all in the wrong places hahaha!

Things I love about BTS Idol Party blindfolded dance.

Jimin helping Taehyung with timing.

They were so in sync and then…

…immediately became lost lambs

Jungkook’s first reaction was “Why is everyone over there?” and not “I’m in the wrong place”.

If you were separated from the rest of the group, you would think that you’re the one doing it wrong but he’s like nah, all of you are wrong hahaha.

alternate universe – canon divergence

in celebration of today’s episode, and next week’s in advance, something short; a what-if, a shifted scene, the wrong place at the wrong time but something to consider nonetheless. blame @futaenno a little bit but mostly @naff-nuff-nice, this is all your fault.

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you walk in from yr mothers balcony, panda eyes, freezing cold; you bury yrself in my chest to warm. i notice the goosebumps on yr arms, millions, and whether it’s because of the number of hours spent laid face-down on my bed listening to white noise (or, well, obviously it’s not,) I somehow manage to translate them from braille. the trails on yr skin spoke more to me than the reams and reams of the half-finished novel you’d left lying around all over the place, and every quotation that dribbled from yr mouth like a final, fatal life journal entry: I know. I am wrong. I am sorry.

los campesinos!//this is how you spell, “HAHAHA, we’ve destroyed the hopes and dreams of a generation of faux-romantics”

as very neatly inscribed on my arm because I have the attention span of an earthworm

Luke would be that boyfriend who would wake you up late at night by his whimpering. you’d ask him what’s wrong and he’d reach out to you and whisper “please help, princess” before pulling you gently to him, kissing you hard and eager while placing your hand over his brief covered hard on. “please, baby…it h-hurts” he’d plead against you while moaning into your lips