told myself. I was really just a ticking time bomb waiting to implode on itself. But not physically. It was all mental. How much longer before I finally had a mental breakdown and gave up on hiding my emotion?

How much longer before people finally look at me as not a ruthless leader, but instead a weak, unworthy girl who was too caught up in a lost relationship that had already withered away months ago?

And it was because of him. One person. One ruthless killer.


Jason - fücking - McCann.

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Wynonna Earp 2X10 Thoughts and Faves

I’ll be honest, I was expecting an episode with a complex plot and crazy reveals.  Instead, we got  an episode that was so simplistically beautiful in its focus that it took my breath away at times.  Don’t get me wrong, I know over the course of the final two episodes we’ll find out things are connected in all sorts of crazy ways we didn’t see coming, and big ‘ole twists will happen, but this week the focus was on the individuals and their relationships. So many quiet truths about the characters played out on screen over the course of the hour, and all I can say is, Andras & Co. can throw my expectations out the window anytime they like.  

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(sorry that it’s so short)

Being Younger Than Sebastian Stan Would Include:

  • him calling you ‘baby’, ‘small one’, ‘munchkin’
  • lots of hand holding
  • tickle fights
  • “When I was your age” jokes
  • not being bothered by the age gape
  • sitting in his lap ALL THE TIME
  • “You’re learn when you’re older.”
  • “Don’t make me put you in time out.”
  • him supporting your career and you his
  • a lot of teasing 
  • daddy kink *cough cough* 
  • spending every spare minute together
  • he’s very protective of you
  • “I just don’t want my little baby getting hurt.”
  • “I’m not a baby seb, but thanks.”
  • having to reassure each other that you’re both never going to leave each other
  • traveling all over the world together
  • trying to cook for each other
  • doing extravagant birthday things
  • “Back in my day..”
  • “If you finish that sentence I’ll punch you.”
  • anytime there’s a sex scene he’ll cover your eyes
  • bear hugs
  • his family loving you and your family loving him
Our Future pt. 1 { 32&42 }; V E R N O N

[ dad!hansol x pregnant!fem!reader ]

word count: 591
genre: angst
a/n: i decided to separate this into two parts bc it’s going to be sooooo long if i didnt hehe sorry. disclaimer: i know hansol isnt the type of person like he is in this story so pls forgive me in advance for that. anyways, i’ll be posting the next and last part soon lovely peeps!

“Baby, what’s wrong?” 

My head shot up from the voice I heard. I smiled weakly at the guy who was walking towards my direction. He sat down next to me on the couch before snaking his hand on my waist to pull me closer.

“Hey,” He whispered softly, kissing my ear.

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Wanted - Jungkook scenario (angst/fluffy/slight smut) - PART 2

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A/N: Send me your thoughts on this! Thank youuu ^^

: Jungkook x You ft. Jimin & Taehyung
Genre: angst, fluffy, smutish
Warnings: badboy, cussing, mature
Word count: 2752

Nails dig into his back as he went harder, faster. His ears were filled with loud moaning of his name. He just wanted to hear her voice shouting his name, moans escaping her lips.
Bed creaking, bed’s headboard slamming against the wall.

Last trust and she came. He pressed his lips against hers for last time. He kept breathing heavy, looking at her eyes and finally moves himself off her and lays next to her, sheet covering his lower body… She smiled, laying on his chest with Jungkook’s arm around her.

“Jungkook you’re just fucking amazing.” She bit her lip looking up at him
He smiled
“Oh I know” he moved, coming on top of her again, leaving kisses on her neck, she chuckles, putting her hands on his chest.
“I need to get home.” Jungkook stares at her for a moment
“Right” he nods his head getting off

She stood up, outing on her stuff.
“When you want to meet up again?” Jungkook puts his hands behind his head
“I will be busy for few days”
“And what is that?” he raises an eyebrow
“School. I’m sorry” she throws her T-shirt over her head
“Okay.” He simply said
“Did you do anything fun when I went home?”
“At the party? Nah”
“Just kept thinking about fucking you when I get away from the party” he added
She smiled
“And you got your wish… Bye Jungkook” she kisses his cheek and walks out of his room

Jungkook took his phone, looking at the clock it was 3AM.
“Good night baby” his girlfriend sent him a text. He just ignores it, throwing his phone and falling asleep.

“What are you going to do with a fact you fucked another girl?” Taehyung asked Jungkook
“Maybe like a second choice?” he looks to the side at him
Taehyung goes shook by his words.
“You never done that”
“I think Y/N won’t be easy, you know?” Jungkook said noticing you walking into the classroom
“I think you need to talk to her” Taehyung whispers and taps is shoulder

You sat down, just feeling weird, like lot of attention is on you.
You could feel eyes staring at you from the back.
“Not even a look?” Jungkook leans forwards, his palm resting on side of his cheek as he kept looking at you.
You didn’t turn around or said anything. You just wanted to be alone. You know what you done yesterday. Yeah it felt good, actually amazing, but still you feel guilty. Like as if you were just a one night stand to him, but not fully on that term.
It just didn’t felt right. You know he’s a fuckboy. One and only thing you don’t want to be is a toy. Side chick.

Jungkook leans back as he notices you won’t even move. His head turns towards Taehyung and Jimin.
They just raised their shoulders.

Bell went off. Again, quickly you took your stuff
“Miss Y/N. Can you please stay for a minute?” your teacher asked and you nod your head, walking up to her.

Jungkook looked up and down at you and walked out.
“Coming?” Jimin asked
“I’ll catch up. Maybe miss a class” Jungkook smiled and stood by the door

“So can you please work harder. I know you can do that. Your grades are bit low.” Your teacher explains
“Yeah, I guess I’ll try” you nod your head
“You are free to go now”
“Thanks, bye” you said and walked out

You kept on walking, didn’t even notice Jungkook who was standing near the door.
He rushes up to catch you.
“So Y/N.” he said
“What do you want?” you look up
“Damn the attitude of yours. It’s actually sexy” he smiled
“Can you please leave me alone?” you stop and he stands in front of you
He leans in, closer to you.
“After yesterday, I don’t think I can” he whispered
“You. Have a girlfriend”
“DO you think she means anything to me?”
“You are using her. You will use me.” You simply said and started to walk way.

Strong grip pulls you back.
“But I bet you used to imagine me fucking you. Now that I did, you try to be all strong, but you are weak as soon as I touch you” he smirks and let’s go of you
“Say what you want, but we know that is true baby.” He smiled and walked away

You almost punched yourself in the face, how you hated, but loved the way he speaks. What he says.
You roll your eyes, turning around Taehyung and you bump into each other.
Taehyung looks at your eyes and lips, looking back to your eyes he steps back.
“Sorry. My fault.” He had a smile on his face
“It’s fine” you smile
“And yeah sorry about something the other day. The way I acted.” He rubs back of his neck
“Why sudden all the apologies? It’s fine Taehyung” you laugh and tap his shoulder walking pass him

As you walked away, it was something that just told you to turn around. At the same time Taehyung and you turn around, looking at each other. He smirks and turns his head, walking away.
“Fuck.” You said to yourself

Rose runs up to you being very excited.
“Y/N. Y/N!” she shouts
“What’s up with you girl?” you laughed
“Sooo… We aree gonna hang out at Troy’s place”
“I don’t wanna be a third wheel. Like I feel awkward-“
“Noo not just you, Taehyung, Jimin, Jungkook” she points out Jungkook’s name with a smile on her face
“Don’t smile like that. It’s creepy” you laughed
“Soo what’s happening with Jungkook now?” Rose and you walked together
“Nothing. He has a girlfriend” you sigh
“Honestly. I think what happened yesterday was I don’t even know. But like I don’t want you to get attached more and more to him. You know he is a player.” Rose looks at you with a serious expression on her face. You nod your head in agreement.
“Even it felt good, still it’s a dangerous game” you said

You stop walking, Rose looks at you.
“I have an idea” you smiled biting your lip
“What is the idea?” Rose smiles
“Since Jungkook’s all over me. Wanting me again and such. Why not make it harder for him?”
“Y/N you want to be a bad girll… Uuuu” Rose smiled widely

On lunch break. Taehyung and you been locking eyes, smiling at each other.
Jungkook noticed how you don’t look at him that much. How your eyes are falling on Taehyung all the time.
He wasn’t that much bothered with it. But still he felt like something is wrong.

Let the game begin.

You stood up, you smiled walking pass him and his crew towards the library.
Bell went off and his girl goes to class, but he follows you. Trying to find you. In the huge library he notices you looking around the shelfs for books. Not much people were in here.

You look up to see him. Your heart skip a beat and you walk down. Still searching for book you’re looking for. Jungkook kept on following you. He kept staring up and down at you.
“Y/N stop running away” he thought as if you’re driving him crazy
You turn around and smile, turning to a section where your book was at. You walk all the way down, feeling nervous. On the end was a wall, with no way to turn or walk away.
You turn around standing between tall and wide books shelfs, Jungkook stood there. He bit his lip and walked up to you.
You stared as he stood in front of you, his body close to yours..
“Are you playing hard to get?” he laughs quietly
“Why did you follow me?” you raise an eyebrow
“Because of this” Jungkook said, pushing you against the wall. Crashing his lips against yours, his hands on your hips pulling you closer to his body.

You smile under the kiss, and kiss back more passionately. He licks your bottom lip for permission, within a second you let him in. His tongue explored your mouth.
You wanted more and more as you felt his lips are so amazing. How his hands slowly move up and down your body.
His hand slowly goes down, he starts to unbutton your pants, but you put your hand on his and he pulls away looking at you in confusion.
“We’re in school” you whisper
“So what?” he pressed his lips against your neck
You wanted, but you can’t. You put your hands on his chest and move him away.
Jungkook stares at you, like he’s getting pissed off.
“Fine.” He finally spoke and puts his hands in the air, stepping away
“Jungkook you need to-“
“You don’t have to say anything.” He cuts you off
“Why don’t you try building a friendship?” he looks up in shock at you
“Are you serious right now?” he laughs pointing at you
“That’s a good one” he added smiling
“If only girls knew how weak actually you are” you said and walked pass him
“You said what?!” he followed you quickly
“SHHHHHH” some girl said and looks away rolling her eyes
“I am talking to you Y/N.” Jungkook grabs your arm
“You heard me.” You look up and down at him and move your arm from his hold and walk away.
“SHHHHH” again same girl said
“OH SHHHH you” Jungkook looks at her and shuts the library door.

— Later that day —

You were laying on Troy’s couch in his living room. Casually being on your phone.
You get a text from unknown number.

Unknown number, 7:08PM: Hey Y/N.
Unknown number, 7:08PM: You are probably wondering who is this. It’s Taehyung. Yea I asked Rose for it.
Unknown number, 7:09PM: I don’t want you to think I am like Jungkook. So probably by this you can tell I like you. I don’t know how, but you’re too damn beautiful.

Your heartbeat was fast, you smiled.

You, 7:09PM: I like you too. Somethin bout you is just making me feel this way. But I don’t know you that well and that fucks me up.

You add Taehyung’s number to your contact list.

Tae, 7:10PM: You look so innocent and I know you’re not and that gets me weak asf.
You, 7:10PM: You know that hm?

Taehyung bit his lip and smiled reading your message.
“Tae let’s go!” Jungkook said taking his phone and putting it in his pocket
“Yeah, just a second” he said looking back at his phone

Tae, 7:12PM: Such a bad girl you are.
You, 7:12PM: You are also bad boy Tae.

“Taehyung I swear to God if you don’t come right now, I am not gonna let you in my car” Jungkook said one more time. Taehyung looks up at him. Turning his phone off and walking off with Jungkook to his car.
“Need to pick up Jimin” Taehyung said
“I know. Who are you texting that much that you can’t even do anything?” Jungkook looks at him
“Nobody.” Taehyung smiled and Jungkook starts his car

You bit your lip just thinking about Taehyung. He’s just too perfect for this. Jungkook’s friend. All you needed was him.
But you don’t want to seem like an liar, but you have to play for a while just to see if Jungkook will do anything or even try.

“We in da HOUSE!” Jimin shouts laughing
“Whats good everybody!” Rose smiled and stood up
You smiled widely
“Hi” you said
“Hey Y/N” Jimin walks over to you and awkwardly goes for a hug, you just wanted to tap his shoulder.
“Oh s-sorry” he said and two of you laugh and you just simply wrap your arms around him and give him a short hug
“Whoah Jimin, hugging Y/N?” Troy smiled
“Just a friend hug” Jimin runs his fingers through his hair and sits down

Jungkook and you just look at each other. You did same with Taehyung.
You were sitting on big couch, in the corner, with Rose and Troy next to you. On the right side Jimin and Taehyung sat together and in an arm chair was Jungkook.

“Y/N come and help me with the drinks” Troy said
You stood up and walked away with Troy.
Taehyung and Jungkook kept observing you from the back.
“So… I wanted to ask you something Jungkook” Rose leans back on the couch, lifting her feet up on the couch.
Jungkook raises his eyebrows, his palm resting under his chin.
“If you didn’t have you girlfriend. Would you be with Y/N?”
“What kind of question is that?” he laughs
“So that is a yes. But why?”
“Why would I be with her? Because she’s fucking hot”
“Ah right… Don’t you know if you only think about that, you’ll never have her” Rose looks at him
“She would fall for me” Jungkook said
“Don’t think that high” she smiled

Troy and you walk in and leave the drinks on the coffee table.
“Cheers” Troy said and all of you lift your glasses in the air and drink

As time passed, you didn’t even bother looking a Jungkook, even thinking he’s in the room.
You had to play strong, but sexy. So it kills him.

Tae, 8:49PM: Why you do this to me?

You look up at Taehyung and he was just looking at you.

You, 8:49PM: What am I doing to you?
Tae, 8:50PM: Just, everything about you turns me on.
Tae, 8:50PM: I will gladly slam you against the wall and make out with you.

You smiled. He smiled licking his lips and then looks away.
Jungkook noticed how two of you keep looking at each other. All this time he was thinking what you said today to him. He was still pissed off about that and now two of you are flirting and sharing looks. It was slowly pissing him off.

“Let’s play video games” Troy said
“To thee GAME ROOM” he stands up

Game room looked very similar to living room, just that it has a huge flat screen TV.
All of you sat around. Taehyung this time find his way and sat next to you.
Jungkook looks to the side and sighs looking away.
Feeling of your skin was locked into his head, your touch and lips. Lips who kissed his like that they are made just for him.
It was just those 7 minutes. 7 fucking minutes did this to him.
Your body was like summer, any guy would want someone like you. Just the same he wants you.

He wants to hear your voice again. You moaning, moaning his name. Grabbing and digging your nails into his back, arms.
He wants to feel that pleasure again with you.

It was just a feeling this strong addiction towards you. He couldn’t get you out of his head.

“I gotta go.” Jungkook said
“What?! Already? Like you only got here” Troy said
“Yeah stay man” Jimin spoke
“Need to clear my head. Bye guys” he said and walked out
“Is there something wrong?” Rose asked looking at Jimin and Taehyung
“He didn’t tell us anything” Taehyung raised his shoulders

“OH great now we have to walk home” Jimin throws his hands in the air
Rose and Troy laugh following him

Taehyung and you walked together.
“Which way you going?” he asked
“Jimin and I are going same way. Let’s walk together” he smiled
Smiling you nod your head. You hug Rose and Troy and three of you walk down the street.
“I can’t fucking believe he left. I’ll kill him” Jimin kept bragging about Jungkook and him leaving so early

“I swear to God I am calling a taxi right now. You can walk if you want. But I want to get home early” Jimin said taking his phone out, calling a taxi to pick him up
“I’ll take Y/N home, since it’s really late” Taehyung said
“Okay, see you both tomorrow” Jimin smiled and waved
“Yeah, taxi? PLEASE get here as fast you can” he spoke as the driver answered

You laughed at him and kept on walking.
“Well this is my house” you smiled turning towards Taehyung.
“Nice house” he smiled
Taehyung stepped closer to you, his hand on your cheek, he leans forwards closing a gap between you two.
“Goodnight.” He said kissing your cheek and leaves.


Unknown number, 4:34AM: Why am I even doing this?

fullmetaldude1  asked:

Your Autistic/Galra!Keith and Autistic!Pidge headcannons and facts are awesome and make me feel so valid, pretty please hit us up with more some time soon! Sincerely from, a fellow Autistic individual.

First of all, thanks! You’re so sweet. :D Second, I mean, I’m never gonna say no to more autistic Keith and Pidge. ;) Especially since I’ve been meaning to do a Keith<>Pidge interaction post for a long time and just kept putting it off because fanfic. And oh look it got pushed back even farther because of even more fic whoops.

[original autistic Keith and Pidge meta]
[autistic Galra!Keith series]

As usual, this got super long, so most of it’s going behind a cut. Click through for the early stages of friendship, lowkey hangouts, ‘friends who stim together complain about social norms together,’ and conspiracies.

Early Relationship

  • So here’s the thing: Keith and Pidge aren’t initially drawn to each other for casual social things. (Because, I mean. Neither of them is the ‘casual social things’ type. Pidge would rather be working on robots or programming, and if Keith isn’t on the training deck, he’s probably in his room because he doesn’t know how to friends.)
  • So outside of Team Voltron stuff, they don’t really cross paths. (When they do it’s usually because one of them is looking for Shiro and finds him with the other.)
  • Pidge starts training by themself against the Gladiator. They know they’re not that great at physical combat, especially considering their bayard is most useful as a close-to-mid-range weapon.
  • Sometimes they train with Lance or Hunk (since Pidge is most comfortable with them), very rarely with Allura (because Lance and Hunk are both ranged fighters). They generally avoid training with Shiro, because Shiro can’t make himself go all out against Pidge—they remind him too much of Matt, and how he attacked Matt the first day in the Arena.
  • Thing is Pidge isn’t progressing very far on their own. Sure, training against a robot can make you stronger, build your endurance, maybe help you figure out a few tricks, but it’s not really gonna help you with technique.
  • Eventually Pidge works up the courage to ask Keith to help them train. (And like. It takes a lot of working up, because Keith is that awkward place between stranger and good friend where Pidge doesn’t want to bother him and doesn’t know him well enough to know if he will be bothered by this.)
  • Pidge asks, and Keith just shrugs and says sure.
  • (Of course it’s that easy, Pidge thinks. It’s Keith, training is basically his life. He’s probably thrilled Pidge is taking the war more seriously.)
  • ((Meanwhile Keith is internally freaking out because, sure, he agreed to teach Pidge because he didn’t have any reason to say no, but about twenty minutes later he realized… he doesn’t know the first thing about teaching somebody how to fight.))

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I love thinking about mulder and scully doing cute comfy couple things. Like calling each other "baby", squeezing and caressing her ass when they snuggle in bed, going to blockbuster after work and picking out a movie to watch together later that night, holding hands in the car when mulder's driving, going grocery shopping together, mulder punching a guy in the face for grabbing scully's ass in a bar, going to dinner on Valentine's Day

Ooooh god one of my favorite fic… not tropes, I guess, but a common scenario all the same, is Mulder and Scully talking about what movie they’re going to rent. It really takes you into the moment (90s ROMANCE ❤️) while defining them as a casual, happy couple.

And them holding hands in the car… rehashing the same argument they’ve been having for SEVEN YEARS over whether the passenger or the driver gets to pick what plays on the radio. Scully playing with his fingers and turning his hand over to study it at stop lights. Mulder kissing her knuckles right after they’ve decided to split up during an investigation.

Wow stop it anon, you’re too sappy.

I need to reorganize my pattern binder…

First of all, I just need a new binder, preferably larger than the 1" 3 ringer I have now. ✅

I need new separators to differentiate between afgan, washcloths, doilies, shawls, and baby things. ✅

I need a new (or better) hole punch. ❌

I need tabs to separate the patterns from each other. ✅

I need paper clips, but not the normal paper clips, I need the document type. ✅

I need Post it notes. ❌

I need notecards. ❌

I need glue. ✅✅

I need pretty pens. ✅✅✅✅

I need cloth ribbons. 🎀 ✅✅

Heavy lined notebook paper. ❌

A corona typwriter ribbon. ❌

Correction fluid. ❌

A stitch Bible. ❌

And a prayer or two. 🙏🙏

just imagine ed and winry getting ready in the morning together. stumbling into the bathroom because they are tired. leaning on each other while brushing their teeth. having to brush the backs of each other’s hair out for each other because they both have it grown out so very long. winry jumping because she stepped on ed’s metal foot and it s o cold. brr. what a way to wake up. shock. they smile at each other a lot. and they talk about what they are going to do that day. and then eventually they start talking about their plans for the wedding. and then fLASH FOWArd what feels like a week, what happened, suddenly they’re talking about what they’re gonna do with the kids today????? oh my. and then they talk about how they hope the kids are doing because they’re all grown up oH GOD WHAT HAPPENED?????

but they still help each other get ready for the day each and every morning and ed complains that winry smells like oil but then he sniffs her hair. and maybe ruffles it a bit. so she punches him. (lightly). because he just brushed it

Old Enough - Part 2 - Two Out of Three


Few months after Dean and Sam Winchester move into the bunker, they find out about another legacy of the Men of Letters - a very young, civilian legacy, and they don’t know what to do with her.

Part 1: Legacy

Part 2: Two Out of Three

Links: tumblr | | AO3

Chapter Summary: When Y/N demands to go on a relatively dangerous hunt, Dean decides to test her capabilities, and along the way, end up testing his endurance in resisting her.

Warnings: Language, masturbation, implied smut, smutty thoughts etc.

Dean changed into a pair of track pants and a thin black t-shirt. Thinking of the sudden cold drafts in the gun range, he also pulled a grey hoodie-sweatshirt over himself and walked towards the gym.


“I’m going out for a supply run,” Sam said absent-mindedly as he searched for the keys to the Impala. When Dean handed them to him, he looked up and raised a brow at Dean, taking in his brother’s attire. “Uh, are you going for a run or something?” He was incredulous considering the fact that Dean never ran. Not unless he had to and something was chasing after him.


“I’m testing Y/N to see if she’s ready to go on this vampire hunt with us,” Dean explained.


“She is,” Sam insisted with a smug smile on his face. “I trained her, remember?”


“Yeah, well whatever,” Dean said rolling his eyes at Sam’s annoyingly overflowing confidence. “She ain’t going on anything until I think she is ready.”


Sam’s eyebrows went up on his forehead, and a knowing smile crept up on his lips. “You’re getting awful protective.”


“Shut up,” Dean said, annoyed and exasperated with whatever Sam was trying to insinuate. “She’s my responsibility. Our responsibility, Sam. I’m not taking her half-cocked to a nest full of vampires all ready to be vamp food, okay?” Sam didn’t say anything, but stared at him with that stupid grin on his face. “Shut up and go get your supplies.”


Sam held up his hands, palms out, in a gesture of surrender. “I’m going, I’m going!” Then he noticed Y/N walk into the room as well. To them both, he said, “Keep it civil, you two. No killing each other while I’m away!”


“No promises!” Y/N yelled back to Sam’s parting back, laughing to herself.


Dean turned to find her standing with her hands on her hips, and he felt as if his breath had been knocked right out of his lungs. She wore a long pair of grey leggings that hugged the curves of her toned legs to such detail that she might as well have been naked. Her upper body was covered in nothing but a black sports bra that extended coverage to a point just in the middle of her abdomen, displaying her belly button for the world to see. Was she trying to fight him, or seduce him? Dean thought to himself and found that he was all of a sudden annoyed with her. He knew he was staring, but for the life of him, he couldn’t look away.


“Are you going to gawk at me all day, or are you going to show me what you got, Winchester?” she asked, breaking Dean out of his trance. She knew what she was doing to him. She was an attractive woman and Dean, after all, was a red-blooded man. She had known exactly what effect she’d have on him when she had picked out the outfit for their little escapade.


Show you what I got? Nothing I’d like more, Baby Face, Dean thought to himself even though he perfectly knew she was out of bounds to him. Wordlessly, he led her to the gun range, and handed her a gun. “Shoot. Aim for the heart, and the head,” he instructed.


She looked down at the gun, and then at him. “I don’t understand. Why would I be shooting at vampires? It doesn’t do anything to them,” she pointed out. Something in his jaw tightened and Y/N knew she probably shouldn’t push him, even if it brought her intense satisfaction to do so. She covered her ears with the mufflers and picked up the gun.


She thoughtlessly aimed, wondering what in the world was wrong with her. She had had a thing for the older Winchester since basically forever. He treated her like a pariah at times, and yet she was drawn to him. Maybe that was even why she was so intensely attracted to him – the whole wanting what one can’t have and all that. It sure did help that he was one gorgeously good looking devil.


Lost in thought, she didn’t feel his presence until it was too late. “Your form is all wrong,” he said with a knowing smirk on his face. He leaned in, his front to her back, and gently lifted her arm, correcting her stance.


“I know how to shoot,” she told him.


“Yeah? Doesn’t look like it from here,” he said, still not moving away. He was so, so close that his heat enveloped her and she felt goosebumps on her skin. She told herself it was the draft and tried to focus. He looked down at her from where he stood behind her, and for a moment it felt like his lips were beckoning to her. If I kissed your taunting lips right now, what would you do, Dean? She forced her gaze to remain on his eyes. “Why don’t you show me, Baby Face?” he said and stepped back. She regretted the loss of his towering presence but was grateful for the room to breathe. She was starting to feel trapped and feelings she didn’t want to let out were starting to emerge.


She took the stance, raised the gun and shot at the targets. Two bullets were fired – one straight to the heart, and the other dead center on the forehead. She turned around to face him with a smirk. “Seen enough?”


Dean tried to dial down the pride in his voice when he said, “Good job, kid. Sammy taught you well, I see.”


She scoffed. “And my natural talent of course,” she said with a flip of her hair.


He watched her movements and how the wayward strands came to fall back, resting gently on the curve of her breasts. She was making him feel things he had no right to feel – especially for someone as young and innocent as her. Compared to her, he was freaking ancient. He forced his gaze to her eyes, which had a knowing look in them. She knew exactly what she was doing to him. The minx! “The gym. Now,” he said, taking the lead out of the room, making her follow him. Angrily, he willed himself to get his shit under control.


Once they reached the gym, she watched him unzip his sweatshirt with deliberate slowness. He stripped it off as he spoke, watching her watch him warily. “You proved your skill with a gun. I’m impressed. But…” he trailed off raising his arms above him, stretching. Y/N could see the muscles bulge and contract with his movements. It was so freaking sexy, she was astounded at her own self-control. She had always been an ‘arms’ girl. Always. And boy, oh boy! Did Dean have arms! “This hunt will involve more hand-to-hand combat,” Dean continued. “With things twice your size and strength. So you and I, we are going to fight. If you can beat me, you are in. If not, you stay behind, no questions asked. Agreed?”


Y/N mirrored his actions and stretched out her tense muscles. His glance was drawn to the rise and fall of her breasts and the skin that was exposed with her movements. “Alright, agreed.” Then she added, almost jeering, “But I don’t want to hurt you, Dean…”


Dean smirked at her, completely disregarding that statement. “Give me all you got, Baby Face,” he said, his voice low, taunting her with a motion of his hand.


Taking a fighting stance, they circled each other until she directed her first punch at him, which he effortlessly blocked with excellent footwork. He was fast, but she could be faster. She spun around swiftly, landing a blow to his gut. He bent over clutching where she had hit. “Oh my God,” she gasped, her hands flying to cover her mouth. “Are you okay?” She reached out to touch him, genuinely concerned she had hit him too hard.


Big mistake. With a feral look in his eyes, he tackled her to the ground. Caught completely unaware, she was easily under him, pinned to the floor. With the cold seeping through to her back from the cement, and the heat of him above her, she glared at him. “You cheated!” she accused him.


“Did I?” he smirked down at her. “You lose your focus, one second is all it’s gonna take.” His grip on his wrist tightened. “Got it, Baby Face?”


“Two out of three?” she challenged.


He peered into her eyes, gauging her, trying to see what she was up to. Still, Dean was confident enough in his ability to best her that he took her up on her offer. Letting go of her wrists, he stood up. “Two out of three,” he agreed.


Focus, Y/N, she told herself for this was her chance to prove the asshat wrong. She was good enough. She was no liability. She got this. She freaking got this, damn it!


Again, they circled around each other, but this time she waited for him to make the move. Using her small size to her advantage, she danced around his punches and kicks. She knew when one landed on her side that he was definitely holding himself back, unlike her. She flipped around and kicked him on the back of his legs, bringing him to his knees. As he knelt before her, she pulled his head backwards from his hair, opening up his neck and made a chopping off motion with her palm. “Tag, you’re dead.” Then she pushed him forward and stood back watching him get to his feet.


Dean ran a hand through his hair, and grinned at her. Maybe, just maybe, he had underestimated Y/N. She sure knew how to pack a punch. Unlike him, who used his strength in the fight, she used her agility. He had to give her points for that. But the game wasn’t over yet. “Two out of three, remember?”


She smirked at him, taunting him with her hand gestures just as he had taunted her before. “Bring it on, Winchester.”


This time, he didn’t waste time circling or playing around. He dove straight at her, bulldozing her to the ground, getting her under him in a matter of seconds. He knocked the wind right out of her. She stared up at him as he held her down, both her hands fitting into one of his palms. “This is not fair, Dean!” she yelled.


“You think those vamps are gonna play fair, Y/N?” he asked and she bucked her hips at him, trying to get free. An involuntary groan escaped his lips as she rubbed against him through the thin layer of clothes between them, and her eyes raced to meet his. He loosened his grip. “Enough fighting for a day, don’t you think? I win, kid.”


“I think not,” she gasped, and wrapped both her legs around him, effectively tumbling him down. She straddled him, purposely landing herself on his crotch. She ‘cut’ his throat with her palm, and said, “You’re dead, Winchester, and I win.”


He stared back at her, knowing she had indeed won. A knowing smile spread across her face, as she made no move to climb off him. In fact, he felt her press even closer, and he knew that she must be feeling his semi-hard cock against her for sure. He couldn’t help the red that crept up his face. Fuck.


“I like winning,” she told him, leaning down and bringing her face close to his, which in turn pressed him firmly in between her thighs. He groaned inside, part of him wanting to just rip the clothes apart and sink into her, damning the consequences. “I like being on top,” she said with a wink. She was referring to the fight, of course…or was she? Dean couldn’t know anymore.


“What’s going on here?” Sam’s voice interrupted them. She turned around to see him standing against the door, watching the two of them on the floor.


She got up and grinned at the younger Winchester. “Oh nothing. I just beat Dean in hand-to-hand combat and freaking earned my place in this hunt.”


Sam grinned back at her, pleased with her accomplishment. “Nice going, kid,” he said, patting her back as she walked out the gym without a backward glance at Dean.


Dean rose to his feet and made a move to the exit but Sam blocked his way. “Not so fast, Dean.” He looked at his brother, questioningly. “What’s really going on here?” Sam asked, suspicion growing in his eyes. “Don’t try anything, you hear?” he warned. “She’s thirteen years younger than you, man. Thirteen. And we have to work with her, and like you said, she’s our responsibility. Don’t get any ideas okay?”


Dean couldn’t believe his ears. He hadn’t even done anything to warrant this tirade. Right? He almost had, but he had stopped himself in time. “Are you done?” he asked. Sam’s bitch face was the only response he received. “Get out of my way,” he mumbled and walked out feigning annoyance.


He walked into his room and went straight to the shower. He stripped off his clothes, and stepped into the cold water – a blessedly welcomed feeling after the heat Y/N had caused within him. He was burning up with hunger. His hunger for her. He cursed her and himself. Damn you.


He couldn’t get the image of her out of his mind – her looking so gloriously feisty in that barely covering sports bra and leggings. Without conscious thought, his hand moved to his cock and started moving in its own volition. He recalled the feel of her against him, so soft, and feminine – his hand moved faster. The look on her face when she had defeated him, the way she had watched his reaction to her, all-knowing and triumphant. He imagined her mouth around him, soft, wet and warm, and then he wondered what it would feel like to finally sink into her warmth, slick and oh so ready for him. Somewhere deep down, he felt this was wrong but in that moment, he just couldn’t care. He wanted, needed release and Y/N’s sweet, taunting lips were the only things in his mind. When he came, her name was a sigh on his lips – a sigh of pent up longing and desire.


Little did he know that in her own room, she was moaning his name as she found her release, wrapped up in a fantasy of him.

Part 3: Slice of Heaven

How I can be an evil bitch and caused $10000 worth of damage to my ex boyfriends car

So before escorting and sugaring I was a nerdy little high school girl. Not particularly pretty or anything, my glo up happened AFTER graduation. I was very book smart but not street smart.

I had a 26 year old Russian boyfriend. Had the accent and everything. Nobody knew about it. Not even my close friends. I had a job and a car so I felt like a “big girl”, He thought I was fucking only him. And I was at first until he got crazy. He was possessive and needy and always thought I was cheating even when I wasn’t. I slowly realized hey “I just graduated high school…this guy is 26…something’s weird here” so I dumped him. Told him he was too childish (lived with his mom, threw bitch fits if I didn’t text him right away, was cheap af) for someone so old. Then he went on a rant and told me I was never good enough for him anyways, that I would never be mature. That I was dumb and stupid. A couple days later he called me in a frantic “baby I’m so sorry please talk to me. I need you” so I went to his house to give him one more chance.

I was very serious and explained what he needed to work on if he wanted me back. He got offended all over again and blew up. Then tried to force himself on to me sexually.

He pinned my down. He wiped his semen on my face. He called me his little whore.

he molested me for exactly 4 minutes before I screamed so loud he got scared.

I got even louder and his mom was sleeping like 10 ft away. I told him he would never see me again and I started throwing his shit around. I broke so many things. He got red af. He was coming after me to hit me, but I looked him in his fucking eye and said “lay another fucking finger on me and I will kill you. I’m not joking. I will bash your fucking skull in. I wont even blink while your blood and brains get smeared all over this fucking house. I dare you” so he stopped raising his hand. I swear on my life y'all I would’ve really fuckin killed him. He knew it. Something really takes over you when you’re ready to kill for your own life.

Anyways I never spoke to him again.
But I had a plan. I was getting revenge.

He had a brand new Mercedes Benz. This is partially the reason why he was narcissistic. And broke. It was the best and newest model. All the bells and whistles. From the headlights to the interior to the tail. It talked and shit guys. He was obsessed with it. He cried if it had even a fingerprint on it

I waited 3 months so I wouldn’t be an immediate suspect. He was a douche, in those 3 months he would’ve easily had and pissed off at least 2 other girlfriends.

I went to his job. Found his car. He always parks at the tippy top of parking garages in the far corner so nothing happens to his precious baby.

AND I FUCKED THAT SHIT UP. Basically imagine Carrie underwoods song.

I wore all black and a baseball cap. I stabbed his car. Not keyed. Stabbed. Every car door was worth at least $700 each. All over the sides, stabbed. Stuck bologna to his car. Bologna ruins paint btw. And it was hot so that shit COOKED. I put my workout gloves on and punched/kicked out his lights. Goodbye side mirrors. Then, I went straight freaky and used a hanger to break in. My cousin is that guy you call when you lock your keys inside so I knew how to do it smoove. I cut open his seats like a woman in need of an emergency c section.
I took white liquid eyeliner and wrote on his front on back windshield “I’m a man whore”. I put nuggets of my dog’s shit in secret places in his car.under the seats. In cup holders. In the place you put sunglasses. Yeah I went full on bitch mode.

Then I left.
I heard from acquaintances he tried to call the cops but they just laughed at him. I wasn’t caught on camera cause the car was parked in a corner (in the blind spot of the camera) and I drove up there using a car that wasn’t mine. I waited an hour inside the car after I did what I did to avoid a car being seen immediately leaving not 20 minutes after it had just parked. He had so much damage it was at least $9500 worth.
I had to try not to laugh.

To this day nobody suspects me.
If you think what I did was wrong, have a guy molest you and assault you and think he’s gonna get away with it. see how quick you turn Kill Bill.
I’m not sorry.

justice was served cold as my heart. If a guy you know is deserving of this hmu I will help you. My resume is the story above lmao (Auugghh feels so good to finally tell someone after all this time!!!)

anonymous asked:

Your written English is not the best and I think you've probably misunderstood everyone who talks about Larry. They're being sarcastic and it has gone over your head. Larries don't tend to understand the British sense of humour.


This is the best antis’ message I’ve ever got, you all other antis can go hide yourself, because this one won it all!

I’m seriously going through all the things I’ve been told in the last couple of months by friends and coworkers and I’m trying to understand how could I have mistaken “of course there’s no baby” for “Louis is so looking forward to having this baby” or “Louis and Harry only have eyes for each other, it’s impressive” for “god, those two guys can barely stand in the same room without punching each other”. And how could I not understand that “they’re engaged and been planning their wedding forever” actually stood for “Harry can’t ever get enough of older women, while Louis keeps partying hard, drinking and sleeping with whatever random girl in sight”?! And all the others things I’ve heard, my god, I’m wondering now what on earth they were supposed to mean!

I deeply apologise to the fandom and Harry and Louis, I might have got lost in translation.


Interviewer “Is it true that you punch each other before hitting the stage? Could we see this lovely moment?”

*Ignazio punches Piero’s shoulder*

Piero “No, not now, I’m still asleep! By the way, these punches are our way to relieve tension”

Interviewer “And you’re the target, aren’t you?”

Gianluca “Actually it’s me”

Interviewer “Oh, let us see something!!”

*Ignazio and Piero both punch Gianluca*

Gianluca “Stop it! Let us see? Let us see?” *to the interviewer* “And you that… that…”

Ignazio “…Let’s show it on him!!”

*They all punch the interviewer*

summary: ok so i wrote dean calling sam “honey” because i couldn’t help myself and then it evolved into this … not technically a valentines fic but it’s sweet and fluffy enough to be one oops

Sam nearly got his arm ripped off by a werewolf, and he’s lying in bed trying not to let the tears leak out of his eyes because fuck it hurts.  There’s blood everywhere, on Dean’s hands, on Sam’s hands, and Dean’s cursing as he runs the alcohol over Sam’s wound.  Sam’s head bangs against the headboard when he throws it back, gritting his teeth and biting his lip hard enough to bleed. 

“Fuck, ow,” Sam gasps.  He wipes his eyes with his other hand, but Dean doesn’t tease him or tell Sam to suck it up, it’s just a little cut, Sammy.  He starts stitching Sam up, inch by painful inch, and Sam scrunches his face up and groans, throwing his good arm over his eyes.  “Jesus, fuck.”

Dean makes this soft sound in the back of his throat. 

“I know, honey, I know,” he says quietly, almost without thought.  He’s distracted, and keeps stitching with a poke and pull of the needle.  Sam lifts his arm to stare at Dean, and he knows he didn’t imagine it because Dean’s cheeks are a little pink.  Sam gets this big stupid grin on his face, because sure Dean calls him “Sammy” more times than Sam can count, and “kiddo” still, sometimes, but he’s never called him anything like honey or sweetheart or baby.  Sam probably shouldn’t like it so much. 

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