all kinds of feelin myself

i had a coworker the other day tell me that he was pretty sure i didn’t even like one direction’s music, that i only like them because of how they look, and i honestly got so mad. i didn’t make a huge argument bc he’s a dumbass and getting myself angry and arguing would’ve been useless..
and this morning, i was driving to work and ready to run came on in my car and i had the windows down a lil and i turned it up and i had tears in my eyes bc the song is so lovely and makes me so happy and i kinda laughed bc that stupid guy at work thinks that this band only has a superficial appeal to me.
he doesn’t realize that this band - their music, their ridiculousness, all of it - brought me comfort when i was down. that this band brought me innumerable friends, people i can’t imagine not having in my life now. gave me a soundtrack for road trips and sad nights and dance parties with my best friend.
because of this band, i met people who believed in me and encouraged me and loved me. i am who i am at this moment, happy and kind and feelin myself and everything else through all of that.
so my coworker can think that i just swoon over them all he wants because i know how different my life would be without them and that’s what matters