all in the red

ok so the scene where coran approaches the red lion he mentions something along the lines of “wanting to follow in alfor’s footsteps”

which possibly hints to alfor being the previous red lion paladin !

reasons why i think this can be justified

1. explains why allura was so upset when she found out keith was galra… like the paladin to take after her dad is the enemy who killed him

2. how the red lion got captured by the galra - alfor could have died fighting alongside his lion which was then taken into galra captivity

3. alfor was also zarkon’s right hand man

there r probably other reasons but im sure u guys can think of but these r just the few off the top of my head

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I’m meeting my boyfriend’s parents tomorrow (fuck lmao) and I’m gonna bring a dessert, but since his step-dad is pre-diabetic I have to be real careful. I screwed up once already while baking so I did a bunch of research, and he’s like, “I just can’t stop smiling thinking about you, researching away much like I would!” and saying how lucky he is to have met me and all this good stuff and I’m just


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Can I just say that an angry Jimin would be so cute cause all I can imagine is him being pouty and turning slightly red and crossing his arms and omg so cute

Sounds just like a 5-year-old what you trying to say about my boi

Like hell the red lion is gonna let keith go so easily

bonus: black paladin, out. *throws double peace signs*