all men can be husbands


Yet another Gay Marriage ad. From the British. So … ;) .. Omg I’m so happy for some reason. “All men can be husbands” is true! Amen to that. Thanks KATIE again for posting this awesome video!

stereoslut  asked:

I have to ask, do you genuinely support misandry? Because I will never be able to understand what makes that okay if misogyny is so wrong (which inherently it is). You have a husband; how can you hate all men if you are in love with one? I just don't understand why you can't support equal love for all genders instead of putting women on a pedestal and claiming they're superior, because the fact is in some ways they are not.

I’m not married to a man. All the men that I am close to seem to understand my distrust and my issues, that’s WHY I’m close to them, because they get it.

If I have to read another message about loving men, i swear…