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Some much needed Reylo positivity for your dash 💗

As a Reylo shipper, I’ll always be in awe of the incredible dynamic created by the writers between Rey and Ren.
But most of all, I’ll always be in awe of our amazing fandom. We are hopeful, intelligent, compassionate, tolerant and loving, everything that represents Star Wars for what it truly is. According to my faith, there is such a thing as good karma and bad karma, and we are certainly among those who have benefited from good karma because of how amazing we’ve been towards each other this past year.
Just look how far we’ve come Reylo fam! There are amazing Reylo fanfiction writers, Reylo artists and even Reylo podcasters who have gone on to achieve great things and make a name for themselves in the wider fandom. We’re also slowly being proven right in most of the things we’ve been saying since the release of TFA and if there’s any group of fans who are bound to get things right in the long run, it’s us. So don’t be disheartened by the incessant bitching and moaning of certain groups. They may see the dynamic in a negative way, but that’s their loss because from everything we know since December 2015, from the TFA script, to the novelisations, JJ’s commentary, actor interviews, interviews from people involved in the creation of that dynamic/characters and recently, from the official databank updates, the creators of Rey and Kylo Ren absolutely don’t view the dynamic between them as anything negative. No matter how anyone else chooses to see this dynamic, it is very clear now that the writers don’t see it all as something toxic and deserving of scorn and as they’re the ones who decide the canon outcome of the story, it doesn’t matter what negative interpretation someone else may have attached to it. In fact, what the creators have had to say about it has made us even more intrigued with the possibility of Reylo, am I right?😁. Also, I’ve seen more and more Star Wars fans becoming receptive to the idea with the release of all this new information.
So no, we are not criminals or Nazis or fascists for simply enjoying a certain character dynamic that was obviously meant to inspire interest in fans. We’re just a bunch of fans who were somewhat correct in our interpretation of the story we were given and that’s seemed to have sent certain people into panic mode.
I’ve been really angry today, but I’ve had a chance to calm down and think about things and I’m hoping this post will help you stay positive
Fear not and don’t let other people’s toxic behavior affect you and the way you enjoy fandom.
And don’t forget to spread the love 😚😚😚


I’m not a big one on—I don’t know what to call it—getting all glamorous. I don’t really worry about my looks, and I don’t worry about getting old. Exterior beauty doesn’t mean a lot to me. I mean, sure I like to look nice—sometimes. This is going to contradict all the pictures with the interview, because I’m very glammed out. I’m a total hypocrite.

In honour of Minnie’s birthday
  • She taught 3 generations of Potters as far as we know, that alone requires some kind of strength
  • She’s one of the most badass women I know
  • She loved Marauders to bits, tough love included
  • She felt closest to Sirius. She never had children, Sirius never had a family until he was 16 years old, they kind of completed each other.
  • Sirius never forgot how she looked out for him, even though he acted all cool, Minnie please, he appreciated her. He never got the chance to tell her that.
  • She knew Remus’ condition, never changed how she looked at the brilliantly genius but damaged boy. It wasn’t his fault.
  • She saw the wit Peter had when no one else did, she felt protective of the little boy.
  • She may or may not have helped the boys become animagi. She’ll deny that to anyone who asks.
  • Minerva never forgot when she heard the news. She didn’t believe Sirius would sell James and Lily. I know Black, he’d never– Dumbledore however was convinced, she never stopped doubting.
  • She wanted to see Sirius before he was put in Azkaban, request denied.
  • She helped Remus with the funeral, she was his anchor.
  • She tried to keep an eye on Remus as much as she could on full moons.
  • She lost a part of her soul during the First Wizarding War, never recovered from that.
  • She was one of the few people that could say no to Dumbledore
  • She tried to stop him from giving Harry to Dursleys, I’m prepared to bet my life that she would have raised him as her own
  • She almost fainted when she saw Harry for the first time in Hogwarts. He was an exact copy of James Potter, well except for the eyes, he had Lily’s eyes.
  • Her eyes welled up when Harry was put in Gryffindor, James would have been proud
  • Don’t get me wrong Minerva didn’t cry too often, she just drifted away when it came to her Marauders
  • When Fred Weasley was killed, she felt like there was nothing left inside of her. No one touched her students, but yet again they did.
  • When she saw Remus lying on the floor right next to Tonks, she fell on her knees and whispered “Tell them I miss them Mr. Lupin, give them a hug for me” No one heard.
  • She was the first to scream when Hagrid came back with Harry’s body. No, no, not again, please no.
  • She was the first to reach to her wand to fight, when there was nothing left to do.
  • Because she was a fighter, that was what she did best.
  • Funeral after funeral, each one was harder than the other and she never stopped loving and fighting.
  • She loved and she fought. Hard.
  • Happy birthday Minerva, you brave and beautiful woman.

So one thing I really fucking loved about Rogue One happens before the movie even begins and it is this: lack of Main Theme + opening crawl. 

We knew that Rogue One was going to be a totally different type of story than any other Star Wars film we’ve ever seen. But this just brings it home. You see A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away come up on that screen and the entire theater waits in silence, breath held, because we all know what’s coming next

But suddenly, it doesn’t. Instead of the orchestration blasting right at us, it’s the silence that is startling. We’re thrown right into the middle of this story like these characters are. We don’t get to see The Story So Far, because there is no “story”. Not for these people. 

They don’t have a plot line. Theirs is not a saga. They don’t have a family legacy that spans generations and wars and an entire galaxy. They aren’t even out to save the damn thing at first. They just want to survive, maybe even do what’s right. None of them were trying to change the course of history.

The war isn’t their story. They didn’t even know they were in a story to begin with. But they keep fighting anyway, to see it through to its end.


Gone With the Wind by Margaret Mitchell

  • Amazon: 4.8
  • Goodreads: 4.26

The civil war. A beautiful woman at the height of selfishness. The love and death of home and land. Society wound up so tight an improper wink could undo you. Destruction, tragedy, political corruption, truth, lies, life, death, love, loss, big changes, new beginnings, intermingled with never ending cycles. All of this helps make Gone with the wind what it is: an epic novel that will never be forgotten, that will forever be loved, cherished, and discovered with delight by new readers for ages.

Scarlett O’Hara is far from the typical heroine. She’s easier to hate than to enjoy, her thought processes are understandable but leave the reader cold. Her motivations are for the sake of survival, but her climb toward the top still leaves a bad taste in the mouth. Even before she does what she has to because she ‘has to’, she’s not likable.

Margaret Mitchell did a unique thing by taking an unlikeable woman and making it her story. It’s sort of a destructive, moral lesson tale that you can’t look away from, a literary train wreck impossible to ignore.

Gone with the Wind is over 1000 pages, and inside those pages the author manages to somehow cram an amazing amount of events while expertly shuffling intriguing inner dialogue and emotional moments that soared without growing boring, dull, or lagging the tale. Her writing style is easily absorbed, she had a natural knack with dialogue, and the scenes merged together flawlessly.

by guest reviewer Erin

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Leverage OT3: World War II AU

1942 and war had reached them all at last, digging deep into the cracks of crumbling foundations. In chaos their secret bound them together, love woven far across land and sea, beyond blood and fire that lit up the skies.  

Though her spirit burned like flame, one could not follow them to war. Instead she locked them both inside the false heart sitting at her throat, the real one beating warm beneath its polished golden shell. Hidden there they stayed, away from all eyes but hers, kept secreted in safety so one day they would yet find their way back home.

The other saved their faces in the pages curled beneath his pen, remembered lovingly with strokes as gentle as their hands were once in his. Leather bound and torn, by day he kept them stowed in the pocket pressed against his breast. When night fell they were slipped beneath his pillow, to join him in his sleep and keep the darkest dreams at bay.

The last bore them in his bones with the passing of each hour, their smiles etched into his body deeper than the scars of war could ever reach. His parting gift to them had been his soul, freely given before the stains of battle could set.  He knew for him they’d keep it safe, their collateral to make sure he dare not die alone abroad.

They would find each other again and leave the past behind for good. A painting torn from a dead man’s hand could not buy back lost time, but it could guarantee a new future, and that would simply have to do.

i feel very strongly about paragon shepards tbh

i mean its essentially taking the path of lesser death right? you try to solve things without punching people to death - at least most of the time. but its still the same old very tired, very angry and very done shepard but choosing to be respectful, going out of their way to be nice to strangers in the midst of war but still taking no shit and not being afraid to shut a bitch down when needed.

it’s just the basic premise of an angry, broken little human choosing to be better to the world than the world has been to them that i find so admirable.

Prythian FF MasterPost

Here’s virtually all of the A Court of (Thorns and Roses)/ (Mist & Fury) fanfiction I’ve stumbled across thus far. Ranked in no particular order. Spread the fandom love and meet new authors! Feel free to add to the list!

BTS Disney!AU prompts

Even tho I love writing unfortunately english is not my second language.. Here are some Disney AU prompts.

Minjoon - Cinderella
Jimin’s step-family envies his beauty, his kindness and his hardworking attitude: for sure he will go far in life. They force him to do all the house work etc so that he will not be able to study and invest for his future. Then in a masquarade ball he will know Kim Namjoon..

Jinmin - Mulan
Because of his royal blood Jimin is not allowed to take part of the war, but he disappointed his family and now he wants to make them proud of him. With his butler and hyung’s help (his big bro didn’t agree but he understood him) he will be able to partecipate no matter what. The army will make fun of him because he’s so tiny especially that broad shoulder guy full of himself.

Yoonmin - Beauty and the beast
Jimin has to live with Mean Yoongi for a while. In spite of the latter poor attitude, Jimin will succeed in melting his iced heart with his caring, patient and full aegyo personality. It will be a matter of time and Jimin will fall in love with him and his precious gummy smile.

Jihope - Frozen
Jhope’s sister run away and he will need this stranger’s help to find her. Little spoiler: he will find his sister but also the meaning of love. No need to say that Hobi’s sis will approve Jimin (she initially had a crush on him).

Vmin - Tarzan
Jimin went to an undiscovered jungle to look for some new type of plants that can be used as medecine. There he will meet Taehyung who grew with the animals.

Jikook - Hercules
When Jungkook discovers his half god nature, he will need to prove his value to be recognised as a god. While he’s training, he will get to know Jimin, sent by …(Ades) to destroy him as a revenge towards Namjoon(Zeus) but then the two will fall in love and in spite of his past Jimin will have the courage to choose love over his anger.

Yoonseok - Rapunzel
For a long time Hobi was imprisoned by the evil witch who made him believe she was his mother, ofc he believed her. From his window he could see the beauty of the nature and a big desire to explore those wonders started to grow inside him. When suddenly Yoongi sneaks in the tower, he will find in him the key to explore the world. Yoongi who was living for himself will see in Hobi’s candour and joy the happiness he was missing in his life.

Namjin - Snowhite
Seokjin was too handsome that his step mother started to be jealous…

Night Terror - Theo Raeken


A/N: My friend requested this and I hope it was good enough. This is by far my favorite one I have written so far. Hope y'all like it.


Summary: Theo and the reader are in bed and Theo has a night terror and the reader comforts him.

Word Count: 2,000

Request are always open.




It felt like forever since you last slept in your boyfriends arms. You almost forgot what it felt like to be in the arms of someone you loved. When the Skinwalkers took Theo to hell, you were so broken up about it. You knew that what Theo did was wrong, and he deserved to be punished, but you thought he didn’t deserve to suffer eternal hell, getting tormented by his sister. You tried to move on, tried to find love like you and Theo had, but nothing worked, eventually you just gave up. No one could replace Theo.

When you were with Theo, you felt safe, loved and wanted. No one could make you feel the way Theo made you feel. You always got to see the real Theo, the Theo that he tried to hide from everyone else. You’re the only one that believed Theo will change since coming back. Slowly but surely has been making progress. The pack still doesn’t trust or like him but they are becoming more okay with him being back. You’re going to do everything possible to help Theo get better, to show the world that deep down, he’s still human and not a complete monster.  

Since Theo has came back, he has been more helpful and actually has told the truth the whole time. It’s a small step but it’s still better then nothing. It’s going to take a while, but it’s going to be worth it. After all, you’ll do anything for someone that you love.

You were deep in thought when a sound brought you back to reality. It was Theo. He was sleeping next to you with his arms around your waist, like he would do every night before going to hell. Theo’s grip on your waist slowly started getting tighter around you. You thought nothing off it beside Theo just missing you. You snuggled back into him and felt him relax a little.
This wasn’t strange for Theo, at least not since he’s been back.

Ever since Theo came back, he’s been more clingy to you, and not in a bad way. He’s just afraid that he’s going to be sent back at any minute and he doesn’t want to leave you again. You found it quite adorable but you couldn’t blame him. With everything he went through down in hell, you would want to be close to someone as well if you went through the same thing. Theo told you everything that he went through and it broke you heart. You knew hell was well, hell, but you just couldn’t imagine having to go through it every single day for months on end. Whenever the both of you would talk about it, Theo would break down crying thinking about it. The one person who refused to show emotion for the longest time, doesn’t care anymore. He knows that emotional pain is real pain.

You could hear mumbling coming from Theo but you couldn’t make out what he was saying. He let go of your waist. You turned around to see Theo tossing and turning. He could begin to feel himself panicking, his body becoming restless and fanatic, tossing and turning from everything going on inside his head. He was having another night terror. Theo has been getting them a lot lately, but he never liked to talk about them. Talking about it made him feel weak. You never pressured him into talking about it until he was ready. That’s the only thing you could do, you had to be there for him no matter what.  

“No, don’t! Tara stop please” Theo was shaking in his spot, the night terror getting worse.

“I’m sorry” Theo kept repeated multiple times, each time his voice start breaking more, like he was about to cry.

“Theo,” you tried to wake him up, “babe, wake up. It’s a night terror. It’s not real” but no luck.

“It’s okay, you don’t have to stop” Theo’s voice was completely broken now. It broke your heart. You had to wake him up.

“Theo! Wake up!” You start to shake Theo and he shot up breathing heavily. He was frantic, looking around the bedroom thinking he was still in his night terror. You noticed it right away.

“Hey, Theo, it’s just me. It’s y/n. You aren’t in your night terror. Nothing can hurt you here.” You are trying to calm him down and when you said your name, Theo looked right at you and he noticed it was really you and hugged you tightly.

“She won’t leave me. She won’t leave me alone” Theo whispered rocking back and forth in your arms, it was barely audible. You wouldn’t have heard it if you weren’t right next to him.

“Baby, who won’t leave you alone?” You didn’t know who was tormenting him in his night terrors, it could have been anyone. You knew in hell he got pulled down by his sister, so it was a good bet that it was her in his night terrors.

“T-Tara. My s-sister. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.” You felt bad for Theo. If anyone in the pack saw Theo like this, they wouldn’t believe he’s the same person that killed Scott, put Lydia into a catatonic state and broke up the pack. This was a completely different Theo.

“Shh, it’s okay Theo. She can’t hurt you anymore. I’m here and I’m not going to let anything happen to you. I promise Theo.” You comforted him, rubbing his back as he held onto you softly crying. You didn’t notice until you felt water on your chest, causing you to hold onto him tighter resting your chin on his head.

The both of you sat like that in the dark for a while until you heard a faint snore, Theo was out. Laying back down carefully so you wouldn’t wake him up, with Theo arms still around you and his head on your stomach. He looked so peaceful for once. When he was awake you could see how drained and tired he was. His eyes were bloodshot, like he hasn’t slept in weeks. He’s broken. Theo only shows that when he’s alone with you, when he’s with the pack trying to help, you wouldn’t tell he was broken and fragile. He had his cocky snarky attitude. That’s his way of putting his walls up.

Theo’s walls are always up, they were extremely hard to break down and get through. You were the first one to the crack in the walls. You kept pushing until it broke down. You got to know the real Theo. Theo never bothered to put the walls back up when you were around. He knew you would just tear it down.

Eventually sleep took over you and you went into a deep slumber. Theo still on your mind making sure he was okay, even in your sleep. He needed to talk about his night terrors, it’s not healthy for him to keep it to himself.

Soon the sun was shining into the shared bedroom waking you up. Rubbing your eyes you realize Theo wasn’t in the bed anymore. Getting up you walked out of your bedroom and into the kitchen to see Theo at the sink hunched over with a cup of coffee next to him.  Walking up to him you wrapped your arms around him and rest your head against his back earning a sigh from Theo.

“How long have you been up?” Asking Theo, you look over to see a bunch of coffee cups on the counter. That many can’t be healthy.

“Since three am” looking over at the clock that was on the stove, it  showed that it was currently noon. Nine hours, that explains the many coffee cups.

“Why have you been awake for so long? You must be tired.” Grabbing Theo by the waste and turning him around so he would face you. Sleep deprivation clearly hitting Theo hard. He needed to talk about it, he needs to stop putting it off.

“Baby you need to tell me what happens in your night terror so I can help you. This isn’t healthy. Let me help you.” You calmly told Theo. Theo knew he couldn’t keep this inside of him anymore. It was eating him alive and he had to tell someone about it, but only to the one person he trust. That being you. You were the only one there for him through everything. The one person that didn’t leave him, that trusted him. You were everything to him.

Theo was hesitant to say anything at first, like he was debating in his head if he should talk about it or not. “It’s my sister. She appears every night.” He stopped and looked at you seeing if he should keep going. You gave him a nod to keep going, letting him know that you’re here for him.

He took a deep breath and kept going, “I wake up in the morgue, it’s cold and dark. I keep banging on the door until it opens. Then I hear it. My name. It’s Tara, my dead sister. She chases me through the hospital.” He stopped, trying to collect himself so he can finish. “I get stuck, I can’t open the door. Tara walks towards me giving me a look. Then she rips my heart out. Well, her heart out. The scene of her in the creek freezing to death and the doctors surgery to place her heart in my chest plays over and over while it happens.” He went quiet for a minute.

You were about to say something but he cut you off before you could get a word out, “That’s what I went through down in hell. Every single day. She would find a different way to torment me, but at the same time, it was the same each time. It was like a reminder that I’m a monster that killed his older sister. A reminder off all the bad things I’ve done.” You could see the tears starting to stream down his face. You wiped them away with your thumb.

“Oh Theo. I’m so sorry. Yes, you did bad things, but you learned you lesson. You are changing. The dread doctors control your life for so long. They are the reason that everything that has happened.” You truly did feel bad for him, even after all the things he did you couldn’t hate him or blame him. “I love you Theo, I forgive you for everything that happened. I know the pack doesn’t, and even if they never do forgive you or like you, just know I’m here okay. You are not going back. You can’t be defined by your last forever.”

“God what would I do without you. I love you so much y/n” Theo said before placing his lips on yours giving you a soft but meaningful kiss.

“You need to sleep Theo, come you look dead tired. Let’s go back to bed.” You grabbed his hand and walked back towards the bedroom with Theo following right behind you.

Climbing back into bed with Theo laying on your chest like he was earlier. You wrapped your arms around him while playing with his hair. The both of you talked for a little until Theo finally fell asleep. You weren’t tired but you knew Theo needed you to be there with him, to make him feel safe. Normally it was Theo who made you feel safe, but that was before everything that happened. Eventually Theo fell asleep listening to your heartbeat reminding him that you’re still here. It kept him calm and relaxed. When Theo was with you, everything felt right. You took the pain and misery away from him. You made everything okay. You bandaged up his broken pieces.  He was thankful for you. You were his anchor and both of you knew that.

For the first time since Theo being back, he finally had a peaceful Tara-less sleep.

if the first time he says he loves you sounds more like an apology than a confession, run.

tell him you’ve heard it better in the way the trees speak with their leaves, in the way the earth sings to its undergrowth. tell him you’ve heard it better in the sky and the clouds just after it rains, just after everything is born again.

tell him you are full of far too much love for yourself to be loved like he’s sorry for you. to be loved like holding a broken thing. like every time he kisses you it tastes like regret, like the morning-afters are all bitter with it. tell him all the places your bones show are battle-scars. that you’ve fought wars for this type of love. that you’ve forgotten what it was like to be tame.

tell him you’ve found lionesses under your skin. tell him they won’t rest for mediocre things.

—  Reena B. | Tell him you want a greater type of love, a love without apologies.

To make everyone (including myself) feel better about these election results, I am releasing the first installment of something I’ve been working on a while. 


It’s been six months since I began writing ACOWAS, and the response and love from this community has been incredible. But I know that not everyone has the time or resources to read the fic in its full length, so I thought you all might enjoy an audio version of it. I am by no means a professional, so there will be mistakes throughout (and I may pronounce things two different ways on accident at times), but I have enjoyed recording it so far. I will release one chapter every day, including the one-shots (and yes, the smut), and it should take a while to get through everything. 

You can read along Chapter One here if you’d like. And don’t forget, find the tag ‘acowas chapter’ on my blog to read every installment. 

Do enjoy, and let’s lose ourselves in Prythian for a little while, shall we?

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