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Dear boys,

I am so sorry for all of the negative stuff you deal with.I am sorry that people treat positivity aimed at you as a joke. You are so much more than What everyone on here says about you. You are handsome, and frames ranging from tiny to enormous are manly as hell. Your emotions and opinions are valid. Whatever it is you wear looks great, just like your hair, whatever the length or texture or color. You are all wonderful and I love you.

He wasn’t used to go out partying anymore, but after the week he had - and he upsetting news from his facebook page this afternoon, Adam was done. So when the sun went down, he left campus, looking for a place where the music was too loud to hear his own thoughts and the alcohol wouldn’t let him think at all. After god knows how many shots, he went to the dance floor, moving to the beat, and it didn’t take long before he found himself grinding against someone, his hands on the man’s waist as he pulled the stranger closer when he saw his lips moving “What?” he all but screamed leaning in “I can’t hear you!” he said as the new song starter, with a lower build up, and he smiled embarassedly “You said something?”

Inopportune Rut (Open to Betas and Omegas)

Dillon squirmed in his seat, the professor’s lecture about coding and password security falling on deaf ears. His rut had started that morning and had only intensified as the day went on. He only needed to get through this class and then he could go back to his apartment and take the edge off. Inhaling, he got a whiff of the student next to him and involuntarily shivered.

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Intro|| Daniel

The young man rushed forward, hurrying through the crowd with a cup of coffee in hand before he suddenly bumped into the other individual and immediately squeaked. “Ah… Sorry.” He signed, bowing his head to see the rather nice stain on the other’s shirt. “… Sorry...”