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Dear everyone, there is a common misconception.

People often confuse the words Respect and Understanding together. To roughly define these words (in this context), Understanding things, is when you, on a personal level, understand how a person feels, whereas Respect is when you don’t understand, but still respect the persons wishes.

An example: I love hugging people, and I have a friend who also loves hugging people!! But sometimes, they do not like getting hugs. I Understand always wanting hugs, but I don’t Understand NOT wanting hugs. I Respect that they do not always want hugs.

Understanding something and Respecting something are two different things, so try not to confuse them!!


Okay so I promised that I’d add them all together and link them to the fanfic that it goes with. So here’s the GTA AU fic:

Brush The Dirt Off Your Knees [Rated Ex]

Yes, there’s a reason why some are ‘better than others’ (It’s name being Felix got creative with Locus’ and Sharkface painted both his own and Wash’s. You should all fear the plain one thou, Felix is fucking nuts)