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original blingee caption: ThE bOiz iN aLL TiMe LoW r SoO kEwL n CuTe! <3333

Help needed!! So much help

I need to learn German and pretty fast 😃

Ok, so many of you know that I live in Italy, but because of my job and the new management who took off like half of our paychecks, I’ll move to Germany in about 2 months ❤

While I’m pretty excited about it, because fresh start, new place, and all that…. I don’t speak German at all!!

Could some of my followers teach me some stuff? Like the simple things…. “how are you?” “I don’t speak german” and things like this 😕

Send me asks or message me or comment on this post with useful things 💋

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Was anyone else upset that Valentine wasn’t shown to be at all phased by the brutal murder and death of his wife he spent all of season one being creepy over? (And yknow supposedly loved at one point)?

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I'm thinking of making an Orihime oc insert fanfic, do you have any advice on making one?

Have her completely fuck up canon :D

(That is, make sure she has an impact, yes, but in a way that’s distinctly different from the impact she makes in canon. Don’t be afraid to change things.)

tbh i rly hate the idea that in order to have a healthy relationship (platonic or romantic), you have to talk to each other all the time bc honestly? that’s unrealistic (and tbh could be unhealthy in some cases bc it could make u way too dependent on each other, which could put a strain on the relationship and the ppl involved). 

ppl have lives and many factors of that life that could prevent them from talking all the time, or even from talking for days at a time. ppl have jobs, and school, and sometimes life throws curve balls at you that could make your life busier. 

ppl also have their own levels of social tolerance. talking takes energy and effort, even text conversations, and not everyone can handle putting out that energy all the time. it’s nothing personal and it shouldn’t be taken personally. i know it’s hard to not take it personally, but trust me, it isn’t always you.

mental health is another factor as well bc ppl’s mental states and their mental illnesses/disorders can also make it so they aren’t up to talking.

i don’t like that people are made to feel guilty when they aren’t up to talking, and i don’t like that people on the other side of this are made to panic that their relationship is doomed just bc they don’t talk to each other 24/7. 

ppl have their own lives and the stuff discussed involved with those lives, but ppl also need their space. everyone needs alone time every once in awhile and that should be respected and acknowledged more than it is.

if you’re someone who can’t bring yourself to talk to ppl all the time then you aren’t a bad person. you aren’t a bad friend or a bad significant other. you just can’t talk to ppl 24/7, and you shouldn’t be expected to honestly. if you’re on the other side of that, then just remember to not take it so personally if you don’t talk all the time. though, if it’s really that worrying, then maybe bring it up so you can understand why you aren’t able to talk all the time and get some reassurance. but just know that it’s healthy and normal to not talk all the time, and the idea that it isn’t is rly fucked. 

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What video games do you play? I know you play DA do you prefer RPGs? Ever get into the Final Fantasy series?

I strongly prefer turn-based RPGs actually. Dragon Age is the first ‘action’ RPG I’ve played, because I don’t generally like that format.

Games that I play, it’s a really big mix, especially as I have the retro NES build. Primarily I play through Steam or on 3DS or on phone though. But anyway, here’s a sampling of the ones I’ve played most! Most of these I’ve completed.

* Final Fantasy VII (Was my first FF in 1997)
* Final Fantasy VIII, IX, VI, and 1->5. I own some of the later ones but didn’t love them. I actually don’t love when realism trumps what I enjoy about gameplay.
* Final Fantasy Tactics A2 Grimoire of the Rift (favourite Final Fantasy game, on the 3DS)
* Stardew Valley (I have over 500 hours logged on this *head desks*)
* All of the main Pokemon games and also;
* Pokemon Conquest (I think I have 300 hours logged on this, lol)
* Child of Light
* Epic Battle Fantasy 4
* Morphopolis
* Super Panda Adventures
* Mario Bros, Super Mario Bros, Super Mario Bros 2, Super Mario Bros 3
* Galaga (lol)
* The first three Megaman games
* Just about all the Sonics thanks to a friend while growing up lol
* Phantasy Star Online
* Tsum Tsum
* Cook, Serve, Delicious!
* Wip3Out (and its steam equivalent, BallisticNG), particularly Fury.
* Botanicula
* Disgaea
* Evoland
* Legend of Zelda and Adventures of Link (I’ve only ever played NES Zelda lol)
* Plants vs. Zombies
* Ori and the Blind Forest
* Heroes of Mana
* ChronoTrigger
* Tekken / Street Fighter / Mortal Kombat etc. etc. etc.
* Tetris / Dr. Mario / etc.
* Grandia
* Ecco the Dolphin
* Panzer Dragoon

These days though, I mostly play Stardew Valley, Zen Koi and Tsum Tsum, lol. And then sometimes when I’m super mad I play Wip3Out in Elimination mode. I go through gaming phases. I can go months without doing it. And then I’ll do it really obsessively. I spend a lot of time looking for good turn-based RPGs and failing to find them. I think I’ve played most of the ones out there for the 3DS though, which is like, the last bastion of the turn-based RPG.


If I’m going to do some original art as well, should i just post it here as well and let it be an all round art related blog, or make a different sideblog, and keep this more classic rock defied?

Rainy Prayer For...

Falling rain, fallen whispers,
Countless tries through storming twisters.
In my soul, though I try,
I feel an emptiness take rise.
Covering, comforting,
Comes along enveloping.
Burgeoning decadence,
Dancing swiftly eloquence.
Be restored, enamoured,
Taking from me all in store.
Nothing left of my soul’s harvest,
Buried deep, laid to rest.
Passing light, burned out life,
Say goodbye to all my strife.
All’s been swallowed, no more sorrows,
Farewell to thee and all my tomorrows.

-H. Murcia 4/25/2017 9:24PM

Fuck off with this myth that people won’t be motivated or won’t accomplish any innovation without profit incentives, I want to do a ton of shit to help society but i can can’t because i spend all my time trying to fucking create a base for my future survival in a meaningless power structure producing nothing but money at the expense of society’s most vulnerable. Just get the fuck away from with that logic tbh