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I honestly think it’s ridiculous that DC has yet to declare so much as 1 human Green Lantern pansexual. Like, are you honestly trying to tell me that these men who spend a majority of their time on foreign planets, interacting with species who most likely do not fall within the gender binary, NEVER EVER experience attraction towards ANY of these people?

I suppose one would want context for this.

There were was this post going around about how John Stewart became a Star Sapphire but his costume was basically the same as his Green Lantern Uniform

“Why would that cause hubub?” one may ask. After all, when characters go through changes it tends to be that elements of their original look remains the same.

Well, it’s becuase it seemed a little suspicious becuase the Star Sapphires seem to be traditionally an all-female lantern corps whose primary emotional core is love (Of course, because love is such an exclusively female thing, amirite? Ahhh, the sexist old days.).

And becuase these are superhero comics the Star Sapphires tend to be, well….



Less Modest.

Could be chalked up to just John Stewart already having a uniform so the Star Sapphire outfit was just using that as a base… I mean, it happened to Guy Gardner

Surely it has to do with having a previously established costume, righ-?


I mean, in comparison it is barely any worse than her traditional outfit but it is more overtly sexual in its design and Guy and John didn’t go through such radical thematic changes. I call foul. Also, great job, DC on being thoroughly incapable of distinguishing “Love” from “Lust”. I mean why else would they make the all female lantern corps focused on “Love” all scantily-clad?

And look, 

Abraham Pointe, A dude who is exclusively Star Sapphire and he’s as fully clothed as any other superhero dude. Welcome to the pattern

DC dun effed up, yo.

If they were going to go with this whole “Skimpy Star Sapphire” thing then it should be a rule across the board, should it not? Why should guys be the exception? 

I mean besides the obvious reasons of pandering to straight dudes’ sexual appetites rather than do something that’s right or makes sense.