all is going swimmingly

My dad is awesome.

This one is kinda short but I remember feeling amazing despite my age.

So when I was like nine or ten we had just taken a trip to Arizona. At one point we decided to take a drive over the border to Mexico for an evening with an old family friend that had a home there.

All went well, the dinner was lovely. But, the drive back into the US is hell. The line is like fifty miles long of pissed off drivers and flower salesman. Being nine, I somehow didn’t blow my brains out from being so bored we were in line for maybe six hours, and all was going swimmingly. Then this asshole driving in the far right lane (which was reserved for border patrol or something, I assume) suddenly tries to cut in front of us. Everyone is honking but he’s just flipping people off and smirking as he inches his car into the gap inbetween our car the one in front of us.

We had a rental so we could just up and ram his car much as I’d assume we wanted to, so my dad calmly gets out of the car and stands in front of this jerks car. The jerk starts honking his own car. My dad, brilliant as all hell, simply does that guardians of the galaxy middle finger windup to him, then proceeds to do about six or seven other variations on flipping this dude the bird. By now the people in the cars around us are all laughing and pointing at this guy and some of them are even flipping him off too.

All the loud honking had drawn the attention of a border patrol car somewhere up the line, and we heard a honk as it suddenly pulled up next to this guy. The agent got out, saw what was happening, and calmly told the man to go to the back of the line. Which was like a whole six hour wait behind us. Mister asshole decides to start defending himself, and the border patrol agent shuts him up and says “if you were in the wrong here, so many people wouldn’t be laughing at you right now.”

He drove away towards the rear of the line and we comfortably waited five more hours to get back into the US.

The Reason

Prompt: (Amazing Spider-Man 2 Spoilers) Based on the imagine: Imagine if you had powers to save Gwen Stacy - @imagine-marvelous-things 

Word Count: 1791

Warning: angst, language (maybe), death

Notes: (Amazing Spider-Man 2 Spoilers) This picks up right at the end of Amazing Spider-Man 2 when electrode is killed, right in the middle of the action. The reader has the ability to fly and see the future/visions/psychic. Her vision is in italics.

Beta’d by the fabulous, amazing, magificent @like-a-bag-of-potatoes as well as @amarvelouswritings Couldn’t have done it without yall!


This was all going swimmingly well until Harry showed up. Gwen arrived on time to help Peter while you knocked Electrode around a bit. Quickly, he caught on that you were just a distraction though. Soon, he left you and all of his attention was on Peter, which was just as well because then you could kick him and hurt him but then you let him get blasted by his own power, restoring power to the city.

Then…Harry came…

You were checking on Peter right as Gwen exited the building.

“Gwen, stay there,” Peter instructed as Harry flew between the two.

“Harry,” you started cautiously, stepping forward.

“Peter, when you said Spider-Man said ‘no’ you meant you said no.”

Your stomach lurched into your throat. Oh no, this can’t be happening…

“Harry…what did you do?” Peter asked, concern and worry thick in his voice as he took a step toward the mangled, broken creature that was once Harry Osborn.

“What you made me do. You were my friend, and you betrayed me!”

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It all went swimmingly

I was going to wait till @raynbow-shimmer (I have no idea why it didn’t tag you the first time) got revenge on me but I don’t want to forget it so I’ll have to come up with something else for that. And since it’s Voltron (though not Keith and Pidge friendship focused) I’ll tag @greenglowsgold because it’s still Voltron.

Headcanon for who offers to hide the body when the other starts to complain. Keith Shiro and Pidge addition. 

Look, Shiro is a very patient person. He really is, but if he has to get Slav anywhere ever again even if there is only one enemy he won’t be responsible for his actions. Keith and Pidge offered to get him away for a while with a glint in their eyes. Shiro decided to ignore the glint and say that’s a great idea. Pidge can talk to him and see if there is a way to convince Slav not to worry about every little detail and stop laughing you two I realize how weird that sounds coming from me but still A PUDDLE REALLY and Keith can figure out if Slav knows how to swim and if not teach him because REALLY A PUDDLE.

The two regret opening their mouths immediately but get to work.

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She looks so content while eating her hot dogs. 

Her father then came outside after he had finished work and started yelling at her, for making herself a meal and nobody else I think (because, yes, apparently six hot dogs is Santana Lopez’s idea of a meal for one), and she just picked up the plate of hot dogs and trashed them right in front of him. 

I fear giving them both the hotheaded characteristic was a mistake. 

Do you ever think about ACOMAF squad and just randomly start drowning in all the feels and tears?

Any Last Words? (Bucky x Reader)

(Gif credit to owner)

Fandom: Marvel

Character: Bucky Barnes

Persona: Female

Word Count: 483

Warning: Angst, mentions of blood, mesons of character death

Request: Can I ask for a Bucky drabble where he knows he’s about to die so he calls the reader to say his final words to the love of his life and she’s like “Bucky I’m on my way, don’t worry, I’ll save you”

A/N - Drabble Requests Are Closed Now! <3

It wasn’t supposed to happen this way.

It was just a simple mission: go in, rescue the hostages, get out and be home in time for dinner. When the Winter Soldier was assigned the mission he thought it would be easy, after all he’d done many things much harder than this and much more violent. At first it was all going swimmingly, Bucky crept in, he took out the guards and even managed to release the hostages. That was when it happened.

Guards flooded the room, they all held various weapons which where aimed at Bucky.  “Go” he urged the hostages, they all dashed out the doors behind him. The guards let them go, Bucky shifted his weight to his other foot as he planned out what to do. He’d been in situations like this before and survived. “Don’t move” one of them instructed, to which the assassin complied.

They moved forward as Bucky crouched on the floor, placing his hands behind his head. It all happened so quickly.

One moment Bucky was attacking guard after guard, they each went flying and the next gunshots sounded. They didn’t faze the Winter Soldier, until searing pain erupted through his lower abdomen. He didn’t stop fighting though, he’d been shot before but something about this wound felt different. Something in the back of his mind told him that this might be it.

Bucky Barnes was a trooper till the end, he didn’t stop fighting until all the guards were knocked out on the floor. As he looked around at the bodies he suddenly felt dizzy. He crumpled to the floor on his knees and clutched at his abdomen. When he retracted his metal hand, he noticed the once silver palm was now stained a sickly vermilion colour. He felt his chest become tighter. Without warning his body dropped and he lay outstretched on the floor. Laying down caused more pain to shoot around his body.

For the first time in Bucky’s life, he was scared. 

He was clueless as to what to do. He couldn’t move as the pain paralyzed him. The blue in Bucky’s eyes was fading to washed out colour as he scanned the room for a way to survive, he clocked hie earpiece on the floor and he shuffled towards it. He picked it up, hoping to hear your voice, he wanted it to be the last thing he remembered. 

“(Y/N)?” he rasped, coughing slightly as life left his body at an agonizingly slow rate.

“What took you so long?” you giggled with relief at hearing your lover’s voice. The line was silent for a few moments, “I’ve….I’ve been shot”, Bucky finally forced out, “I d-don’t think I’m going t-to make it”.

Your heart dropped, “Bucky I’m on my way, don’t worry, I’ll save you”. He chuckled sadly and a loving smile formed on his face, “I love you so much (Y/N)”.