all information is from wikipedia and should be taken with a grain of salt

"Cold" Len/Lenny/Leonard?

I found so much information on Len that I didn’t know when looking up the original reason for calling him Len, since it has been such a big discussion recently.

Okay first off the reason for calling him Len. In the comic books that IS the shortened version of his name that they use. The writers never gave much information on why Len is shortened for Leonard, but it is briefly mentioned that either a grandfather had the same name and shortened it that way, or when Len was trying to escape his father one night with Lisa an old woman took them in and sheltered them when they needed it. She would affectionately call him Len. It is never made clear if he already had this nickname from the aforementioned grandfather or if he adopted this name because of her. She was later killed by Lewis for making his children soft, and he did it right in front of Len. Len lied to Lisa about the old woman’s death saying she died in her sleep. Lisa calling Len ‘Lenny’ is purely from the TV series.

Next, Len is put in the sucicide squad at one point. That is so cool! He probably won’t be, but it would be so cool if he shows up in the upcoming sucicide squad movie.

Now this one makes my excited, but curious as well. It is shown in the 25th century where Professor Zoom is from, in the comic books, that the Flash has been defeated at some point and wiped off the map. This is at the point where Proffessor Zoom has taken over the world and recreated in his image. Now, I’m curious because in that timeline Captain Cold is still active going under the name Commander Cold, or that’s what everyone assumes. This seems highly illogical because in the current timeline he’s in his late 30s early 40s or in the new 52 universe his late 20s early 30s. Unless it is the New 52 comics Len should be dead due to age in the 25th century. This is reinforced when during a battle someone was able to rip off “Len’s” mask to give the reader a view of his face. This shows a surprising person inside is someone who looks strikingly like Barry Allen. This raises so many questions for me making me wish they did more comics on the 25th century timeline to explain things. When did Len die, how did he die? Did Barry lose his speed, how did he lose his speed? The cold-gun he uses as Commander Cold when did Len give it to him? Why did Barry chose Len’s persona to become the face of the rebellion? I need to know these things!

In the Flashpoint timeline Len is a superhero that goes by Citizen Cold. He is revered by Central City in the same manner as the The Flash was, but in the Flashpoint timeline The Flash was never made (Barry never got his powers in exchange for his mother’s life.). Which I can only assume is the reason why in the TV show when Barry went back in time and could save his mom The Flash fighting Professor Zoom told him not to, so that Flashpoint would not be created.

In Earth-3 Len is a police officer and his partner is Mick and they are after a crook named Johnny Allen or Johnny Quick an evil version of The Flash. Len and Mick get captured by Johnny and tortured for an unknown amount of time before Johnny tells them this can all end with a fight to the death. Johnny had been trying to convince Len to be his inside man and co-villian, but Len had been saying no at every turn. Johnny fully expected Len to win the death match so that Johnny could lord Len’s murder over his head and force him to become a villian. In a fit of anger after Mick won the match killing Len Johnny killed Mick. Before Johnny leaves he stands over Len’s body and says that he may have won this time but he’ll find him again and the next time he will become his partner in crime. It is shown that Johnny does have the power to dimensionally travel, so maybe he’ll show up later and steal Earth-1 Len? That would be a cool arc.

Another cool Len takeoff was in the 1990s TV show The Flash. Instead of Leonard Snart he was Leonard Wynters and was an albino hit man in a trench coat.

Fun fact: In Batman & Superman Public Enemies Captain Cold is accredited to being one of the few villains capable of taking down Batman.

In DC Universe Online Len is essentially filling Martain Manhunter’s role in the Watchtower for the villain’s hideout The Hall of Doom. He gives villains missions and sets up teams so that they will be less easily deafeated. Superman is captured and poisioned by Lex Luthor and inprisioned in the villains headquarters. Len is contacted by the Flash about this and holds off the villains trying to kill Superman until Barry can arrive with the other heroes. He dies protecting Superman for Barry which Barry after seeing his body breaks down and cries. He takes possesion of the body before the government can and buries Len next to his mother with the rest of the Rogues standing vigil. He is seen leaving the cemetery with Len’s googles, parka, and cold-gun. Which could be the reason he has them in the 25th century.

The relationship between Len and Barry is so complex. Remember to take this information with a grain of salt, I was reading off a Wikipedia page.