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a lot of things are very complicated right now, but thank you all for your kind words and your wonderful support; it makes me happy to know that there are those who genuinely enjoy my work, especially in times like these. thank you.


It is my birthday today and I want to say that I have never been so happy, not just because another wonderful year has passed, but because this year was one of the best years of my life! This was the year I chose happiness, and happiness chose me as well. This year I discovered kpop and my sweethearts exo, shinee, nct, twice, got7, bts and all the rest. Most importantly, this year I made so many beautiful mutuals who I also consider very good friends. I want to thank you all for being so kind and so wonderful. You have made me happier than you can imagine!

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So a few days ago...

I made a post on twitter about a little thing that happened to me while cleaning you may have seen it on twitter..
and it kinda like, blew up…

Leading to fans

Many skeptics

Alex fucking Hirsch liked it, so of course I drew him a Mabel ditto

I drew another of her essential look

And used the power of a dumb viral tweet to share positivity with hundreds of people.

And by god it actually was featured by twitter on their “Twitter Moments”

This silly post I made on a whim touched over 1.5 million people (according to twitter analytics). Was shared by thousands, and liked by even more.

She made not only other peoples days brighter, but mine as well seeing people react to such a genuinely pure and kind hearted post!

She truly thanks all of you for your kind words and she hopes you have a wonderful day!

-Love, WigDitto Dana and @Doodlefrog (Also known as Savannahfaerie)

As I was re-watching one piece film z I remembered why Brook is one of the most beautiful Strawhat members:

he’s protecting his captain from the rain, but he’s so tall and the umbrella wouldn’t reach Luffy, so he BENDS DOWN IN ORDER TO COVER HIM.



He’s already dead tho… yohoho

And then they just walk off like that, with Brook holding up the umbrella for the future pirate king like nothing, because he’s such a wonderful skeleton and HE CARES FOR HIS CAPTAIN HEALTH, GOSH NO DROP WOULD DARE TOUCH HIS CAPTAIN’S FAIR SKIN FIGHT HIM !!!!


The 3 guys Steve enlists to help him and Diana are a Scotsman with PTSD, a Moroccan who says at one point that he wants to be an actor but he is “the wrong color”, and a Native American man who tells of the tragedies that have befallen his people at the hands of Steve’s and this is just one of the things that makes this movie so important. It doesn’t just address sexist issues but all kinds of issues of inequality and injustice.

the thing I love most about the Justice League in Young Justice is that in the first episode of yj the ENTIRE FUCKING LEAGUE came to chew out the kids.

like all 16 members, superhero powerhouses of the likes of Superman and Wonder Woman, aliens and gods, flew/hitched a ride all the way to some random building downtown to see Batman chew out 4 kids, which were supposed to be 3 kids because Superboy was a surprise disobedient child

like these are literal guardians of the earth and they were all like ‘okay we’re done with the crisis of the day, let’s go see the Bats rip some kids apart for not following his orders’ even the none flying superheroes were like ‘yo lantern give us a ride we can’t miss this’


Spikers are all different. Once you’re able to bring out 100% of the strengths of each and every one of them, that’s when you’ll be a true setter.

—happy birthday to the amazing mish @tobiohchan


okay so this got out of hand but anyway


everyone bonds over how bad joey is with his damn budget

Just while I am talking about how wonderful and amazing my followers and friends are, it’s recently been brought to my attention, that some people are buying multiple pre-order pdf copies of Hunger Pangs via my patreon by upping their subscription, then sending me messages going “hey I know you don’t have a $15 reward tier but can this count for 3 copies” to which I reply, yes, of course, assuming they wanted to buy copies for friends not on tumblr. Which cool, awesome! Thank you for buying those extra pre-orders and not just emailing the book to your friends when you’re done with it or putting it up on a torrent site*. That is amazingly kind and thoughtful of you <3

And then I started getting a few messages, asking if they could give their copy of Hunger Pangs away. And I was like “oh, you don’t want to keep your pre-order? Uh, I mean, I can refund you if you don’t want it” and they said “oh. no, no. I’m still buying your book for ME.“ and then explained in detail, that they want to give an extra copy of the patreon book away to someone who couldn’t afford to buy it themselves, or who couldn’t safely have openly queer fiction on their kindle/amazon purchase history in case their family saw it and…this has happened multiple times. I have had multiple messages from at least 12 people asking me, “hey, if I buy an extra copy of your book, can you give it away to someone who can’t afford it?”

And I’m just…you guys are just…so…I can’t even with how good and kind and wonderful you all are sometimes. I really can’t. You’re amazing. Not only because you are thinking of me and helping me to survive using my words, but because you are thinking of others and going “hey, I bet someone could use a happy queer story about love with vampires, werewolves and punching undead fascists in the face right about now” like, what kind of honest to goodness Saints are you. 

Thank you. 

I really cannot express how wonderful this whole experience has been for me. I never thought I’d write a book. I thought I might try, but I never thought in a million years it would be something people would be interested in, let alone want to share with others. And just…thank you. From the depths of my humbled and terrified little heart. Thank you.

And thank you for giving me the opportunity to give multiple copies of my book away for “free” to those who couldn’t afford it, or couldn’t safely own a physical or kindle copy. I’m sure it will mean a lot to the person who gets it. And if you want to do the give away yourself or if you want me to organize a mass give away post or something, please, let me know. I am more than happy to do so.

Just. ugh. UGH. You guys. I didn’t expect to spend my night crying over how good and wonderful people are and yet here we are. Thank you. 

(*please don’t do that. Like for real, please don’t put ANY author’s work up on a torrent site, this is partly why publishers are charging insane prices for e-books now, to make up for lost sales and also cutting back on the number of physical copies they order. Which means fewer sales cause who the hell wants to pay $17.99 for an e-book, especially when you have so many people throwing fiction up on amazon for less than a dollar, forcing the rest of us to sell 60k novels for 99 cents to compete with them. And just to give you an idea of how harmful this is, even pricing HPangs at $5.99 on amazon, I am selling at a loss for how many hours I put into it. It works out at nowhere even near minimum wage, but I know the current market and my own limits, and there’s no way I could charge more than that in good faith. So please, support authors and artists and don’t fucking torrent shit, or if you do and you enjoy it, go buy it if and when you can. Or rent it from your local library. We get paid when you do that too. It really does make a difference to us.)


I’m the man who’ll become the number one hero!

—happy birthday to my darling tay @misakarose

Daily reminder: You are so special and I am so happy that you are alive!!!

โ€œHave you seen people in all sides?โ€ she asked. โ€œI mean when you look at that girl with her back towards you, would you consider her as beautiful? Would you think that sheโ€™s kind? Would you see all the wonderful things sheโ€™s been keeping inside? And have you ever looked at a guy next to you, with his side facing you? Without seeing his eyes, would you say that heโ€™s a gentleman? That he can tell you all the secrets of his mind.โ€ she smiled lightly and continued, โ€œYou know sometimes, I wondered how people could just judge someone so easily without even seeing their hidden sidesโ€”without considering to stare on different perspectives. I know, sometimes I get mad and just blurt out everything. I know I did a lot of bad things, too. But I just canโ€™t help myself on wondering, how people love ignoring some things they never wanted to seeโ€.
—  ma.c.a // Have you seen yourself, wholely?

Back from the void, it’s that great time of the year again, when people have fun and enjoy holydays and I decided that it would be great if I spend that joyfull summer working. At least I have air conditionner, and this is wonderful. Have some alien hunters ~ 

Pepero Day (M)


Pairing: Yoongi x reader

Genre: Smut, Bestfriend!Yoongi, Valentineโ€™s Day themed

Word count: 5.7k

warnings: Rated M, language, graphic sexual descriptions

A/N: This was meant to be a valentineโ€™s day fic, but itโ€™s a day late, rip. I hope you enjoy it regardless!

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2017 book releases I’m most looking forward to


It’s a matter of whether ‘that moment’ exists for you or not…if you experience that moment, it’ll really get you hooked on volleyball.

—happy birthday to my wonderful angel @todorokih

Pennywise to Georgie, promptly after pulling him into the sewers:  And then we’re gonna go on even more adventures after that, Georgie. And you’re gonna keep your mouth shut about ‘em, Georgie. Because the world is full of idiots that don’t understand what’s important. And they’ll tear us apart, Georgie. But if you stick with me, I’m gonna accomplish great things, Georgie. And you’re gonna be a part of 'em. And together we’re gonna run around, Georgie, we’re gonna do all kinds of wonderful things, Georgie. Just you and me, Georgie. The outside world is our enemy, Georgie. We’re the only [belch] friends we’ve got, Georgie. It’s just IT and Georgie. IT and Georgie and their adventures, Georgie. IT and Georgie, forever and forever, a hundred years IT and Georgie, s… things. Me and IT and Georgie runnin’ around and IT and Georgie time. Aaall day long forever. All, a hundred days IT and Georgie forever a hundred times. Over and over IT and Georgie adventures dot com W W W dot IT and Georgie dot com W W W IT and Georgie adventures all hundred years. Every minute IT and Georgie dot com W W W hundred times IT and Georgie dot com.

You think youโ€™re doing fine. You go along with your life as if it didnโ€™t matter. As if it didnโ€™t hurt. Then suddenly, out of the blue, it hits you like tsunami waves, crashing mercilessly. Over and over again. Your eyes are dry but your heart is in pain. Itโ€™s crushing and breaking and tearing all at the same time. You miss that person. You miss that person for how they made you feel. For all memories, good and bad, they gave you. For the worry and the anger and the love and the care. You ponder for a second. You wonder if you truly miss that person, or if itโ€™s just the loneliness speaking. Is it because youโ€™re doing nothing now, talking to nobody that you miss that person? Or have you been missing them all along, itโ€™s just taken you this long to acknowledge that? Youโ€™d like to think that itโ€™s the latter but, really, itโ€™s both. Youโ€™re constantly missing that person subconsciously. The loneliness only magnifies the longing. Everyday youโ€™re fighting that loneliness. You try to overcome the sorrow it brings, but today just isnโ€™t one of those days. Instead of wallowing, you look on the bright side. You remember the good that that person gave you. You realise that, although that person hurt you, youโ€™re still grateful. That person made you realise things you didnโ€™t know about yourself. How, when you love, you become a pushover. Youโ€™d do anything so as not to compromise what you both have. And you shouldnโ€™t be like that. Not all the time. Itโ€™s alright to give in sometimes, but donโ€™t make it a habit. Youโ€™re making yourself vulnerable. You learn that putting what you want first, isnโ€™t always a bad thing. That if that person truly loved you, they wouldnโ€™t put themselves in a position to lose you. Then, after all the thinking and wondering, your heart is kind of at peaceโ€ฆfor now. Being able to release all this emotion, will greatly lift the burden in your heart. Youโ€™ll feel lighter. But it would be foolish for you to believe that it wonโ€™t come back. The heart is a fickle and finicky thing. But when it does come back, youโ€™ll know how to handle it. Youโ€™ve done this before. Just remember what youโ€™ve given and remember that loving yourself first is more important. Value yourself in the way that that person wasnโ€™t able to do. Take a deep breath. Smile. Youโ€™re good to go. You got this.
—  dext-erous