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Gentle reminder that yes, Riku was able to conquer his darkness in contrast to Terra, but while Riku has been forced to use his darkness to fight his friends, Terra was forced to use it to save his friends.

Riku grew into his darkness and embraced it willingly, in that way he had way more control over it. Terra on the other hand struggled with it, having been told all his life that darkness is bad and then suddenly it’s the only thing he can use to save Ven, and later on, Aqua. This internal struggle is exactly what Xehanort used to get into Terra. So by no means does that mean that Riku is better or stronger, their situations are simply fundamentally different.

No me malinterpretes, sé que no hay un mañana, lo único que pido es que si esta es mi última noche contigo abrázame como si fuéramos más que solo amigos, dame un recuerdo que pueda llevar, toma mi mano mientras hacemos lo que los amantes hacen. Me importa mucho como esto termine porque… ¿qué pasa si no puedo volver a amar?
—  All I ask- Adele 

These shots are the most beautiful scenes I’ve seen this month and Van smiling so nice here while greeting the fans. Very very emotional moment @Victoria Warehouse last night😍 (09/11/16) ~


YOU HAVE BEEN WORKIN SO HARD- also I heard about ur nature pain madam.. that is why U R TOTALLY DESERVE TO BE TUCKED IN A SUSHI BLANKET BURRITO!! ✨✨

plus hav ur sons take care of u cuz they lov u~ u3u ❤


Kakashi shows up and jokes about his cute little team congratulating him  on his Hokagedom with a hug but DOESN’T EXPECT THEM ALL TO ACTUALLY HUG HIM. Sasuke is giving him a stealth!hug from behind. If Kakashi turns around he’ll jutsu outta there. Sakura got in there first tho’ she was super fast like ‘aww yeah excuse to hug da sensei’. Naruto’s trying to steal his hat. :)

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Holy!! Can I tell you how much I love you? Your story jeanmarcoeren from the ask is great! Will there be more? Lots of hugs to you!!! <3

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Tell me how much you love me all you want, you sweet lil thing! I’m happy you enjoyed my freshest shenanigans, let me tell you it was a lot of fun coming up with this one.
I think this one will stay a standalone piece but no worries, there’s a lot of interesting prompts still in my inbox and I will always come back to kinky EreJeanMarco things!

I’ve been feeling productive so I’m taking a picture of myself

Ascendant Alternate Universe

The ascendant, Al’Zahar, is an imposing figure with the head of an ibis, clawed limbs and clothes and arms adorned with ostrich feathers. An advisor to emperors spanning generations, he is an age old being of great knowledge, wisdom, order and truth. He was granted ascension so he might serve the empire until all returns to dust, as they considered his gifts invaluable to the empire success in the future.

In his youth, he was a gifted seer and vizier to Shuriman emperors. He worked in the great halls, writing his visions into various tomes used to help guide the kingdom through trialling times. These tomes are usually privy to only the Emperor and the higher ups of the court, due to their importance and lack of copies.

Amongst his tomes are also recounts of troubling things he has seen in his dreams, such as beings of a thousand mouths and a thousand eyes. As well as research on these creatures and their realm. These particular tomes are kept within his private library so to not have them bring fear to the public, however they did come to light and the information utilised in the war against Icathia.

He was presumed lost to the otherworldly monstrosities when the Ascendant host clashed against them and Icathia. In truth, his visions were further exposed to horrific sights and he took to self-imposed isolation so that he might make sense of them– and plan for the days when they would come true.


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To Believe In A Dream

Fic Request: Lydia and Stiles are now married and its their first night as s married couple. Smut would be nice.

Rating: MA

Genre: Established Relationship, Romance, Smut

Author: reportergirl13

Part of the Where I Feel At Home series

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hey everyone !! i’ve never rly seen plus size fc masterlists around, and as a plus size girl myself i feel like we definitely need more representation in the rpc, so under the cut you’ll find 36 plus size fcs under 40. hope u enjoy !! this list will be updated in the future.

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Imaginary Friend

Summary: Everyone always though that Stanley’s only friend was his brother. But they didn’t know about the friendly triangle man that used to visits his dreams.

A quick little snippet before we all die tonight!

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