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ok so “obliviate” from hp7 pt ii soundtrack came up on shuffle on spotify and i just had this vivid mental image

it’s the beginning of queen of air and darkness and jia is giving a speech about the tragedy of what happened to livvy and calling shadowhunters to union and joining forces with fellow downworlders (but of course that isn’t happening bc of the cohort kinda reminds me of rufus scrimgeour on hp7) and then while the song is playing there’s a supercut of each of the blackthorns (im assuming they are still in idris): first drusilla putting tavvy to sleep after he had a nightmare and then walking up to the mirror, she starts crying and sobbing at how much she reminds herself of her sister like physically and how she’s always gonna have to live with that. then it cuts to kit looking super haunted stopping short on the doorstep of ty’s room where ty’s staring out the window hollow-eyed and numb from all the pain he’s feeling for losing the other part of him; and after that we have an image of a memorial to livvy in the accords hall, with pictures and flowers and candles and helen is there kneeling and crying and putting some flowers close to livvy’s photograph, fingers trembling stroking across the picture; mark standing next to her, looking at the photo and then at the sky, eyes filled with sorrow; cristina walking up to him, taking his hand, pressing her forehead into his shoulder, trying to pass to him just a little bit of her faith. then, we have emma, in this cut it’s night and it’s raining, she’s on top of one of the demon towers, with cortana in one hand, feeling the rain pour down on her, like the fierce warrior, avenging guardian angel she is, bitches, thinking about just how she’s gonna make motherfuckers suffer for what happened to livvy. at last, cuts to julian, on top of the other demon tower, running one hand over livvy’s saber, then looking up with the darkest look in his eyes, that darkness mingled with guilt and pain and wrath, turning his back and walking away, at the same time as emma, and we see them going opposite directions in the final cut. 


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our tiny smol has arrived at the jungle 😣💓💓💓

But you know what I really love about Sense8 it’s how they not only love each other so much but it bleeds into their connections with how they feel about people outside of the cluster. 

You see it in RIley’s look of pure affection when she see’s Amanita’s face for the first time. How she’s a bit of awe because this is the person who makes Nomi feel beautiful and like the sun is touching her face. You see it in how Wolfgang bleeds into Nomi’s speech about her sister. How he will destroy anyone who hurt’s his family and by extension that now includes anyone his cluster loves. You see it with how they war with sun’s emotions in regards to her brother. How Will knows that she’s feeling conflicted how she wants to be able to keep old promises, how Sun is many things but heartless has never been one of them. How Wolfgang wants to kill him for her because he’s hurt her too far. How Capheus is so excited to see Detective Mun because he’s expressing the part of Sun that wanted to believe in this person, that wanted to believe that someone who owed her nothing would help her. 

it’s so absolutely beautiful.

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