all male panel

CBC’s panel for the Ontario election consisted entirely of white, men.

This is in one of Canada’s most racially diverse provinces too. Plus where are the women (they make up half the population)?

CBC needs to do better than this, and sadly they’ve been holding these ‘manels’ for a long time. I’m a white man and even I’m getting tired of this kind of thing. Diversity matters and representation matters.

I want to hear the viewpoints of people that don’t look like me. I want to hear the viewpoints of people with different lived experience than my own. I want to hear the view points of racialized Canadians and Women. 

I’ve learned more about this country and social inequalities (such as systemic racism and rape culture) by following people of colour (and in particular women of colour) and women on twitter and tumblr than I ever have by hearing the same viewpoints given by the same middle aged white men on CBC’s panels.

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Can u talk abt what a left wing + feminist partner who is abusive would be like? Like how one could know their partner was abusive if they were also a feminist and left wing and the sjw type in general...?

Joss Whedon would be the perfect example honestly. For years Joss Whedon has been lauded as a “feminist” and his work praised for “how well he treats his female characters.” I have a hard time believing that anyone who has an ounce of awareness and actually looked into his words vs his behavior and his media would say the same. Why? Because it doesn’t add up. 

Look at his work instead of his words and lip service to feminism. From all the way back to Buffy and Angel, there have been some seriously fucked up ideas, plot lines, characters, and Whedon’s own identification with and praise of said characters. Buffy says “I love you” to someone who tries to rape her, said rapist has a redemption arc as if rape is no big deal, ultimatums from men who are the problem in the first place, Xander, etc. you get the point. 

If you’re dating a left wing dude and his words don’t match his behavior, that is a problem and a big red flag. 

Some things I have seen from left wing men and how to tell if they’re fake af:

  • They, like Whedon, play lip service to feminism and social justice causes in general. He may say he’s for women’s rights, but what does he do? Create a show in the 90′s and never move forward?
  • Their activism is performative, i.e. virtue signaling, they want cookies for posting about violence against women on Facebook, but they don’t do anything else
  • They speak or act as if they are different instead of acknowledging we are all learning
  • They promote the parts of feminism that benefit them or work for them and ignore the parts that do not serve their interests, i.e. see porn and prostitution
  • They compromise on women’s rights and fail to see or care about intersections, i.e. capitalism and class is more important than feminism because it includes men
  • They do not believe in or compromise on abortion as a social justice cause, but bodily autonomy is a sacred right for men
  • They accept positions where they do not belong, i.e. an all male panel talking about anything related to women’s issues without a single woman present
  • They focus their energy on talking down to women instead of facing other men

Characteristics of abusive leftist men:

  • They ignore women’s boundaries, they worm their way into communities where they do not belong, set up shop, and divide women, i.e. men do not belong in communities of rape survivors, they should not be positioning themselves as someone to look up to in these communities, they should not be encouraging women to trust them and distrust those women who do not trust men, etc.
  • They abuse behind closed doors and use their public reputation and behaviors to their advantage, i.e. see current events now with Weinsten and idiots with “but he promoted women in film”
  • They have double standards, especially women it comes to social justice and anger. They try to use this anger against you
  • They use their progressiveness in other areas as a shield for poor behavior or they compare to other men to let you know you could have it worse. Be careful of men who speak the language, but do not walk the talk
  • They are entitled, they still believe women “owe them” sex. Sexual liberation for many left wing men only means fucking as many men as you want and not the option of saying “no”
  • They just “don’t understand because you won’t tell them” even though you’ve already told them 10 million times, aka women’s issues are women’s fault and responsibility to fix
  • They, often gleefully, use sexism and misogyny against women they do not like or disagree with, especially politically 
  • They place you on a pedestal or seem to separate women into groups of those they respect and those they don’t, aka madonna vs whore complex
  • Their friends are abusive, rapists, or misogynists 
  • They act as an authority on feminism or social justice causes, i.e. if you disagree, he’s always right. They cannot listen to those they supposedly care about
  • They use male privilege and power to denounce women they disagree with in stereotypical ways, i.e. she’s just crazy, mean, etc. 
  • They play the victim when held accountable

I’m sure there are many more, but this is long enough. The history of leftist men and leftist movements is rife with abuse and misogyny. Do not assume that because a man is progressive or open about social justice he cannot be abusive. I recommend looking into these movements and the prominent male figures involved as well as reading the section on types of abusers, especially those of The Victim and Mr. Sensitive, in “Why Does He Do That”

October 15th...

On This Day in Herstory, October 15th 1991 the Senate confirmed Clarence Thomas to the Supreme Court in a 52-48 vote, even after he had been accused of sexual harassment. 

This story may sound familiar, because Brett Kavanaugh was just confirmed to the Supreme Court, even after he was accused of sexual assault. These are the similarities between the two events. Two judges, two professors, twenty seven years, and an unfaltering contempt for women throughout. 

Both Anita Hill and Christine Blasey-Ford were university professors who initially made their accusations against a Supreme Court nominee confidentially or anonymously, but were then driven by a sense of duty to come forward and speak out against the men who abused them.

In July 2018, Ford accused a drunken, 17-year-old Kavanaugh of attempting to rape her when she was 15, and they were at a house party; she told her story in a letter to her congresswoman who shared it with a member of the Judiciary Committee. Two months later the letter was given to the FBI. Ford went public in an interview, and offerered more details to corroborate her story.

In September 1991, Hill’s story came about as part of a private interview with the FBI, who were asking for details of working conditions with Thomas. She accused Thomas of sexually harassing her and creating a hostile work environment that lasted several years. Hill’s interview was leaked to the press, and in October 1991 she was called to testify.

Both women were questioned by all-male GOP Senators.

Both women were accused of suffering from mental illness or delusions, or making the stories up entirely for their own gain.

Ford provided notes from a 2012 therapy session where she talked about Kavanaugh attacking her; she even brought the results of a polygraph test that showed she was not lying. But she was challenged on her recollection of key details about the incident, like the location of the attack, or why she had waited so long to come forward.

Hill was pressed on the sexually explicit details of her encounters with Thomas, and they sought to undermine her at every turn. They wanted to know why she did not report the harassment, or why she took another job under his supervision. They pointed to a time when Hill drove Thomas to the airport as her consent in the whole situation, or her lying about the harassment.

Both women were poised, calm, and collected.

Both of their attackers cried, yelled, and were generally hostile.

Both women watched as these men were confirmed to the Supreme Court despite their testimonies.

Kavanaugh was confirmed in a 50 to 48 vote.

Thomas was confirmed in a 52 to 48 vote.  

After Hill’s testimony the image of an all-white, all-male panel had a lasting impact on the makeup of congress.  

1992 was coined the “Year of the Woman,” as a result of the record-shattering number of women who ran for and won seats in Congress. Twenty-four women were elected to the House of Representatives for the first time, and the number of female Senators went from two to six.

2018 is set to become another “Year of the Woman.” 256 women have won primaries to advance to the congressional general elections in November.

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Fox News assembled a panel Tuesday to talk about Donald Trump’s problem with women voters – a panel composed entirely of old white dudes.

Pointing out that women will make up 54 percent of the electorate come November, “Happening Now” host Gregg Jarrett announced the results of a recent poll showing only 30 percent of Trump supporters are women.

“Do you think some of his verbal attacks on women have cost him among women?” he asked panelists Douglas Schoen, a former adviser to President Bill Clinton, and conservative columnist Cal Thomas.

Thomas took issue with the very notion that women share interests when they walk into the voting booth.

“One of the things that concerns me is this talk about women’s issues as if women are a monolith – as if they all think alike or should think alike,” Thomas said. “Women care about basically the same things men care about – health care, the economy and the rest.”

It’s no doubt true that women voters share concerns with the broader electorate. But it’s also true that some issues are of particular salience to women in a society where they are paid less than men and have a harder time accessing health care and child care than their counterparts in other countries.

Had Fox News bothered to include a woman on the panel, she might have pointed that out.

This lack of self-awareness is astounding.

Congratulations!  You have an all male Commencement panel at the Cleveland Institute of Music 2015!  Not only that, for a program that has a heavily nonwhite population, every single speaker was an old white dude talking about how his luck (re:  privilege) put him in the right place at the right time whenever it mattered!