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161021 ‘Books’ in Fukuoka Day 1 -  Yesung cried while singing the last song, Sky, because at the back, a Super Show video was shown. He said that he cried because he misses the members.

Yesung: “ My heart slightly felt like crying because a Super Show video was shown. It’s been so long since i’ve properly done a Super Show and did activities together with the members. Yes, i’m in a state where it feels like a long time since the members’ positions have been empty. That is why i always joke about the members, and asking to raise your hands if you are a fan of another member, things like that. If i make conversations that way, it is to express how i long for the members. Because i miss them.. “ (c)

fanpersoning replied to your post “While everyone is stoked over Perc’ahlia, I’m just like… where was…”

Matt said she went to sleep her injuries off iirc, but I’m worried with you :(


So she was alone at that moment.

I just want to know who Pike is in love with at this point just so I can stop worrying that other ships will break Pike’s heart.