all inclusive holiday

Day 2 (5th September) - Write a scene between your favourite Robert/Family relationship;

Darkness filled the portacabin as the sun disappeared behind the horizon. Robert yawned as he stood from his chair, gathering papers from his desk. It was late, he was tired and he had been left with a shit ton of work to do, thanks to Nicola and Jimmy swanning off on some sort of tacky all inclusive kids holiday.

He gathered the last of the contracts off the desk, slipping them into his laptop bag and slinging it over his shoulder.

A loud buzzing noise filled the silent room as his phone vibrated aggressively against the wood of his desk. He sighed, quickly glancing at the Unknown ID flashing across the screen and reluctantly answered.

“Yeah?” He spoke, not very professionally he thought. But he was past caring, he was almost out the door, the last thing he wanted was the annoyance of an awkward client.

He listened as the sound of heavy breathing echoed in his ear as he balanced his phone between his face and shoulder.

“I haven’t got time for this.” He spat as he grabbed his keys off the desk and stepped towards the door.

Time wasters, he thought.

He reached for the phone, all set to press the bright red end button when a voice finally spoke.

“Rob?” The voice on the other end exhaled heavily. It was low, masculine and all so familiar

“Andy?” Robert almost cried as his body sunk against the portacabin door, surprisingly overwhelmed with emotion and shock.

“You alright?” The low, husky voice spoke again.

“Andy, mate. Where are you? Is everything ok? listen everything’s sorted. Lachlan, he confessed to the shooting and-”

“Rob, calm down.” Andy spoke softly, trying to gain control of the conversation and stop Roberts rambling.

“I’m fine, how’s things in the village?” Andy’s voice was calm and quiet. Robert sunk to the floor of the portacabin, resting his head against the door behind him.

“Andy, did you not hear what I just said. Lachlan confessed, he went away for the shooting, your name is cleared.”

“I can’t come back, Rob.” Andy sighed into the phone after a long hesitation.

“What do you mean? You could get a suspended sentence? You might not even do time.” Robert argued, frustrated.

“I doubt that with my record. Listen, things are good where I am, the village.. there’s too much heartache there, too many bad memories..” Andy trailed off, silence taking over once more.

“But what about your family. The kids, Vic and Diane… me.” Robert felt pathetic, but he could really do with his brother right now. He heard another loud sigh. “What are you doing for work?” Robert questioned, hoping to get more out of the conversation than a few sighs and exaggerated breathing.

“Brian Moore’s not doing too bad for himself actually.” Andy spoke, voice sounding lighter now.

This made Robert chuckle, memories of his and Andy’s last encounter running through his mind.

“You know, Rob, I never did give you enough credit.”

“What d'ya mean?” Robert quizzed.

“When you left the village, when dad - after Max, well I never gave you enough credit. Going off on your own, no family or friends. Starting a new life, nothing but the clothes on your back and that banger of a car. It took a lot, you were just a kid. I’m sorry that you had to do that, you’re a stronger man than me. Dad would of been proud of the man you turned into.”

Robert gasped as his emotions caught in his throat. The words Andy spoke, too much for him to handle. Truth be told, he wasn’t a strong man, he was weak and broken and he never stopped making the same age old mistakes.

“Don’t” he spoke softly, hoping to contain his emotions.

“I mean it, I struggled when I first left, and even then, I wouldn’t of got very far without your help. Thank you… for everything.”

“Andy, come back, everyone misses you.”

“Sorry Rob, my life’s here now. I can’t.”

Robert run a hand through his hair, pieces sticking out of place as he let his hand drop.

“Look after Diane and Vic, yeah? Tell them I miss them.”

“Of course”

“See you brother.”

“See you-” the line died before Robert could finish. He knew it was a risk for Andy, calling home. But he hoped that after everything, he could finally get his brother back.

He let out a small sob, as he sat on the cold floor, staring into the dark room, phone in hand.

He really missed his brother.


Dağların sahip olduğu sonsuz ‘basit’lik; sevdiğim şey tam olarak bu. Bir ağacı,bir manzarayı günün her saatinde,yılın her mevsiminde deneyimlemek oraya gelip gitmekten daha önemli.Gördüklerim,o derin sessizlik ve huzurun örtüsü aslında bana hayatta neyin daha önemli olduğunu fısıldıyor.Nerede yaşayıp,ne kadarına sahip olmam gerektiğini…Çıplak ayakla toprağa basmak,her şey dahil tatillerden uzak tutuyor beni.

The eternal ‘simplicity’ that the mountains possess; That’s exactly what I like. It is more important than a tree to see a scene, every hour of the day, every season of the year is more important than to come and go there.It is the deep silence and peace of mind that actually whispers to me what is more important in life.Where I live and how much I have to … It keeps me away from all-inclusive holidays.


Cherik fic for almondmocha, who requested Erik getting invited to school events like spelling bees and science fairs… So, here, have some reconciliation fic, with implied sex!


“A spelling bee,” Erik says flatly. “You invited me to a school spelling bee.”

“I’m so pleased you chose to accept.” Tired, so very tired, hopeful by force: Erik hasn’t accepted, has merely shown up in his office and scowled. Charles scrubs a hand across his face, wonders how Erik got past the mansion’s upgraded security, wonders too many things that drag his heart downward. “It’s tomorrow, so you’ll have plenty of time to learn to spell.”

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Part 2 of Silly Love Songs by guest writer @makemeamilkshake


“Sweetheart, I’ll sweep you up so high your head will spin,” he declared, hooking his arm around her waist and pulling her abruptly toward him to make his point.

She giggled, pushing half-heartedly at his chest.

“I mean it. It won’t be easy.”

“I wouldn’t expect anything less, love.”

The following Monday Caroline was surprised to see a piece of paper flutter out of it with her name on it upon opening her locker. Opening it, she found a shockingly accurate sketch of herself with a caption:

Good morning, love. Enjoy your day. I hope the flower is to your liking (sorry it’s just the one).


She was momentarily confused until she looked up into her locker and saw a single red rose placed on top of her books. She didn’t know exactly how Klaus had gotten into her locker but she realized she didn’t really care all that much. She was far too taken aback by the gesture.

She’d only been half-serious when she’d told Klaus all that stuff about ‘wooing’ her. Partly because a guy had never really done anything like this for her (Tyler had done what she supposed was his best and Matt had been… well, sweet in his own way), and partly because what she was really trying to determine just how serious Klaus was about her.

Not that she’d been keeping tabs on him, but she had seen Klaus go through a large quantity of 'lady friends’ since his arrival in Mystic Falls.

Caroline had no intention of becoming another victim of Klaus’ charms. Truth be told, she didn’t need a bunch of gifts, but Klaus didn’t need to know that. She intended to keep him on his toes until she was sure he was serious about her.

But for now, she was content to gaze wistfully at her presents, putting the flower to her nose and inhaling its scent.

She quickly snapped out of it hearing, the unmistakable sound of Katherine’s – definitely not appropriate for school – stilettos clicking against the linoleum.

She quickly shoved the letter and the rose into her locker and slammed it shut, attempting to feign innocence as Katherine approached.

“Hey Kat, what’s up, girlfriend?” she fumbled, struggling to keep her voice level.

Fortunately for her Katherine was tapping away at her phone, not paying the least bit of attention to anything around her, let alone Caroline’s sudden abnormal behavior.

In response to Caroline’s greeting, she lifted one hand absent-mindedly to give a half-hearted wave, not even bothering to lift her head from the small screen.

“Texting anyone cute?”

“Ugh no, just the same old guy. You remember Jason, right?”

Ew, creepy frat boy. Katherine had dragged her to a fraternity party last weekend and the guy had spent the evening being an utter douche bag and spouting the worst verbal diarrhea Caroline had ever heard. But according to Katherine, he was pretty good in bed as long as he managed to keep his mouth shut – well, for talking, anyway.

“Ew,” Caroline said, voicing her thoughts out loud.

“I know, I really have to get me a new roster. All the guys I’m seeing are complete losers.”

Caroline wanted to point out that Katherine could simply just look for one decent guy and start there, but she knew how that conversation would go down.

Besides, Katherine’s attention was currently drawn toward the group of football players leaning up against some lockers and talking at the end of the hallway.

“Hey Care, you’re totally finished with Matty Blue-Eyes right?”

Caroline gawked incredulously at her BFF.


“What? It’s not like you’re using him anymore.”

“He’s not my childhood bicycle, Katherine! Besides, you’re the one who recommended I break things off with him because he’s quote 'dumb as two planks of wood’.”

"That might be true, but I bet it’s good wood, right?” she purred, twirling a lock of hair around her finger and shooting Matt a wink which he returned with his trademark confused expression.

Caroline just scoffed disapprovingly before turning to whip open her locker, forgetting about its contents and causing the drawing to come flying out on the ground.

“Oh hey, you dropped something–”

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Hello everyone! I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately~! 

I realize that because of my busy schedule I have not been online as often anymore and because of this I have not been communicating with any of you as much as I’d like to! So, I came up with a little idea that will help me connect with you a little more: A Holiday Card Exchange!

What it is:

I will personally create all-inclusive/general Holiday cards to write up letters to whoever would like to participate! If you would like to receive a handwritten letter from me, all you need to do is submit:

  • Your preferred name
  • Your address
  • Your name in which the letter will be addressed too **

Please send me this information by submitting it to my blog. You can find my submit page by clicking the button located on my sidebar.

**(I understand many of you probably have nicknames, names you only use online, or names you’re hiding from your parents, (etc) that I cannot address the letter to. Please include a name which I can write on the envelope as well as the name you’d like for me to address you as in the letter~)

If you’d like, when you submit your information, you can also include some of your hobbies, interests, or letter topics which you’d like for me to write about in the letter!

Other important information:

  • To participative in the letter exchange, you must be comfortable with giving me your address. All personal information will only be seen by me and will be kept private. I will not be posting or giving away anybodies addresses or personal information.
  • Submissions will be limited! During the holiday season I am very busy at work and in addition to that I can only afford to send out so many letters. If you are interested in receiving a letter from me please submit your information as soon as possible!
  • International submissions are even more limited!! Overseas shipping is incredibly expensive and I will only be accepting a handful of these.
  • Submissions will be officially closed on December 25th.
  • I will most likely be sending out the letters once a week.
  • The cards will not be holiday specific! I understand everybody celebrates different things and practices different religions! I’ll make sure that the cards I make are just general cute holiday cards with things such as cute presents and animals and winter-y themes! I am going to try my best to hand draw all of them ;_;
  • Writing back is not required! This is just a fun way for me to get in touch with some of you and spread some love during the holiday season. If you would like to write back though, you’re more than welcome to!
  • I will not be accepting submissions from spam blogs, inactive blogs, porn blogs, fetish blogs, or generally suspicious blogs. Please understand. ^o^

If you’d like to send me a letter though, here’s my PO Box Information:

P.O. Box 208
Newtown Square, PA 19073

I might even include things such as doodles, stickers, etc in the letters as well~ It all depends on how much time I have hehe But!! Basically, I know I’ve been sort of absent from my blog lately and I feel bad about it and I really just want to give back to you guys, you know? So I thought this was the perfect time of year to do something like this! Remember its all just about having some fun and spreading joy during the holiday season~!

If you have any question about my Holiday Card Exchange, please message me here at mahoumail! (Please send all personal messages to my main blog, mahouprince though ;w;)

Thanks so much everyone!
I hope this is a fun idea haha

Happy Holidays~