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Seventeen and Rainy Days
  • Seungcheol: He would probably just beg you to go play out in the rain with him and force you to put on rain boots and splash in the puddle despite it pouring. You'd call him a child at heart. And he honestly wouldn't care and force you to dance in the rain with him, but you wouldn't really mind.
  • Jun: You two would probably be hanging out in a library and you'd be studying something boring which would drive him nuts inside but he just pretends it doesn't bother him, but he will just hum and stroke your hair as you read your study notes. A cute way to spend a rainy day.
  • Joshua: You and Joshua would just spend your day listening and cleaning to music. He would be playing his favorite songs with you and you'd just jump and dance around while cleaning the house. Earlier you were going to go shopping, but once it had started raining you knew today was the best day to start cleaning. He would just laugh and watch you, forgetting to clean, which would make you pout. But you love him anyway.
  • Jeonghan: On a rainy day you and Jeonghan would probably decide to chill in a room and read poems to one another. He would probably even write one about you, but joke around and not tell you what he wrote until he decides to take a nap, and you steal the poem to see all cutesy things, made for a perfect rainy day with you.
  • Hoshi: Hoshi wouldn't have been prepared for the rainy day, so you and him would've gotten all ready for a nice date and a walk in the town, but as soon as you two had begun walking and shopping, it would be pouring down rain, Hoshi would obviously be upset, but you would laugh and lead him into a store and chuckle, patting his shoulder and pecking him on the cheek, assuring him that you're still having an extravagant time, just no more window shopping.
  • Woozi: Woozi wouldn't really know what to do on a rainy day and it would drive you nuts. You'd want to go out and do something, like go to the movies and he would just giggle and shrug, saying he was going to stay inside all day. Eventually you get tired of it and you just drag him outside in the rain, thought you fail and you both fall onto the grass, getting mud all over your clothes. He wouldn't be amused.
  • Wonwoo: Wonwoo would probably take you to an aquarium while it was raining, he wasn't a large of fan of just staring at the rain so he would enjoy the sound of the rain against the roof while pointing at exotic sea animals. He would keep his arm around your shoulder to keep you close and he would ask you repeatedly if you're enjoying yourself. Truthfully you would be because you wouldn't really want to be standing outside just staring at the rain anyway.
  • Seungkwan: Seungkwan would just invite you over to stare out at the rain, which would bore you, but you wouldn't mind because as you're staring at the rain he would tell you stories and tell you things about you that he noticed the first time he met you. At the beginning you didn't really think that the day was going to go by fast and that you would be extremely bored but by the end, you were falling more in love with Seungkwan and you knew more about him than you ever thought you would.
  • The8: He wouldn't say much about the rainy day but invite you over for dinner and maybe a movie or two. You would be sitting at the dinner table as he hummed, making a great meal and pretending that you weren't there until the very last minute, when he set the food in front of you. He would watch you and wait for you to eat but you would just smile and listen to the rain, not saying anything but eating and listening. He would eventually sit beside you and make small talk, until you finally just kiss him and ask him to go out and dance in the rain with you.
  • Mingyu: Mingyu wouldn't know how to impress you on a date, but he would know how to impress you on a rainy day. He would invite you on a walk and just walk and chat with you for no reason while it was drizzling, trying to entertain you long enough before you begin to complain about how you're getting soaked. Mingyu had always wanted a rain kiss, so he would grasp your shoulders and lean down and kiss you. Little do you know you just made his year.
  • DK: You would invite him over just for some alone time, but he would demand to see your video game collection, claiming that rainy days were always boring. You would be slightly offended but allow him to go through your games when he finally tells you that you've got terrible games. You groan and open a closet, throwing a board game at him and telling him that that is what you'll be playing instead. He doesn't argue and you spend the whole day arguing about Monopoly.
  • Vernon: Vernon would be overly shy when it comes to you and making plans with you so when it rains on one of your dates, he grows nervous and retaliates with having a movie at his house and making nice snacks. Though he's extremely friendly with you, you can't help but notice how cute he looks when he's worried, glancing over at you every other minute hoping you're enjoying your time with him. At the end of the date he would peck your lips quickly and notice that the rain had stopped.
  • Dino: Dino would ask you to go swimming that day and laugh at your response of you telling him about the rain. He wouldn't mind about it and take you swimming at a public pool anyway, and splash you to confuse you on whether or not it was the rain. He would try to make the date as fun as possible and enjoy his time with you even if the rain was trying to ruin it.

【Five nights at freddy's】
☆1-year anniversary(Aug, 8th)☆
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Congratulations on the 1-year anniversary!
I was able to meet many people because there was FNAF. I love this game forever‼︎
I will come to like other anime and games and so on from now on. But, I’ll never forget FNAF!
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Imagine: Seventeen as Teachers

Imagine: Seventeen as teachers • Jeonghan would be the art teacher that everyone has a crush on • seungkwan’s the drama teacher cause he’s divaboo ofc • Joshua’s the rlly cute english teacher • Jun’s that one math teacher that everyone thinks is gonna be really mean and strict but he’s actually a really nice teacher (and also vry hot) • Woozi is the music teacher thats hard on you so you can get better • Seokmin is the chem teacher thats really funny and nice and you look forward to his class • Hoshi’s the extra curriculum dance teacher that really should be on stage but all he wants is to have fun and be with the kool kids • Wonwoo’s the physics teacher cause everyone hates physics but the teacher always makes up for it - Mingyu’s the sex ed teacher that keeps on trying to impress wonwoo with his sex knowledge but wonwoo doesnt really give a crap - dino’s the fun gym teacher everyone loves and encourages you to do your best ( ^ u ^)–b - minghao’s the very nice and kind librarian that you dont really talk to but once u get to know them they’re super fun and cool and are totally not who you think they are o _ o - scoups is the outdoor ed teacher that is WAYY too hyped for hikes like whoa buddy chill - yo vernon’s probably that really young substitute that everyone likes more than the actual teacher - Admin K ╰( ˵•̀ ‿ •́˵)━☆゚.*・。゚

Exo reaction to you telling them you’re pregnant after they ask your hand in marriage

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Xiumin: *after taking you to your favorite coffee shop* “ahem….listen, i really like you, and i can’t imagine spending the rest of my life with anyone else, so….will you marry me?” *innocently takes a sip of his drink*

You: Yes!!!! I thought you’d never ask! And with the baby on the way….

Xiumin: *chokes on the drink and almost kills himself* “B-B-BABY????????”

Luhan: *pulls you aside and looks deep into your eyes after a date* “Please, will you be my wife and let me love you? I’ll be your man and protect you forever”

You: Before I can say anything, I have to let you know…….I’m pregnant. And it’s yours.

*a few days after*

You: So why were you speechless after I told you about the baby?

Luhan: *gif*

Kris: *starts off confident* “jagiya will you take my hand in marriahahah” *transforms into a dork*

you: oh my god…kris….i’m kinda pregnant…

Kris: “wait…’re wHAT? Kinda pregnant? What does that even mean?”

Suho: “Um….I really like you. Actually, no, I don’t like you. I love you. A lot. More than I’ve ever loved anybody else before. So….will you be mine? I promise to spoil you and cherish you and protect you forever.” *blushes so hard he looks like a tomato*

You: Yes, oh my god, yes! But Suho…I feel really guilty. Right now is probably a good time, so here goes. We’re going to have a kid together.

Suho: *thinking to himself* Wat. Another kid. Are you joking right now? I already have to look after these eleven idiots, please I don’t think my brain can take anymore.

Lay: *shows up at your doorstep with flowers* “If you say yes to me, I’ll treat you like a princess and bring you flowers everyday. What do you say?

You: I’m sorry, I should have told you this before, but….I’m pregnant…with your baby.

Lay: Huh?? What is this? Why didn’t you tell me before? This is a big deal!!

Baekhyun: *talking to his band members* Hehehehe when she walks by, we’ll lift up the blaket and scream “SUPRISE!” Trust me, she’ll love it. She’s definitely going to say yes.

You: *after getting surprised and almost having a heart attack* Baekhyunnie, don’t do that! What if something happened to the baby?

Baekhyun: *flabbergasted Baek* (Bonus: awkward and confused band members)

Chen: “No matter how hard my life becomes, you’re always there to help me. I can get through anything as long as you’re there with me. That’s why I want to be with you and only you for the rest of my life. Will you…say yes?

You: I…I’m not sure how you’re going to take this news, but……Chen, we’re going to have a baby together.

Chen: *spends the next three days sitting in front of the computer learning nursery rhymes to sing to his baby*

Chanyeol: *suddenly gets down on one knee in the middle of your date* “Will you marry me? I love you so much, so please, will you accept me? I’ll give you everything you want.”

You: I don’t know if I can accept….I have a baby…

Chanyeol: Jagiya! I’ll love the baby more than I love you, it doesn’t matter to me. Please, come back!

DO: “Aish, why do you have to be so cute? You make me so happy, jagiya. Will you let me return the favor? I want to make you smile everyday, just like how you make me smile, so… will you be my wife?

You: I’ll be your wife if you agree to help me raise our child.

DO: Wha….what did she say? Raise a child? I can’t raise a child…that was never part of my idol training! Why is this happening?

Tao: *pulls out a white rose from behind his back while you two are walking* “I know flowers aren’t the best symbols for love because they wither, but I honestly couldn’t find anything better to symbolize your beauty. I want to keep you with me forever, my sweet rose. I promise I won’t let our love wither.

You: Tao, I have to confess something. I have a baby. It’s yours. You’re going to be a father.

Tao: Are you telling me that I have a kid who is going to beat me up and abuse me everyday?

Kai: “If I show you what real fireflies look like will you marry me?” (Oh god Anterograde Tomorrow feels I’m so sorry)

You: Kai, that was beautiful, but I can do this anymore. I can’t keep it in. I….I’m pregnant.

Kai: Yoo I’m outta here I’m not ready for this type of commitment. Peace out peasants.

Sehun: Jagiya~you’ve been waiting for a long time, right? You don’t have to wait any longer. I want to make you my one and only, right now. 

You: I want to make you mine, too! Sehun…. will you be the father of my unborn child?

Sehun: Wait what??? A child?? I can’t take care of no child man I’m still just a kid myself! 

EXO reaction to their girlfriend wanting to meet his family

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Xiumin: “i don’t know we can go if you want to, when shall we go tho?” 

Luhan: “sorry I’m eating i can’t talk right now” *puts food in his mouth*

Kris: “i got people to meet places to go, you know I’m too busy making SM jealous of this multitalented idol” *points to himself* 

Suho: “what do you think? OF COURSE!!! lets go right now but first lets go to paris” 

Lay: * thinks “i have no idea what she said so I’m just going to make a face and hope she understands”* out loud: you want to go to a gay bar?i guess why not…”  

Baekhyun: “ok u can go” you: “you u have to come with me” “ok..maybe later”

later: “surprise!” *he brings his parents to u instead*

Chen: *before you ask the question to him* “Quick DO, help me out! Act like we are practicing” *your baekhyun* 

Chanyeol: “OMG OMG omigosh! i thought i would have to ask u! I’m soo glad both of us are on the same page in our relationship! isn’t that soo cool that u said what i was thinking we are like a true couple!!!” *fangirling mode on* 

DO: *already sitting in the car* “honey I’m wayyy ahead of u” 

Tao: “its going to be a long plane ride are you sure your up for it?” *dirty tao*

Kai: “Say hello to him, he’s part of my family! there honey u met my family” 

Sehun: “awww you are soo cute but i tell u when things will happen around here”