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It surprises me to read comments from self-proclaimed comic book/superhero nerds diss Doctor Strange and his involvement in MCU. It astonishes me even more to know that some of those people feel that way because they don’t like Benedict Cumberbatch. Surprised and confused face for days.jpg. I know. I can’t believe it either… Anyways, here’s what I have to say.

I love seeing Doctor Strange so involved with the Avengers. We know he’s going to be in Thor: Ragnarok. We saw a teaser at the end of the DS film but there’s also this display at San Diego Comic Con:

That’s the Hulk, Loki and Thor in their new movie gear. Who else is right there with them? Doctor Strange! I find it pleasing that they included him here because that means he’s significant. Even if his appearance in Ragnarok is a quick bit, it’s important enough to be mentioned and shown. You go, Stephen!

We know for sure he’s going to be in Infinity War. What his exact role consists of is yet to be known. However, we’ve seen images of them filming and we can speculate. 

- Thanos is looking for all the infinity stones. They haven’t really specified but it’s good to point out that the Time Stone is not the Eye of Agamotto. That’s simply the artifact in which it is encased in. The fact is that Stephen has it around his neck! Thanos wants it and he’s going to make Maw battle him for it. That’s definitely important. 

-  Joe Russo recently said that we’ll see Doctor Strange and Spider-Man as a dynamic pairing. “They both have a proximity to each other.That doesn’t mean we’re getting a movie focusing on them (maybe, who knows?) but it does mean we will see the two superheroes together in IW. Their interaction will be interesting. 

I could keep going but the point is that it’s safe to say we will be seeing more of him in the future. 

Seeing Benedict and Tom together promoting the movie makes sense now, doesn’t it? It’s of great value and I’m all for it!

To all the haters who are crying over Doctor Strange being an essential superhero or Ben playing him,

There he was at D23 with Alan Horn, the Walt Disney Studios chairman. He was on stage at the Live Action panel for Marvel.

There’s Stephen in the first IW promo poster from SDCC. I love where they placed him because they also made room for the cloak of levitation. It also seems that he’s using the power of the Time Stone. My take is that he’s going to save them all. Two for you, Stephen! You go, Stephen Strange! Save the world, baby.

Here he is with Stan Lee!

Ben with his friends.  I love this dork.


Take a big whiff of this hot sauce.

ok but hear me out, in a pride and prejudice au, viktor is definitely mr. bingley. he has the lovesick expression down pat, okay, which mean that yuuri, sweet, beautiful yuuri IS JANE WHO IS SO FLUSTERED AND CAN’T ARTICULATE HIS FEELINGS VERY WELL


good lord i need this, but mostly i need to sleep

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Ehhhh I hate FedEx too. And I hate USPS cause they had screwed me over with one of my binders. It came and was damaged. They tried to fight me saying they received it like that when the company had proof it wasn't like that lol

Σ(゜ ᗜ ゜;) oh no i am experiencing THE ANXIETY

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I think that anon from a bit ago meant Maxvid in the familial sense. Like, there's love ships, family ships and friendships, apparently

well, that’s what i said. i adore their relationship, but not in a shipping sense.
i wouldn’t call like, a friendship or a family relationship a shipname, it could lead to some great misunderstandings.

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One of the songwriter's of BTY wife posted about BTY! so sweet x

Aw that’s nice!! Give the song all the support!

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hOW ON EARTH DO I ASK SOMEONE OUT?????? D: I’ve never been the one to ask the question????? I don’t wanna let the chance go but it’s so scary omg

so here’s an actual call-out post - because you’re all the worst for peer-pressuring me into making a multi-muse blog I love you all
the blog is still very much WIP, but take a look at the “muses” and “possible muses” pages and give some feedback
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“Oh, that was just something I said randomly. What? Did I scare you guys?” Ye Xiu asked.

No, Ye Xiu, you didn’t scar them at all! It’s not like they had called hundreds of players over, just in case to defend themselves against your (potential) schemes. They were definitely not scared. They just felt lonely!

*sarcasm* It was so obvious that you didn’t really meant it, when you said “You’ll regret it.” to Blue River. How can anyone misunderstand this? *sarcasm*