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Exo reaction to you telling them you’re pregnant after they ask your hand in marriage

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Xiumin: *after taking you to your favorite coffee shop* “ahem….listen, i really like you, and i can’t imagine spending the rest of my life with anyone else, so….will you marry me?” *innocently takes a sip of his drink*

You: Yes!!!! I thought you’d never ask! And with the baby on the way….

Xiumin: *chokes on the drink and almost kills himself* “B-B-BABY????????”

Luhan: *pulls you aside and looks deep into your eyes after a date* “Please, will you be my wife and let me love you? I’ll be your man and protect you forever”

You: Before I can say anything, I have to let you know…….I’m pregnant. And it’s yours.

*a few days after*

You: So why were you speechless after I told you about the baby?

Luhan: *gif*

Kris: *starts off confident* “jagiya will you take my hand in marriahahah” *transforms into a dork*

you: oh my god…kris….i’m kinda pregnant…

Kris: “wait…’re wHAT? Kinda pregnant? What does that even mean?”

Suho: “Um….I really like you. Actually, no, I don’t like you. I love you. A lot. More than I’ve ever loved anybody else before. So….will you be mine? I promise to spoil you and cherish you and protect you forever.” *blushes so hard he looks like a tomato*

You: Yes, oh my god, yes! But Suho…I feel really guilty. Right now is probably a good time, so here goes. We’re going to have a kid together.

Suho: *thinking to himself* Wat. Another kid. Are you joking right now? I already have to look after these eleven idiots, please I don’t think my brain can take anymore.

Lay: *shows up at your doorstep with flowers* “If you say yes to me, I’ll treat you like a princess and bring you flowers everyday. What do you say?

You: I’m sorry, I should have told you this before, but….I’m pregnant…with your baby.

Lay: Huh?? What is this? Why didn’t you tell me before? This is a big deal!!

Baekhyun: *talking to his band members* Hehehehe when she walks by, we’ll lift up the blaket and scream “SUPRISE!” Trust me, she’ll love it. She’s definitely going to say yes.

You: *after getting surprised and almost having a heart attack* Baekhyunnie, don’t do that! What if something happened to the baby?

Baekhyun: *flabbergasted Baek* (Bonus: awkward and confused band members)

Chen: “No matter how hard my life becomes, you’re always there to help me. I can get through anything as long as you’re there with me. That’s why I want to be with you and only you for the rest of my life. Will you…say yes?

You: I…I’m not sure how you’re going to take this news, but……Chen, we’re going to have a baby together.

Chen: *spends the next three days sitting in front of the computer learning nursery rhymes to sing to his baby*

Chanyeol: *suddenly gets down on one knee in the middle of your date* “Will you marry me? I love you so much, so please, will you accept me? I’ll give you everything you want.”

You: I don’t know if I can accept….I have a baby…

Chanyeol: Jagiya! I’ll love the baby more than I love you, it doesn’t matter to me. Please, come back!

DO: “Aish, why do you have to be so cute? You make me so happy, jagiya. Will you let me return the favor? I want to make you smile everyday, just like how you make me smile, so… will you be my wife?

You: I’ll be your wife if you agree to help me raise our child.

DO: Wha….what did she say? Raise a child? I can’t raise a child…that was never part of my idol training! Why is this happening?

Tao: *pulls out a white rose from behind his back while you two are walking* “I know flowers aren’t the best symbols for love because they wither, but I honestly couldn’t find anything better to symbolize your beauty. I want to keep you with me forever, my sweet rose. I promise I won’t let our love wither.

You: Tao, I have to confess something. I have a baby. It’s yours. You’re going to be a father.

Tao: Are you telling me that I have a kid who is going to beat me up and abuse me everyday?

Kai: “If I show you what real fireflies look like will you marry me?” (Oh god Anterograde Tomorrow feels I’m so sorry)

You: Kai, that was beautiful, but I can do this anymore. I can’t keep it in. I….I’m pregnant.

Kai: Yoo I’m outta here I’m not ready for this type of commitment. Peace out peasants.

Sehun: Jagiya~you’ve been waiting for a long time, right? You don’t have to wait any longer. I want to make you my one and only, right now. 

You: I want to make you mine, too! Sehun…. will you be the father of my unborn child?

Sehun: Wait what??? A child?? I can’t take care of no child man I’m still just a kid myself!