all mum could say when she saw them was 'she looks nasty'

Rose x Ten, post GitF-au/fixit; angst, fluff, romance, more angst, and possibly some smut later, but this part (and all parts on is sfw (minor exception for brief language).

(see the end of this part for notes and special thanks)

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Minuet, Part II

Part I | Part II | Part III

Twisting in his grasp, Rose cranes her neck to look at him, finally, and there he is, all furrowed brow and tight mouth and eyes glittering with anger, and god, if she wasn’t so irritated with him right now, she just might kiss him.

“That’s what you were going to do, isn’t it?” she asks instead.


Eyes widening, the Doctor only has a moment to let his mouth drop open in surprise before another gentleman steps in—time to change dance partners. Rose slips into position with the newcomer without so much as a blink or even a glance in the Doctor’s direction, never faltering in her rhythm; a quick peek at the Doctor moments later tells her that he has allowed himself to be swept up in the tide of dancers, sidling up to his new partner across the room.

Rose turns away, swirling in her partner’s arms, but she can feel the eyes of the Doctor boring into her. She shivers despite the summer heat.

“That’s beside the point,” he whispers when they meet again, touching palm-to-palm first with one hand, then the other. “I’m a Time Lord.”

“Really? First I’ve heard of it,” Rose replies drily.

“I’ve been doing this for a long time, Rose. A very long time. I understand the risks.”

Rose rolls her eyes. “And stupid apes don’t.”

At least the Doctor has the decency to flinch at those words. “That isn’t what I meant.”

“Of course it is,” Rose sighs, and they both step back, granting a berth for other dancers to flit gracefully between them. “After all,” Rose continues when they reconnect, hands clasped, “I’m hardly one of the most accomplished women who ever lived, am I?”

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(I don’t own the gifs)

Summary: You were Sherlock’s only friend when he was a teenager. Mycroft calls you to come over to help get Sherlock out of his room to discover he was not there.

Characters: Teen!Sherlock, Teen!Mycroft

Warning: mentions of drugs

Word Count: 1,841

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Real Love Will Always Prevail

A/N: So this was a request that was originally requested to @wwe-smutfics but I have taken off her hands. I am not best of writers but I tried my best with it and hope you enjoy it. 

Request: Finn Balor/Reader where the Reader is Stephanie and HHH’s daughter and they’re trying to force a relationship between the Raeder and Rollins.

No warnings, just a little bit of bad language and I tried to make it a bit fluffy at the end. Set roughly 2014/2015



“Okay sweetheart, we have the perfect plan for yours and Seth’s date tonight.” My dad told me in the way to Monday Night Raw.

“What is the plan?” I asked both my parents who just so happens to be the power couple of WWE, Triple H (Hunter) and Stephanie McMahon.

“ Well once Raw is over, a limo will pick you both up from the arena and will take you to most extravagant restaurant in the city then afterwards you 2 lovebirds can do whatever you want,” My mum told me with excitement in her voice, however, despite the happiness and excitement in my mum’s voice, I felt sick to my stomach when she called me and Seth “ lovebirds”.

See the problem is I don’t love Seth, I mean he is apart of the authority therefore we have made a friendship but that’s all it will ever be, also he can be quite nasty and harsh to people without a strong enough reason. Plus I am in a relationship with Finn Balor. It hasn’t be for long, just over a few months and it has been the most happiest few months of my life. He treats me so well and seems to care for me, very deeply, just as much as I care for him. But as evident, my parents have no idea about our relationship and are trying to force a relationship with me and Seth and it is just plain annoying.

“Okay mum,” I sighed as the car pulled into the arena.

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A little less conversation, more action needed Pt 1

A/N this is a continuation of a lesson in frustration. Once again requested by some of my great followers. Hope you like it guys. Definately gets nasty from the get go so 18 plus 

Alec and Magnus stood arms wrapped around each other, just simply looking into each other’s eyes. The embarrassing incident that had only happened just moments ago temporarily forgotten.

Alec bent his head to place his lips to Magnus’s and was rewarded with a heated kiss back. He moved his hands from his hips to move inside the robe’s opening, groaning as he felt Magnus’ warm skin under them. Alec felt the warlock press closer to his body, his fingers digging into the material of his jacket and shirt underneath. Magnus started working the clothing loose to get to Alec’ bare body and once he found it, worked his  hands down to slide his fingers under the waistband of his jeans. Alec felt himself starting to lengthen and unconsciously gave a small thrust forward trying to find that delicious friction. He felt Magnus moan against his lips and then give a gasp as Alec moved his hands further around and squeezed the top of his firm butt cheeks. Alec felt himself being forced back against the wall next to the door with a hard thud, Magnus jamming himself into him, his own arousal pushing into the front of his jeans.

From somewhere in the distance, they could hear voices calling their names. Just as Magnus was about to start undoing the button on his jeans, through the haze of his lust filled mind he heard Jace call his name and felt a knock coming from the door next to them. Damn! They’d completely forgotten the other out in the hall way! He grabbed Magnus’ hands as they just started undoing his zipper.

“Hey, Babe, we forgot something. Mum and the others are still out in the hallway. We have to stop. Now” his breathing was deep and panting and Magnus looked to be in the same agony he was. Magnus sighed and gave him a pained look before leaning his head on his chest, feeling Alec’s rapid breathing.

“can’t we just send them home?”

“’no, I don’t think so. Come on, get some clothes on and we will try to calm down enough to open the door before Jace kicks it in. I love you, you know, so much” he put a finger under Magnus’ chin and gently tilted his face to his, kissing him softly. At least it was soft on his part but Magnus wanted more. Alec felt a laugh behind their joined lips and took his face in his hands and eased him back.

“for someone who has had more experience at this than anyone, you sure are out of control” he said softly, looking into Magnus’ pained face.

“Its all you Alexander. I’ve never known love like this before. It’s a new thing for me too. I have to admit it scares me to think how powerless I am around you, you have completely under your control. I love you too, my beautiful boy. Come on, we’d better let the others in. Are you ok enough to do that?” he looked down between them and saw that there was still a sizable bulge in Alec’ jeans. He smiled and then grabbing his shirt pulled it out of the waistband so it hung loosely over his jeans.

“there, much better” He stepped away and with a click of blue flame the robe was replaced with a dress shirt and black pants. He was still flushed though, they both were.

Out in the hall way, Jace, Clary, Izzy and Maryse were pacing up and down. Jace had his ear to the door, his hearing rune activated.

“what are they saying? Are they arguing or anything?” Clary asked. A slow smile curved jace’s lips and his eyebrows shot up to his hair line.

“Yeah we could be out here a while” he said.

“why? Are they getting into it that badly?” Clary said.

“Oh they’re getting into it alright, just not the way you think”

Maryse made a surprised noise and had stopped walking.

“This is probably my fault for walking in and interrupting them yesterday. I had forgotten what it was like to be young and in love” she told them.

“young? Magnus is what, 400 years old? That’s not young.” Jace reminded her.

“Magnus is immortal, it doesn’t count, and he doesn’t look 400 years old either” Izzy said. “have you two forgotten what you were like when you got back together after finding out that you weren’t brother and sister? I thought we would have to get you surgically separated”

Clary blushed, but managed to give Jace a quick smile before she looked to the floor.

Jace as usual just took the statement on the chin and kept going.

“That was different we were making up for lost time.” He grumbled.

“What do you think Magnus is doing? The poor guy has been in a sexual drought for over 100 years, how would you feel if it was you and you finally score yourself a 6 foot 3 hulking young Shadowhunter? I’d climb that man like a tree”

“Isabelle Lightwood! I don’t want to hear something like that again thank you” Maryse said, frowning at her.

Jace leaned with his back against the door but he looked uncomfortable doing it. Every now and then he  winced like someone was poking him with a sharp object.

“what’s wrong? Why are you making those faces?” Clary asked him, then realisation dawned on her face. “Oh, oh my, well, if you can hear them then deactivate your rune”

“Its not the hearing rune it’s the parabatai one. He’s doing it again, lighting it up like a God damn Christmas tree. Agh! I’ve had it, how long are they gonna make us wait? I’m starving” He turned back to the door and started knocking hard.

“Alec! Come on man, keep it in your pants so we can come in will ya? I’m starving” he yelled at the door. He stared at the door and when nothing happened after a minute or two, he tried it again.

“Alec! Magnus! Zip it up guys, come on”

Another minute passed and Jace was just about to try again when they heard the door open. Even though they were both trying to look casual, like nothing had been going on, it was painfully obvious from the way both of them looked thatsomething had been going on. Alec’ face was flushed, colour high on his cheeks, his eyes were bright and shiny as well as his shirt being untucked. He never wore an untucked shirt. Magnus had swapped his robe for a loose fitting shirt and close fitting black pants and boots. He too had colour to his tanned skin and the biggest tell was the appearance of his demon mark eyes, glowing  smouldering amber. Alec noticed and after pointing to his own eyes, Magnus glamoured them away. Jace entered first.

“So, bro, scratch that itch that’s been worrying you all day?” he said to Alec as he passed him, with a suggestive wink. Alec gave him a sour look.

“Why is my sex life so open to discussion all the time? It can’t be that interesting” He grumbled.

“Man, thanks to our parabatai bond I get a front seat. You make it hard to ignore. Haven’t you reached saturation point yet?”

Alec looked down at his feet then back up to Jace, a smile on his face.

“I don’t think that’s ever going to happen, sorry  man” he said, sheepishly.

“Argh! Something to look forward to!” he walked off towards the living room.

Magnus noticed his grin and gave him a questioning look but he just shook his head.

“tell you later” Alec said.

A/N - i have started the process to get an ao3 account so all these will be on there soon. 

Request: Forever teen angst phase

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The Volturi didn’t know what to expect when the I found out a human was the twins mates. They’d never heard of sharing a mate. They heard a thumping going down each step individually.
“(Y/N)! Quit jumping on the stairs!” Esme called.
Mum, she told me to get a lime!” You jumped into view. They’d never seen such lively human. “But i ain’t get no lime. I get some bazooka-zooka bubblegum!”
Bazooka-zooka bubblegum!” Renesmee chorused with you in the other room.
Yeah!” You cheered as you pointed at Renesmee with a cheeky grin, skipping into the kitchen.

Esme turned to her grand-daughter with a smile. “Will you fetch (Y/N) for me dear? They have visitors to meet.” 
Renesmee nodded frantically with a grin and ran into the hall, calling your name.
Yes?” You said in a funny voice as you leaned back into the view of Renesmee.
“Grandma wants you!”
You made an enthusiastic gasp. “She wants me!?” You said in squeaky voice and Renesmee nodded with a giggle.
“Everybody wants me!” You sang before making a light jog into the living room.

“So…I’m ‘mated’ with two vampires? That’s a new one.”
“It’s new for us too.” Alec said.
“So … you’re here to get me!”
“I believe that to be so.” Alec said.
“Wait, woah, wait, woahhhh.” You took Alec’s wrist, looking down at his hand. “You have, like, perfect nails!” You picked up Jane’s hand for a comparison. “What is this!?” You dropped their hands, looking them over. “Are you guys​ fully developed? Is this what the change does?”
“No.” Jane said blankly. “Everything freezes at the age your changed.”
“So you’re stuck in the teen angst phase but don’t get the nasty ass blackheads and sweat and just all the nasty!?”
“…you could have worded that so much better.” Alec said, his mouth twisting slightly. 

You then got a thought. “So say I was changed during my time of the month, what would happen?”
“You’ll be menstruating for your whole existed everyday.” Emmett yelled from the opposite room and your eyes widened, your left eye twitching.
“He’s joking.” Alice reassured with a smile, patting your back.
“So I don’t get a period anymore?”
Jane nodded.
“I’m in!” You cried, feeling an impending freedom. You then froze and twisted eyes narrowed. “Wait hang on, vampire biology confuses me already. Can guys…you know…” You didn’t find a word for it and so you went for the next best plan. You pointed to Alec’s crotch and staring intensely. “Get it up?”
OH MY-” Felix said loudly covering his face. This twins were eerily quiet and staring at you.
 “Can I just point out the small child in the room who didn’t just pop out of nowhere?” Demetri interrupted. He was staring at you as you hadn’t lifted your head. You felt awkward, if you moved- it was awkward, if you stayed still- it was still awkward.
Alec scowled before putting his hand under your chin and lifting your head to look up at him before nodding in satisfaction.
 “I’m so glad the masters aren’t here to witness this.” Jane said to herself. “Yeah, okay, fair enough, Renesmee is a proving point but I have to counter that point with the lack of bloodflow…so HOW?”
“We’ll tell you when you’re older.” Alec deadpanned.
You turned to him with a look that said ‘really’. You weren’t enthusiastic by the response and scowled at him. 
“Never in my existence did I think I’d ever be having this conversation with my mate…and it being the first.” 

“Well, to be fair we didn’t think we’d have a mate at all…” Alec shrugged.
“…very true” She responded. “And sharing one.
“Hey!” You said loudly, gaining the twins attention. “I’m not happy about this instant perfection thing you guys have going here and aren’t you too old to still be in your emo phase?”
“…emo phase? What’s that? We’re not in a phase.” Jane scowled in confusion and you held in your giggles. 

You hated flying, so when you had to and were sat beside Jane, someone you barely knew, you wanted to explode. You knew Jane could hear your heart pounding but she gave no implication that she could. She seemed rather passive, perhaps she was bored yet had a streak of grace.
It made you internally smile- a graceful boredom. 

The plane jerked and you jumped not realising your hand moved over hers. Jane looked at her hand under yours. You were looking around rapidly whilst she eyed your fingers on her open palm. She sighed in slight impatience but moved her fingers. The movement slotted your fingers in the spaces of hers. You were both looking at your hands now.
Both were uncertain, yet neither wanted to pull away. You let out a shaky breath as your stretched out your fingers as she raised her finger to slot neatly into yours. You saw her eyes widen for a moment when you slowly curled your fingers, finding the courage to hold her hand. She followed immediately after. Your fingers tightly locked in hers.
You both looked up at each other and you saw something you thought you’d never see. Jane didn’t have her usual emotionless expression. Instead she looked rather vulnerable, her red eyes slightly wide as thought waiting for an incoming threat. You slowly looked ahead of you. She wasn’t used to affection from someone, she’s waiting for you to hurt her somehow. You could see it. The threat never came, you didn’t let go of her hand despite your very cold hand. Jane eventually looked away from you and slowly eased up throughout the flight but she didn’t break the hold either. 

You didn’t know what to expect next but baby steps was the best way to find out.

Michael Clifford - Homesick

Pairing: Michael and Y/N

Word Count: 6.1k+

Rating: Smut

Requested: Yes, by anon

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Only Make Believe // Chapter 8: Arienne’s Lament

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December 19th

Nevena returned the leather bound journal she was eyeing up back to the stall where she found it, smiled awkwardly at the woman selling, and shuffled along to the next stall. She would come back and buy it - she was after a new journal anyway and it wasn’t like the woman or the stall were going anywhere. The market was an Edgehall staple according to Ineria. People from all over came to shop, especially just before Christmas.  It was also busier than usual because this was the last market there would be in Edgehall before the New Year - so many people were finishing off their last minute purchases.

Next to the stall selling leather bound books and journals was a glassware stall, where to the far back one man was shaping white hot glass; and another stood at the forefront, showing hand blown baubles to a woman in a bright red coat. Beside that was a stall selling jars of sweets in different sizes. There were stalls set up all over the main highstreet and in front of the shopping centre and people bustled around trying to get from one to the other. Nevena was alone, having become separated from her sisters, her parents, and Cullen when they arrived and was enjoying the solitude for now - even if she wasn’t enjoying the being bumped into and the disapproving glares.

Visiting the market was Ineria’s idea, and it was a good one. Denerim had a weekly market, but it was nothing like this, where it was bustling and nothing was the same, everything was bespoke and original. Nevena always enjoyed outdoor markets because of the variety and the choice - given enough time she always found something that caught her eye and she would take home. She remembered markets in Ostwick where she had grown up. They were larger than this, and there was always entertainment for children while the parents shopped. She hadn’t been back to Ostwick since she moved to Denerim. Sometimes she thought about taking a short trip for a few days, going back and seeing what had happened to her childhood home. The idea never came to fruition. It wasn’t as though there were a lot of happy memories in Ostwick, anyway.

The atmosphere was just delightful too. Since the prior evening and the long discussion they had, the air in the cabin and between Cullen and Nevena was a little tense. Maybe, in part, because he’d divulged so much personal information, but Nevena believed it was more to do with how much better she knew him now. It was almost like he was waiting for her to tell him something about herself. That now he shared his past with her, it was her obligation to do the same. He didn’t say it, but that was the impression Nevena got.

She wanted to. She didn’t like clamming up every time the thought of her ex or the mere hint of him came up. And she felt like she owed Cullen a more personal insight into the person she was. He was honest and upfront with her, after all. There was that fear, though. Roselyn knew the truth about her past relationship and the personal revelations that came before the breakup. Roselyn knew, because Nevena trusted her implicitly and because she knew Roselyn wouldn’t judge. Alistair knew bits and pieces, because Roselyn told him when Nevena said she could.

Telling Cullen… would open a whole new can of worms. She didn’t want him to judge her harshly for her behaviour. She didn’t want him to see her in a negative light or to turn on her because she didn’t act in the best way when she ended things.

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To Find Your Way Home

Prompt: The reader being the youngest daughter of the Shelby family and she’s meeting her father for the first time, but she’s put in danger because of her wanting to know her father more.

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You saw him in the bakery, in his bowler hat with that same moustache and cane. He was from the browned old photo in Polly’s dresser, of a woman and a man, husband and wife - mother and father. It was a strange thing, you thought, looking into his face. You couldn’t see anything of yourself in it. He was so unlike you but there was still something about him that was distinctly Shelby. He was just standing their, elbows on the baker shop counter like life was dandy. Like he didn’t have a family that he’d left behind. Like he was fine even though everything was broken. You froze when he looked over at you but his eyes went right passed. He didn’t even know who you were. You almost whited that he did. That he’d come up to you, hold you to him and say “Ah, there you are. My long lost daughter, things have never been the same since I left you behind,” but he didn’t and somewhere inside you you knew the he never would.

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promises | michael gray

the reader and michael are good friends, eventually leads to a relationship but then he moves to small heath and makes promises that he can’t keep

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When you were a young girl, everyone would joke about how you and Henry would end up together. You would both shake your head and laugh, knowing that the chances of it happening were slim. Henry was an attractive boy, had been since he was around 13 and he would never look at you twice. He saw you as his best friend, little sister even. There was only a months difference between the two of you but it didn’t stop Henry constantly teasing you.

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Padfoot’s Daughter - Ron Weasley Imagine

A/N: hello everyone! here’s another request! I can slowly feel the overcome of the writer’s block! :D hahahaa hope you guys like it! 

Anonymous said: could you write a Ron weasley imagine where i’m Sirius black daughter and he meets my father and he makes a lots of awkward questions and lots of fluff at the end thanks

so, here it is :D hope you like it!

Disclaimer: I don’t own Harry Potter :)

Your name: submit What is this?

Padfoot’s Daughter

“Hi Ron!” (Y/N) said excitedly as she opened the number 12 door of Grimmauld Place. “You’re early” she pointed.

“Uh- is that bad? Mum said I better be here a b-bit earlier b-because-“

“It’s fine” (Y/N) said giggling at how nervous he was. “Come on in” she said stepping aside so he could come inside the house.

Ron stepped inside into a long hallway, lit by a large chandelier and gas lamps. On one side of the hallway was the dining room, which featured a dresser holding the Black family crest and china. At the end of the hallway were the stairs to the upper floors, decorated with a row of shrunken House-elves heads, mounted on the wall on plaques. To say that Ron was impressed was an understatement. This was probably the biggest house he’d ever been it, but it was also so abandoned and dark.

“Blood traitors! Filth, stains of dishonor, taint of shame on the house of my fathers!” he was snapped out of his thought when a portrait of an old lady started screaming at him.

“Give it a rest, grandma” (Y/N) said smirking knowing how the portrait hated it when she called her that.

“How dare you say that you’re my grandchild you filthy blood traitor!”

“Don’t mind her” (Y/N) said rolling her eyes and grabbing Ron’s hand to lead him towards the stairs.

“Was that-?”

“My father’s mother, yes” she explained. “She’s outraged because we let anybody into the house. Half-bloods, muggle-borns, blood traitors” she said joking at the last part. When they reached the end of the hallway they stumbled upon the stairs to the upper floors, decorated with a row of shrunken House-elves heads, mounted on the wall on plaques. “Uh, those are… all the house-elves that have served the Black Family” (Y/N) said awkwardly as they made their way to the first floor.

Once they reached it, they went directly into the drawing room. The drawing room had long windows facing the street in front of the house, a large fireplace, a piano, and the tapestry of the Black family tree. Ron could see the spot where Sirius’ name had been burned off and he noticed that (Y/N)’s name was never even placed in the tree.

“Stop being so nervous” he heard (Y/N) say all of the sudden.

“I’m not nervous” he said trying to sound convince but feeling his ears turn a shade of red.

“Yes, you are” she said giggling and stepping on her toes to give him a peck on the lips and making him a bit less nervous. Just a bit, though.

“Y-you look very pretty tonight” he said trying to melt his nervousness away. “Oh, and these are for you” he said handing her the flowers he had in his hand.

“I was beginning to think you had brought them for my father” she mocked earning a glare from her boyfriend as she grabbed the flowers from his hand. “Thank you” she said kissing him again.

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Just; C.H. 13

“What has gotten you so happy nowadays?” Sherilyn smirks as she wipes the counter of the diner she had gotten a summer job at, an eyebrow quirked at me as I hum along to the radio softly playing through the almost empty diner, fingers tapping along to the tune.

“Can’t I be in a good mood?” I chuckle, flicking a crumb of whatever her way that has been laying to my right since I arrived here. I had been bored out of my mind, occupying myself by harassing Sherilyn at work for the past three hours. “When are you off?”

“Normally your good moods don’t last so long. Haven’t heard your mum in a while, have you?” Now it’s Sherilyn turn to laugh loudly, the towel she’d been wiping the counter with clutched within her fist before I punch her in the arm. “For that matter, no I haven’t. Might have something to do with it.” I shrug my shoulders, grinning at Sherilyn while I shake my head. “In an hour, by the way.”

I hum in response and lift my empty beer glass towards her. “Then fill me up again.”
“I haven’t heard from your tutoring with Luke or Calum in ages. What’s up with that?” Sherilyn states as she slides the now full beer my way, wiping her hands on the dish towel, lingering near my seated frame. The place was empty besides an elderly couple in the back and they were still enjoying their meal so wouldn’t be a bother for a while.

“Tutoring is going fine; I think he can pass if he keeps up the effort. Luke and I actually talked about Calum over a week ago after that night out with the boys.” My pointer finger is slowly dragging along the rim of the glass, eyes cast to the yellowish golden liquid instead of on my mate.
“I didn’t know there was stuff to discuss to begin with. Come on, give me some juice.” Sherilyn suddenly plops onto the counter, upper body resting on her crossed arms as she grins in my direction. I can’t help but reciprocate with a chuckle of my own, leaning back as my hands grip the side of the counter.

“Cal and I might have sort of almost kissed at the club that night, and he saw that. He wanted to know what we were.” I decide to give her the short version, leaving out the doubt and conflict battling within me for the past two weeks.

“And what are you exactly, Y/n?” Sherilyn smirks, batting her eyelashes towards me. “Friends, still.”
I notice the eye roll I’m receiving, everyone in a ten-meter radius probably had seen that one.

“It gets awkward-er. Listen,” I laugh, Sherilyn immediately shutting up as her eyes widen. “Is that possible?” I widen my eyes and slowly nod my head before squeezing my eyes closed.
“Luke forced Calum and I to talk about what’s going on. We didn’t really, uh, talk.”

Sherilyn doesn’t say anything but her eyes are not begging, more like demanding me to continue. “He’s a great kisser. I kind of forgot to pay attention to that the first time we uh – “ I look over my shoulder to the elderly couple to see if they were still preoccupied and I breathe out when I see them laugh to themselves, their plates cleared.

“You’re unbelievable,” Sherilyn laughs, her head shaking vigorously as she fills my beer up again without another word from me, sliding the newly full glass back my way. I grant her with a bright, thankful grin as I bring the glass to my lips.
“So you’re dating now, right?”

“Even if I wanted to, it would never happen. He made it clear he wanted to be my friends and he was the one to stop our make-out because friends don’t do such things… And Calum doesn’t date,” I end the conversation there, shrugging my shoulders as I feel my tongue involuntarily dart out to lick my bottom lip. “You didn’t either, Y/n.” Sherilyn raises her eyebrow, untying her apron from around her waist as she already walks to disappear into the back. “I’ll be out in a second, wait here.”

“Have you heard from Sarah at all lately?” I groan as I make a U-turn, swerving onto the parking lot of my own frat, Sherilyn clinging onto the door handle for dear life.

“I haven’t. But isn’t it always like this? She’s probably busy with a summer fling and we’ll have to comfort her as soon as she’s back here.” Sherilyn sighs, probably rolling her eyes behind her sunglasses as she gets out of my car. Sherilyn wasn’t too off, it happened. On multiple occasions. Sometimes she’d even just crush on some guy in one of her classes at the beginning of the semester and by December she’d be a crying mess because the guy hadn’t noticed her yet.

Sarah was a very romantic and needing person and it sometimes just clashed with Sher and I. Sherilyn did date, she believed there was one true person for everyone, but she still could find herself in my point of not wanting to date anymore because the energy you put in is never the energy you receive.

Sherilyn hadn’t been with anyone in a while after a nasty break up with her former boyfriend Kyle. I wanted to smack that guy’s face in but Sarah had convinced me otherwise right when I was about to pay him a visit.
“It may be horrible for us to think that way, you know.” I breathe, pushing past my front door. I hear collision of pots and pans in the kitchen and make a right turn, motioning Sher to follow me as I see Linda and Rosalee in the kitchen, bickering.

“What’s going on here?” I raise an eyebrow, opening the fridge and pushing a can of coke in Sherilyn’s awaiting hands in the meantime.
“We wanted to throw a party tonight and are trying some cocktails. Rosalee and I just don’t seem to agree.” Linda glares at Rosalee, who reciprocates with an obvious, over exaggerated eye roll.

“Well you definitely don’t need pans for a cocktail.” Sherilyn laughs as she brings the can to her lips, a snort leaving my own as I slide into one of the chairs.
“Oh wise ass shut up. I know that.” Linda wavering the pan in our direction and I grin at Sherilyn who drops right in front of me. “When is this so called party we’re apparently throwing?”

“Tonight, of course. You invite your man toys if you want, although I’m sure they’ll show up anyway.” Rosalee winks at me and I know she’s referring to Calum and Luke and I can’t answer with anything else than a loud, booming laugh. “Bitch.”

“Sher, you can stay if you want. Meg’s out of town for the rest of the week anyway.” Linda points out as she drops the pan back into the cabinet, grabbing two bottles of wine out of the cabinet as she comes back up. “What can we do with this?”

“Make some sangria, that’s wine based if I’m not mistaken. Don’t shoot me if I’m wrong.” I shrug my shoulders, raising to my feet as I nod my head at Sher to follow me. “Well if we’re partying, I’m going for a hot shower. You can lend something of mine, let’s go.” I wave to a snickering Linda and Rosalee as I push Sherilyn in front of me up the stairs.

“To come back to the conversation, we might have been bad friends by not calling her either.” Sherilyn sighs as she reaches the end of the stairs, stopping and turning to her side so I can pass her easily and push myself through my half open bed room door.
“It’s more like I don’t want to interrupt her. I wouldn’t appreciate it if I were on holiday and you’d be phoning me every five minutes.”

“Guess you’re right.” Sherilyn breathes, shaking her head slightly as her head disappears into my closet for an outfit for tonight. “Since when am I not?” I laugh as I throw a towel over my shoulder, phone in hand to text the boys of the plans tonight.


The party is already in full swing, music blasting from the speakers Rosalee and Linda had dragged out of the basement only an hour prior. I’m still laying on my bed, my dress riled up near my hips as I look at Sherilyn doing her makeup. She’s lightly dabbing lipstick along her lips, puckering them in the mirror before turning towards me.

“Sorry I took so long. Glad you’re still awake though.” Sherilyn chuckles as she perfects her hair, standing to her feet and showing me her finished look, body con dress covering her hips.
“Won’t be long ‘til I – zzzzz.” I fake snoring loudly, chuckling after as I crawl out of my bed and onto my feet. I pull on the flowy part of my dress, waving my hips around a bit to get the creases to lessen and step into my heels.

“Will Ashton be here?” Sherilyn question as I hold her hand while she steps into her heels. I raise my eyebrows, a comical grin on my lips. “I didn’t know you had the hots for our Ash.”
The blush immediately crawls onto her cheeks as she averts her gaze, but not before slapping my biceps, the smack resonating through my room.

“I mean like, I get it. He’s cute. But he’s also a frat boy, you realise that, right?” I chuckle and duck away when she tries to slap me again. When we started college she called me a lunatic for joining one and for immediately crushing on one of them. I realize that there are a lot of comedies and other genres that portray frat house like either a bunch of murderous bitches or guys that sleep with anything that has a heartbeat, but I was sure – and now I of course know – that it isn’t really true. The murderous bitches part at least.

“Don’t be like this, I don’t torture you with Calum either.” Sher rolls her eyes and I scoff hoarsely, shaking my head as I step closer to the door. “I only had to listen to your lame ass jokes for almost two years. But don’t worry, I’ll put in a good word for you.” I wink and I hope she knows I’m sincere. If there’s any guy I know that I’d trust to not completely stomp on my friend’s heart like some craze-dazed elephant, it would’ve been Ashton.

“Do you think they’re here already?” Sherilyn questions as she walks behind me down the stairs, our bodies manoeuvring between people making out or just slumping against the wall. “Probably, it’s almost midnight and I know Michael likes to be drunk before that.” I laugh, pressing my hands against the wall to steady myself, legs wobbling as I take the last step down. I immediately hear Michael’s gibberish laughter and turn to my right, spotting the four boys almost at an instant. “See.”

“Y/n! Finally!” Luke laughs as he throws his arm around my shoulder, hauling me against his chest. “And Sherilyn, of course.” Ashton winks and I can see Sher flutter her eyelids and almost visibly swoon. My gaze lands on Calum, who is already staring at me through his lashes. We hadn’t really had a full conversation since the last time I had seen him, where we had – instead of talking – made out for the majority of the time. Things weren’t awkward, but my hormones were going berserk and I didn’t know how I felt about it either. I had tried to, as every girl does, overanalyse the situation but came up as good as empty handed.

Calum subtlety winks and I can’t help but smile wide and bright, muffling the grin by bringing my hand to my mouth. I throw my arm around Luke’s waist, squeezing him against my much smaller frame, Luke shrieking in response.
“Tell me. How bad is the sangria?

A Night of Normalcy

Summary: Dan just wished he could be normal again and is left heartbroken after his illness forces him to miss his school prom. Hating seeing his boyfriend so down, Phil finds a way to give him the perfect night he deserves

AO3 Link

Genre: Hurt/Comfort, AU (Fluff in an angsty situation I guess idk)

Warnings: Cancer

POV: Third Person

Words: 2641

A/n: This is dedicated to the lovely acciolesterandhowell my rp parter who came up with this beautiful idea ^.^ (and she helped me name it which I really couldn’t do this time)

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Maggie McGivern

During his relationship with Jane Asher (from 1963 to 1968), Paul McCartney also dated model Maggie McGivern. When they met, Maggie was babysitting Marianne Faithfull’s son, Nicholas Dunbar (from Marianne’s marriage to John Dunbar); Paul had dropped by Marianne and John’s place for a visit, but they weren’t there. Maggie later recalled, “It was such a funny introduction that it threw us both off guard. It could have been very embarrassing, but there was an immediate rapport and we just couldn’t stop talking.” After about six months, the two started dating. By this time, Paul was working on the Beatles’ album Revolver (1966). Both Paul and Maggie were in serious relationships with other people, as she later said, “Our relationship was a secret from day one, at first because we didn’t want Jane to find out, and later because we preferred it like that.” What started as a simple affair gradually became quite serious, and after a year together, Paul and Maggie assumed their relationship to a magazine. However, a while after that, Paul began dating photographer Linda Eastman, who became his wife. Maggie learned about the marriage in the newspapers. 

In the early 1970s, Maggie started dating Denny Laine, who went on to join Paul’s band, Wings. She also dated Mel Collins, with whom she had a daughter named Naiama. Throughout the years, Maggie ran into Paul on different occasions. She explained, “Although we were still uneasy, we chatted about horses and things like that. I suppose after years of marriage and several children, there was no need for any nastiness.” In the 1990s, Maggie finally spoke about their relationship to the media.

I don’t believe celebrities when they say they can’t keep affairs secret. We managed it quite well for more than three years… Throughout the relationship we never met in obvious places. We would go to places like auction rooms in South Kensington, and say ‘Whoops - fancy meeting you here.’ I never told any friends we were seeing each other - that was an unspoken rule. My mum and dad knew, but not in any detail.

We were lying on the beach just being young and in love. Paul turned to me, smiling, and out of the blue he just said: ‘Have you ever thought about getting married?’. I said, ‘Yes, I suppose, one day…’ and I thought nothing more of it. Looking back, it was obviously the wrong answer. When I said one day I meant in six months, maybe, but not never. But Paul was always slightly insecure and probably saw me as such a free spirit that he thought I was never going to settle down… I suppose I assumed that we would end up together but at the time I was just enjoying it all. In the sixties there was just so much going on that I didn’t have time to sit and think about the future. I suppose that, with the pressures of fame, Paul was craving security.

My heart just thumped. I couldn’t believe it. He never told me he was getting married and he never told me our relationship was over. I didn’t contact him for ages. I had never pursued him and I wasn’t going to start then. Not many people knew we were going out together in the first place so there was no point in telling them it was over. Obviously, I told my mum and dad but not even they knew the depth of my suffering and depression. Looking back, I think I was in serious shock and it didn’t come out properly until years later… I’m the type to move on and live my life and not regret anything, but obviously I still feel the pain.” -about learning of Paul’s marriage to Linda.

Closer: Chapter I

The sunlight filters gently through the curtains and bathes the room in a soft glow, hues of warm orange and yellow painted onto the white walls. I groan as I turn over and pull the silk sheets closer to my body. After the months I’ve somehow learnt to sleep more peacefully in his bed than my own, and very regretfully so because now my own bed just feels foreign to me. It’s a habit I’d need to fix soon, given that this arrangement is only temporary. Maybe it’s just the fact that my sheets are rough linen unlike the smooth, soft heaven granted by the thousand dollar silk sheets he owns. Or maybe it’s because at home I’m just constantly subject to hearing the sounds of nasty sex and banging headboards emanating from the room opposite mine, which just so happens to be my very own mother’s. Whatever the reason, I make a mental note to fix it because I’m going to need to find some sort of alternative at some point.

I feel a finger prod my side gently a few times followed by a sigh before a pair of arms wraps themselves around my torso and long, lean legs encase my own. Typical, he always likes cuddling even though I really don’t see the point of it. I used to really hate it, but now I just give in because well, I can’t exactly argue with someone twice my size right? Not when it comes to cuddling at least. Every time I question his weird habit he always replies with ‘it’s just nice, okay?’ so you can see why I’ve given up. He pulls me closer and buries his nose in my hair, and I can just feel the smile growing on his face. Yes, yes I know my shampoo smells like vanilla but that’s no reason for his other weird habit. There is no need to smell my hair. Honestly, sometimes I wonder why and how this dork even earns the title of a fuckboy because I swear fuckboys aren’t this cheesy.

‘Do you want me to drive you today?’ He asks, and I turn over so my face is directly facing his. I take a moment to just admire his eyes because, well, I’m not going to lie here, you could actually drown in them. Honestly speaking, we all know how good looking Mark Tuan is and that he is an actual walking masterpiece so even though I hate to admit it, I’ve done my fair share of well… admiring, because why not? It’s not like I really have a choice when I wake up to him nearly every single morning. I am a girl after all, and at the end of the day, as much as I’d like to deny it: eye candy is eye candy.

‘Hm, yeh… Just give me five please… I’m fucking tired today’ I mumble as I bury my face into the pillow. I hear him chuckle as his thumb strokes my hair, and I can only imagine how he’s probably laughing at my misfortune on the inside. I’m praying for just a bit of mercy in the morning here, can he not grant that to me?

‘Was I that good?’ he jokes and my hands find the nearest pillow and I fling it at him. I probably missed but I tried, okay? It’s seven in the morning and I really, really do not have the time or energy for this. I know what you’re probably thinking: I’m so lucky because you know, I get to wake up to THE hottest guy in college and he’s so fun and sweet and all, but honestly, you’re more than just wrong. You’re living in a fantasy. I’m sure it would be great, you know, to have a perfect relationship like this but in all honesty, I’m rather gad that I don’t. It’s not that I think it’s stupid or anything, it’s just I have trust issues. And in reality, I’m pretty sure there is no such thing as the perfect relationship.

Mark and I have a complicated history. You see, Mark is like the alpha male of the college. Head of a fraternity, team captain and quarterback, fucking loaded with cash, handsome, charming, smart and the list goes on. Oh yeah, not to mention he is supposedly the ultimate fuckboy. The definition of a heartbreaker. Or at least that’s what I heard. Me on the other hand? Well, I’m a bit more hard to understand than that. I don’t just have one role, I have many.  In school I like to appear as you know, the high-flying cheer team girl who’s life is full of as many highs as she flies. The girl who’s bitchy, confident and doesn’t give two fucks about whether or not you approve of her. I’m not exactly as smart as Mark is, but I get by. My social life is great, I love going to parties and getting wasted and high. I’m basically just a carefree person who does whatever I like and honestly, I don’t really care about approval. But when I don’t have my cheer uniform or small crop top on? It’s a different story entirely. I think people always assume the mask you wear is who you really are. Sometimes they just don’t seem to realize that there are cracks, and when you look carefully, you’ll see just how deep and painful they run. I’ll admittedly say I’m not exactly the richest of people. My dad left my mum the day I was born. You know, I was actually meant to be aborted by my mum? She didn’t think she could handle a child on her own. Not at eighteen, not without a job or a family. My dad, he told her to keep me; said he would support her and all. He convinced her he would be there for her, he built all these hopes and dreams for her: marriage, a home, a family. But the day I was born, he took one look at me a realized he was too young. He was a fucking coward and a real pussy in all honesty, and he decided the moment he saw me that this just wasn’t the life he wanted. So he left, and for the past seventeen years it’s just been my mum and I. She was actually a great parent to begin with  - she tried, she really did. She’d worked three jobs and always tried to take care of me and give me the best she could. But after a while, I guess life took its toll on her and so did the haunting remembrance of the past. After seven years of effort and sweat, she just decided she couldn’t do this anymore. She began coming home later and later, with different men and cigarettes in her hands. Alcohol and hangovers were a common occurrence and I realized early on that I was pretty screwed. When I was younger, I tried to manage as many part-time jobs as I could: helping in kitchens and walking my neighbours’ dogs – you know, stuff an eight year old kid can handle. Small stuff. I didn’t want to ever go down the same path as my mother, and I still never do. I want to be independent and taste the feeling of success earned by my own hands and be able to say to myself in the future: I did it, all on my own. But for now, I settled for the most efficient way of earning an income: Mark Tuan.

If you want to call me a whore, go ahead. But let me remind you, I’m actually only sleeping with one guy, so that technically means friends with benefits. Mark and I are actually pretty good friends I’d say. You know, we’ve learned to hold proper conversations and stuff. And we do get along pretty well. Our deal is pretty simple. I give him good sex, he gives me cash. It’s basically the same theory of prostitution just that we have some sort of a relationship. He’s no stranger and well, I need the money for my college fund. He gives me quite a lot, enough cash to get by without having to waste my studying time working odd jobs. Besides, the sex is good and he has really high expectations of what he calls a good fuck, much to my happy ego. All in all, I’d say we work pretty well together. I can comfortably have sex with someone without having to be in a relationship, which is pretty great. I don’t do relationships, only no strings attached. Relationships are bullshit to me, and given my daddy situation, I’m pretty sure you can see why. Besides, I also enjoy his great cooking and free rides to school and did I mention? The comfort of his kind-sized bed. It’s a win-win. He gets to preserve his fuckboy rep by chasing after random girls all the time without having to go too deep and actually sleeping with them. So he can snog the whole school but he doesn’t have to deal with the horrible morning after rampage where she starts crying and becoming an emotional mess just because she feels used. And we both know that like I said before, the sex is great. All this I owe to one of my very best friends, Jackson Wang. Because had he not fucked up big time and thrown the most outrageous but disastrous frat party six months ago, I would’ve never even stepped near Tuan territory.

anonymous asked:

Hi!Can I get an imagine? The reader is one of the Joker’s informants. She has to seduce men that Mr J makes deals with to get her info. But J gets jealous one night... Thanks :)

Sure love, here’s your story ☺️ sorry that it took me a while, but I was busy visiting the comic con. But now- enjoy it🃏💕

Joker X reader

The Mistress

The last years were the most exciting and thrilling ones I’ve ever had.
My life has never been easy and after I got dropped out of school, I lost hope in everything. I was only thirteen when they told me I wasn’t good enough and kicked me out. My family, those bastards, have used me for everything. I was actually relieved when my drunk mum told me she hated me. And so I grabbed my few belongings and ran away. The only things I owned were a backpack, some shirts and pants and a black leather jacket.
Well, after living in the streets of Gotham, I’ve learned a lot.
My first boyfriend was a gang member and he’d introduced me to his squad. They were nasty people, all criminals. Whether dealing with drugs or weapons or slaying their so-called bitches. I’ve been scared to end up like them. A prostitute.
But I learned fast and with 16 I was able to robb larger shops and was one of the best pickpockets.
Our boss was a scary and intimidating man, but with a bit of sweet talking him, he wanted me to prove my ability to be one of the “real gangsters”; means giving me a gun.
Well, he gave me a small gun. “Ya ain’t a good one when ya can’t kill someone who trusts you!”, he had said. He had smiled viciously.
And what should I say? I lifted the gun and pointed it right at his head. His smile faded and before he could grab his own weapon, I pulled the trigger and shot right through his head. PANG!
Ive done it. That was my first murder. Keeping my head high while walking through the doors, I passed the other gang members. One of them went for the boss and yelled panicky that I’ve shot him. Chaos broke out. everyone grabbed their weapon, pointing it at someone else. Those poor suckers fought for the leading position of this gang. Dumb ass idiots.
They were not worth staying and so I made my way outside, before I heard guns firing and people screaming. I waited until the noises calmed. The hope that my boyfriend was still alive kept me waiting and finally going back inside. The smell of freshly fired guns, sweat and blood crept up upon me. I shivered when I saw some corpses of the younger guys. I ran up the stairs to the room where they’ve started the gun fire. The floor was literally covered in dead bodies. I sighed. So many unnecessary deaths. What a waste.
And as I walked through the large room I scanned the floor for my boyfriend. It was so quiet that it scared me. I stumbled over something and as I looked down,I saw him. His face was covered with blood. He wasn’t breathing anymore. Sickness and sadness rose up upon me and I fell to my knees. Panicking, I checked his pulse over and over again.
He was dead.
Never coming back.
After I’ve cried for several hours hanging over him, some of the other guys picked me up. They were the new Squad and they wanted me to be in there as well. What I’ve done was brave, they said, and that I’d made a wonderful gangster. The next few years I’ve always wreaked havoc wherever I was staying.
They began to call me The Ruthless or the Heartless.
The murders heaped and I worked my way up in Gothams gangster hierarchy. At the age of 21 I worked at the top and people hired me for assassinations, I arranged drug deals and sold the best weapons in whole Gotham.
People always asked me how it worked. My answer was always the same: be known, but invisible. Let them know what you’re capable of, but never start being boastful. Be the hunter, not the hunted. Seduce, but never be seduced. Never ever tell them your name or show them your face.
Simple, right? My life has been turned completely.
But One day, as I got an anonymous message to follow a man and collect useful information from him. I got all the information needed. A man, tall and muscly, quite pale skin, kinda crazy appearance, purple coat. That seemed easy. I took me a few calls, a bit of research and it was clear who I was after. At least I thought that. Firstly I saw him by accident. He was indeed well built and had an amazing taste in clothing. I spied after him for the next days before I decided to do my job. Just later I realised that during this time I haven’t seen his face and I was dumb to not doing better research.
I might have changed my mind about the job. Or maybe not. Who knows…

It was a dark and rainy night in Gotham and when I heard, my boy was going out tonight. I’d kidnap him on his way home. He went to a restaurant and I expected him to meet a girl there, but he did not. After two long hours of laying on the nearest roof I saw him sneaking out the restaurant, his significant coat waving with every step.
I saw his toxic green hair in the damp lights of Gothams streets. I knew it was time to get the job done.
I took out my gun, filled with bullets that had my initials carved in them. I slid through small alleys, trying not to lose my victim. He walked directly into a smaller street. That seemed too perfect, but I didn’t hesitate and started the attack. Well, actually I crept up on him, pressed my gun against his back to make him come to a halt.
“Sorry, Boy, nothing personal. Someone wants to see ya dead”, I said, as always in my sweet, innocent voice. The man standing in front of me, cocked his head to one side and I got a glimpse at his face. He slowly started to turn around and I was now able to see who I was spying on.
“Well, doll, is that right?”, he said with his deep voice, slyly smiling. I knew who he was. I should’ve done my research better. I was standing in front of the most dangerous man in whole Gotham. The man who was our all boss.
I secretly adored him. I wanted to be good as he was. He was a mystery though. Not many have met him and were afterwards able to exchange their experiences.
And now as he was standing in front of me, I couldn’t stay calm. My heart was pounding, making my chest hurt. His blue eyes found mine.
“Besides… that you weren’t able to”, he paused, stroking a strand of hair out of my face, “kidnap me, doll, I’m pretty impressed of you!” His hand softly slapped my face. I put on my arrogant smile and pretended to send him a kiss. He purred amused. Suddenly he grabbed my face with both of his white, tattooed hands.
“Don’t get too overbearing, dear!”, he said a little louder. I wasn’t afraid of him anyway. He was exciting. I saw my chance. I slung my arms around his neck and leaned in, starting kiss his left cheek. I stopped at his ear and said: “Do you want me to do ya a little favour, Mr?” I licked his neck and started sucking it. The Joker grabbed my hair and pulled me away. Pressing me onto the nearest wall, he loosened his grip. I smirked as his right hand made his way down to my ass. He came closer and his breath stroke my ear and I could smell his strong perfume. He whispered: “Your sexy little face needs the attention it deserves…” I longed for a kiss. I’ve never met this man before, but his presence was so different to all the other men I’ve met. He was intimidating, dangerous, hella attractive and god, so crazy. I did hear what they said about him. They all feared him, but I was simply hooked onto his craziness.
He pressed his blood red lips against mine. I returned his kiss. He then bit my lips too hart and they started bleeding.
“Fuck!”, I tried to push him away. The Joker just looked at me, grinning and showing me his silver teeth.
“Hush, doll! Don’t be weak, I don’t like that…”. Saying this, he turned away, leaving me behind. Overwhelmed, confused, fascinated.
As he’d left, I simply stood there. He has send me the mission to follow him. He WANTED me. Bigger raindrops were pouring from the dark nights sky and I felt my clothes slowly soaking.
Somewhere guns were firing and I could hear sirens blare. I smiled. It must’ve been him. A loud PANG resounded from close by and the Jokers significant HA HA HA re-echoed through Gothams streets.
Concurring with his crazy laugh, cards were falling from the sky. I caught some and found the Jokers card in my hands. A smile appeared on my face.
That was absolutely awesome.
I loved him already.

I was quite upset as nothing happened the next days. I expected so much, like weird presents, little notes, a kidnap here, a murder there. But nothing seemed to happen. Over and over again I took his cards from my night stand and mixed them. They smelled after him. So dangerous, so good.
The night he’d wanted me to follow him, a bank robbery had happened. Of course it was him, who else would rob one of the greatest bank in Gotham?
Still, my hope was fading and I started to live on. I got some new missions, easy tasks. I had to hunt down a drug dealer, spy on Gothams minister and I had to go and get some new weapons for myself.
As always I mastered everything perfectly. My gun dealer was as early as every time. We had just agreed on a fair price as I heard the noise of a gun. I looked up at the man who was just talking with me. Blood was drenching his blue shirt. The shooter had done an amazingly precise job. PANG! Right in the heart. I turned around, but couldn’t see anyone. Probably a sniper.
Out of a sudden, an arrow flashed past my head. A few inches closer and it would’ve hit me. But instead it alighted in my gun dealers head. A note was pinned onto the arrows tail. It was the Jokers card. A smile crossed my face. I took the note and read it.
“You know that suckers best friend. Tail him down and get me some information, doll - J”
Sure, I did know my dealers colleagues. But what the hell did he wanted to know? I shrugged and thought positively. I’d give it a try. I disappeared and prepared myself for the upcoming task.
He hasn’t forgotten me.

It was simple finding my dealers friend. He was in rage after he’d heard that his friend had been killed. As he was known for his excellent contacts to smuggle shit, I lied to meet him. I pretended to be interested in a smuggling job. I said I needed someone to get some weapons out of the country. Easy job.
The unknown guy invited me into his big as house.
He was what I would call a “typical gangster”.
Trained, arrogant, a rich badass living a good life. Someone who’s never doing the dirty work.
I was wearing my black leather jacket, long black pants and stilettos. Guys like that stuff. My hair was messy, but as I’ve spend quite a bit of time to do my make up, I looked still pretty good.
Shortly before I arrived I renewed my red lipstick to make them seem bigger and more luscious.
With an determined pace I passed the guards. He was awaiting me.
I tottered down a huge lobby to reach an elevator. The guys house was white and clean. No personal things laying around and it fascinated me how sterile it was. I still wasn’t sure what to ask my victim.
The white elevator opened and I stepped inside. A bigger guy in sweatpants pressed a button and the elevator started moving. He eyed me from head to toe and steered at my ass.
I smiled wily and positioned myself even more provoking. Guys are just too narrow minded. Idiots.
The lift stopped and the doors swung open. Loud music was playing and heavy beats humming through the basement. I could smell freshly lit blunts and inhaled deep. The elevator guy guided me to another door. As I walked in, I put on my sweetest smile and let my hips wiggle with every step.
“Oh, Miss Heartless! Come closer!”, my dealers friend Pine said. I slowly walked up to him. As I came to an halt directly in front of him, he grinned at me. “You need a deal, bitch?” I rolled my eyes.
No one calls me a bitch.
“Yes, Pine. I need a deal… I need you”, I answered, looking at him seductively.
“Come closer, slut. What do you need?” He patted his knee and I did what I was told to. I placed myself in his lap, purposely pressing my butt against his loin. I smirked extra cute.
“Well, see, I need you to get some weapons outta Gotham. Over the borders. And I thought you could do that for me, huh?” He peered into my low neckline and grunted affirmatively. Swinging my arm around his sweaty neck and starting to kiss his cheek, I felt his cock hardening. Guys. As I said. Narrow minded. I knew exactly what i needed to do to get my information for the Joker.
Pine grabbed my boobs and I let him do whatever he wanted to do. At some point I got tired of his touching and grabbing and so I stood up, smiled at him libidinous and made my way to the nearest couch. It was large and its leo patterns turned me off. Cheap, disgusting, naff.
Anyway, I pushed the lustful looking guy onto his settee and jumped onto him. I slid my shirt off, took my bra off and kissed him passionately. He touched my butt and moaned.
“I need ya to tell me somethin’, big boy”, I whispered.
“What do you want, babe?”, he answered, groaning loudly.
“Which deal are ya going to finish soon?” He stopped moving. But as I tucked my hand into his pants and started rubbing his dick stimulating, he continued pressing me onto him.
“My man”, he moaned “will go and kick some asses, bunny.” Not enough information. And so I asked him whose ass he’s going to kick. Clever, aye?
“I dunno why you wanna know that, but tomorrow night, a shit ton dope’s arriving. And now I’ll fuck you real, real hard”, he pant. Dumb as idiot. No ones gonna fuck with me unless I want to. And so I skilfully pulled my belt off and quickly tied him onto the couches’ frame. Pines eyes widened as I swung myself off his body.
“Hey! What are you doing, bitch?”, he yelled.
“Thanks for the information, Pine!”, I answered lascivious, grabbing bra and shirt, as well as my leather jacket and my gun.
“Who the fuck you think you are? Stay here!”
“No, boy. I won’t stay.” I walked to the door, opened it, stepped outside and before I shut the door close I stretched my head back into the room.
“Bye, Mr. Pine! And lovely greetings from J! I’m pretty sure he’ll be furious hearing what you’ve planned without him!” I heard Pine screaming angrily and trying to free himself. I knew I needed to get out of there quickly. Adrenalin was lumping through my veins as I reached the upper floor, hearing people scream and someone yelling orders. The guys I passed looked after me and I could even hear Pines irate voice in their headsets. Somehow I managed to run out of Pines mansion. They were close.
I heard them begging me to stop, yelling me orders to come to an halt. And then they started firing their guns. I took my own gun and fired randomly around me. The gates of Pines mansion started closing and I knew I had to run. I began to sprint. I breathed fast and I could feel my legs starting to burn.
The gates were nearly closed as I passed them.
I actually haven’t planned a relentless pursuit. There was no way I could run away from them.
Just then, as if planned, I saw a purple car speeding down the street. With squealing tires it stopped in front of me. Someone pulled down the drivers window and I couldn’t help but smile as I saw who was sitting in this awesome, shiny, sexy car.
“Hurry up, doll!”, Joker said, slightly annoyed, but giving me his deviously pretty smile.
I ran around the car and jumped in. As soon as I closed the door, the engines roared loudly and we drove away.
I was happy. I got the information, J had rescued me and I’m pretty sure he was pleased. My hand wandered to his, which rested on the skull like looking clutch next to my legs.
I could see a satisfied smile rushing over his face.
“I’ve got news, J”, I informed him. After letting him know about Pines plans, the Joker laughed viciously.
“Little fucker, isn’t he?”, he asked and we laughed together.
He stopped at my flat.
“Good job, doll. Go and be a good girl. Show me that you’re a good investment!”, the Clown Prince said. I thanked him and leaned in to kiss his bleak cheek. He purred, but pushed me away quite rough. “Do your job now, Miss!”, he growled.
“I will, Joker! I Promise!”

Well, that was the day I started working for Mister J. My job was pretty clear and simple. Always spying on people and seducing men. Whenever I was I trouble, J got me out just right in time.
I’d do anything for him. And I’m pretty sure he knew that.
But I somehow enjoyed what I did. I had fun. Men are just too easy to manipulate. And that’s what the Joker told me I was best in. He was by far the best in manipulating people and so I was very proud to hear him say that I was pretty good in it too.
And the payment was good as well. I got an apartment in Gothams best area, I had several people working for me and other gangsters and citizens feared me even more than before.
I guess I was in love.
I know, Joker had his queen. Harley.
But I adored him anyway.
I wished for a long time that I was her.
Imagining having rough sex with him as well as receiving passionate kisses from time to time send shivers down my spine.
I worked 3 years for the Crime prince now. And I had everything I ever wanted.
Except from J. And I wasn’t sure if I’d ever be able to love someone as much as I adored him. I guess that’s why it was so easy for me to seduce and sleep with all those men. They meant nothing. J in contrast was the reason I never gave up.
Anyway, I got a new task. J asked me to collect some information from Gothams greatest Banker. The Joker wanted to know, when the three largest banks got emptied next and in which direction they would carry the valuable consignment. The gold bars.
But this time I had to be more careful as the banker was never alone and he wasn’t one of the typical victims. He was no gangster. It was a longer process to get me where I wanted to be.
My guys organised me a meeting. I wouldn’t go there as The Ruthless. I wanted to be someone else.
I bought a red dress. Short, but not too short, black high heels, dramatically beautiful make up, amazing hair. Finished. I was going there as the new apprentice. I think I looked cute. And sexy. I put my knowledgeable smile on.
It was a rainy afternoon and I had an appointment with Mr. Calvin Mayes. I’ve traced him down already and so I knew that he was living alone, he had three dogs, liked to visit his sister in law and her children and he loved Chinese food. And he was pretty good looking too. He was quite tall, trained and wore glasses that suited his edgy face perfectly.
One bank accountant welcomed me and showed me the way upstairs to his bosses office.
I knocked carefully.
“Come in!”, a friendly voice answered. I opened the door and went inside. Mr. Mayes office was messy, paperworks covered his desk and Magazins laid scattered on the wooden floor. He smiled seeing me.
“Welcome, Mrs….?”, he asked questioning.
“Oh, yeah, my name is (your name). I’m here for the apprenticeship!”, I tried to sound innocent and shy. His green eyes looked at me and he started to smile.
“Good, good. Right (your name). Nice having you here!” He took a pen and wiggled it nervously. He was cute. Afterwards he taught me what my jobs were and that I would work as his personal assistance. Long story short: over the following week I made him like me. I was extremely lovely and I couldn’t imagine someone had a clue that I wasn’t who I pretended to be. One day he asked me out on a coffee. The next day onto a date. We met in our free time and did fun stuff together. I kinda forgot that I had a mission, but just as I stared to enjoy my second life, I received a card from J. One side showed the Joker and the other side the devil. “Don’t forget why you’re there, doll! - J”
A warning. I couldn’t imagine what his problem was, but he somehow did not wanted me to spend any more time on this quest. He was surely just impatient. And since Calvin started to trust me, it should be manageable to get my information. I actually began to like Calvin. He was ordinary, had an organised life and he was so generous. I felt deeply sorry to lie to him. I asked him out. Of course he agreed. I’d take him out to a restaurant close to my flat. My plan was perfect.
We met and had a great night out. After finishing dinner and drinking the last bit of our expensive wine, I asked him seductively if he wanted to see my apartment. He just smiled at me and followed me. As we reached the doorway I swung my arms around his neck and started kissing him wildly. We went for the elevator. It was hard finding the button as I was busy grabbing into his pants and he taking off my shirt. We stumbled into the lift and it automatically brought us up to my apartment. I jumped at Calvin and hooked myself onto him. His kisses grew more passionate and longing and as he seated me onto my drawer, I let out a loud and erotic moan. I could feel his cold hand touching my sensible area.
We both breathed heavily. I unbuttoned his pants hastily and he opened mine. I giggled satisfied. It was the first time I actually enjoyed seducing someone. I’d ask Calvin about the gold after we had fun. He will be too tired anyway to realise what my true intentions were. But for now it was pure passion.
Moving smoothly against each other we tried to reach my bedroom. I pushed Calvin onto my bed and seated myself onto him. He moaned lustful and I knew I had to hurry a bit before he’d come.
Calvin pushed me over and he positioned himself onto me. His cock felt hard against me and the way he moved into me was so good. I groaned his name. Louder and louder. Nearly screaming it.
But just as I was about to reach the climax, lights were turned on and I heard someone applauding. I stopped moving immediately.
“What the fuck?”, Calvin snorted. I freed myself quickly to have a better look. Sitting on my dressing chair was the Clown prince himself, grinning crazily.
“What the are you doing, J?”, I stuttered. He normally never attended my missions. Only when I was in danger. But I think I was so NOT in danger. The joker cocked his head to one side and snarled.
“You!”, he pointed at Calvin. “A little fucked up banker, fucking my doll?”
“Sir, seriously, I had no idea. Fuck, (your name)! Who’s this guy?”, Calvin tried to clarify things. He gave me the puppy look. He was confused, disappointed, angry. But as I wanted to answer, I heard J pulling the trigger of his gun.
“No, J! Please! He is good! He didn’t do anything. Please!”, I begged. I liked Calvin. I didn’t wanted him to get hurt.
“Oh doll! You’re so right”, J said, smiling slyly. He then stood up and walked up to Calvin, who was looking tremulous. The Joker wiggled with the gun in his hand.
“Tell me, boy. What do you know about the gold?”, Joker asked. Calvin started to hem and haw. The Clown prince let out an annoyed sigh.
I wasn’t able to do anything. I was just standing there as if glued to the floor. Shit. I knew what would follow. But still, I couldn’t look away. J fired his gun without warning and laughed his significant and crazy HA HA HA. He fired his gun 4 times. Head. Heart. Stomach. Loins.
He then turned around, eying me from head to toe. His blue eyes scanned my naked body.
“Why him, J? You didn’t even get the information!”, I whispered, still stiff. The Clown prince came closer and stopped right in front of me.
“I already knew everything, doll! Didn’t you see? It was a game!” He grinned stupidly. He then lifted his hand and stroke my cheek and kissed me. The longer we kissed, the stronger my desire grew. I lost Calvin anyway. He was dead. No need to be stupid and sad.
The joker took off his shirt and showed me his silver teeth as he carried me to my bed, were he placed me inches away from Calvins dead body. He began sucking my neck, kissing my body lower and lower, licking my stomach and nipples. I moaned lustful. Fuck Calvin. Just another dead sucker. I had something better now. I had the Joker.
“J! You’re so vicious!”, I whispered between kisses. “But why killing him?”
He stopped for a second, smirked and said:
“I couldn’t lose my most precious mistress and gangster!”

Hey guys, I’m still writing on Robin x Joker pt 5 , but my inbox is always open for requests, like imagines, shippings, stories or whatever you wanna tell me❤️ Love ya💕🃏
Woc Series: What a Feeling Part Three

Hey guys!! This is part 3 of my What a Feeling Imagine.  This one doesn’t contain a lot of drama, but it’s setting it up for the next one which will.  I also wanted a chapter where you can see what Y/N and Harry’s relationship actually looks like right now.  I was going to include more of a family part, but I didn’t want it to get too long, but I promise there will be more of Anne, Gemma, and Robin later on!!  Like always feedback is welcome!! Enjoy Xoxo


                           Everybody needs someone around

                            But I can’t hold you too close now

 You were back in London in the shared flat that you adored.  The heat was on in full blast, and you were in the process of making a hot cup of tea. It was now December, just four months since Harry had walked back in your life, and true to your belief, time had flown by.

One of your favorite John Legend songs was playing softly through the flat’s built-in stereos, and you were swaying to the melodic beat as you waited for the kettle on the stove to whistle.  It was one of those cold London days where the snow seemed relentless, and your American blood couldn’t quite get used to it, making you always a bit chilly.  You were currently wrapped in one of Harry’s old but warm button-downs and had your fluffiest socks on your feet, hiding your cute pedicure.  You borrowed one of Harry’s sweats to wear, and with your hair falling down your shoulders, you knew you looked like a proper girlfriend.

You checked the time as the kettle began to let out its high-pitched whistle, and frowned at how much time had been wasted.  It was already mid-day and you had just woken up after a long night with Harry, who was already off, promoting the band’s new album before the boys would go on break.  You sighed to yourself as you poured the steaming water into your favorite mug.

Just as you were putting a dollop of honey into your tea, your phone began to ring on the counter.  You looked over at the caller ID and with hurried fingers quickly grabbed the phone before answering it.

“Hey,” you greeted your boyfriend with a smile.

“Hey, love.  Just wanted to call and check up with you..” You brushed back a few tendrils of hair.  Harry’s deep voice seemed to warm you more than the hot tea that you sipped on.

“That’s sweet, checking up on your secret girlfriend,” you teased him as your smile dropped a tad bit at that particular fact.

“Heey now, don’t start,” Harry sighed to you; one which you mirrored.  The fact was it was a little bit strange being with Harry again.  You loved him wholeheartedly, and didn’t take any day you had with him for granted, but at the same time it was hard.  The two of you always had to be cautious about being seen together, and Harry was still portrayed as being single, which hurt at times. Especially when the tabloids made every female he came in contact with a potential lover.  Truthfully, being back in the two of yours original flat was a huge risk, and it seemed like the both of you were always checking behind your backs just in case one of you slipped up.

You took another sip of tea as Harry cleared his throat.

“Give me a sec,” he said to someone near him and you heard him switch the phone to his other hand before bringing it up to his ear.

“I also wanted to talk to you about something…” Your stomach immediately knotted up, and you pursed your lips as you prepared yourself to hear some bad news.

“Is it bad?”

“What—no, no.  Sorry, love.  It’s actually pretty good.” Harry’s voice turned apologetic as you let out a deep breath.

“What is it?” You questioned lightly, your stomach still being riddled with butterflies.

“Mum asked if we could come up and visit before the start of the holidays,” Harry lowered his voice in secret.  An immediate smile broke across your face as you thought of Anne. You adored her, and she always made you feel welcomed and loved.  You didn’t understand why Harry would even have to ask you.

“Of course!” You nearly shouted, a giddiness overtaking you.

You heard Harry chuckle lightly as he whispered out a, “good.  She’ll be ecstatic.”  You smiled to yourself before sipping at your tea.  Harry was so much like Anne, so it only made sense that you would love her. She was funny—her humor a little dryer than Harry’s—and so kind and loving that you couldn’t help but fall in love with her as well.

“Okay, when I get home we’ll pack,” Harry said quickly, no doubt having to go back to what he was doing.

“Sounds good,” you breathed.

“Okay, great.  Oh and Y/N?”

“Yes, Haz?”

“I love you,” Harry told you, making your body feel light. The two of you had been saying it more often, never letting the other forget it; something which kept you afloat during the tougher times of keeping your relationship a secret.

“I love you too, Haz,” you whispered over the line, knowing he was giving you your favorite dimpled smile when he heard you say it back.


You had just pulled your suitcase from your closet when you heard the front door open.  You quickly checked the time and grimaced.


These days Harry was usually late getting home, as management worked the boys more than usual to promote their last album before the break.  You already disliked management for making the two of you break up, but seeing Harry always come home beyond exhausted made your hatred for them grow.  You wished you could speak your mind to them.

“Y/N?”  Harry called out to you as he closed the door behind him.

“In here, Haz!” You yelled as you set the suitcase on your bed before walking into the doorway of your bedroom.

You heard Harry’s footsteps before you saw him, but once he came into view you opened your arms up for him.  He walked into your embrace and quickly wrapped his arms around your waist, slightly lifting you up so just your toes touched the carpet. He nuzzled his head into your neck and let out a deep, tired breath.

“Hey, kitten,” he mumbled into your neck as you tightened your hold on him.  He sounded so tired that you couldn’t help but frown.  You lifted one of your hands to smooth lovingly at his hair, and he seemed to relax in your arms.

“Hey, Haz,” you murmured back to him.  You felt his chest move against yours as he gave a deep sigh.  Without warning he placed a chaste kiss right underneath your ear before pulling away. His eyes met yours briefly before his face scrunched up and his eyes lowered to your neck.  Suddenly self-conscious your hand shot up to cup your neck and hide it from view.

“What,” you questioned, an edge to your voice.  Harry just simply shook his head with a slight smirk on his face, his hair swishing around his own neck which looked just fine.

“Harry,” you prompted, as you rubbed at your neck only to feel a tender spot.  Your eyebrows suddenly shot up and your eyes widened as you scowled at your boyfriend.

“Harry, did you give me a hickey,” you hissed at him. His smirk grew, making his left dimple show, and you playfully hit his lean chest as his tiredness seemed to dissolve from his face.

“Have you not looked in a mirror all day, love?” Harry tried to hold back a snicker, but it burst past his lips as you turned around and ran towards your dresser mirror.  You tilted your head up to the ceiling light and scrutinized your neck, your eyes narrowing on a purplish spot.  It was hard to give you hickies, as your brown skin didn’t show bruises that well, but sure enough there was one proudly showing right there on your neck. You nearly sobbed.

“Harry,” you whined out.

“It must’ve happened last night,” Harry grinned at you as you shot daggers at him with your eyes.  You hated hickies; they were so embarrassing.  Your thoughts suddenly turned sour as you thought of Anne seeing it, causing you to nearly pass out.

“Anne and Robin, and oh god.  Gemma.  Will see it,” you cried out, bringing your hand to hide it from view once more. Harry shrugged at you as he walked into the closet to grab his own suitcase.  You incredulously followed him.

“Harry.  Your parents and sister will see this,” you pointed at your neck.  Harry’s gaze followed your movements and he smirked once more.  “I quite like it.  Shows them that your mine.  Honestly, they already know we do the nasty after that last time we were there and Robin walked in…”  Harry reminded you as you groaned.

“Please don’t remind me,” you brought your hands up to your face in embarrassment.  That was one of those moments you would never live down, especially since it was originally your idea.

Harry set down the suitcase to walk a few steps over to you.  He brought his large hands up to cup your cheeks and slowly brought his lips down to leave a lingering kiss on yours.  “Don’t stress it love.” He told you sweetly.  You looked up at him and nodded, complying with him.  Harry had this way of calming you down.

“Let’s just finish packing so we can go,” you offered and he nodded, agreeing with you.

It only took fifteen minutes for the both of you to pack for a week, and you stretched out your arms once you were done, looking over to Harry to see him cover a large yawn with his hand.

“I can drive tonight,” you offered him.  He smiled at you as he finished zipping up his loaded suitcase.

“Thank you, love.”

“Do you think we’ll have to do the usual?” You asked him.  Since being together, the two of you had a new normal.  Whenever you left or arrived someplace together you had to do it separately. For instance if you were leaving the flat at the same time you would use the stairs and go out the back way while Harry took the elevator and went out the front.  Then he would get his car and pick you up a few blocks over.  Harry often complained that it was unfair to you, but you just saw it as something that simply had to be done, not letting it bother you too much.

Harry looked over at the clock and you could tell he was contemplating whether it was late enough to be safe.  After a beat passed he looked over to you.

“Yea, I think we’re good,” he said as he rubbed at his eyes.

“Ok,” you clapped your hands together as Harry grabbed both of your suitcases in his large hands.

“Let’s go,” he smiled at you as you made your way out of the flat.


You blew out a sigh of relief as you pulled into the dark driveway of Harry’s mom’s house.  It was quaint and very English with beautiful ivy dancing up the brick sides. It was situated in the heart of Holmes Chapel, and you smiled when you noticed the lights inside the house were still on.

With gentle fingers you reached out to Harry who was softly snoring away in the passenger seat, his mouth slightly open and his eyes moving behind his eyelids.

“Haz,” you softly called out to him as you grasped his shoulder.  With sluggish movements he opened his eyes and looked around him, his eyes brightening slightly when he noticed where he was.

“We got here fast,” He said slowly, his voice still groggy.

“No, Haz,” you giggled.  “You just fell asleep right when you got in the car,” you explained to him. For all of the three hours it took you to get here, he’d been snoozing away peacefully beside you.

“M’sorry,” he rubbed at his eyes as he straightened his seat into its normal position.  You simply laughed at him before exiting the car.  Harry did the same, and right as he walked around to get the suitcases from the trunk, the door to Anne’s house swung open.

“Y/N!”  Anne ran out in her pajamas and robe with pink slippers on her feet, her long hair pulled up in a messy bun.  She reached you and pulled you into a tight hug.  She still smelled the same.  Like soap and fresh-picked flowers.  You hugged her back with a smile.

“Mum! Please don’t wake up the whole village!” Harry shouted equally as loud as his mother, causing you to chuckle.  Anne pulled out of your embrace to lay eyes on you.

“You look good Y/N.  I see you’ve done something different with your hair,” she nodded at you lovingly. At the mention of your relaxed hair you ran your fingers through it and smiled in thanks.

“Thank you, Anne.”  At hearing your words she reeled you into another hug and you gladly accepted it, closing your eyes as you rested your head on her shoulder, suddenly very tired.

“I’m sure you’re just knackered, love.” She whispered to you, rubbing your back in soft movements.

“I’ve already changed the sheets off Harry’s bed so you can go up there and sleep,” she told you.

“Thank you so much,” you yawned, noticing Harry walk up to the two of you, your suitcases rolling behind him.

“Harry,” you heard the smile in Anne’s voice and you let her go so she could embrace him.  You smiled as she squeezed him tight, whispering something to him before commenting on his long hair.  You yawned again before making your way into the house quietly, walking up the stairs and skipping that one creaky step so that you wouldn’t wake Robin and Gemma.

Your hair was already wrapped, and you were in one of Harry’s old shirts, about to get under the covers when Harry opened the door to his childhood room.  Upon seeing you, a smile broke upon his face, and he closed the door before walking over into the center of the room, pushing the suitcases to the side.  He stopped and put his hands on his hips as he surveyed the room, a keen interest in his eyes.

“This room gets smaller and smaller every time I come back home,” he said to you softly.  You giggled at him and his gaze suddenly swung towards you.

“What, why are you laughing at me,” he pouted as he began to take off his clothes to just his boxers.  You became momentarily distracted by his smooth skin, but found your voice a beat later.

“It’s because you’re bigger, Haz,” you explained to him, scooting over a hair so that Harry could settle in next to you.

“Am I now?” Harry flirted as his voice deepened.

“Stop that,” you hit his warm chest lightly, too tired to have the wit to flirt back.  He simply chuckled at you, pulling you in to leave a small kiss on your forehead that had your heart jumping.

“I need to tell you something,” he mumbled out after finding your right hand with his own.  He gently squeezed your hand in his and you took a deep breath.

“Go ahead.”  Ever since the management issue you had been afraid when anyone would tell you that they needed to talk.  You hadn’t confided that in Harry though, and you didn’t quite know why.  You took a deep breath as you felt your heart sputter as he took a deep breath.

“Mum, Robin, and I are flying out to Miami the day after Christmas,” something in his tone caused you to close your eyes and roll your lips in.

“Okay,” you murmured.

“It’s ultimately for promo,” Harry went on to say as you scrunched up your brows in frustration.

You realized what that meant.  You wouldn’t be able to go.

“It’s okay, Haz,” you breathed out as you squeezed his hand.

“I’m so sorry, kitten.”

“No, I understand.”  And really you did, you just didn’t necessarily like it.  Harry was always working, and you were hoping that for Christmas the two of you would be able to spend it together.

“I guess I’ll buy a ticket to go home for Christmas. Maybe a day before you fly so it doesn’t look weird or anything,” you sighed aloud to yourself.

A long beat of silence followed your words and for a second you thought that Harry fell asleep, but you listened as he asked you a question.

“Can I be the little spoon tonight?”

You smiled at your boyfriend, loving these intimate moments.

“Of course, Haz,” you scooted back more and angled your body around his larger one.  You ran your fingers through his silky hair and tucked your head into his warm neck.

“Y/N,” Harry hummed to you just as you were about to fall asleep.

“Yes, Harry.”

“I love you,” he murmured half-asleep.

“I love you too,” you kissed his neck softly just as your eyes closed.

In the Stars

Hi love, could do imagine about y/n having a crush on Draco but she’s in Huffelpuff so she’s just watching him and things but she doesn’t know he likes her too? And maybe she’s friend with the Harry, Hermione and the Weasley’s so it makes it kinda more complicated for him to tell her or something? Idrk, just something like this, please? Thanks. Love you!

Dear God, woman, pass the bloody bat wing for the millionth time!’ She whipped her head around, blushing furiously. She gave it to Ron, who was glaring holes into the textbook. ‘What’s gotten into you?’ He huffed, ‘I’m sorry, Y/n. Its just, mum says I need to bring my potions grade up or she’s feeding me to Charlie’s pets.’ Y/n chuckled, popping a worm into the cauldron. Before she knew what was happening, Ron was screaming. ‘GET DOWN!’ They crouched under the desk, and in two seconds, the potion blasted across the room, causing the dungeon to echo the boom. They huddled under, hearing the click of Snape’s shoes approaching. Y/n glanced towards Ron, and his shaken form. He looked back, mouthing ‘Don’t..make..a sound.’ With a flash of black robes, Snape pulled them up by their collars, shoving them towards the goop. ‘What did you two dimwits do wrong?’ The Slytherins were having a riot. All of the green robes were laughing and clapping, chatting amongst their friends about the ‘morons.’ The only green robe seated in his stool, watching the commotion without a word was Malfoy.
Draco Malfoy.
No one seemed to notice that he wasn’t joining in on the fun, expect for a few Gryffindors. Harry and Hermione were capping their potion, listening to Snape’s lecture on instruction, but Hermione noticed the blonde head still writing in his notebook. She turned towards her green eyed friend, slapping his arm for attention. ‘Harry, does it strike you as terribly odd that the meanest boy in Slytherin isn’t having a single laugh?’ He, automatically turned to Malfoy, also curious at his persistence to work. Harry shrugged, taking the vile and walking it to Snape’s desk. Hermione, however, was much more perceptive. She noticed that while he was writing, and trying his best to avoid distraction, he couldn’t stop looking at the scene. 
More importantly, he couldn’t stop looking at Y/n.
After class, Y/n and Ron trampled out of the dungeons, running towards lunch. ‘If I don’t get a sandwich in me right now, I’m going to crucio a man!’ Ron grinned, following her towards the food. ‘Rather dark for a Hufflepuff, right?’ ‘Shut your mouth, Ron, and help me climb these blasted stairs.’ Three pairs of shoes were heard behind them, and as they turned around, they saw Harry and Hermione. ‘Y/n! Ron! Wait up!’ They jogged towards them, red robes floating gently. Harry laughed, flicking a piece of ash off of Ron’s coat. ‘Fun potions class, yeah?’ Y/n shoved him, continuing to walk, but couldn’t get off of her mind the third person she was sure she could have heard. They began walking to the hall, joking about the day and its dreadful classes. Once they arrived, they looked to Y/n, who was sighing. ‘Y/n,’ Harry addressed. ‘You know you don’t have to sit at your table. You can sit with us, if you want.’ She smiled, pulling Harry into a hug. ‘Thank you.’ Hermione was smiling at the two, while Ron was finding a place for them to sit. Mione was looking around the hall, and her chocolate eyes settled on a Slytherin boy, glaring at Harry. Malfoy was easily recognized, and as he and Granger made eye contact, he looked away, his face scrunching. The three sat down where Ron had saved seats, Hermione and Ron facing Y/n and Harry. They began talking about nonchalant things, until Granger thought it was a good time to bring up her suspicions. ‘Y/n, darling, are you friends with Malfoy?’ She dropped her fork, her eyebrows twitching. ‘Hermione, don’t.’ ‘I know you-’ ‘Mione, enough.’ Harry looked between them, his glasses slipping down his nose. ‘Is there a problem?’ ‘Malfoy didn’t laugh at the incident in potions, and I was just asking her if something was going on.’ Harry laughed, ‘What, between them? You’re crazy. Y/n would never like a sod like him.’ He looked at Y/n, who hadn’t taken her eyes off her plate. ‘Right?’ She sucked in a breath, looking at Harry. He was confused, his emerald orbes widening in anticipation. ‘I’m sorry, Harry.’ Ron bit into his lunch, drowning out the conversation. Harry, however, looked more disappointed than angry. ‘I’m truly sorry. I didn’t even know why, it just happened.’ ‘How long?’ She sighed, her hair falling onto her face. ‘Since third year.’ Hermione coughed, taking initiative, ‘Y/n, the reason I asked was because he couldn’t take his eyes off of you the whole class.’ She stood up, gathering her belongings. ‘Don’t play with me, Hermione. I don’t need another heartbreak.’ She stormed out of the hall, forgetting all about her half eaten meal. As she walked through the corridors, she couldn’t stop thinking if Hermione was right. Does he watch her? Maybe he likes her! No, no, Y/n, he could only like a respectable Slytherin girl. Why would he ever like a stupid little Huffle-
‘Y/n!’ She tripped over her steps, falling onto the floor. She rubbed her eyes, looking up at whoever called her name. She paused at the green robes, ready to be laughed at. When nothing but silence ensued, she looked forward, and saw a hand extended. ‘Nasty fall, that was.’ She gripped the hand, moving her gaze to her helper. She gulped, seeing Draco. He smiled, warmly, letting her hand fall. ‘I-I was wondering why you left lunch in such a hurry.’ She crunched her brows, her suspicion rising. ‘I had a bad argument with my friends.’ He nodded, flipping his attention to the scattered books on the floor. Immediately, he crouched down, gathering them. ‘Here, let me help you with that.’ He stacked the books on top of the others, filling his arms with the material. ‘You don’t have-’ ‘We have our next class together. Might as well walk together, as well.’ They headed towards the Astronomy tower, deciding to observe the sky before class. They reach the top of the stairs, panting towards the railing. They made small talk while sitting down, looking past the railing. Y/n began telling an adventurous story, gleaming with joy as she rambled. Draco looked at her in awe, his eyes shining with adoration. Of course, Y/n would blame it on the sunset. ‘Anyway, so Harry and I were running from Hagrid’s, going as fast as we could, when Snape comes from the forest, chasing us in a goofy, hot pink dress!’ She doubles over, laughing, not noticing Draco. He forced a small chuckle, acknowledging her effort, but couldn’t keep his mind off of a minuscule detail. She and Harry were alone. ‘Y-Y/n?’ She looked at him, surprised to hear him nervous. ‘Are you and..are you and know?’ She squinted, not understanding his question. He shifted, uncomfortably, rephrasing his words. ‘Are you Potter’s girlfriend?’ She bursted out giggling, clutching the railing for support. ‘Me and Harry? God, no! That’s a down right laugh!’ He smiled, biting his inner cheek. A sigh of relief left him, his eyes fluttering closed in peace. She scooted towards him, wiggling her eyebrows. ‘You know, I’m friends with many Slytherin girls.’ He opened his eyes, keeping them slightly narrowed. ‘And?’ She smirked, playing with her sunflower tie. ‘And, if you wanted a girlfriend before Harry got one, I know a few of them would fancy a date with you.’ He gulped, turning away from her and to the scenery. She frowned, noticing his act of repulse. She thought if she couldn’t be his, might as well be a supportive friend. She looked at the sun, and its last bit peeking out of the horizon. ‘I’m not interested in anyone from my house.’ She looked at him, the sides of her lips twisting with interest. ‘Any other houses? I can see you with some girl from Ravenclaw.’ He shook his head, nibbling at the pink of his lips. ‘No. And not Gryffindor, either, so don’t even suggest it!’ They giggled, looking at their hands. ‘Well, the only house left is Hufflepuff, and, quite frankly, the only good looking of us is Polly Kundershaft, and I’m pretty sure she’s dating Lee Jord-’ ‘I don’t bloody like Kundershaft!’ She squeaked in surprise, inching away from him. He looked at her retreating, and ran a thin hand through his hair. ‘Dammit, I like you, okay! The only reason I care if you were dating Potter isn’t because of that bloody sod of a Gryffindor! It’s because of you! I don’t care that you’re Hufflepuff, or friends with Weasley and Granger! It’s when I see him look at you, or hold you, or make you laugh, or do absolutely anything with you, I get jealous! I should be telling you jokes that give you that adorable smile, or be the one that holds you when you cry. So, there. I don’t fancy any Ravenclaws, or Gryffindors, or any Slytherins.’ He progressively slid towards her, caressing her cheek, tenderly. ‘Just you.’ She leaned forward, capturing his lips in hers. Their mouths moved like tides, swiping in and out in fluid motions. The pair couldn’t say how long they were there; they just knew that the light of the sun was replaced by the moon. As they continued to love in each other’s arms, a shooting star fell across the sky. It was rather useless, though, since both had received their wish.

Extended Ending:

Professor Sinistra grumbled, passing a pouch of galleons to Trelawney. ‘Damn you! I bet twenty five sodding galleons that they would confess their love in two years time! Twenty five!’ Sybil chortled, clinking the bag in her fingers. ‘Darling, he’s a Gemini, not a Cancer.’ Sinistra grumbled, shifting herself in their discreet hiding spot below the tower. Trelawney laughed to herself, counting the coins. ‘You do realize you had a class to teach?’ The professor smiled, shifting the glasses on her nose. ‘I told Dumbledore about the bet, and he was a big fan of these two lovebirds. He convinced Hooch to add my kids into the first year’s flying class. They were all assigned their own little mentor and got to teach them tricks, and play games! I heard it was quite fun! I’m actually sorry these two missed it!’ Trelawney giggled, pocketing the change. ‘I think they had loads of fun just fine!’ They began to exit the tower, giving the pair privacy. ‘I bet the next pair are Ginerva Weasley and..Dean Thomas.’ Sinistra gasped, her mouth curving into a smirk. ‘You’re on!’

A Drop of Magic || Year One

Title: A Drop of Magic (1/7)
Rating: K+
Pairing: Rose/Ninth Doctor
Summary: Their first meeting wasn’t in the halls of the great castle, but in a dusty, forgotten corner of Flourish and Blotts. “Are you bored too?” He asked, and when she nodded he took her hand and said one word: “Run.”

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Their first meeting wasn’t in the halls of the great castle, but in a dusty, forgotten corner of Flourish and Blotts.

Poor Jackie Tyler was understandably overwhelmed, even with the help of someone from Hogwarts. She had suspected for a long time that her daughter had inherited her late husband’s magical gifts – cookie jars didn’t just fly off the refrigerator on their own, after all, and Rose always swore she had no idea how the dollie had ended up in her pocket even after Jackie said no and put it back on the shelf – but it wasn’t until the letter had come, accompanied by the professor who was there to help the poor Muggle with her young witch daughter, that Jackie’s suspicions had been confirmed.

And now they were at Diagon Alley, getting everything Rose would need for her first year at Hogwarts. They were at the bookstore, and Rose was bored. She wandered away, into the back of the store, where the crowd was thinner and the books were clearly not as well cared for. This was a part of the bookstore that didn’t get much attention, obviously.

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Keep Moving Forward

A/N: It’s too warm to sleep andI haven’t been able to write anything in ages. I ended up loaded with a plague-like cold a while back that took me out for a bit and then hay-fever wiped the floor with me this month. I’ve also lost my bit of paper where I wrote down everybody who wanted tagged for every fanfic when the tag acts up, so if I missed anybody or people aren’t interested anyore no worries, I’ll untag anybody who wants to. 

I wanted to write something I’d have liked to see a bit of in series three with a bit of the gang messing about and getting comfy with each other again and for Rae to start taking some of the small things on and moving forward a bit.

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‘Right, who’s gettin the next lot in then?’ Chop crashed his pint glass down on the table and looked around the table expectantly.

‘I’ll get it,’ Rae said in near unison with Finn causing the pair of them to look up from the table to each other in amusement. They’d been spending too much time with each other. ‘I’ll get this one,’ Finn repeated, stretching to put his glass in the middle of the table with the rest then putting his hand into his jeans pocket to get a tenner and some change. Before Rae could ask Chloe to shift her chair a bit Finn was already out of his seat with his hand out to help her out from hers, ‘give me a hand with changing this crap first,’ he pointed towards the jukebox which had begun to churn out the latest manufactured boy band ballads to grace the top forty. Rae grimaced in distaste and got out to join him.

He slid the twenty pence piece towards her over the top of the machine when they reached it but then reconsidered, taking it back and slotting it into the machine himself. ‘I’d put The Roses on but I hear you’re more into Backstreet whatever these days,’ Finns finger danced over one of their tracks and he turned to face her with a teasing smirk.

‘Oh shit,’ she put a hand to her face to cover her eyes in embarrassment. ‘Don’t even start.’

‘When were the brain transplant?’ Finn continued with an incredulous shake of his head.

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Sugar on the Asphalt: Thirty-Four
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I hope everyone enjoys this chapter! I’d love to hear what you think <3

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mama’s broken chocolate chip cookie; august 14, 2013

I woke up with a low grumbling in the pit of my stomach, a series of quiet gurgles that I was sure Harry could feel just by where he had his hand placed. It was a rude awakening that stirred me from sleep with a quiet groan. I hadn’t finished my dinner last night and I was hungry. I was also warm and comfortable and didn’t want to get out of bed.

I had to decide where my priorities lied: tangled up under the covers with Harry nuzzled against me, or in the kitchen making a bootlegged breakfast with whatever he had in the fridge.

My stomach growled again.

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