all kinds of black families were represented

“we only care about the attacks because white people died”

tumblr people are feeling guilty about showing support because the killings happened in a western country, so now suddenly they’re caring a lot about everything that’s happening in other countries just so they can say “I support Paris but IT’S OKAY BECAUSE I ALSO KNOW ABOUT THIS BAD THING HAPPENING THERE AND THIS OTHER BAD THING HAPPENING THERE”

It should be a good thing, it’s important to shed light on all the events happening everywhere. But it’s getting out of hand when you can’t say you’re sad about people dying literally two streets away from you without having random people telling you that you can’t be sad because “all french people are white” (btw it’s not true. Like at all. Just study french history or look at a fucking map then come back for a chat. smh) or “get over it, the real pain is the one muslims will feel because of the increase in islamophobia” 

that pain of course is real and I fully support muslim people in these bad times but a) it’s not a contest b) lots of you guys are being gross and pretending you care and know anything about the french muslim community just so tumblr thinks you’re a good person. ew??? c) ok so what about the pain some muslims felt when getting SHOT AT in the middle of FUCKING PARIS because like you do realize in the crowd there were HUNDREDS OF THEM as well as black brown asian people jeWS IDK I MEAN CAN YOU JUST TAKE THAT PICTURE OF A BLOND-HAIRED CHRISTIAN FROG-EATING GUY YOU THINK REPRESENTS US AND SHOVE IT UP YOUR ASS RIGHT NOW PLEASE 

The thing is, we all spent a night wondering whether all our friends and family were alive. And now french tumblr users are going on this website and get the weirdest response ever, some kind of backwards half-hearted support, like you’re all afraid you might not be politically correct enough by showing you care… yeah, gross.

tl;dr : Show your love and support to everyone that needs it in these times of crisis, you don’t get to say who has it worse, please hear the voices of the people who actually lived/are living the thing right now

The Vampire Diaries- Has It Jumped The Shark?

Changing gears a little….time to talk TVD.  TVD is going into its 6th season.  Any TV show that’s on the air that long is going to have issues keeping the plot fresh & exciting.  Especially one that revolves around a love triangle. 

I’m not going to lie, Season 5 was rough for me.  I’m not talking specifically as a Stelena shipper - although I will admit that is a source of some pain.  I respect the fact that in the course of a TV show, based on a love triangle, each side of the triangle needs its time in the sun.  It’s Delena’s time in the sun. I don’t have an issue with Elena being with Damon if it makes sense narrative wise.  I remember when Elena died in the S3 finale, after I picked myself up from the puddle of tears, I was really excited.  I said to my husband, “They figured out a way to do it - how to split Elena in half.  Stefan will have human Elena’s love and Damon will have vampire Elena’s love.”  I knew the moment Elena said “I never unfell for him” that S4 would be about Elena “unfalling” for Stefan. I accepted that becoming a vampire would create darker tendencies in Elena.  Logically, that would make her more compatible with Damon.  I was also interested to see Damon & Elena try to make a go of it. See? I’m a reasonable Stelena shipper.  I can share.

However, after Season 4 and Season 5, I’ve decided that my issues with TVD are so much bigger than Stelena vs. Delena.  And from the drop in ratings, it looks like I’m not the only one.  Its left me wondering if TVD has jumped the shark.

Maybe yes, maybe no.  However, I do believe the problem with TVD, in my humble opinion, can be boiled down to two main issues: Mythology and Elena (side note - this is NOT an Elena hate anthology so just bear with me).

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