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Humans Are Weird

I’ve been thinking a bit and like
What if humans are really the only species to be hateful to members of their own species because of things they can’t help (Racism/Sexism/Homophobia/etc)
Like I’m just?? I don’t think I’ve seen that in any other species EXCEPT humans. All I’m seeing here is multiple conversations following along the lines of
Human: So then I said ‘Get back in the kitchen and make me a sandwich!’ Hahaha
Alien: Why would she do that? Aren’t you perfectly capable of doing the same?
Human: No, it’s just.. she’s a girl, and a girl’s place is in the kitchen.
Alien: ??? Is are females of your species literally entirely dependent upon living in a single type of room in the houses you build??
Human: No,,, but,,,
Alien: If you aren’t capable of even making a simple ‘sandwich’ then I’m afraid we must’ve gotten the wrong guy on our ship. You’re a mechanic, surely you should be able to construct such a simple thing as a sandwich.
Alien: So your parents kicked you out?
Human: Yeah, they didn’t really like that I was gay.
Alien: Why would they do that? Humans are supposed to be really possessive and caring creatures, yet it seems that your 'parents’ go against most known laws about humans.
Human: Nah, it’s not that uncommon, sadly, I’m by far not the first nor the last. At least it’s better, they used to kill gay people LEGALLY for being gay.
Alien: 'Legally??’ You mean at one point it was LEGAL for you guys to kill people for an alteration in attraction?? People still do that on your planet, but just ILLEGALLY???
Various other conversations follow, and every alien is able to conclude one thing:
Humans can safely be assumed as the most BACKWARDS ASS species most have EVER found. They kill each other for fuck’s sake over something someone said in a book hundreds of years ago.

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question, how do you draw tears?

answer, I cry myself to sleep at night and take those tears as references /shot

The way I draw tears is all over the place but I could share with you how I drew the most recent one. :3c

Hope this helps! =)

Note: The modes I am referring to are the layers modes! Darker the background, better the tears look.

Things I love about BTS Idol Party blindfolded dance.

Jimin helping Taehyung with timing.

They were so in sync and then…

…immediately became lost lambs

Jungkook’s first reaction was “Why is everyone over there?” and not “I’m in the wrong place”.

If you were separated from the rest of the group, you would think that you’re the one doing it wrong but he’s like nah, all of you are wrong hahaha.

{Reaction} Accidentally sending a nude photo to another member

Hello! I love your blog!💕 I was wondering if I could have request EXOs (ot12) reaction to you accidentally sending them nudes to the wrong member who is your bf? Thank you!

Note: No thank you for this amazing request. This was so much fun.

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/ images used

Park Chanyeol

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Chanyeol: “Holy- what is this? well, I can see why Jongdae would date {y/n} now. Should I delete this? should I tell her? But that would make her embarrassed! I can’t tell Jongdae… oh god what should I do.” *Worried puppy*

Do Kyungsoo/ D.O

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{y/n}: “I am so sorry, Kyungsoo, will you please delete it? It was a mistake!” 

Kyungsoo: *Laughs on the phone to you.* “Don’t worry, I know it was a mistake. I’ll delete it, but be more careful, will you? Yixing may look sweet, but it’s always the sweet ones that can do the most damage.” 

Byun Baekhyun

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Baekhyun: *Laughs loudly to drown the pain, knowing the picture wasn’t for him and never will be because even though you’re with Sehun, he has a crush on you.* “{y/n}-ah you’re so clumsy!”

Oh Sehun

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Sehun: *Uses it as blackmail tbh* “{y/n} will you go and get me a glass of water?”

{y/n}: “Get it yourself.”

Sehun: “That’s a shame, on my way my hand might just slip and some certain photo evidence might just-”

{y/n}: “Alright fine! just no slipping fingers, please.” 

Sehun: “Thanks {y/n}” *Smirks and waves as you get up to get his drink - inwardly laughing at Chanyeol’s confused expression.* 

Zhang Yixing/ Lay

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Yixing: *Opens up the message and instantly blushes.*

Kai: “What’s wrong, Yixing?” 

Yixing: “Oh, nothing.” *Inwardly screaming because you, Kai’ girlfriend, had just (hopefully accidentally) sent him a nude photo while he was next to Kris.*

Kim Jongdae/ Chen

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Chen: *Receives the message and looks up at you, winks, then smiles in embarrassment as your eyes widen in shock.* “Don’t worry, I’m disposing of it.”

Kim Minseok/ Xiumin

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Minseok: “I didn’t know you thought of me so intimately, {y/n}”

{y/n}: “Just delete the damn photo, Minseok. It wasn’t for your eyes!” 

Minseok: “It’s too good for Baekhyun’s eyes though” 

{y/n}: “I will hit you”

Minseok: “ooh, kinky” 

{y/n}: *facepalms* “Just delete the damn thing, Minseok”

Huang Zitao/ Tao

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Tao: *awkward af as he looks at the photo* “Should I tell Kyungsoo?”

Kyungsoo: “Tell me what?” 

Tao: *gif* “Nothing”

Kim Junmyeon/ Suho

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Suho: “As Minseok’s Mother, I am very disappointed in you, {y/n}” *teasing*

{y/n}: “Disappointed my ass, just delete it, will you? Assface.” 

Lu Han

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Luhan: *printed the picture* “I’m going to use it for future reference.” 

{y/n}: “Future… what?!”

Luhan: “Blackmail! I mean blackmail! That came out so wrong!”

{y/n}: “Oh my god, you creep! Just shred it already! Why did you even print it in the first place? I told you to delete it!” 

Luhan: “But future refer- blackmail!” 

Kim Jongin/ Kai

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Kai: *Deletes it immideately, but can’t look at you the same again.*

Luhan: “Why do you look so awkward around {y/n} all of a sudden? it’s not like you’ve seen her naked.” 

Kai: *Awkwardly laughs* “Hahaha! No! what would give you that crazy idea! so crazy! right, {y/n}”

Luhan: “Okay?”

{y/n}: *face palming in the corner* “I regret all my life choices.” 

Wu Yifan/ Kris

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Kris: “Yeah, yeah, I’ll delete it.” 

{y/n}: “I can’t hear you very well, am I on loud speaker?”

Kris: “Yeah”

{y/n}: “Why?”

Kris: “I’m putting my trainers on so I can run away from your bullshit.” 

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you probably get tired of us always asking you about your personal dating life, but I've just got to ask whats been baffling me: so we all know that you're pretty much perfect and that you're a major catch in every aspect (and its terribly obvious), so wot in tarnation do you think is wrong with these guys who have let you slip through their fingers? Do they have bad intentions? Are they intimidated? Was it just wrong place wrong time? I'm so curious!

HAHAHA omg I love this 😂 honestly I just think it hasn’t been the right time yet. Like you can be a great person but that doesn’t mean you’ll be great for someone else necessarily. It’s not just about me it’s how I match with people. So far I haven’t found someone who I’m like yep, this is the match. And remember it’s not just your personality that has to match, it’s your values, your schedules, your priorities, what you want out of life, where you’re at on both of your journeys, your faith….. so many things that can make or break it. So yeah lots of factors, it’s not like nobody appreciates me haha I have definitely felt very appreciated by these guys for at least part of the time we spent together. There are just other things that get in the way :/

Diabolik Lovers Christmas ー Special Short Stories ;; ENG Translation

Hello everyone!

Somebody asked me to translate a Christmas-themed magazine article which has recently come out. Sadly, I can’t repost the original scan so if you want to see the cute chibi art featured on the page, you’ll have to go look for it yourself.

Either way, enjoy! 

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I need to stop going through your blog before I go to bed 😭 I’ve been having recurring dreams that I one way or another have to play Christine and something goes wrong. Usually the costume. That does inspire a question though. Are there common costume mishaps? Specifically for Christine but really for anyone

Hahaha, nooooo keep reading before bed! :D 

I know a very common mishap - and one all Christines dread - is that the Elissa skirt somehow misbehaves. It can be as plain as it not fastening properly (or at all) in the back, which means the actress has to spend the whole scene holding the skirt in place instead of playing with the scarf. 

The probably worst case I’ve heard of is Viktoria Krantz in Copenhagen. When they didn’t manage to attach the big skirt suring the plackout, the Wardrobe Mistress panicked and took the skirt offstage. Meanwhile Meg had taken off the bodice’s rope skirt. You know what that leaves Christine with? A very VERY strange looking “bathing suit” and ballet shoes. Imagine TOM like this: 

Or in the case of Jennifer Hope Wills - the Elissa skirt was too big in the waist for her, so when she did an elaborate spin during TOM, the skirt rotated so she got the train in front, and it was pretty much impossible to walk. Haha. 

Another common mishap I’ve heard Christines refer to is the dressing gown train getting caught in stuff - especially the first lair set, where there’s multiple trap doors open and things to get caught in. Sometimes the Christine has to just tug the train free from whatever it’s caught in, which results in rips and damages. I have in my care a train ruffle from the US Tour, and it is repaired beyond belief. Lemme present: 

This train ruffle was eventually replaced, but it goes to show that most productions will try and repair stuff as much as possible. Also, this exact part will seldom be featured in photos and seldom seen by the audience anyway. Pieces that are more exposed are more likely to be repaced sooner. 

As for common costume mishaps for others, I know many a Carlotta (and dresser!) dread the quick change from 1st Managers to Il Muto. Carlotta goes from the b/w dress to the countess costume, and the quick change is done behind the Il Muto bed, on a very limited time slot. Sometimes the music has to be extended a bit, and Christine/Maid has to improvise looking several places for the countess, because the quick change is delayed. And the costume and tall powdered wig might be a bit askew too. 

The West End production has tried making this change smoother by decorating Carlotta’s costume in front, so the countess robe is just fitted over the corset. This has made the quick change smoother and less stressful, apparently. 

Yeah, that’s the random tidbits that came to mind :) 

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so basically in the present tgre timeline the touken wedding took place just a few hours ago right? that it was practically yesterday from the recent chapter?? or am i getting this all wrong lol and thank you!

We’re not sure as there’s been no official confirmation of how long after the wedding the exhibition party left but I wouldn’t say a few hours, since Yomo was hungover the morning after the wedding in the omake rip hahaha I think it would probably be a couple of days or so!

Yoriko’s execution notice was signed on the 15th April announcing the execution date on the 23rd

Then the foraging squad left on the 21st April

So it would have happened within that time frame. Considering Kaneki made it back in time to the 24th Ward, it means they weren’t too far from home so it’s probably still the 21st.

Honestly, I was just listening to music and this idea came up.

There wasn’t any sound except Yoongi’s soft sobs, muffled by his hands covering his face. Blood dripped from it, a result of punching the wall too many times.  He sat alone, stuff from his desk strewn across the floor. Monitors blinked with screens broken.  As he leaned his back on the wall, his shakes his head, asking himself how it ever came to this.

Just a few hours ago, he remembers being at your apartment, tired from work and asking you not to start and argue with him. He remembers you being calm and asking him to leave, he remembers losing his temper and lashing out at you. Your face was etched in his mind as you took a step back and wiped tears from your eyes. He remembers rushing over to you and you brushing his hand away. 

If you asked him what he was shouting about that nigh, he wouldn’t be able to answer. His mind went over and over the things you said.

I never asked you for anything didn’t I? I was always alright with waiting for you, I was always okay with being last on your goddamn list but this is.. I’m so tired of this Yoongi. I’m tired, I’m always competing with something or someone for you. I understand I’ll always have to share you.  I’ll never have you completely and I get that but don’t make me feel like I don’t exist. You keep making me feel like I’m just here when it’s convenient for you. 

He remembers you asking him to leave.  He remembers you locking yourself in the bathroom, hearing you cry as he knocked on the door. Until he left and went to his studio, until he started destroying everything here. 

Yoongi sighs and pulls out his phone, going through tons of recent messages, a message forgotten by time, until he finally found it:

I love you, the kind that will always wish for your happiness, the kind that will always be beside you even if you don’t want me there. The kind that will always wait for you to come home. The kind that is okay to share you with the rest of the world because you deserve all these love that people have for you. The kind that will always love you even if you show the side of you that you hide.I will always be here and I will love you even if you tell me to stop.

He bangs his head on the wall and stare at the ceiling.

It’s not true that you’re last on my list. I’ll give up all of this in an instant for you. 


You could be happy - Snow Patrol
All I want - Kodaline
Crowded Places - Banks

I apologise with how poorly written this is and how cringeworthy it is because well, I’m bad with emotions. Anyway, if you have a song in mind, let me know and we’ll write something about it. :)))

This Is How You Spell “HAHAHA, We Destroyed the Hopes and Dreams of a Generation of Faux-Romantics”
Los Campesinos!
This Is How You Spell “HAHAHA, We Destroyed the Hopes and Dreams of a Generation of Faux-Romantics”

You walk in from your mother’s balcony

Panda-eyed and freezing cold

You bury yourself in my chest to warm

I notice the goosebumps on your arms, millions

And whether it’s because of the numbers of hours spent laid facedown on my bed listening to white noise, or, well, obviously it’s not, I somehow manage to translate them from braille

The trails on your skin spoke more to me than the reams and reams of half finished novels you’d leave lying all over the place

And every quotation that’d dribble from your mouth like a final, fatal Livejournal entry:

I know

I am wrong

I am sorry


@classichipsterdenial asked me to share the love, so here’s a link to this quotes video I’d never seen before. Be warned, the first five minutes is basically nothing but rage filled Michael (and it does things to me) but there are some golden soundbites that are worth listening to it for, as it shows some sides of Michael’s character that not everyone is aware of. 

My faves lines include:
“Wooo, that’s nice!”
“This seems kinda interesting, alright. All those celebrities? They can’t be wrong!”
“Olden, but golden, that’s right!”
“I’m a fuckin’ natural!”
“Man, I love me some darts!”
“Come on, T. Show us that calm, collected personality of yours.”
“You’re the one that fucked up this place, you moaning old bastard!” (I feel like he was possibly looking in the mirror as he said that hahaha!)
“Don’t try to fuck with the master!”
“There is no fuckin’ point to you!”
“I’m warnin’ ya. I got a magic elbow!”
“Come on, Trev. This one’s for the methheads everywhere!”
“The fuck is this dog piss?”
“You’re an eager fuckin’ beaver, pal!”
“Let’s see ya, little F!” (*clutches chest*)  
“You’re certainly better at darts, than you are at life!”
“Fancy a game of darts?” (WTF accent is that? Haha!)
“No pressure!”
“Hey there, she-hipster!”
“Oh please. Shut the fuuuuu-ck up!”
“Oh, you go girl!”
“And away she gooooes, motherfucka!”
“Ah, my golden years!”
“Close, but no cigar, sweetheart.”
“Sorry about this, not really!”
“You like what you see?”
“Hello, sweetness!”
“I hope you didn’t shit yourself!”
“You know, this really is you in your natural environment, isn’t it?” (he sounds so camp haha!)
“Oh, I love my sandwedge.”
“Golf. Almost as confusing and frustrating as marriage.”
“Ever since high school, my entire career has been about idiocy triumphing over my talent.”
“Don’t look at me like I’m some kind of freak.”
“Well, hello there.”
“I’m in a pickle”
“Whaddaya think? I’m rockin’ this look, huh?”
“I always knew you were the country club type, T!”
“Woah! Shank you, very much!”
“Say? Can I have your bike for a minute….or six?”
“Come on, admit it. You love me!”
“Don’t go all quiet on me baby, it’s not sex.”
“Fuckin’ show off!”
“Nothing says ‘I love you’ like letting me win, my darlin’.”
“For the love of all that’s holy, turn that fuckin’ shit off!”
“Tattooed, superficial women, who actually like me!”
“Hey, we playin’ tennis, or waitin’ to die?”
“Ooooh, daddy likes this one!”
“By the way, you look beeeeeeauuuuutiful!”
“Admit it, you like me!”
“It’s been a long time since I made you sweat and heard you moan, my little buttercup!”  
“Enjoy checkin’ out my ass!”
“Woohoo! Why the hell not, gorgeous!”

Oh and the last ten minutes consists of drunk Michael, and “the many deaths of Michael De Santa”, which is er….disturbing haha! Enjoy!


you walk in from yr mothers balcony, panda eyes, freezing cold; you bury yrself in my chest to warm. i notice the goosebumps on yr arms, millions, and whether it’s because of the number of hours spent laid face-down on my bed listening to white noise (or, well, obviously it’s not,) I somehow manage to translate them from braille. the trails on yr skin spoke more to me than the reams and reams of the half-finished novel you’d left lying around all over the place, and every quotation that dribbled from yr mouth like a final, fatal life journal entry: I know. I am wrong. I am sorry.

los campesinos!//this is how you spell, “HAHAHA, we’ve destroyed the hopes and dreams of a generation of faux-romantics”

as very neatly inscribed on my arm because I have the attention span of an earthworm

  • Friend: hey! Are you ok?
  • Me: not at all....
  • Friend: what's wrong??
  • Me: Well... first is alec who is going to die, then is cassandra jean drawing things like... everyone i death... and sebastian is going to kiss someone and is like... JUST DON'T... and city of heavenly fire is going to kill me but i really want to read it and... I DON'T WANT EVERY CHARACTER I LIKE DIES...
  • Friend: hahaha they are just fictional characters.... they aren't real hahaha is just stupid taking care that much hahaha good joke
  • Me:
  • Friend:
  • Me:
  • Friend:
  • Me: There is a place in hell for people like you

Luke would be that boyfriend who would wake you up late at night by his whimpering. you’d ask him what’s wrong and he’d reach out to you and whisper “please help, princess” before pulling you gently to him, kissing you hard and eager while placing your hand over his brief covered hard on. “please, baby…it h-hurts” he’d plead against you while moaning into your lips

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"Are you trying to imitate the sad puppy we saw on the way home from the grocery store yesterday, or is something actually wrong?" (Idk, douchebag jar verse Loki wanted me to do this)

“Hmm?” Steve glanced up, suddenly aware of his own surroundings again, and of the man smirking at him from across the room. Loki had just asked him a question, and it took him a minute to process just what the question had been in the first place. He shook his head.

“Oh, I… No, there’s not really anything wrong…” He pressed his lips, almost immediately losing himself to his thoughts again before realizing he probably needed to continue explaining himself or it would seem like the opposite. “I’m just… thinking. I mean, not on anything important. I didn’t realize I was making a face at all.”

Okay, just let me take off this from my system.
Because, man! This is one of the many reasons why I love Gravity Falls!

So, I was working on a drawing of Dipper, just doing my thing, when then I said: “Hey let’s give it a background!” And for that background I chose to redraw the Bill Cipher’s page from the journal. 

But something caught my attention. It was this image:

Yeah, yeah. I know that the image it’s talking about how Bill literally “jump” into our mind. But that is not the case. The case is the section “THE-LADIES”. “The ladies? What the heck is that? Why Stanford wrote that?”, I said to myself. In my low knowledge about the brain, I do not remember a part from the brain related to that subject.



And if you know their function, you will get the joke.
Also the code says: Puberty is the greatest mystery of all also: Go outside and make friends)



So…what is this exactly? Well… some before and after shots (in no order) from the Ace Attorney role-play party I hosted. It really is as great as it sounds, and we really are all way too into this game, nyohohoho.

We were too into it so I forgot to take more photos, sadly. There aren’t photos of the train-wreck of paper works and pens we had all over the desks for analyzing our scripts, or photos of the left side of the gallery with cutouts of Jinxie and Pearls, or of the Ace Attorney signs I plastered throughout the rest of the house such as “Hold it! Knock before entering”. Although I do have a billion photos of us sticking stars and heart stickers on our prosecutor hee hee hee hee! If I had more time, I was actually, going to customize the area with illustrations so that it actually looked like how it was in the game, red tarp and all.

So I rearranged my house with whatever I could to make a courtroom. It looks kind of plain in the photos but it was more decorated afterwards. I even got an attorney’s badge for the defense and a confetti gun for the verdict, should the defendant (myself) end up not guilty (thank you Ben for winning the trial, and for wearing a suit to the party). Not entirely relevant but behind the gallery of plush toys, there’s an electric guitar, for our prosecutor who fancies Klavier. Not that we ever opened it.

As for the actual trial itself, the script was pretty darn good, very detailed for rush work, and really had an Ace Attorney charm to it (it was definitely an ironic, turnabout case!)—written by Jess’s friend, not present. It was about a murder that had taken place in a museum and was made so that either defense or prosecution could win. I played the exhibit tour guide who was framed for killing her stingy and miserly employer, sporting lolita dresses and all, and the cast names were all excellently punny. Even the prosecution was glimmerous *wink wink*.

None of us had time to memorize our lines so we ad-lib through it, which sort of steered us in the wrong direction, hahaha… but we’ve learned from our first trial…..of a first trial (pun intended) so we’ll make changes for next time, whenever that may be. We were also lacking people so some of us did double roles (Jodyyyyy why were you on vacation!). 

It was amazing, Judge Minja got a whipping app, we even had the respective soundtrack playing in the background from the ipad (such as the cross-examination track). There were lots of banging counter-arguments going on, but we could’ve used more “Objection!”, ha ha. I also made an Oldbag mask for Min…just for the sake of trolling<3.

Anyway, after the defendant explained to the defense and the prosecution what was going on (we were at a stalemate), I was declared innocent, we fired the confetti, and then moved over to the long-couch for movie time. Of course, the movie shown was the Gyakuten Saiban live action movie wwww… 

Lights were dimmed, flat screen image was clear, munchies were readied and I actually had people beside me I could whine in agony to about how absolutely adorable Mitsunaru is.

Great day I wouldn’t mind reliving.