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Can we just talk about the bee? Bee-cuz I love her :^)

I think the coolest part about pride month is that I just see all these beautiful, positive, inclusive messages to everyone no matter what their gender or sexuality is. It makes me really happy and I hope we can all keep up the positivity even after June!

And remember, my blog is always a safe place for any and all homosexuals, bisexuals, asexuals, aromantics, pansexuals, demisexuals, trans people, men, women, agender people, nonbinary people, genderfluid/genderflux people, and anyone in between! I hope you all have a wonderful day and I hope you have a happy pride month! ❤💙💚💛💜

ca199900  asked:

Do you still take requests if so can you a one shot where Reid and the reader is on vacation and can you please make it have smut like Reid bring some toys if it's something that you are not comfortable with then you can take the smut out

I do still take requests, though I have many floating in my inbox right now, and I am more than happy to do this one-shot for you!  Here it is, comin’ ‘atcha!

You walked out of work that evening with a bounce in your step.  In the morning you would be flying out, Spencer at your side, for an all-inclusive stay at a beautiful Bahamas resort for an entire week.

You had been looking forward to this for months.  It was something you and your boyfriend had planned well in advance, and you had told the team that you were even going to leave your electronics behind.

And before you knew it, the two of you were on the plane, headed for paradise, where the drinks were included in the 5-star hotel price, and unless you wanted to explore the island, you wouldn’t even have to leave the resort in order to have the time of your life.

But something told you, in the pit of your stomach, that most of the time you wouldn’t even leave the bedroom.


Throwing the door open to the room, you throw yourself onto the huge king size bed, feeling your body sink into the comfort of the huge room.  Spencer walked over and threw open the curtains, giving you a full view of the ocean as you lay in bed, wiggling about.

“If you keep wiggling like that, you’re going to be in trouble,” Spencer muses.

“Well, you’d be troubling yourself with a dead fish,” you slur, “I’m exhausted.”

As silence permeates the room, you sigh as you scoot yourself into the bed and down under the covers, feeling yourself slipping into a peaceful sleep.


“Hmmm?” he replies, looking up from his paper.

“Thank you,” you mutter, just before falling asleep.

“No,” he whispers, putting his paper back up to his face, “Thank you.”


Slowly starting to stir, you sniff the air.

Mmmmm.  Cinnamon.  My favorite.

Trying to turn over, you are met with a bit of resistance.  Furrowing your brow, you yawn as you turn your head over, seeing your arm sprawled out to the corner of the bed.  Tugging at your arm, you feel more restraint as you start to panic a bit.

What the-

As your breathing starts to pick up, you feel a body caress your back as you feel hot breath on the side of your face.

“It’s alright,” you hear Spencer muse.  “It’s just me.”

“W-what…what’s going on?” you ask, your voice a little shaky.

“Just…having some fun.”  You could feel him smile as he pulls himself away from you.  “I just didn’t want to blindfold you until you woke up.  I knew you would panic a bit, and I wanted to make sure that…you know…you were alright.”

Smiling lightly to yourself, you wiggle your butt around playfully for him as you lower your voice into that sultry seduction that you know he loves so much.

“Do whatever you please.”

Hearing Spencer chuckle lowly, you hear him rummaging as you lay your pelvis back down onto the bed.  Soon thereafter, the world goes dark.

After a few minutes of waiting, you feel a hotness sting your back, and as you pull back in surprise, you feel a strong, yet steady, hand in between your shoulder blades.

Pouring the hot substance all the way down your spine, you feel his two strong hands massaging the knots of tension away from your back muscles, groaning lightly as he digs in deep.

“That feels…oh, god,” you moan as your back cracks.

Peeling his hands away from your back, you whimper at the loss of his touch.  “No…come back,” you plead.

Hearing nothing, you huff, laying your head down onto your pillow.  And then, out of nowhere…


Yelping, you try to coil yourself up, only to be reminded that your legs are bound to the bottom bed posts.

“Holy…Jesus, Spencer!” you exclaim.

“Too much?” you can hear the worry in his voice.

“Maybe not so hard next time…” you trail off, worried at the idea that you sort of liked the harsh surprise.

Feeling him knead your red asscheek with his hands, he bends down to kiss it lightly, nipping it with his teeth before planting lightly kisses all the way up your back.

Trying to clench your legs together, Spencer catches the movement as he chuckles lightly to himself.  “Wanting the friction, huh?”

Feeling him slip off to the side, you suddenly feel a pair of fingers running up your slit, breaking the barrier and causing your juices to tumble out on to the bed.

“Oooooh, Y/N,” Spencer growls as he watches you cover his hand.  “Beautiful,” he whispers.

Feeling him get up, you buck against the bed, frustrated at the lack of movement you had.  You would touch yourself at this point if it meant your release.

And then all of a sudden, you hear a buzzing sound.

Furrowing your brow, you feel Spencer sit back on the bed, slowly tracing the outline of your butt, humming to himself as he slowly teases you from behind.

Bucking up against his hand, he chuckles to himself, slowly touching the vibrating wand to your ass, watching you jump in surprise.

You knew exactly what that was…and it made you gush even more.

It was Magic Wand.

You had heard about how good they were, about how well they worked, but they were well over $100, so you had stopped yourself many times from purchasing one.

But, how did Spencer know!?

As if he could read your mind, he leans down into your ear and whispers, “It’s amazing what one can pull up from someone’s search history if they know your password.”

Furrowing your brow, you cock your head to the side.  “H-how…?” you stammer, unable to finish your sentence as Spencer touches the wand to your sopping wet entrance.

“You really are predictable,” he muses in your ear, suckling on your earlobe.  “I mean, come on…your birthdate?  I hope your back accounts are more secure than that.”

As your eyes widen at the idea that Spencer knew how to get into your laptop, you feel him scoot back down to your butt as he uses his hands to pick you up onto your knees.

“Stay like this for me, love,” he muses, his voice low and domineering.

You loved this new side of him.

Feeling the wand travel from your ass to the inside of your thigh, you suck in a breath, anticipating what was to come.

“Beg,” Spencer says.

Oh, if only he could see your eyes now.

“Beg,” he harshly whispers, teasing your throbbing mound with the vibrating wand.

“Dear god, please, Spencer…just…please,” you whisper, whimpering for anything to help you.

And, as if the heavens had granted you your wish, you feel him dip the wand down onto your swollen clit, bouncing it up and down as moans escaped your lips.

“Yes, oh god, yes.”

You kept hearing Spencer chuckle lightly to himself whenever you would buck back onto the wand, wanting the pressure and the roughness, but being denied.

He knew exactly how to get to you…

And you loved it.

“Oh, does my faithful woman want something more?”

Nodding your head vigorously into the pillow, you feel him get off the bed as you collapse onto it.  Your legs were shaking and your face was beet red, the tension from the foreplay too much to bear.

“Uh, uh, uuuuuuuuh…” you hear Spencer say, smacking your cheek.  “I told you to stay up.”

Whimpering, you get back onto your knees, your back arched as you try to tug at your arms again.

And all of a sudden, you feel something icy cold slip into your dripping entrance.

Yelping at the shock, you feel something up against your clit, and as Spencer bites down playfully on your reddened ass cheek, the vibrating starts again.

“Oh, oh god…” you say, wiggling around, bucking up against the glass dildo filling you to the brim.

Feeling the vibrating getting stronger, you buck your hips back against Spencer’s hand that is steadying the dildo, all comprehension and language fleeing the scene as incoherent obscenities drip from your lips.

Feeling Spencer move, the vibrating stops, and you groan into the pillow, cursing your throbbing clit for not giving way to what you want so desperately.

Then, you feel it.  A cool, wet, throbbing…something…at the entrance to your perky little ass.

Stopping dead in your tracks, you feel Spencer bend down and kiss you in between your shoulders.

“Tell me if it hurts, alright?” he asks in his concerned voice, before switching back over.  “Take a deep breath,” he lowers his voice.

Sucking in, he pushes into your virgin asshole, your muscles clamping down at the foreign object slowly penetrating the seemingly “exit only” part of your body.  Sucking in air, you bite down into the pillow, the pain careening thru your body, only causing your walls to clamp down onto the dildo as you buck your hips involuntarily against Spencer, taking in more of him and making you yelp.


“Steady,” his tone of voice changes again.  “You will get there…I promise.”

Feeling his hand caressing your back, you feel him push in ever so slowly, your body slowly adjusting as he pushes the rest of the way in, burying your face into the pillow as your body adjusts to girth of his rock hard member.

“Relax…” you hear him breathe onto your back…but you couldn’t.  Your entire body was screaming from the pain and writhing from the pleasure and angry from the unreleased tension, and you bucked your hips against him as he tightened his hold that was now in your hair, growling as you whip your head around.

“Give it to me,” you spit, and as you could sense Spencer’s nasty smile, you hear the vibration happen again, feeling it push down onto your aching clit as he begins to slowly pump from behind, steadying the glass dildo with his knee as you scream out in pleasure.


As he bucks, harder and harder, you jiggle your ass against his dick, hearing your skin smack against his as his balls keep running into the coolness of the glass dildo.

Your knees begin to give way as your legs shake, the tension building as Spencer pushes the knob all the way up, the vibrations so intense you can feel the rattling in your ribcage.

Screaming out, not caring who could hear you down the hallway, your body releases all of the pent-up stress you have been holding on to for the past 7 months, clenching around Spencer’s dick as he moans your name, dripping obscenities from his lips, filling you with his warm seed as your body rolls orgasm after orgasm thru your body, shaking violently as the vibrations continue to whirl thru your core.

Feeling Spencer drop down against your back, your knees give way as the wand dips off to the side, vibrating against the comforter, as the last of your orgasms shoots the glass dildo out of you and off to the side, leaving a trail of your juices covering the white fitted sheet below you.

Panting, your sweat covering the pillow beneath you, Spencer begins to untie your wrists and ankles before removing your blindfold.  You hadn’t realized that your appendages had fallen slightly asleep, and as he starts to massage feeling back into your muscles, the tingling sensation making you clench your teeth, he lays down beside you and pulls you close, kissing you deeply and placing his leg in between yours, bucking it up against your sensitive, tired…and still wet…core.  Smiling at him, you lean your forehead against his.

“I love you, Spencer Reid,” you whisper, kissing the tip of his nose lightly.

“And I love you, Y/F/N Y/L/N,” he whispers back, smiling and looking lovingly into your eyes.

And then, just as the both of you are about to drift off to sleep once again, you lean forward and whisper into his ear, “I hope you can take what you dish.”


This is beautiful 

Love has no labels. No age, no disability, no gender, no race and no religion. Love is for all <3

The Love Has No Labels campaign challenges us to open our eyes to our bias and prejudice and work to stop it in ourselves, our friends, our families, and our colleagues.


One Billion Rising (Short Film)


THIS is my feminism, one that hears all the voices and is all-inclusive. This is beautiful!


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ew what even is that graphic im so sorry it would help if i wasnt so useless when it comes to cursive fonts rip alright nerds, here’s the deal. i know i’ve been really absent lately (i’ve been on like a semi-hiatus since my spring break which was like three weeks ago) and i need to get back in the swing of things. i also hit 2k like a month back  (im damn near close to 2.5k now, i have no idea how that happened) and i want to take some to celebrate you all and all of your beauty and wonderful blogs and creations.

to enter:

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♡ will end may 10th, with the winners announced by may 12th!


♥ Elizabeth Olsen Award - best url
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anonymous asked:

Do you think that you can learn how to paint even if you don't have any talent or you have need to have talent for that? I'm not talented but I really want to paint and that makes me kinda sad

i think anyone can learn to paint!!!  it’s all about love man. if u have the love for it then u don’t need anything else. and some people are going to have natural talent and some people are going to be bursting with ideas and some people are gonna be a little slower. but in the end it’s art and it’s a reflection of the human soul and it’s all inclusive and a really beautiful thing.