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Don’t want a LOT for Christmaaaaas….

THEEEEERE is just One Thing IIII neeeed….

I don’t care aBOUT the PRESents
UUUUUUUUNDERrrneath the ChristMas Treeeee

just want you


MOOOOOOOOOOORE than youuuu could EV ER knoooow….

Make myyy wishcome truuuuuuUUuuUuuUuE

AAAAAAAALLLLLLLL I want for CHRISTmaaaaaaas….. 



All I want for Christmas is MIDI converted back into MP3

I was thinking: every sound is made up of sine waves. When you convert an mp3 to a midi, it measures these sine waves and stores their time, pitch  and volume as notes.

So it follows, if you load the midi and play a sine wave for every note, it should reassemble the recording, right?


Aries: You can build a life, but not with the dust and people of your past. You deserve a better future, you just have to let go of the monsters you keep trying to call your friend. You deserve more.

Taurus:  This is only temporary. You will not be stuck in this place forever. This moment is only temporary. I know that you can get past this. Just please don’t give in to the monotone.

Gemini: Build your walls. Protect yourself from everyone you know is toxic. Because even if you miss them more then air they are still poison and you still need to stay far the fuck away from them.

Cancer: Learn to control your vices instead of letting them control you. You’re not fooling anyone, we can see your act. It’s okay to hurt and it’s okay to break you don’t have to hide yourself away in a fucking bottle every night.

Leo: Sometimes you have to let some things go. Let some goals go. Because you need to come first above all the other bullshit. And some things are impossible. You’ll kill yourself trying to get to them all.

Virgo: Try and find who you use to be. If you put it in the pipe or hide it in the bottle of pills. You’re still a good person. I still see that maybe there is something to be redeemed in your eyes. Please tell me you see it to.

Libra: Sometimes they’ll get closure before you. They can’t decide what harm their actions do. Just because they’ve said their sorry doesn’t mean you need to accept their apology. Tell them to fuck off and dust the dirt off your knees.

Scorpio: Do not isolate yourself. Do not pull and hide yourself away from this beautiful world. There is so much more then those 4 walls that you keep yourself in. Come, it’s time to explore them.

Sagittarius: Enjoy what you can get out of something and move on. If it doesn’t serve you anymore, it doesn’t belong in your life. Which is fine, even though it hurts. Nothing is perfect but there at least needs to be some kind of balance.

Capricorn:  It’s not a contest of who got more bruises or who has more emotional trauma. It isn’t a war against others who are suffering. Your pain is still valid even if you are only drowning in a few inches of water and they have a sea. You are both still drowning.

Aquarius: Breathe. Do not let the chaos consume you. This world is going to try and kill you. It is trying to kill you. But you are better then that. You still have all the pieces you need. Just learn to put them together and make armor.

Pisces: It’s okay to let go at some point. It’s okay to let yourself slip up every once in awhile. Relapse can be a huge part of recovery. Pick yourself up, know it isn’t day 0 just cause it feels like it, and keep going. You’ve made too much progress to give up.

—  This Week’s Horoscope

popular musicals renamed

hamilton: Man Runs His Mouth For Two Hours and Pays Dearly For It

heathers: Mean Girls with Murder

be more chill: Serial Masturbator Will Take Any Measures to Get Laid

phantom of the opera: Guy Just Doesn’t Know How to Deal With a Crush

les miserables: Revolution, Drinking, and Tears

legally blonde: Defeating Stereotypes Since 2007

wicked: Green Girl Goes Wild

dear evan hansen: Anxious Child Worsens Anxiety with Lies

newsies: Children Overcome Difficulties Through Song and Dance

Aries: Sometimes you just have to let things go. Let places and people disappear from your memory. Let people walk away from you, as much as it feels like their ripping part of you out with them. You don’t need them to function. You don’t need them to make the sun rise and set. You don’t need them to see that the stars still shine in the night sky. You only need yourself and a pair of eyes. 

Taurus: You aren’t stuck forever. I know it feels that way. But you are not trapped in this hell. You will get out. Even if you have to claw yourself out with bloody fingernails and bruised skin. But you WILL get out. You will pull through to things much bigger then this. Every new step is terrifying, but you will get there. You will make something of yourself.

Gemini: Stop opening the door for ghosts that you aren’t even sure you want in your life. You can’t revive them just to force them back into a tomb. Make up your mind if you want to be friends with the past, or bury it forever. Either way is totally fine, but every time you half dig up skeleton, you just leave everyone with old wounds. Open up all the old scars and leave fresh blood on the floor. There’s no right or wrong choice, but there is a choice you have to make.

Cancer: It won’t be this hard forever. You won’t need that vice for all of eternity. It’s okay to need a crutch every once in awhile. It’s okay to ask for help. It’s okay to be fucking desperate sometimes. You do not have to always be the strong one. Always be the brave one. Always be the fucking okay one. You can let yourself collapse under the weight of this world every once in awhile.

Leo:  Do not let them use you to bury their pain. You are not their whipping post. You are not their cemetery.  They can not use you when it is convenient for them to hide secrets and agony. You don’t owe them shit. They can not hold you down and force feed you every painful moment they can’t handle.  You are much better then everything their putting you through. 

Virgo : The future is never quite certain. It’s always a little bit terrifying. Always a little bit anxiety causing. You’re making the right steps. Stop doubting your footing. You’ve gotten through the worst of the storm. Time to celebrate, and move forward. Always keep moving forward. Always keep going on even when it feels like terror is around every corner.

Libra:  Set backs are temporary. Pain is temporary. Even baby steps are huge accomplishments. I know it feels like shit right now. Know it feels like the world is ending. But sweetie, you’ve survived the apocalypse before. You can do it again. And again. And then again. As many times as it takes. You are going to get through this rough patch too. Just like all the other times.

Scorpio:  Self hatred and self destruction will never get you where you need to go. You can’t run on spite forever. Eventually the candle of self anguish will burn itself out. You have to start healing. Have to start saying all of the hardest things in life, even though it hurts. Even though it makes you cry. Even if sometimes it feels like you’re going to die. Recovery is hard but dying is harder.

Sagittarius: If they don’t need you, you are so much better then them. The way they see you is not how you are. It is not your fault if they can’t figure out your worth. You don’t need them to thrive. Even if no one sees your beauty, you are still gorgeous. Still shining as bright as the stars. You don’t need anyone to recognize that. You don’t need them admit you shine to be brighter then all of them. 

Capricorn: Your past doesn’t define you, but it did make you who you are. You don’t have to live in it, but at least fucking acknowledge what happened. What brought you here. What gave you those scars, and what gave you those laugh lines. You can acknowledge your past and who you use to be, without becoming that person all over again. You are better then that now.

Aquarius: Coming home is not a defeat. You did something most people only dream of. Sometimes all you can do is grab on to plan B and make it work. Doesn’t mean that you are a failure because plan A failed. You tried your absolute hardest. You still won. So come back. Enjoy the sanctuary while we have it.

Pisces: If you’re going to cut people out, you can’t just be uncommitted. You can’t decide one minute you’re done only to open up the door the next. Make up your mind and stick to it. Bar the doors. Throw out the vodka. Turn off your phone. Wait this out. Take however long you need to break their spell over you.

—  This Weeks Horoscope
some of the most beautiful kpop music videos ~

SHINee- Tell Me What To Do

VIXX- Dynamite 

Mamamoo-  Décalcomanie

EXO- Universe 

Sechskies- Couple

Red Velvet- Peek A Boo

K.A.R.D- You In Me

F(x)- Four Walls

BTOB- I’ll Be Your Man

Some more: 

Aries: There’s something inside you worth saving. I hope you see it. You are worth more then everything they are judging you by. I hope you can see that now.

Taurus:  You’ll grow from this. Change is scary. But you deserve something so much better than what you’ve got. So much better then what you’re willing to let yourself have. I hope you know that now. I hope you see everything I see in you.

Gemini: Let go. Let go of the past, because as much as it hurts, it’s worth it. Let go and walk away because you can’t build a city out of rubble and whats left. You just have to take the lessons learned.

Cancer: You’ve been fighting for so long. You’ve only got a little farther to go. You’re winning this war. You’re winning. You just have to keep at it for a bit longer. I know you’re so tired. But hang on. You can do it.

Leo:  Some things aren’t what you asked for, but it’s better. Something more magical and great then you could of ever imagined. I know it’s scary. But it’s magical at the same time. Trust me.

Virgo: Acknowledge how far you’ve come. Being an adult is scary. Being grown is hard. But you’re here. You’ve grown. You’ve become this beautiful amazing thing. You are so wonderful now. I am so proud.

Libra: They do not win. Let them tear this world apart. That is not winning. That is being petty and stupid. They are not worth your time effort or energy. YOu are better then them.

Scorpio:  You don’t need to be who you use to be when you look at those photos. You aren’t that person anymore and you should be proud of that. Most people couldn’t survive this.

Sagittarius:  Make something new. Build a playground on top of a cemetery so you could still hear laughter. Learn to love this place, even if it is still full of bad memories.

Capricorn:  You’ve got scars. Their still beautiful. You are still beautiful. Still stunning. Still magical. You are still wonderful despite all the trauma they’ve put you through.

Aquarius: Coming back isn’t defeat. You have not lost because you couldn’t do what you wanted. Everything happens for a reason, including you coming back. This by far isn’t the end, I hope you see that.

Pisces: You deserve a round of applause for all that you’ve done. You deserve a victory award. I know life doesn’t hand them out. But you still deserve it. You’ve done so much and I am so proud.

—  this weeks zodiac

Quick scrappy fanart before bed for the most adorable BMC fanfic by @actualbird called “is this a forest? ‘cuz there sure is a lot of pine

If you haven’t read it, I definitely recommend it!! Their writing is fantastic and they deserve all the love and support <33