all is fair in love and cold war

Three Days Grace

Aries- “Animal I Have Become”, “Break”, “ Nothing’s Fair in Love and War”, and  “I Hate Everything About You”

Taurus- “Time of Dying”, “The Real You”, and “Over and Over” 

Gemini- “Someone Who Cares”, “Scared”, and “It’s All Over” 

Cancer- “Fallen Angel”, “Over and Over”,  “Let You Down” and “Home” 

Leo- “Break” and “Let It Die” 

Virgo- “The High Road” 

Libra- “The Good Life”, “Take Me Under”, “Unbreakable Heart”, and “Lost in You” 

Scorpio- “I Hate Everything about You”, “Chalk Outline”, and  “Gone Forever” 

Sagittarius- “Never Too Late” and “Get Out Alive” 

Capricorn-  “Animal I Have Become”, “Misery Loves My Company”, “Tell Me Why”, and “World So Cold”

Aquarius- “Just Like You”, “Human Race”, “Riot” and “I am Machine” 

Pisces-  “Pain”, “Lost in You”, and “Painkiller”

It’s the middle of the night and both Shepard and Garrus are fast asleep when they hear a crash downstairs, although it doesn’t shock or frighten either of them, no. Not since they adopted their first child - a krogan. If only they had known earlier about the bonus feature that comes with young krogan and their sleeping routine.

“He’s sleep-raging, again. Go get him.” Shepard mutters, unwilling to move or even open her eyes.

“He’s your son, you go get him.” Garrus responds, just as unwilling.

You’re the one that suggested having kids in the first place.”

“And you’re the one that wanted to adopt a krogan of all species.”

“Because I’ve had experience, so you should go.”

Garrus pops an eye open to look at her, “I should go?”

“Oh, screw you, Vakarian.” Shepard groans, turning onto her opposite side so she no longer faced him, only for Garrus to huddle closer to her, his arm reaching around for her hand as he feels out for her wedding ring.

“Now, now, you’re Vakarian too, remember? So, who’s getting–”

“Oh, my God, shut up.” Shepard wails, pushing his hand away.

Garrus gets even closer, a sleepy smirk tugging at his mandibles as he nuzzles his head right into her neck, his mouth at her ear, “You love my voice.”

“Oh, my God, just–!” Shepard throws the blanket off the bed as she gets up, leaving Garrus to either go cold or to get up out of bed himself to retrieve the blanket, making his smirk dissappear. “All is fair in love and war.“

“There is no war.” Garrus sighs as he reluctantly gets out of bed to collect the blanket.

“Well, you married a woman who was already married to her job.” Now Shepard is the one with the evil smirk as she stops to look back at him before disappearing from the room.

Game. Set. [CRASH!] …Draw.
I’ll Prove It To You - Jughead Jones

could you write a jughead imagine where reader has daddy issues and she’s scared of falling in love and jughead wants to proof her otherwise and that he’s not gonna break her heart

Originally posted by ravemreyes

I like this one, but I’m not sure what you will think of it. Send some feedback!

You were laying in your bed, staring up at your ceiling and getting lost in your thoughts. It had been a few days since you had a small fight, more like a small argument, with Jughead Jones. He was a confusing person, with confusing feelings which only added to your own. The two of you had been going out for a while, as close friends, but around three days ago, Jughead needed to know how you felt. He admitted that he loved you and begged you to tell him how you felt about him. The problem was, you were scared to feel.

“Y/N, please, tell me,” he had stepped closer, so you were sharing the same air. You stepped back, but he grabbed your hand gently. You felt your heart break a little at the action, it had been done before, by countless of other guys. 

“I can’t Jug,” you murmured, still not meeting his eyes.

 “Y/N, I love you,” you shook your head at his words, feeling tears falling down your cheeks. 

“No you don’t, no one else has what makes you any different?” You looked up at him then and saw the hurt in his normally bright eyes. You stepped towards him and carefully captured him in a hug.

 “I’m sorry you’ve been hurt so much, Y/N, but you need to believe me,” his voice was barely above a whisper when he spoke. You were outside Pop’s diner, late at night, so luckily no one was around to hear your exchange.

 “I, I’m too scared Jug,” you whispered, finally letting your fragile heart show. He pressed his cheek against the top of your head, trying to comfort you in any way he could.

 “I’ll prove it to you,” he whispered, “that I love you.”

You hadn’t heard from him since and it left you feeling empty. You didn’t dare expose your scarred heart more than you did that night. You hadn’t been that open with someone in a long time. The self-isolation came with so many coming in into your life but leaving you soon after. It wasn’t that you didn’t love Jughead, in a way you did, but you weren’t ready to fully accept your feelings. Part of you believed that Jughead was being honest, that he did indeed love you; but the other part of you, the cold half of your heart, felt that he would grow tired of you like all the rest had. The war between these two pieces of yourself was raging as you continued to stare up at your ceiling, trying to push your hope of love deep down.

You’d been let down too many times now, it wasn’t fair. You felt tears stinging your eyes, unable to hold them back, you just let them fall. The fear of being hurt again was so overpowering, it overwhelmed you. You were about to wipe away the tears when your phone buzzed loudly. You shifted in your bed, grabbing your phone. Your heart leapt when you saw the message was from Jughead. You opened the message and your breath caught in your throat.

Jughead : Can you come to the Twilight?

Your brain was screaming at you to say no, just ignore the text in general. If you went, you would be opening yourself to heart break again. Then again, if you didn’t try, you weren’t giving Jughead a fair enough chance to prove himself to you. You jumped up from your bed and slipped on a comfy shirt and black jeans. You grabbed your sneakers and your phone and darted out of your house as quietly as you could. You walked down the dark streets as quickly as you could. Nerves were buzzing around your brain as you walked, but all your heart could do is think of Jughead. His warm hugs, his caring smile, and his ability to love someone as broken as yourself. You loved him, you realized, causing you to almost trip over your shoes. You caught yourself and kept walking, because now you had to tell him.

You rushed into the empty drive-in theater, looking around for Jughead. You jumped when you heard a crunch behind you. You spun around a saw Jughead, looking at you with dopey eyes. 

“You came,” he said, stepping towards you and instead of shying away from him, you met him in the middle. 

“Of course I did,” you murmured, meeting his gaze. You saw how his jaw clenched, he only did this when he was nervous or in deep thought, and you smiled softly. 

“I spent the last three days trying, struggling, to figure out the perfect way to earn your trust,” he said, stepping towards you again. “I figured that there was only one good way to let you understand how I feel,” he took a deep breath, “and that’s to tell you everything.” He stepped even closer to you, grabbing both of your hands in his. He rubbed his thumbs across your cold fingers nervously before looking into your eyes once more.

“My name is Forsythe Pendleton Jones III, I attend Riverdale High School with a minimal amount of friends because I hate people in general. I have a little sister name Jellybean, who I haven’t seen in ages because my father is a South Side Serpent. I left home and I live in there,” he let go of you hand to gesture to the film hut, “and that explains why I always smell so bad.” 

You smiled and let out a small giggle, which caused Jughead to smile a little too. “I don’t tell anyone anything about me because I’m scared. Scared that once they see the real me they’ll run to the hills. I’m telling you all of this because I trust you, Y/N,” he paused and shook his head, “no, I love you, so much.” Your heart melted at his words and tears gathered in your eyes.

 “I get why you’re scared, Y/N, you’ve been let down by your father, a feeling I totally understand,” he looked down at your joined hands again, “I know it all too well.” You let go of his hand, raising it to his face, bringing it up to look at you. You saw the redness in his eyes and felt your own eyes burn with tears. It stayed silent for a moment, you just stared at each other, conveying unsaid words through your eyes. You carefully moved towards him, resting your body against his. His arms immediately wrapped around you, hugging you tightly.

 “I hope I proved that you’re not alone,” he whispered, “and I hope you’ll allow us to be alone together.” You nodded against his chest and his arms tightened around, as if he were trying to form a protective shell around you. 

“Yes,” you whispered, pulling your head back enough to look at his face, “I love you Jughead.” He gave you a true, but soft smile. You leaned up on your tippy toes and pressed a kiss to his lips, showing that you believed his good intentions. You pulled away, but Jughead wasn’t done. His hands lifted to your face, cupping your cheeks as he kissed you again. Your lips moved in-sync with his, and with it you could feel his heartbeat against your hand that was on his chest. He pulled away breathless, and you leaned your forehead against his.

“I’m never letting you go,” he whispered and you smiled. “Not ever, not five years from now,” he whispered and you brushed your lips against his again. He pecked your lips softly, proving himself once more.

 “We’ll be scared together,” you whispered and Jughead nodded, pulling you into another heartfelt kiss.  


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A Sterek Fic Rec to get through Monday for those not watching the new season:

I’ve compiled a list of new fics, oldies-but-goodies, and all around favorites that I’ve come across over the years. 



High school AU’s:

  • Binomial Coefficients by DevilDoll 
  • So Shed Your Skin and Lets Get Started by halfhardtorock 
  • the lunch table configuration by thepsychicclam 
  • Practice Makes Perfect by blacktofade 
  • This Might Be Irony by thepsychicclam 
  • seems to me it’s chemistry by HalfFizzbin 
  • John Hughes Did Not Direct My Life by nascentgalaxies 
  • We Are So Intimately Rearranged by secondstar 
  • I stopped believing in happy endings by otatop 
  • Why don’t you say so? by sassywerewolfuncle 

College AU’s:

  • No Homo by RemainNameless 
  • There is a Brotherhood by minusoneday 
  • Hemingway Can Suck It by KuriKuri 
  • Losers by stilinskisparkles 
  • It’s Called a Heart Boner by RemainNameless 
  • The Chemistry Between Us by coffeeinallcaps 
  • My Bitchy Soulmate by tee_tee 
  • Hemingway Can Suck it by  KuriKuri
  • Hot Nerd Alert by alisvolatpropiis 
  • A Certain Romance by Vendelin 

Kid fics:

  • DILF by twentysomething 
  • our lives are changing lanes by grimm 
  • Trust In This (Even If You’re Scared Stiff) by otter 
  • Stiles’s Story Time by trilliath 
  • He’s Not Mine by Sunnee 
  • The Littlest Alpha by triedunture 
  • Reasonable to Assume by Saucery 
  • Daddy Do’s by apocryphal 
  • How Derek Met His Smallest Fan by purpleduvet (maga_nw) 

Famous AU’s:

  • soulmates tbh by bleep0bleep
  • my heart’s been offline by thepsychicclam 
  • Midnight Wolf vs Abominable Snowman! by KuriKuri 
  • Take Me Back To The Start by thingcalledlove 
  • Dancing With The Moon by starsandgraces 
  • Play Crack the Sky by  WeAreTheCyclones
  • Just Act Normal by zosofi 
  • Wheatgrass and Froot Loops by WhoNatural 
  • In Fashion by stilinskisparkles 
  • Kiss Me and Fall Asleep by KuriKuri 

Period AU’s:

  • an exaltation of larks by llassah 
  • With Warmest Regards (Affectionately Yours) by asocialfauxpas (fuzzytomato) 
  • Burning Glances (Turning Heads) by Yiichi 
  • Phoenix by Unloyal_Olio 
  • Kindred Spirits by Stoney 
  • I Am Your Liege by relenafanel 
  • Never Did Run Smooth by blacktofade 
  • heart as black as night by thepsychicclam 
  • Like Heaven Catching Lighting by weathervaanes 
  • And the Cry Goes Out by secondstar 

De-aged AU’s:

  • Where Clouds Roll By by ohanotherday 
  • Beware of the Spell by MemeKon 
  • Hold On, Hold Tight (make it through another night) by callunavulgari 
  • The Time Traveler’s Prerogative by weathervaanes 
  • The Time Traveler’s Prerogative by weathervaanes 
  • Baby One More Time by Castielific 
  • Hormonally Yours by Nokomis 
  • Out of the Mouths of Pups by cardel 
  • Sticks and Bones by kellifer_fic 

Apocalypse AU’s:

  • thank god your heart is too close by hoars  
  • In This Twilight How Dare You Speak of Grace by secondstar 
  • The Isolationists by velveteenshadowboxer 
  • Ride by wolfbeater 
  • Come with Me and Walk the Longest Mile by DevilDoll 
  • It’s a mad, mad world by ElisAttack 
  • We, the Monsters by neko_fish 

A/B/O dynamic AU’s:

  • What Stays and What Fades Away (you can’t choose) by standinginanicedress 
  • Knot if You Don’t Knock by jsea 
  • The Chase by saltandbyrne 
  • Nowhere Man by 1lostone 
  • Eat, Knot, Love by pandabomb 
  • Alpha Spikes by starbeast 
  • Hello, Heartbreaker by astoryaboutwar (ofalexandra) 
  • Scent Left Unsaid by bleep0bleep 
  • The Dating Game by lielabell 
  • All You Ever Needed to Know About Knotting by KuriKuri 

Mermaid AU’s (this is me we’re talking about, it was bound to happen):

  • No Oceans Left by zoemathemata 
  • Hurricane Stiles by Shake_n_Blake 
  • Sea Foam and Sunshine by Jenetica 
  • Mermaider by nothing_left_sacred 
  • Sui Tollech Gwanna Tach Omen by atlaspeaks 
  • You Make Me All Achy by Emela 
  • Fathoms Below by Saucery 
  • Cold and Deep with Bite Beneath by orangecrow 
  • Where Angels Dance by xxxillusionxxx 
  • Whatcha’ reading? by scarlettletterr 

Pornstar AU’s:

  • Desperate But Not Serious by sofonisba_found 
  • I want you (no, I mean your art) by ElisAttack 
  • Prepared by ericaismeg 
  • All’s Fair in Orgasms and War by bleep0bleep 
  • Love Runs Wild by DevilDoll 
  • Dating Backwards by RemainNameless 
  • Love Comes in Spurts by talktowater 
  • Skilled Direction by ashley_ingenious 
  • Dude, is porn a taxable income? by ElisAttack 
  • Two Hearts Race (Gay Porn Edition) by kat_fanfic 

Fusion AU’s:

  • That Which You Cannot Undo by uraneia 
  • Not Like Bond & Moneypenny by WhoNatural 
  • Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble by pandacowhipster 
  • By Moon And Stars by kellifer_fic 
  • But Not With Haste by uraneia 
  • Stardust by raisesomehale 
  • Easy Alpha by interropunct 
  • Seriously, it’s like you’re photoshopped. by nevermetawolf 
  • we’re catching bullets in our teeth (it’s hard to do but they’re so sweet) by prettyasadiagram 
  • I thought the world would move on by raisesomehale 
  • Bonding for Beginners by Ember 
  • No Superman by WhoNatural 

Amnesia AU’s:

  • By Any Other Name by entanglednow 
  • Remember Me by stilinskisparkles 
  • Our Memories Are Numbered by rufflefeather 
  • It Starts When You’re Around by strobelighted 
  • should the pillars of memory topple out of my reach by bleep0bleep 
  • And We’ll Be Complicated by ingberry 
  • To Feel Your Heart as It’s Keeping Mine by Vendelin 
  • Ephemeral by thegirlgrey 
  • Take Me Back to the Start by TroubleIWant 
  • The Man in the Snow by mikkimouse


  • Play It Again by metisket 
  • A Desperate Arrangement by mikkimouse 
  • A Life Less Ordinary by Jebiwonkenobi 
  • hope is the thing with feathers by ShanaStoryteller 
  • Stiles, why is Derek Hale passed out on our front porch? by marguerite_26 
  • flint & tinder by grimm 
  • A Thousand Fiery Suns of Angst - Just Press Play by apocryphal 
  • In Desperate Times by Nokomis 
  • Noticed by InTheArmsofaThief 
  • Soulseeker by alisvolatpropiis 

Outsider POV:

  • From the Cradle to the Grave by  jezziejay
  • Five Times the Sheriff Found Derek Hale in His Son’s Bedroom by suzvoy
  • Derelictions of Duty by Regann 
  • the lovers [murderers] in 9B by ofherlionheart 
  • Single Parent, Multiple Problems by hoosierbitch 
  • a target that I’m probably gonna miss by HalfFizzbin 
  • Little Talks by pollitt 
  • hear his alibis by 1001cranes 
  • i’ll fall (forever endlessly) by shipmateee 
  • New Morning by Captain_Loki


There’s so many more wonderful sterek fics out there, probably a handful for any AU or trope you can think of. This is just a little taste of the 30,000+ fics just on Ao3 alone.

I’m so proud of this fandom, lets keep doing us♥

January: Snowball Fight

@gfhunklescalendar2017  (UNEDITED)


A/N: The beginning of a year where once a month I post a fic based of this wonderful calendar. 

The snow covered land was something to be expected when one was sailing around the Arctic Ocean and reached some form of land. The freezing cold wind also was something to be prepared for and then you added in what time of year it was and it shouldn’t have been a shock to see the snow.

But it was.

It was a magical thing to walk on land where no one had ruined the bed of white and leave their foot prints behind on the once untouched blanket of white. Everything about this small moment and break in their journey was just amazing.

Stanford stared up at the ice covered trees with a smile that just showed awe. Even with countless dimensions that had been covered in snow or had been in a winter-like season when he had entered them he still felt like there was nothing quite like his Earth. His home still had so much to show him.

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Aphrodite kisses Ares
and thinks of Hephaestus,
“Do you hate me yet?”

All this ichor, and it’s still pride
that seals her heart away.
She wants the pleasure of worship:
knees digging into the soil for her,
fighting and dying and decaying for her.

Goddesses are here from gossip.
Her name on the tongue of the people,
rolling sex in their mouths
to make them build her into a myth,
which is where her husband doesn’t fit.

Beauty is wasted without ambition,
so she has plenty, has it poisonous
to the mortals who accept desire
as guiding lines to their stories,
who forget stars burn differently.

Because Hephaestus knows fire,
he knows that is not what she is;
much too fluid, much too cold.
These are oceans inside her veins,
salt and violence that call for wreckage.

Aphrodite marks his scars
with lipstick that has long worn off.
She refuses to be forgotten,
even if it means ruining them,
“Do you love me yet?”
—  All is fair in love and war (LM)
We Bring the Boys Out! (Special Ch.8)

Mood board created by Jey @jeylovestoblog

➳ Pairing: Seokjin x OC (feat. in dream sequence - Seokjin x Sojung [GFriend])
➳ Genre: COLLEGE AU, ROOMMATE AU, Friendship, Comedy, Slight-Fluff, & Slight-Romance, (WARNING)
➳TRIGGER WARNING: Implied Cheating (it’s small but I still wanted to warn you.)
➳ Words: 2,822
➳ Song(s) That Inspired Me: Love and War
➳ POV: 3rd Person

Summary: While walking home one night, Kim stopped to enjoy the calming atmosphere that is the snowy season, Winter, however, as soon as she starts to walk again, she notices a familiar face hugging an unknown woman. Wait.. was Seokjin cheating on her?!

Season 1: We Bring the Boys Out!
Season 2: B.O.Y

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if you ask me, can i wear this, i will always answer, yes.
should i? a different question. try it on - show me the dress
different colour,
bright or duller?
skirts a-twirl and fabric sheens
but my answer never changes; love, you’re beauty - buy the jeans

it’s alarming; beauty, everywhere i look, it never ends,
girls on streets, in lines, in shops, and drinking coffee, and my friends
are so pretty,
smart and witty
yes, but, too, so fair of face,
strangers, soulmates, sidekicks, sisters; lovely, elegance and grace

yet in all the world, the one place where this mad beauty is flown
is at night, in greyest silence when i face myself alone
every wrinkle,
pimple, crinkle
to be catalogued and filed
every bulge to clip the wings - a flightless dragon can’t be wild

and it’s night that makes me realise that i don’t deserve my space,
when cruel words said to no enemy are thrown at my own face
breathe no fire,
quell desire,
cold and silence take their toll
as the futile flesh of body wins the war ‘gainst sacred soul

for i know they lied, they laughed and lied - they said that love was blind;
if my hips aren’t right he’ll never see the glowing of my mind
so it’s worthless,
worse than worthless,
i’m no good use, this i know
(Jesus loves me, for the bible, oh it tells me - does he, though?)

left with thoughts, abandoned by the moon, the fretful hours tick by
it’s too quiet, smeared reflection swims. Hush! you’re too old to cry
i am a list
of flaws, consist
of failings, dull and flat.

she says, ‘mirrors are just glass, and you are more than that

- to and for inkskinned, the guardian angel (/dragon) of tumblr
thank you for all that you are, all that you’ve done and all that you’ve shared. you don’t know, how could you, the effects that your words have had, but their ripples are seismic and have swept me up so many times. i’m so grateful.

Member: Mingyu

Genre: Fluff/AU

Word Count: 563

This is the last Harry Potter request in the inbox-remember not to send any more requests until the inbox reopens!! Enjoy ~Admin Hari

“I’m going to miss you!” You cry, giving Wonwoo one last hug.

“Well, not too badly. You’ve got good company.” Wonwoo notes, glancing obviously at your boyfriend Mingyu.

“Just be glad you don’t have to be the third wheel all break.” Mingyu laughs and wraps his arm around his friend’s shoulders.

Wonwoo finally boards the train and waves a final goodbye to the both of you from the window. The winter blows around you as it pulls out of the station. When it has become a spot in the distance, Mingyu pulls you into his arms. His height protects you from the wind and you bury your face in his chest.

“Alright lets go home, now please.” You mumble

“Whatever you want, Y/N.”

You clasp your gloved hands and start the long journey back to the castle. Christmas Break has officially begun and most students have emptied out Hogwarts. All of your own roommates were gone, as were Mingyu’s. It is almost like you have the Hufflepuff dorm all to yourself.

As you enter the snowy castle grounds, you suddenly feel a blast of cold on your back. You look around and notice that Mingyu has armed himself with a snowball which hits you in the stomach.

“No fair!”

“All’s fair in love and war!” He laughs and gets another snowball from the ground.

While he’s distracted, you flick your wand and cause the snow from the trees above you to shake onto him. Mingyu gets back up with the white powder caked all over him. You brace yourself for a counter attack but Mingyu just laughs. He throws himself at you and both of you land in the snow pile surrounding him.

“Now, we’re both soaked.” He says, triumphantly,

“Get up, you tree! I’m gonna freeze!”


The evening light has turned to night and Christmas Eve chugs on. The Hufflepuff common room has emptied so you and Mingyu have gotten the big comfy couch to yourself.

“Only about a half hour till Christmas.” Mingyu whispers to you as he pulls you closer into his chest.

“And I’m already exhausted.” You complain, turning around to look at him.

“Wanna go to bed?”


Mingyu takes you by the hand and leads you up the stairs to his dorm. You’ve already moved your things for the rest of vacation. After you’ve both changed into pyjamas, you plop down on his bed. It’s warm and cozy but Mingyu doesn’t seem to be as sleepy as you are.

He sits next you on the bed and pokes your stomach. “Y/N.”


“Sit up, would you?”

You comply groggily and suddenly you feel Mingyu’s familiar lips on yours. Automatically, you hook your arm to his neck as you return the kiss. The sleep has already left your mind as Mingyu pulls you closer. You move one hand from his neck to the back of his head so you can run your thumb against his cheek.

He suddenly stops kissing you and pulls away. Mingyu runs his fingers through your hair and holds onto the crook of your outstretched arm.

“Y/N, Merry Christmas.”

“Merry Christmas.”

“I love you, a lot. You know that right?”

“Of course, and I love you more.” You murmur. 

You lean over and kiss him softly. Mingyu suddenly pulls you into a crushing hug and you giggle. You fall over together, once again.

Waywardwinterfics Master List (SPN, Marvel, and Star Wars)



“The Devil’s Own”- Black Widow POV. Bucky x Reader (Natasha). The Winter Soldier, your former lover, is living at the tower, and has no recollection of you or your torrid history…

Mayday: Original work, Bucky x Reader.  The Avengers travel to Baltimore to find you, believing they can help tame your errant powers. Things don’t exactly go smoothly.

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‘15 Things I’ll Never Do’ by Mae West:

1. Take another woman’s man. Not intentionally, that is. Even though all’s fair in love and war and it ain’t no sin.

2. Try to be anything but myself at all time, publicly and privately, except on the stage or screen, for that’s where acting belongs.

3. Cook, bake, sew, wash dishes, peel potatoes, eat onions, or bite my nails.

4. Wear white cotton stockings or join a nudist colony

5. Like opera, number thirteen, yodelling, cold spaghetti, rats, snails, men who shave their necks, or over-ripe bananas.

6. Care for people who whistle in dressing rooms or checks that bounce as high as the stratosphere.

7. Play mother parts, sad parts, dumb parts, or a virtuous wife, betrayed or otherwise. I pity weak women, good or bad, but I can’t like them. A woman should be strong either in her goodness or badness.

8. Go nuts about classical music, sandwiches, cigar smoke, places that smell like hospitals, and black nail polish.

9. Get excited over night clubs, contract bridge, fan dancing, bobby sox, the stock market, badminton or bust developers

10. Be thrilled to death by orchids, anonymous love letters, souvenir post-card folders, earthquakes, slave bracelets, or beds with hard mattresses.

11. Be bothered by Scotch money-lenders or boys who lisp

12. Believe the worst about anybody without complete proof nor will I believe that it’s useless to struggle against so-called Fate – the phony!

13. Walk when I can sit, or sit when I can recline. I believe in saving my energy – for important things.

14. Write a story that is unsophisticated, because I believe that innocence is as innocent doesn’t.

15. Marry a man who is too handsome, a man who drinks to excess or doesn’t carry his liquor like a gentleman, a man who is easy to get, easily led into temptation – unless I do the leading.

Let It Snow//Yoon Sanha

Originally posted by aseutro

Pairing:Sanha x Reader


Summary:Anonymous said:
Can I request a Sanha scenario where it’s your first snow fall together so y'all play in the snow together? Just like super fluffy please :3 I love you blog so much!!!!

Author’s Note: I like dying and being dead okay this is so cute

xoxo Sara

“(Y/N)!” You heard Rocky call from the other side of your fort, “Watch out!”

You had been friends with Astro since they debuted; your sisters job as their stylist permitting you to meet them and get to know them while you helped. The boys had just finished promoting their new album, which allowed for them all to have some free time to goof off together, and since you were friends, they asked you to join with them.

It had been snowing all day; a rare occurrence over where you were. What’s even more rare, is that the snow was actually sticking and not disappearing while it fell. With this in mind, you and the six boys had decided to take this to your advantage.

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your majesties - a mix for the power couple, the king and queen. two souls like ice, like steel, like rust, intoxicated with each other but so afraid to be. iron hands, iron hearts, clasped together, unbreakable. too similar to ever be perfectly harmonious, but certainly learning to love, to be vulnerable. maddened by each other and far too strong to bend. brought together in a crash of bright sparks by their arranged, merely political marriage. they haven’t stopped glowing since.

i. viva la vida (live) - coldplay

i used to roll the dice / feel the fear in my enemy’s eyes / listen as the crowd would sing / “now the old king is dead! long live the king!”

ii. anaesthetic - thomston

living on anaesthetic / not the way you chose to have it / it’s too cold to care / it’s only fair

iii. winter - daughter

drifting apart like two sheets of ice, my love / frozen hearts growing colder with time

iv. born to die (two friends remix) - lana del rey

come on take a walk on the wild side / let me kiss you hard in the pouring rain / you like your girls insane

v. all the lines - fleurie

power’s in the picture / war is in the victor / movement of the water / writing on the wall

vi. to sleep apart - farao

in your heart, in the cold, there’s a place you can go / where you’ll see what i saw from the start / that we were never meant to sleep apart

vii. dance me to the end of love - the civil wars

dance me through the panic ‘til i’m gathered safely in / lift me like an olive branch, be my homeward dove / and dance me to the end of love

viii. skyfall - adele

let the sky fall / when it crumbles / we will stand tall / face it all together

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Master List (SPN, Marvel, Star Wars)



“The Devil’s Own”- Black Widow POV. Bucky x Reader (Natasha). The Winter Soldier, your former lover, is living at the tower, and has no recollection of you or your torrid history…

Mayday: Original work, Bucky x Reader.  The Avengers travel to Baltimore to find you, believing they can help tame your errant powers. Things don’t exactly go smoothly.

The Night Before Christmas (Bucky x Reader - Mayday) You and Bucky spend Christmas Eve together. Feels and fluff.

Drabble Prompt Bucky x Mayday Bucky teases Mayday about her drunken shenanigans on New Years Eve.

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OK, simple but spoilery SU theory time based on the recent official teaserBismuth is a blacksmith!  And she’s cute as a button too, but that’s a solid fact as far as I’m concerned (just look at her!!). 

Consider this: She wears an outfit featuring a long apron tied around her waist and neck and hanging over covered legs, similar to a blacksmith’s traditional protective gear.  She investigates the materials of Steven’s house (seemingly right after walking in), saying “And we’re building bases out of wood now?  Whose terrible idea was this?” which suggests she has a lot of experience building or constructing out of tougher materials.  Plus she’s got big muscular arms and shoulders suitable for hammering away at things!  If she has a Gem Weapon, it might be a huge lovely hammer. 

Speaking of hammering - what’s that strange red room people spotted in the SU crew’s offices?  It seems to have an anvil right in the center, swords all around the walls, and a HUGE sword hanging on the ceiling!  The three openings to the right of the anvil may be cold, empty forges once used to heat materials for said hammering. 

With those two points in mind, it’s fair to say that Bismuth forged some (possible even all??) of the Crystal Gem’s enormous weaponry used in the war!  She may very well have forged Rose’s sword too.   And that mysterious red room might be Bismuth’s personal Forge!  Maybe we’ll be seeing this location in the same episode as the teaser, maybe in another, but I bet it’s not too far off - we’ll probably see it by the end of Summer of Steven. 

Now, what remains to be discovered is this - why was Bismuth bubbled in Lion’s Mane and not in the “Burning Room” in the Temple? 

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Wayward Master List (Marvel and SPN)



“The Devil’s Own”- Black Widow POV. Bucky x Reader (Natasha). The Winter Soldier, your former lover, is living at the tower, and has no recollection of you or your torrid history…

Mayday: Original work, Bucky x Reader.  The Avengers travel to Baltimore to find you, believing they can help tame your errant powers. Things don’t exactly go smoothly.

The Night Before Christmas (Bucky x Reader - Mayday) You and Bucky spend Christmas Eve together. Feels and fluff.

Drabble Prompt Bucky x Mayday Bucky teases Mayday about her drunken shenanigans on New Years Eve.

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Wayward Winterfics Master List SPN and Marvel



“The Devil’s Own”- Black Widow POV. Bucky x Reader (Natasha). The Winter Soldier, your former lover, is living at the tower, and has no recollection of you or your torrid history…

Mayday: Original work, Bucky x Reader.  The Avengers travel to Baltimore to find you, believing they can help tame your errant powers. Things don’t exactly go smoothly.

The Night Before Christmas (Bucky x Reader - Mayday) You and Bucky spend Christmas Eve together. Feels and fluff.

Drabble Prompt Bucky x Mayday Bucky teases Mayday about her drunken shenanigans on New Years Eve.

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