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Thinking about the value of simplicity this morning. (Again!) I love being around my children because their approach to life is my model. Basic needs are a priority, but what impresses me is their ability to maintain wonder. From the moment their little feet hit the floor, they are creating, questioning and planning. Everything is new, therefore it must all be explored. I’m grateful to watch this happen every day.

To have the curiosity and wonder of a child is a gift. It is judgement-free and comes from an honest place. I wish we could all maintain this into adulthood💙

Happy Wednesday!

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I R E A L L Y love and I really need Jaspis in my life because I totally see me and my gf in them
I see in her Lapis because they’re both small, thin and very fragile, she doesn’t even understand how beautiful she is because she’s always worried about how other people see her, she costantly needs affection and to feel herself protected and my duty is to make her safe and happy, that’s why I love so much Lapis, when I see her I see my girl and I feel an undefined amount of joy in my heart because they’re both pure and innocent

But like Jasper I’m big, rough and impulsive, for all my life I always felt uncomfortable having a big goofy body and I often hate myself for it, but the first time I saw her I was reborn, she was big, strong and beautiful, she seems to be sure of what she is so I started to gain a bit of confidence for this,
but I am also really insecure about everything and I feel “not strong enough” exactly like her, I think behind her rude and violent attitude is hiding a fragile girl who hate herself for the situation she has created around her
In any case she found strength in Lapis when she had nothing else and this is exactly what happened to me
and this is NOT abusive, they’re NOT like this, what do you see or think is not always the right thing, so please don’t judge a ship or people who like a determined ship, sometimes they’re really important for someone

You held my hand for the second time
and whispered words flowery enough
for a young girl lost in a forest to wear joy
like how silver wolves embrace wilderness
when choices aren’t greater by one
I was like the girl.
We’re both lost only that she have innocence
and I have my torch and maturity
I can forge my way out but I stayed
I was not regretful because there is a certain joy
in the company of squirrels and dead leaves
and the moon with her never-ending love songs to the tides
soon, I learned the language the woodland spoke
the traditions of that stirred space
until you came
with all necessity from the civilization outside
You held my hand for the second, believable time
It was not like the once pure and romanticized

- JV Ardidon, “Bestial Constructs”

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WOAH 2 in one night man i must be cool (just like u WHATTTT)

11: What do I miss

ok this is gonna be super depressing but being happy tbh. I’ve been in a p long stagnant/depressed period here and I’d really like just pure joy again, I miss it. The childlike innocent happiness.

12: What time was I born

7:00 pm ish?

13: Favorite color

bLUE all the way bro its my absolute fav i love it so much

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One reason I love DragonBallZ is the message being portrayed in a non-preachy manner. Goku is the ultimate hero, he cares only for the well being of his family and his adopted planet and is completely selfless. He strives for strength and fighting skills but for the pure sport, joy and delight and not for egotistical power reasons. Goku respects all life and does not want to harm others unless he absolutely has to. He takes pity on even the most evil of beings and is able to see the good in any situation. Goku takes life’s challenges on in a sunny bright and innocent manner seeing each new moment with clear eyes and full of wonder and excitement.