all men should dress like this

I think we live in a world, where we don’t feel ourselves anymore.
Instead we feel numb from all the social media, the technology.
The increasing influence from all over the world is slowly destroying our vibes.
They silence our inner voice and don’t let us hear our true self- cause of all the noise bombed at us, constantly.
Magazines telling us how to dress, how we should look, how to behave and how to lose 10 pounds in 1 week, or what men like about the female gender; slowly we are becoming ashamed of us. We slip into daydreams- which replace the actual living.
We are stuck in our head.
Forgetting how to breath properly.
We tense up.
We feel huge and uncomfortable in our own bodies, not enjoying ourselves anymore.
Suddenly we want to fit in, be part of this sick circus, playing a role- perfectly included into society.
Being different is not cool, won’t get you enough likes, will not satisfy the large mass.
It hurts them like a headache, if you are different-minded.
Because what we don’t understand, we hate.
It’s one of the first impulse chasing through us.
Empathy is something very rare these days- to get behind the actions, to see that everybody has its own struggles, their own drugs they have to juggle another day another struggle (yeah, I had to quote biggie smalls at this point).
We don’t have to understand every single move like- why some people shave, some don’t like it, or wear bras or don’t wear bras, there are people with anxiety who are afraid of crowds, hell even if you are a grown ass man and like your fingernails in the colour black, the list could go on and on.
I don’t have to agree or understand every single choice everybody makes- because it is not my f**king business.
I have my own life to celebrate.
We are all so much more than we show to the outside, our feelings and wishes, deepest fears burn deep inside all of us.
Isn’t it great to know there are millions and millions more people wishing, hoping and dreaming for a better world just like us?
We all bleed the same blood, cry the same hot, salty tears when we are hurt and scared.
We are all craving the love from another human being and want to explore the world like we want in its full beauty.
We are living on this planet, we should cherish this gift of our lives- finding our true self!
Not becoming machines, dressing all the same, thinking the same thoughts- being locked-in in some brainwash full of body shaming, self-hate and fake happiness.
Is it worth to be like everybody else, to get approval for not being who you really want to be?
I know looking yourself in the eye and dealing with the truth; finding your own good vibe is hard.
Its’ really hard, you maybe loose friends, friends who where you everything once; turning out to tie you down, don’t letting you fully grow; even your own family won’t always understand the choices you make. But everybody must experience different things on their path, we need those experiences, the heartbreak, the loneliness all the messy feelings to grow from them. I truly believe this. Everything you are going through will be worth it in the end. There may be crying, a lot of crying to wash out all this self-hate and shame, feeling hopeless and alone even your body feels kind of weird.
Just remember- finding yourself is a journey.
Journeys aren’t always easy, along the way there are storms and rain, wind lashing in your face, tearing you apart. Just to make you grow deeper- to wash away the dirt of your soul, rising from your own ashes like a phoenix.
Or how Florence Welch would sing “It’s hard to dance with the devil on your back- so shake him off”
I'm doing a project for school so if you could please be so kind as to reblog or like if you agree with any of the following by monday January 18, 2016

• gender equality
• that boys and girls should be raised the same
•it’s ok for boys to wear make up
•there’s no such thing as boy or girl colours
•heteronormality shouldn’t be that big of a thing - or a thing at all
•anyone can wear skirts
• anyone can wear dresses
•there’s more than 2 genders
•men and women should be paid the same

Thank you for your time

Presidential election 2016: What it SHOULD be like:
  • #JishwaForPresident :
  • Josh Dun will ensure that all restaraunts and takeaways have free ranch dressing with all meals.
  • #WentzForPresident :
  • Peter Wentz will ensure that all men are seen as beautiful
  • #BeeboForPresident :
  • Brendon Urie ... Honestly who fucking knows

All shades of brown 😍 every shade is beautiful .

The reason why I added the photo of the dolls is because I was on Facebook earlier and I read a few comments regarding the darkest doll ^ . One dude in particular said that the doll was too dark and that she should have made her a little lighter, otherwise it’ll end up not selling as well as the other dolls.

The disrespect . So unreal . It’s 2016 and people still have the audacity to say some shit like that.

The darkest doll ended up being the second most sold by the way !!!!

There are millions of dark skin girls around the world. They don’t get much love, things like this would change a girls life. It’s just a doll but at the same time it’s not just about the doll .


I’m not one to go on tangents about these kinds of things but this is something that I’ve been seeing for a while and I feel like I need to talk about it and get it out of my system. I’m honestly so tired of people shitting on women for expressing their sexuality. I have seen countless posts calling women who dress “provocatively” etc etc women with no self respect/self esteem and telling women they shouldn’t do it because men don’t like it. First of all women shouldn’t do anything just to please a man. If a woman feels comfortable with wearing short dresses and sleeping around with a bunch of people then she can and she’s not any less of a woman or worse than a woman who doesn’t do those things. Also why do I never see posts like this but about men? If it’s shameful for a women to have had multiple sex partners then those same standards should be held for men. I don’t believe anyone should be judged negatively just based on what they wear or their sex lives. Sex isn’t something to ashamed of, it’s completely normal for people to have sexual desires and to fulfill them. It’s okay to choose not to have sex but it’s also okay to have sex and whatever decision someone makes they should be respected equally. Bottom line is let people do what they want and stop telling women their worth depends on a man’s opinion of them or how they should act a certain way do men can like them.

If a gay neo-Nazi who looks like a reject from a Bart Simpson look-alike contest can make a career out of dressing up like a chippendale cop and rambling about what he thinks straight men find attractive in women, you should be able to live all your dreams too.

While we are out somewhere from home each day we go through several things which kind of same like boys staring or saying something bad , trying to touch etc etc etc its like same almost every where we go or we see same thing happening to some other girl and then we hear people talking shit about women
Men, You can’t judge women’s character by length of her dress or type of her dress, Girls wear suits or sari or such decent clothes too faces’ molestation
its not about clothes at all and You are no one to judge a girl by her clothes but better you educate your son to respect a girl and such boys should be given time to time counselling its just not about female foeticide only but saving the girl who are born and who live in such a sick society , society which does not respect her and treat her as human beings. Parents of a girl child don’t want their girl to go out much specially in late nights not because she is girl but because there are sick men outside who are not controlled by their parents as they are mentally, psychologically ill and need treatment and should be educated about it and should stay at home till they are sick.
If they disrespects women they disrespect their mother their sister and every female in the world. And a girl should understand that if her parents stops her from going out in night or talking to boys much or such things they should understand its not because they are girl but because they are precious and there are sick people outside who might harm her and you can never tell who is sick, these people are sick from Inside and look fine from appearance so if your parents say something try to understand them.
And men ,You can’t stop women from raising their voice or can’t stop them from wearing something, or going out somewhere better get yourself treatment for your sickness.
Its true nowadays women are given freedom, education , rights and jobs but still there are things that need to be changed, as mentally of men in our society and the fear every woman has while going outside the house and the fear their parents have while they are outside and the term equality should be justified in true sense.
Being a woman is a blessing, a woman is full of patience, she takes care of every one , marries someone leave her house , parents and love the other one too as her own , give birth to a new life who in our society is given name of the father, she goes through a lot her whole life and still she has to fight every day with society and with sick men in our society. And those who are not sick should help the sick ones.
Till there are sick men in society be alert and always be proud to be a woman.
I m proud to be a woman .


  • Someone: men's clothes are just more practical and better made
  • Me: yup
  • Them: so i wear men's clothes instead. We should all just wear men's clothes instead. Why are you still wearing women's clothes? Gendered clothing is stupid anyway just stop buying women's clothes you're only hurting yourself!
  • Me: *looks down at my god-given body that won't fit men's clothes worth a fuck* .... *looks at cute dresses and fluffy skirts* ...or we could just...make women's clothes better. Did you think of that. Did you. Think of that. That maybe some people like femininity. Did you think. Of that.
Felix, my new cinnamo roll to good for this world

Since we have a Twins AU and a Trans!AU why not to fuse them?

We know Felix is always grumpy because he push himself too much, we agreed is to be the perfect son, so his dad could be proud of him.

What if the reason of all that is because he is a Trans boy? (FTM)

His dad doesn’t like this and constanly disrespect his identity, telling him he should act as a lady.

He dresses in that stuffy suit and act as a colected business man because that is how successfull men act and dress. That’s what he wants to be, if he can get better, if he can show his dad he deserve his affection and respect maybe he will be proud of him.

He starts to hang out with Marianette and his brother (mostly because Marianette insisted) slowly being himself, still sassy and snarky, sharing secrets with Marianette and relinking with his brother after all that time brooding

“I’m sorry, I just kept you out and never…”

“Felix, It’s ok! I haven’t been exactly open too. The important thing is that I love you and I wil ALWAYS be by your side”

Marianette making him a binder and talking a lot about it with her parents because she really want to make it work and when It’s done and Felix trys it (and It’s perfect) her parents congratulate them. Felix gets over whelmed and hugs them because they have been more supportive than his own father.

He discovering their secret identities and becoming the second Chat Noir (like PV’s) and the three of them having to get trough it. So many high-tight jokes.

He being a flirty little shit and making Nino have TOTALY NOT DECENT toughts about him.

He stooding up and confronting his father, getting all the shit out of his chest.

Imagine him stoping his father (Mothhawk)

Imagine him visiting his father at the prision and playing chess with him

Imagine they slowly reconstructing their relationship

Imagine his dad calling him for his name

Imagine him telling he is proud of him and that he is sorry.

Imagine him forgiving him.

Imagine them just holding their hands across the table trying to not to cry.

Okay bit of a personal note here but I want to share this because maybe it will resonate with other people too?  The ending chapters of The Wee Free Men hit me harder this time than previous readings, because I realized something.

“‘You, especially, dream all the time.  Your picture of the world is a landscape with you in the middle of it, isn’t it?  Wonderful.  Look at you, in that rather horrible dress and those clumpy boots.’“

The Elf Queen…

“‘I expect it’s not your fault you’re so cold and heartless.

‘I think you should be proud of not being worse than just deeply introverted and socially maladjusted.’“

…sure sounds an awful lot like…

“‘It’s so sad,’ she continued.  ‘You dream that you are strong, sensible, logical…the kind of person who always has a bit of string.   But that’s just your excuse for not being really, properly human.   You’re just a brain, no heart at all.’“

…the voice in my head when I’m having A Bad Brain Time™.  Not exactly the same words because I’m not Tiffany, but the same general tone.

And Tiffany’s initial response to it…

“She should have been better organized, she thought dully.  She shouldn’t have relied on dreams.  Or…perhaps I should have been a real human being.  More…feeling.  But I couldn’t help not crying!  It just wouldn’t come!  And how can I stop thinking?  And thinking about thinking?  And even thinking about thinking about thinking?

She saw the smile in the Queen’s eyes, and thought: Which one of all those people doing all that thinking is ME?

Is there really any ME at all?”

…sure also sounds like the part of me that accepts all of what the first voice says, with barely a fight.  A part of Tiffany is screaming at her that these thoughts and feelings are only the Queen’s voice working on her, that none of it is true, but it takes her a moment to shake that off.

But she DOES shake it off.  She does, and BRILLIANTLY stands up for herself and defeats the Queen.  Tiffany, a female YA protagonist, listens to someone who points out the flaws she knows she has, the ones that eat away at her when she lets them, and then says no, YOU shut up and go away.


I hate tumblrs view on sexism in parenting like I know yalls intentions are good but a lot of u really focus on the kids sexuality and how parents shouldn’t stigmatize their kids as straight and cisgendered and all these other things, and don’t get me wrong, that’s good. Boys and girls should be raised the same way. Girls shouldn’t be told not to dress “that way”, and boys should be taught to respect women. Obviously.

BUT, I’m here for the girls like me, who experienced sexism in such a way that it went deeper than our sexualities. I’m here for the girls like me, who even now, (I’m 17 and this still happens), get given LESS food than their brothers and father at a family dinner because “men need more food” and “girls shouldn’t eat that much”. I’m here for the girls like me, who get served last at the table. Who get the scraps that the men have picked over, even though we were the ones who cooked the food in the first place. I’m here for the girls like me, who feel GUILTY when they take “too much” food and are always hyper aware of the attitudes of the men around them because we are raised to be terrified of pissing them off.

Here’s to the girls like me, who were taught as kids never to go in public without a man at their side, and now that they’re older and MUST go in public by themselves from time to time are simply paranoid about all the bad things that could happen to them without the “protection” of a male family member. I was raised so that I didn’t go for a walk by myself until I was 17 years old. I never passed the DRIVEWAY by myself until I was 17 years old. I was TOLD to be afraid by my parents simply because I was a girl. I’m here for the girls like me, who grew up watching their older brother have a whole host of experiences they will never have simply because they were raised in a family that doesn’t give the opportunities to their daughters that they give to their sons.

“Sleepovers? Of course not! We don’t know your friends father. He could touch you in your sleep!”

“The mall? With your friends?? Of course not! Don’t you know how many pedophiles there are at the mall just WAITING for teenage girls like you and your friends to walk by?”

“Getting in the car? With a boy? Letting him drive you?? Of course not! Don’t you know what HAPPENS in cars with boys? What they’d want to DO with you in there?”

The list can go on. Basically I’m glad people are starting to advocate raising boys and girls the same way and letting them know their sexuality and gender is A-okay, but mostly I’m here for the girls like me. The girls who were raised to fear men. The girls who were TOLD to be afraid. The girls who grew up paranoid. The girls who were told before they even hit puberty that their role was to serve men. That all they have to offer to the world is a body to have sex with. The girls who were told to be AFRAID of sex. The girls who thought they must PROTECT themselves against sex. We have so many toxic things to unlearn.

To All My Tall Girls

When Prom/Ball time rolls around, don’t be scared to wear that cute pair of heels that match perfectly with your outfit because you may be taller than your date or anyone else. 

I’m a 6′1ft, 17 year old girl, and before my first ever Prom/Ball, I was told by 8 people that I should wear flats because I’d be way too tall.

I told them to shove their flats up their arse, and I wore platform wedges that matched perfectly with my dress. I was taller than everyone, including all the men in my immediate family. And I felt like a fucking goddess. 

Don’t miss out on feeling like a goddess because you’re scared what people will say. If you feel amazing in whatever it is that you are wearing, don’t you dare let someone knock you down, whether you’re in flats or heels. No-one has the right to make you feel small. 

And believe me when I say, no-one will dare say anything bad to someone who is sure to crush them underneath their platform wedges. (Or your shoe of choice)

My dash is suddenly filled with red carpet dresses costing thousands of dollars, with drop dead gorgeous women.

Then i get to the male part and their all dressed like they stopping at MIB head quarters on the way home.

Like I get that it’s tradition but next award season the men should just go all out and dress like their a Labyrinth remake. 

reasons why “the game plan” is a cinematic masterpiece
  • big “fuck you” to gender roles
  • like 99% of the cast is poc
  • bedazzled football
  • dog in a tutu
  • bedazzled everything
  • dwayne jonson being a cutie
  • (seriously he’s like the manliest of manly man-men)
  • (and he volunteered for this)
  • (like he dresses up in tutus and stuff for fun)
  • amazingly wise and beautiful and perfect ballet teacher who i don’t think is actually human
  • peyton. just peyton.
  • dog in a tutu
  • football bros supporting their bro at a ballet recital
  • ballet used in a football game
  • football bros all working to make peyton happy
  • dog in a tutu
  • paige turco who should have had more screen time
  • the cast singing burning love during the credits
  • paige turco singing during the credits
  • adorable father daughter relationship
  • the very nice message delivered by perfect ballet teacher that moms are perfect beings and dads are cool too
  • at the end of the movie they have a nice “fuck you” to capitalism
  • “i’m going to take my daughter home”
  • dog in a tutu

Welcome to the first FRIDAY FASHION FACT of 2016! I want to start out by thanking all of you for your endless support of this blog. Ephemeral Elegance has grown far bigger than I could have ever hoped for, and it is all thanks to you. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it!

Last year, I kicked off 2015 with a post about the little black dress (read here) which is a New Years Eve and special occasion staple for women. So it seems only fitting that I should kick off 2016 with a staple for men: the suit. The classic suit, like the little black dress, is appropriate in a vast array of settings, and in many situations, it is the only appropriate option for men. A suit can be the fastest way for a man to look professional, polished, and respectable. What is most interesting about it, though, is the fact that the suit has changed very little in over 100 years. So where did the suit get it’s start?

The earliest origins of what we now identify as the men’s business suit (or lounge suit, depending on where you’re from) can be traced to the court of Charles II. In 1666, London was in the midst of the Great Plague, which claimed the lives of nearly a quarter of the population. The pandemic made the former opulence and frivolity of court seem indecent, and so the monarch put regulations in place. Inspired by the French court, he created a sort of uniform for all men to wear, consisting of a coat, waistcoat, breeches, a cravat, a wig, and a hat. In more modern terms, the ensemble essentially consisted of a jacket, vest, pants, and a necktie. All in all, it was not altogether different from the 3 piece suits of today. When Charles II first implemented the new dress code, men were expected to wear dark or dull colors out of respect for the raging plague. However, once the plague had ended, colorful silk and elaborate embroideries gradually returned to court.

While cuts evolved slightly, men’s court suits remained essentially the same throughout the 18th Century. At the end of the 18th Century, though, the opulent style fell from favor (as I discuss here.) It was at this time that one man stepped in to change men’s fashion forever.

Beau Brummel was a suave middle class man with aspirations for greatness. He befriended the future King George IV while serving in the military, and as a result of his charming personality, gained great influence with little actual work. He was the first true dandy, spending several hours a day perfecting his dress, advising others to do the same. He is credited with creating the look of men’s fashion for the regency era: a dark, perfectly tailored jacket, contrasting pants paired with gleaming polished boots, and an exquisitely tied cravat. The look was simple, yet flawlessly executed, intended for everyday wear. In other words, you can thank Mr. Brummel for all of your Mr. Darcy fantasies. Formal (namely court) attire followed Brummel’s lead of simplicity and crisp tailoring, but called for matching trousers and jacket.

Throughout the 19th century, the formal and informal attires shifted and blended in various manners as clothing became more affordable, and therefore it was possible to have a more diverse range of formality in dress. A casual lounge suit was developed for sporting, with matching jacket and trousers made out of more relaxed fabrics. On the other end of the spectrum, a formal lounge suit was created, similar to what we think of today as a tuxedo, a level below the formality of white tie. Several other styles, such as the morning jacket, were created for the in-between levels of formality. By World War I, the short-jacketed business suit became the acceptable form of day wear for gentlemen, and the tuxedo gradually grew to be the acceptable attire for formal wear. While cuts have varied slightly throughout the years, the same general principals have been applied ever since.

For the history of neckties, read here.

Have a question about fashion history that you want answered in the next FRIDAY FASHION FACT? Just click the ASK button at the top of the page!

march horoscopes, 2015

aries- remember, sobriety is not just from chemicals. sometimes we need to get sober from people

taurus- they say home is where the heart is and the bar downtown is not your home

gemini- there’s someone waiting for you to stop dressing in secrets

cancer- it’s okay to say “we can try again”

leo- always remember drake is there for you if you need a shoulder to cry on

virgo- men will tell you that the things you love do not belong, but you are okay. you always have been

libra- you’re going to have to save yourself before someone else rescues you

scorpio- the next text you send should say “i’m so sorry, let me make this right”

sagittarius- the person you like will promise to like you even after you’ve told them all of your secrets

capricorn- do not say maybe if you want to say no

aquarius- stop being scared to be in love

pisces- you deserve better. and that’s it

Trans Men Positivity post!

You’re all amazing!
Your body is amazing!
You may be tiny, but you are as fierce as a warrior!
Your hair might be long now, but you can still look punk rock as hell.
Parents forcing you to wear clothes not for you to a party? It’s a disguise, and you look fucking gorgeous in it. 
You like dresses and heels? Makeup? Rock that shit, to strut your stuff, you’re the prettiest boy in the universe.
You’re a prince!
You’re a knight!
You’re a king!
And you should feel damn good about it.

  • Me: *sees agender support post*
  • Me: good shit
  • Post: protect agender GIRLS who wear dresses and wear WOMANLY makeup because they are WOMEN who are GIRLY because they're such FEMININE GIRLY WOMEN
  • Post: support agender BOYS who look like MEN and act like DUDES should because they're BROS and BOYS MANPOWER MENLY MEN
  • Post: *uses binary words and pronouns*
  • Post: *all aroud doesn't recognize agender as a valid gender*
  • Post: UwU
  • Me: bad shit. Bad shit right there.

Ballsy, barely clothed women now dominate the charts, but is it still really a man’s world, I wonder? “Yeah,because the music industry is dominated by men behind the scenes. And older men, too. You shouldn’t have to… I mean, sexy and all that is great to an extent, but you shouldn’t have to sexualise yourself to be selling music. I don’t know what’s happened. I’m sure some women are naturally like that. They objectify themselves because they want to be like that. Which is fine. No judgment at all. But sometimes it’s just unnecessary. If you’re dressing sexy, there’s a way to do it. If you are going to be explicit with your lyrics, dress differently. It’s a bit much at the moment, I feel. And I get women who say, ‘Why should men objectify me? Why can’t I go naked?’ Yeah. Do whatever you want. I just feel some of it is insincere, which is a little bit sad. I would never do something I didn’t want to do, or get told that’s the ‘lane’ to be in at the moment. The lane. Everyone is competing in the same lane. F­uck off, I’d rather be in my own lane.