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So after watching @therealjacksepticeye‘s let’s play of Night In The Woods I got inspired by Mae and decided to start my own journal. It was all black so I *just had* to make some stickers for it. I think I’ll make some more of them soon, but for now that’s something like a start, just to feel that this thing is really mine and only mine. I’m looking forward to write in it, draw, make some notes etc. and I’m so happy I finally managed to get a journal, cause I’ve been planning to get one for a long, long time. But here it is finally and everything just because of little Mae ^^


Considering I adore the Don’t Panic album & era, I made some Alex Gaskarth icons that are pulled from the music videos. The first one is a mint/teal blue color and it does have white splatter as the rest do, it’s just light colored and you can’t entirely see them but they are there. Anyway, enjoy these! - merrikk (like & reblog if you save / use please!!)

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