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Rough Patch

Request: Prompts - 1 (Just tell me you don’t love me anymore) 4 (I’ll see you later I guess) and 10 (I’m here)

Word count: 2068

Warnings: Kind of sad, fighting, crying, stalking and one little punch, but I made it a happy ending if that helps :)

A/N: Well, I hope you guys all like it! If  you have any requests that aren’t prompts, hit me up! I’ll do pretty much any - x - thing y’all want! Much love and happy reading!

Lately your boyfriend had been spending less time with you, and more time in the Blue and Gold with Betty, you were fine with it until he started forgetting, cancelling or leaving mid-date to go see Betty because there was a “new lead”, that all just made you angry, not jealous. You got jealous when you went to surprise him one night after he cancelled a dinner date at Pops, you brought some fries and two cheeseburgers, one for him and one for Betty, knowing that they probably hadn’t eaten that day due to being so caught up in the case. You walked up to the door ready to give them their food, but what you saw, that is what made you jealous. Jughead had his arm around Betty’s waist, rubbing her back softly. This upset you because a few nights ago when Jughead stayed at yours you begged him to rub your back, but he said no, stating he hated it.

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anonymous asked:

If Niylah & Harper isn't the most random-ass pairing I've ever seen, but hey, whatever it takes to get ur #endgame.

I was just thinking of how much I love Harper and how I want her to be happy and safe and loved but i also need Minty like a desperate woman.

And then I started thinking of how much I loved Harper/Monroe and how Harper is totally bi. I’m sorry but did you see those BIceps (hahahaha ive been waiting for ever to use this)

Ad Niylah is so kind and can you imagine how pretty they would look together



Jingle Bells ga Tomaranai - Christmas Greetings: Kurosawa Dia

Kurosawa Dia
I don’t really have much interest in festive events like Christmas. Instead, the florist is overflowing with all kinds of pretty flowers from this season — I really love that ♥ Being surrounded by these pure and beautiful flowers, and spending Christmas together with you, surely — isn’t that happiness?

Someone added the tag ‘silly homorobos’ to one of the comics and the image of Zenyatta taking selfies with Genji immediately hit me xD

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I want a season 2 as much as everyone else does but let me just take this as a chance to say that some people in this fandom were complete assholes up until now when discussing season 2

“where’s season 2″

“where’s season 2″

“why aren’t they working on season 2 and instead giving us [insert side material here]”

psa: calm the fuck down

I totally get it if side material doesn’t satisfy you, since the anime’s pretty much at the core of it all, but listen here’s the thing: we know jack shit about what’s going on behind the scenes, so when you say “WHY AREN’T THEY WORKING ON SEASON 2″ you’re being kind of an ass because there’s a good chance that the staff is working hard on getting a season 2 greenlighted and you’re just creating pressure for them

y’all couldn’t even be happy for irino miyu when he announced that he was studying abroad and instead you guys kept going “WHAT ABOUT SEASON 2″ do you think everything revolves around an ososan season 2????? you say you support these VAs but if you can’t even be happy for them when they embark on something like this, then you’re not supportive at all, you’re just being self-entitled as fuck

and of course I’ll be super happy if it turns out that the season 2 teaser is authentic, but people are forgetting that it’s nothing more than an allegation, so if it does end up being fake, you’re just all going to go back to being your salty ho selves “WHAT THE FUCK WHY CAN’T WE HAVE NICE THINGS” it’s already amazing that we’re getting new stuff everyday, whether it’s merch or something else, and no one seems to realize that the december special was actually pretty great??? sure it was just a JRA ad but it was still an episode, and y’all just watched that and went back to “that’s great and all where’s season 2″

maybe sit your ass down and wait because it’s pretty much guaranteed to get a season 2 somewhere down the line and you should probably rewatch season 1 while you’re at it because some of you have forgotten how the matsus are even characterized in the first place so how are you going to survive a season 2 if that’s the case

today is a glorious day – it’s mod ellipsis’ birthday! in honour of this wonderful occasion, i’ve drawn her with her struggling husbonedo. thank you so much for everything you do, ellipsis! 


• a dork
• he has the need to keep his hands on you all!! the!! time!!
• he loves wearing matching sweaters
• your family loves him
• “prince/princess”
• he spoils you way too much
• kisses your nose when you do something cute
• asks you to pet his hair
• he makes sure you’re happy
• he makes sure you know you’re pretty
• his family wants you both married already
• he talks about a future with you
• he’s the understanding kind
• he supports your decisions no matter what
• when you both have a fight he would always apologize even if it’s not his fault
• in other words, b o y f r i e n d. m a t e r i a l

Okay, so I recently got to 2K followers, which is not a lot compared to other blogs but it is a lot for me and I can’t thank you enough. It really is impressive considering that not too long ago I celebrated 1K followers. This blog is growing fast, too fast, and it makes me happy. Not only that but all of you have been so nice and kind to me. Thank you, everyone! 

Also, please don’t think that I don’t see you. I do! Some of you have been here since (almost) the beginning and you always like and reblog the stuff I post (I’m sure you guys know who you are). Thank you for the amazing support!

So I decided to do this follow forever and pretty much show you who slays my dashboard with their content every single day. These are actually most of the blogs I follow since I don’t really go and follow blogs that I might end up unfollowing at some point.

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i love that maggie is the first thing alex has had in a long time outside of kara. like, obviously she loves her sister (and i love their relationship) but she’s expressed the fact that having her whole life dedicated to protecting her has taken a toll on her. sure, maggie is a cop and will often be dealing with aliens and they’ll be doing a similar job but they’ve already kind of breached that barrier? they’ve already talked about things that aren’t work-related and alex even figured out the truth about the case with maggie and then was like ‘oh, it’s a long story’ when winn asked about it later. like, it’s not something she feels necessary to share, y’know? and i think that’s cool. alex deserves a life outside of all of the madness and maggie is pretty much her ticket in. not to mention, maggie would probably die of happiness knowing alex’s sister was not only supergirl, but an alien lmao. also, the dive bar is pretty much still ‘their little secret’ which is fucking adorable.

Sickeningly sweet HC’s for everyone

Since I already wrote something about Valentine’s Day chocolate before, yet still kind of want to do something today since everyone seems to be fired up … I’m quickly writing down my cutest and cheesiest random little head canons about each of the MysMe characters (all of them, so kind of spoilers). Happy Valentine’s Day to me!



  • Sometimes you ask him to open things or grab things from a higher shelf for you, even if you don’t actually need him. His reaction to this is just too cute. He not so secretly loves these kind of stereotypical couple dynamics and gets adorably excited.
  • When you are apart you text pretty much non-stop. Even if you both try not to get distracted you always end up looking at your phone and replying. Sometimes, even after a long time of being a couple, you still stay up all night talking to each other and making each other smile like an idiot.
  • Yoosung talks a lot about you. It’s not on purpose, he just can’t help it. Even people who have barely or never met you, already know that you are presumably the loveliest and most amazing person ever.


  • Zen always practices any and all romantic lines from every role he takes on with you. He always acts it out with passion and sincerity, no matter how cheesy and ridiculous they get, and insists that all of it still pales in comparison to his love for you. He can and will do this for hours on end.
  • So much physical affection, too. No morning without a good morning kiss. No sleeping without a good night kiss, probably not a lot of sleeping at all without some body part of you touching. Random touches and hugs and kisses everywhere.
  • Of course, your phones are full of couple selfies. Either one kissing the other or doing those heart hands. Zen loves the heart hands. You do it everywhere.


  • Even before you get together, Jaehee keeps a framed picture of you on her desk to remind her of how lucky she is to have met you. She also has one of the both of you on her bedside table.
  • One of your favorite things is to lay in bed beside each other, in the darkness and just barely touching each other, and just talk about anything and everything. You both have so many things and feelings to share, and Jaehee never had this sort of relationship before. She enjoys this bond and the trust between you two so much.
  • The very first latte art Jaehee presents to you has the shape of a heart. She insists that you drink this cup of coffee, because she was thinking of you while making it.


  • You can turn Jumin into instant mush by doing the littlest sweet things for him. He expects nothing from you except for just being there, so every small gesture still means the world to him. Just hide a cute note between the documents on his desk and wait for his reaction.
  • He is the cutest when you are just relaxing at home, snuggled up to him, staring out of that huge window together. He will happily hold and cuddle you the whole evening, giving you the softest kisses on the head and telling you again and again just how precious you are to him.
  • Jumin’s phone is actually full of pictures of you, and of the two of you together. He stares at them a lot when he can’t physically be with you.


  • He didn’t lie. He did not have a recording of your voice at that point. But he has now. Several. He listens to them whenever you’re not there and he’s missing you.
  • The two of you sometimes play up the sickeningly sweethearts routine for fun, in real life and in the chat room. Complete with spoiling and pampering each other, giving cringey pet names and fighting about “no you are cuter”. It is joking around of course, but deep inside you both know you’re actually kind of serious.
  • Joking or not, whenever he is with you, Saeyoung really tends to touch you a lot. Takes your hand, or plays with your hair, or puts an arm around you when you’re close enough. He sometimes doesn’t even seem to realize it. He just likes to be close to you and feel that you’re there with him.


  • Saeran secretly enjoys doing “typical couple things”. Holding hands or linking arms in the streets? Carrying your stuff? Having to give you a bite from his food? No problem. Because this kind of behaviors and routines not only feel like kind of a validation … but also like he’s finally doing something right, and normal.
  • You are the one person who is always allowed to come near him. Talk to him, touch him, even hug and kiss him. He probably won’t say it, but he likes getting attention and affection a lot – if it’s from you that is.
  • Saeran has a really bright and beautiful smile he almost exclusively shows to you, when the two of you are alone and relaxed. You have a selfie on your phone where he is smiling beside you; the two of you look so cute and happy that Saeyoung actually cried a bit when you showed it to him.


  • He likes to make small gifts from time to time, often photographs or single flowers. Sometimes he sends them to your workplace so they will brighten up your day. He doesn’t want anything in return and tries his best to make that clear. He just wants you to smile and be happy.
  • You have a favorite place you discovered together. A small but elegant café/bar, located in the top floor of a multistorey building. You go there for a date with candlelight and view over the city almost every Friday evening.
  • Sometimes, seemingly without reason, V will just turn to you, take your hands, and tell you sweet things. That you’re wonderful and perfect and that he’s incredibly happy and grateful to have met you. He is so sincere about it that you usually don’t question it. If you do, he just smiles and says that he wanted to make sure you knew this.


  • Vanderwood actually appreciates you and the relationship you have so much. He might deflect from that “feels-y” stuff with snark and pragmatism to hide the awkwardness, but he’ll just go over to you and hug you in the same breath. Sometimes physical affection is easier to give than honest, heartfelt words.
  • He’s attentive enough to always know when you need something. And as long as it doesn’t involve him having to spout sweet talk (or risking his life again), he’s also quite willing to do it. Sometimes he fetches you a glass of water before you even realize that you’re thirsty.
  • You do have these rare, quiet moments. From time to time, and each time surprising you quite a lot, Vanderwood drops the sarcasm and talks to you very sincerely for a few minutes. Then, he’ll explain his usual behavior to you, apologizing if he’s ever hurt you, and assuring you that yes, he does love you. A lot.
Man Face Monday - The Face That Launched 100 Eps Edition

Survived Thanksgiving. Had all kinds of good pie. Hope you had a great week last week. Now, we have 99+1 reasons to be thankful as we (finally) approach the much-anticipated episode this week. I am very happy to be here and to be able to share my little flights of face (and other attributes) fancy with you. 

I’ve decided to revisit some early Oliver this week. What a handful he was, right? Let’s  just jump into those blue pools and recall what a self-loathing bag of trouble this pretty dude used to be. But holy cabooses, such a gorgeous face. 

So dark and broody. This picture is less intense, so you can recover from the last one. 

So many moods. So much pretty. 

Super hot and heroic. Even when his makeup got smudgy. Where did he buy all that goop anyway?

An achingly beautiful face. It has seen so much tragedy and looked in the face of much love. 

To close, just a bit closer up so we can worship those pillow mountains. They give us so much. 

I hope that you have a great week ahead. I’ll be watching and rooting for our guy. Rooting for the Arrow. Rooting for Oliver Queen.  

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The time has come for me to get all soft and soppy on you, as this time tomorrow i’ll no doubt be in a food induced coma unable to focus on any kind of digital media.

2016 has been a kick in the teeth for pretty much everyone, yet through all the crap both online and in real life, its people here on Tumblr that have made me feel better and helped me through the tough times. 

As another refugee from the Hiddleston fandom i approach the last few days of this year, happy in the knowledge that although i have chosen not to be included in a circle of fans, they still accept me for who i am and respect my choices. Hell, some have even dipped their toe into my new pond like intrigued frogs, so first shout out goes to @ladyoftheteaandblood @maevecurrywrites @rainbow-cobra @ancientfinnishgoddess @tomhiddleston-kikibfairy @morriggannlostinfandoms @pinknoonicorn @lokiwholockfactory @sarabeth72 @frenchfrostpudding @britishmenaredestroyingmylife

Then we’ve got the bunch of ladies that help keep it real. That post the things that truly matter in the world, and help me keep on top of news articles of social injustice. @violetsaffron73 @lemonade-time @aishet-chayil. Some of the things these ladies post are hard to read, but they help to keep it real, to remind those of us that through genetics and culture, some of us have things easier than others without even trying, and those of us that applies to need to look out for those it doesn’t. They are also incredibly funny, kind, and truly beautiful people that the world deserves more of. 

Okay, now onto another group, my Supernatural girls. @feelmyroarrrr @kittenofdoomage @jackburtonsays. I would have said my Dean girls, but damn his little brother can’t be forgotten, so the little Winchester posse help spice things up in my Tumblr world.

Special thanks to;

 @inkededucatednnerdy for tagging me in a million meme’s and helping me wake up in the morning thanks to the time difference.

@shieldagent1 For giving the world more Thor fanart than we know what to do with, and sharing a mutual appreication of Chris Hemsworths fantastic glutes.

@poe-also-bucky For sharing my obsession with Bucky’s peachy buttocks, and spamming my dash with more Oscar Issac than i know what to do with.

@slaughterme-barnes For taking the time to message me with her fantastic Bucky and Steve manips just as i go to sleep and therefore the creep into my brain (Though the last time she did it i ended up having a sex dream about Stephen Colbert so not sure what happened there…)

To the two ladies that are always there to bounce story idea off of and that have been therefor me a lot more than i have for them, in no particular order other than alphabetical: @eve1978 @prplprincez You two rock my world.

Finally (and you thought i had forgotten you), to my Sebby girls and guys. Some that came over in the fandom hop, some that were already here. Some are Chris girls where the two fandoms kinda just get mashed together, but either way, this lot make the time on here fun, and its time to give a shout out to these people (also i KNOW i am forgetting people but please if you are not mentioned its not that you don’t mean anything to me, its just that i’m typing this on 3 hours sleep): @tinaferraldo @allinhishands @girliegirltm @mewsiex @thatawkwardtinyperson @siren-kitten-his @gutterfortunecookie @waywardimpalawriter @sammyissassy @asgardian-nightmare @lonelygoddessy @demonsmuse @sebastianismydistraction

So now that the holy day of celebrating the birth of a dude who’s mother didn’t tell his father that she’d been fooling around and got knocked up whilst pretending she was still hymenly challenged that actually should be in october but thanks to some major calendar changes by the romans we celebrate 2 months late, we are faced with the one question that is important in these troubling times;

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Joe sugg imagine

Requested - “joe sugg with promt number 8”
8. “ how dare you use me when you knew I loved you….”

Authors note: this kind of turned into something that happened with me as i couldn’t really bring my imaginitive side to figure something else out. But here you go and hope you enjoy.
You and joe had been happily together for 5 years now and although it was fun and full of laughter and happiness, you noticed a change in that.

For the past 2 years joe had been off with you always going out, but the past few weeks joe has been out pretty much all the time and not for work.

He didn’t show affection any more and he didn’t even talk to you with the same excitement he used to have.

You were getting tired of it and you too had started drifting away from him.

It was currently a sunday night, 11:35pm to be exact and joe still hadn’t come home.

You hadn’t seen im in so long.

You decided that tonight you were eather going to pack your bacgs and leave or stay and work it out

Picking up the phone you messeged joe
J= joe y=you/ your name
Y=we need to talk.
J= now? Im at jack’s. Cant it wait untill later?
Y= you’ve got 10 minutes to get here joe.
J= fine. Im on my way.

You didn’t live far from jacks place so it would only take him about 5 minutes to get here

You sat at the table with your legs crossed waiting for him.

About 4 minutes later you hear a key in the door, knowing it was joe using the spare key you gave him

“What up then?” He asked moody

“Really? Your gonna act like you dont know?” You asked hurt

“Know what y/n?” He some what yelled

You stodd up having enough of it

“How about the fact that your never around any more, or that fact that you dont show affection towards me any more, or the fact that every time you say your at one of the boy’s places and i call to ask they always say your not, how about the fact that the joe i once knew, is not the joe i know now.” I screamed at him

His face fell and his mouth went open to speak but i didn’t let him

“So where have you been these past 2 to 3 year’s joe? Where’s the joe i fucking fell in love with huh? And i dont want some sappy bullshit excuse joe. I want the truth. I desereve the truth when all you’ve done is push me away. Do you know how hard it is to love somone who is pushing you away joe?” You screamed and screamed at him untill tears finally came down your face

He stood there with his head low clearly not having a good excuse as to why all this was going on

“I just have one question. Where have you been all these nights joe. At least tell me that.” You whispered

Joe looked at you and sighed

“I found somone….” he said so quickly and quietly i almost didn’t catch it

“How long have you been seeing them?” I didn’t want to ask but i had to know.

“2 years….”

His words hurt.

It was like getting hit with a tone of bricks while getting stabbed to the heart while drowning, trying to catch your breath.

Staring at him with glazed and hazed eyes you asked

“Oh so in other words youve been keeping me around as a backup plan then?”

He looked at you with guilt written all over his face

“What? - no it’s not like that…..” he paused

“It not? Are you sure?” You mumbled

“I cant belive you joe”

“Hoe dare you use me when you knew I loved you….”

“You fucking knew i bloody loved you and instead of setting it straight with me when you fell out of love, you kept me as a rebound, a backup plan. Do you have any idea how fucking much that hurts joe? Do you? Its like drowning in water and trying to surface to catch your breath but you cant because blows keep coming your way pushing you down further untill finally they decide that their done with you. I put 5 fucking years of my life. My fucking life. I gave up five fucking years of my life to support and love you, to be by your fucking side and for only 3 of those have you truly loved me. To be honest i dont even think you really loved me at all but you wanted me around didn’t you? So that you didn’t feel left out because all your mates had somone else or wait no maybe it was because it was good for your ego. Yeah that’s it. To play somone you have to be a player, a trickster and you. Joe sugg. Have played a fantastic game but im afraid this game it done.”

I screamed untill my body and voice couldn’t handle it anymore and my throat felt sore

“You have no idea what you’ve done do you joe? All this time. All this time you could have said something. No you should have said something and you didn’t. Why is that?”
I whispered

“Because i still kind of love you…”
You had enough

“Kind of!? Its either you do or you don’t and you clearly fucking dont considering you’ve been with another woman for two fucking years without me knowing. Hell i bet she dosn’t even know. does she?” I asked

He shook his head no

“Unbelievable. So you not only thought it was okay to play and use me but you thought it would be okay to do it to another woman. How fucking dare you. You are such a low life. How low can you possibly get? You’re a fucking discrace. to think i actually loved you. I can fucking tell you this now that i dont no more. Get out of my house and get out of my life. Dont you ever come back. Never again.” I yelled

He got up with tears falling down his face a guilt written all over his expression as he walked out the door.

Slamming the door shut behind him i pushed my back against it and slid down untill i fell to the ground.

For the first time in a long time. I truly cried.

Ever since that day i vowed not to let anyone else in. No matter what.

@feynites #they’re one of the most notorious couples in the territory exactly because of shit like this #the spymaster won’t let most people get within five feet of them if they don’t want them there #but they’ll drape themselves all over thenerassan like a happy cat 

a shy kiss for notorious idiots who’ve seen and done pretty much everything <3

anonymous asked:

Do you support gency ??? Maybe u can write something about it plz..

A/N: I support pretty much every ship provided it doesn’t fall into some sort of taboo role. (Incest, Pedophilia, Bestiality) I’m just not comfortable with those kind of ships, but literally anything else is on the table. Widowtracer? Sure, why not. Reaper76? Go for it. McHanzo? Gency? Anahardt? Ship whatever makes you happy. You’re not erasing anything from canon, it’s quite literally all fiction. Anything you want to ship is cool with me, provided it’s not one of those taboo things I mentioned above. Shipping doesn’t hurt anyone, so do whatever you want, within reason. With all that said, let me write some quick Gency stuff for you, Anon.

Genji groaned to himself as he made his way towards the mess hall. His meditation with Zenyatta had finished early, mostly due to the voracity with which Genji’s stomach rumbled, the faint growl taking on a metallic echo from his armor. “Genji, where are you off to in such a rush?” Mercy’s smooth voice called from behind him, prompting the cyborg to halt, turning to greet his longtime friend.

“Ah, Doctor Ziegler, I was just on my way to-”

“My clinic is this way, Genji, I trust you haven’t forgotten about your appointment?” Genji eyes widened, he had completely forgotten. Mercy smiled warmly at him, though he could sense how serious she was, despite her playful tone. “You didn’t forget, did you?” The pitch of her voice rose, her blue eyes staring at him almost accusingly.

“I would never, let us proceed there immediately.” Genji smiled, Mercy always managed to read his emotions, even through his mask. “I apologize for making you come to me, Doctor.”

“Please, Genji, it’s Angela. We’ve known each other longer enough to drop the formalities.” Mercy laughed, leading the way towards her clinic. “To tell you the truth, it’s nice to get out of the clinic once in awhile, it can get quite stuffy in there-” She was interrupted by a deep growl from Genji’s stomach, the noise seeming to fill the entirety of Gibraltar. Genji stood in silence as Mercy slowly turned towards him, his mask doing little to hide the deep blush on his cheeks. Mercy placed a hand over her mouth, trying to stifle her laughter, to no avail. “Genji,” she choked out between laughs, “When was the last time you ate?”

“Dinner last night would’ve been the last thing I ate.” Genji sheepishly spoke, averting his gaze from the laughing doctor.

“You had a bowl of soup, and that was almost 16 hours ago!” Her tone quickly became serious once again, “That settles it, the check-up can wait, we need to get you some food!”

“I do not need you to accompany me to the mess hall, Angela.”

“No, no, no. We’re going to get you some real food, something with nutrients, an actual meal.” There was little Genji could do to sway Mercy once she set her mind to something.

“What did you have in mind?” Genji chuckled, turning to face Mercy once again.

“I know the perfect place.” Mercy hummed, grabbing Genji’s hand as she pulled him towards the shuttle bay. “Only the best for my little sparrow.” They each laughed as they boarded an empty shuttle, tapping in the coordinates for a nearby restaurant.

“As long as I am with you, I know it will be perfect, Angela.” Genji winked, as well as you can from behind a mask. A faint blush painted Mercy’s cheeks, she always had been good at reading people, for better or worse.

Everyones talking about anti so im going to as well lol

My favorite kind of antagonist is one that mirrors the protagonist - for example, Batman and the Joker, Sherlock and Moriarty, and all those characters. There’s just different ways that they are different, yet so much the same.

I don’t exactly think that anti is polar opposite of jack. no, they’re very similar. They are both performers. They both have voices that want to be heard. They’re both loud and exuberant. 

Except, Jack performs to make people happy. Anti performs to manipulate.

These tweets, these glitches, are all ways that anti is keeping you hanging by the edge of your seat. You want more of Anti. You want more of his cameos, of his face. You wait patiently for his tweets.

He is a trickster. He is manipulative. If Jack is the most genuine person, then Anti lies, and is good at it. It almost seems genuine. 

You think Anti is here for your entertainment - and in a way, he is. Yet, that’s not the only reason hes here. 

He’s also here because you entertain him. 

You know how Jack has a slight short attention span? So does Anti.

And if you don’t keep him entertained…

Let’s just say he shares Jack’s temper, too. 

I’d be careful.

Trying to cheer myself up with some headcanons:

  • I know we all kind of agreed with Hop/Bob friendship but what if he was real close with Joyce instead?
  • He’s described as a “kind-hearted former nerd” so I’m guessing he was pretty much bullied in high school because of that, and Joyce, being the take-no-shit-from-no-one spitfire she is, used to defend him a lot
  • (Which made Hopper defend him too of course)
  • And maybe when Joyce started dating Lonnie he wasn’t too happy about that (not because he had feelings for her - or did, all is possible) but because he saw that Lonnie wasn’t that great of a guy - maybe Lonnie picked on him when Joyce wasn’t around
  • So when Joyce married Lonnie they drifted apart, and eventually stopped talking altogether because, you know, life happens
  • That doesn’t mean they stopped caring about the other, but sometimes people who are close end up growing apart
  • And now, many years later, they meet again because maybe Joyce doesn’t want to keep working for Donald and goes to try and find a new job somewhere, with better hours, better pay so she can be around her sons more
  • And Bob now is the manager of RadioShack, so she goes there to apply and BAM
  • Their first encounter is awkward, OF COURSE, full of cringe-worthy moments and misspoken words and stutter and the two of them being adorably awkward towards each other
  • But eventually they become close again, one telling the other what happened in their lives and I NEVER KNEW HOW MUCH I WANT JOYCE TO HAVE THIS KIND OF FRIEND IN HER LIFE AND BOB SEEMS TO BE PERFECT FOR THAT

anonymous asked:

Your art style is so cool and pretty!!! I hope you will continue to draw what ever you love!! ♡♡♡ please stay healthy and happy

WAH THANK YOU SO MUCH …!! Messages like this are the ones that keep me motivated!

I’ve been in a slump lately and barely have time to draw or play games or just do something I WANT TO DO and I feel like my art is so boring and seeing all these amazing artists draw one beautiful thing after another just pulled me deeper into this black hole but your message made me smile and kind of pulled me out of this a little so THANK YOU !! 。゚(*´□`)゚。

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how would US Sans deal with an S/O who makes ice cream rolls and always has him trying the flavors and combinations and toppings and just. so much sugar. and how does US papyrus handle his bro's S/O doing this?


There comes a point in every ice cream lover’s life. Where they must look upon the cartons of mistakes made and say, ‘This is too much ice cream’. That moment came 4 cartons ago. But there’s more. There’s always more ice cream. And honestly, Sans loves ice cream, especially as the occasional treat. But this is getting ridiculous. He’s getting pretty unfit and tired from all the sugar crashes and he can’t believe he’s saying this, but he’s kind of getting sick of ice cream. He doesn’t know how to break it to his S/O. He doesn’t want to upset them or make them feel bad. Plus they get so happy when they present to him a new flavour. He can’t just take that away from them. Hm, maybe his brother will know how to solve this dilemma. 


At first it was a bloody nightmare. His hyperactive brother, on constant sugar highs? Please and no thank you. When his brother comes to him for help, he actually wants to burst out laughing. This is exactly his situation with Sans and his goddamn tacos. They end up taste testing the ice cream once, then donating the rest to a homeless shelter if its good, hopeing Sans’ S/O doesn’t notice. Pap really wants to tell them, but his brother was frantic not to. Well, it’s his decision ultimately.