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What type of magic can Aliza do right now? (Sorry if I spelled the name wrong)

Azul—Fire mostly, but not well. Most of her powers are dormant.

Plus there’s the fact that Sans wasn’t around during most of the pregnancy. You see, in a Monster-Human pregnancy, it’s all about magic. The baby will gain nutrients from both parents via their souls. But with Sans not around, lil baby Aliza had only Frisk’s soul to feed off of. And that’s dangerous.

Most monster pregnancies terminate if something happens and leaves the child with only one parent. This plus the death of their mate would kill the remaining parent. Due to the amount of energy that Frisk’s human soul gave, Aliza was able to last long into the pregnancy, but Frisk’s soul finally gave out due to the strain.

It’s why baby-making is so hard for monsters, everything is soul-magic based.

So while Aliza should be wielding her powers easily and have visible bones on her body to show her monster side, due to her development she’s a bit…stunted.

She would have to train twice as hard to get control of her powers.



-American Horror Story

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