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The “Pray for Betty White” movement is cute and all, but I think the person who really needs our prayers right now is Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg is a liberal member of the United States Supreme Court. Being a Jewish woman and a big advocate for women’s rights, her presence on the Supreme Court has really helped American law move towards equality. For example, Ginsburg is the first Supreme Court justice to officiate a same sex-wedding, is a big advocate for equal voting rights, and as a feminist, her voice and vote in the Supreme Court has helped protect women’s reproductive rights for years

The problem is, Ginsburg is 83 years old (the oldest member) and a cancer survivor. If she passes away, Trump will be in charge of replacing her presence on the United States Supreme Court, and you can be sure that he’ll replace her with somebody who is against everything she stands for.

At the moment, the Supreme Court consists of 4 liberal members, 3 conservative members, and Justice Kennedy, who is a conservative swing (a conservative member that occasionally sides with the liberals). The confirmation of Trump nominee Neil Gorsuch would give conservatives a potential edge of 5 to 4, which means conservatives could control what cases enter the Supreme Court for a vote, as well as the results. It only takes a simple majority of 5 votes to overturn a case. Nevertheless, we have fared well in a 4 liberal, 4 conservative, and 1 conservative swing court before. It’s not good, but not the end of the world. 


Ginsburg’s passing would give the conservatives a concrete 5 votes, and a potential 6 votes, which would give conservatives the ability to overturn any major court case, including Roe v. Wade (abortion rights) and Obergefell v. Hodges (gay marriage).

On top of that, Supreme Court justices serve life terms, so you can bet Trump will elect a YOUNG conservative, meaning conservatives have the potential to completely control the Supreme Court for GENERATIONS to come. 

So pray for Ruth Bader Ginsburg y’all.


عيد مبارك سعيد!
Eid mubarak to you all!

May Allah accept our Ramadan, our prayers and duaas during this month. May He bless you with joy, peace and happiness!


🌙 Ramadhan Kareem to all my Muslim followers ✨Happy fasting!

Take your time to heal. We are still going to be here through whatever and whenever. We will never think of leaving you. We are a family. You are not alone in this battle. It wasn’t your fault, and nobody wanted that to happen. Stop blaming yourself. You deserve nothing but the best. The love of the world is greater than hatred and violence. That’s what your music taught all of us.
We will keep those beautiful and innocent angels in our prayers. We will pray for the families who have lost their loved ones and send them comfort. Our prayers could bring change to our hurting and broken world. We will keep on praying.
We need you to be strong and hold on. We are so excited to see you again with a big smile on your adorable face. We will wait for the time that you are completely healed and ready to inspire people through your God-given talent. We will wait to see the moonlight in your eyes again.
This world can be a dark place, but fear will never control us. Even after the worst storm, the sun will shine again. Better days are coming. Just hold on, everything’s gonna be alright.
—  E.J. Cenita, An Open Letter to Ariana Grande

Pray for those who need relief, safety, compassion, peace, and healing.

Pray for those in London and Syria and wherever you feel moved to do so.

For yogis, it is customary to end our prayers by extending them to all and everyone who may have been forgotten.

We say: May all beings in all worlds know peace, freedom, and happiness without exception.

No one is left out, no one is left behind, and you yourself are included. Because we are part of the problem, we are also part of the solution.

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti

Creativity is the highest connection to the source - when being creative, you are totally engaged in the spiritual world, soaking up the magic of passionate intuition and the particles of universal knowledge and dreaming. God is the creative source that continuously sustains existence, which is nothing more than playing with ideas - The creative mind plays with the object it loves. When we see through the filters of what is our divine consciousness, we recognise that every single one of us is infused with creativity. Divine Sparks are embedded in everyone and everything.We are ourselves creations. We are meant to continue creativity by being creative ourselves. This is the God-force extending itself through us. Creativity is God’s gift to us. Using creativity is our gift back to God.Creativity of all kinds, in art, in prayer, in justice-making, in human relationships, is born where people wrestle with angels, outside Eden, on the border between heaven and earth, where they struggle to create a new form, a new song, a new template, a new ethic with all the discipline and passion they can bring to bear.

anonymous asked:

Why do Catholics pray to saints? Shouldn't prayer be reserved for God alone?

Hi friend!

Before I address why we pray with the saints, it is important to understand that there are different types of prayer: intercessory, adoration, praise, thanksgiving, etc. These different types of prayer all help us grow in our relationship with God and help us grow in His grace, they’re just different “routes” to the same destination (God).

Let’s say I had a hard day and ask a friend to pray for me. I am asking that friend to intercede for me (this is also known as a secondary meditation). The same thing happens when I pass along a prayer to a saint: they are interceding to the Father. My friend and the saint join their prayers to my own en route to Christ. Since those who are in Heaven are united intimately to Him, why would we not take advantage of this marvelous gift? In fact, the prayers of the saints in Heaven is more powerful than ours because they are free of all sin, which hinders our prayers (Matthew 17:20, 1 John 3:22, Psalms 66:18).

See, prayer to God includes worship. Prayer with the saints includes honor, but not worship. We are always going to God. Sometimes, we ask others to come along on our journey to God. Our journey to Heaven is not one we are meant to walk alone. We are made for community and called to eternal communion in Heaven with He who is the Perfect Communion. When we pray to the saints, we’re asking for them to help a brother/sister out.

Praying to and with the saints does not take away from the attention which is only due to Jesus Christ. For we do not worship the saints. Worship belongs only to God. The saints are models of holiness that truly followed Christ. We acknowledge that they lived and died with God’s friendship in their lives. Because of how inspirational they were, and how they lived their lives, we look to them for inspiration.

“The Communion of the Saints. How shall I explain it to you? You know what blood transfusions can do for the body? Well, that’s what the Communion of the Saints does for the soul.” -St. Josemaria Escriva 

“The Saints were not superhuman. They were people who loved God in their hearts, and who shared this joy with others.” - Pope Francis

Here’s a couple of links that are good to look at as well:

I’m praying for you, Anon. Let me know if you need anything else!


P.S. - I got most of this response from a book called Truth Be Told: Basics in Catholic Apologetics by Mark Hart and Joe Cady. It’s such a gift to the Church. It’s seriously a must-have for any and every Catholic.

Ok first I didn’t have anything to do with this picture. @gokhan20 did. Second… for anybody who knows someone who is saying Zootopia 2 is confirmed I even saw one with a exact date in 2021… please feel free to stop. Because if was true our fandom would have broken the internet already.😎 Believe me when I say I want a sequel I’m pretty sure we all do but let’s be patient and have faith that our prayers are answered, so that these two get the sequel and more importantly the beautiful ending that they deserve. Now if it’s true good but I doubt it.

scooterbraun: The last 48 hours have been beyond devastating. As a father I cannot express my sorrow and my rage at this cowardice act. These were children. They were attacked because of our way of life. Our love of freedom and each other. There are no words that will comfort. There is nothing that can be said to make 22 return to their families today. I am so so sorry for their loss. I am so sorry to all those affected. Thank you to people of Manchester who have come together to help save lives and give shelter. Your courage and bravery is our hope. As I stated last night let’s please all hold the victims, their families, and all those affected in our hearts and prayers. From myself and my friend @arianagrande …We are with you Manchester. We will not let evil win! Never!

We have some very sad news to report. Last night after our show in Stuttgart, Germany, a 26 year old stagehand fell from the rafters while breaking down our stage. He fell a very far distance onto a 19 year old man on the local crew. Tragically, the 19 year old died from his injuries. The other man is now in critical condition at the hospital. This is beyond heartbreaking to everyone in the band and on our crew. We all send our thoughts and prayers to the man in the hospital, both families involved, all of the local Live Nation crew and everyone else whose lives have been affected by this terrible accident. We love our crew so much as well as the many local staff who are essential to our show every night wherever we are around the world. This is such a stark reminder of how quickly an accident can happen and lives shattered in the process. When we hear more we will update you.

Call and Releasing the Elements/Quarters for Christopagans

By Secretcatholicwitch

I’ve been a christopagan or catholic witch for now awhile now and have participated in calling the corners for rituals over the years. But for me it was hard to come up with a chant for god and the element I was in charge of. So my New Year’s resolutions for 2017 is to be more involved in the witch community, work on my book of shadows and make spells for other christopagan’s and myself.

You don’t have to use this calling the corners ritual that I’ve made. But if you do please let me know and if you have any suggestions on making the ritual better, send me a message on tumblr.

I also made a Call and Releasing God and Mary ritual if you want to check that out.


List of thing you will need:

·      Face North

·      Green Candle

·      Dirt from the ground the circle will be casted on

·      Holy water

·      3 Sacred Bowls

Start north with the green candle and the three bowls in front of you. One of the bowls will be filled with the dirt and the other will have the holy oil in it, the last bowl will be a mixing bowl for the two.  When you are ready to cast light the green candle and hold the bowl of dirt in one hand and the bowl of water in the other hand, raise them up then start the chant:

May all of God’s blessing of Earth be upon the circle that (I or We) cast (Today or Tonight). May this consecrated soil under (My or Our) feet protect and ground (Me or Us) in (My or Our) magickle workings (Today or Tonight).


Once you are done with the chant mix the dirt and holy water together, then walking clock wise around the circle while sprinkling the now mud on the ground. When you made it around the circle stop at earth and put the bowl under the green candle. (Note if you have any mud leftover it’s ok just leave it as an offering.) Then walk east to Air.


List of thing you will need:

·      Face East

·      Yellow Candle

·      Charcoal and Caldron

·      Blessed Frankincense and Myrrh

Face east with yellow candle and the frankincense and myrrh on the charcoal ready to go in front of you. Light the charcoal first and when it starts to smoke, light the yellow candle then raise your hands up to the sky and chant:

May all of God’s blessing of Air be upon the circle that (I or We) cast (Today or Tonight).  May your all mighty wind surround (Me or Us) and send (My or Our) prayers or whishes to you Oh Lord, as (I or We) perform in (My or Our) magickle workings (Today or Tonight).


When you are done take the caldron by the handle but if it’s too hot use a stick or a metal holder that is strong enough for the caldron. Walk clock wise around the circle and end at Air, leave the smoking caldron under the yellow candle then south to Fire.


List of things you will need:

·      Face South

·      Red Candle

·      Holy oil

·      Holy Candle

·      Candle Holder

Face south with red candle, holy oil and candle in front of you. Anoint the holy candle with the oil, then light the holy candle and red candle. Raise the holy candle to the sky and chant. 

May all of God’s blessing of Fire be upon the circle that (I or We) cast (Today or Tonight). May you light the fire of holy inspiration and passion in our hearts Oh Lord, as (I or We) perform in (My or Our) magick workings (Today or Tonight). 


When you are done with the chant, take the holy candle and walk clock wise around the circle. End at Fire, then leave the candle and make you way to west the final element Water.


List of things you will need:

·      Face West

·      Blue Candle

·      Holy Water

·      One Bowl

·      Blessed frankincense and myrrh essential oil 

Face west with the blue candle, bowl of holy water and combined essential oils in it’s own container in front of you.  When ready, put tree drops of essential oils in the holy water then light the blue candle and raise the bowl to the sky then chant:

May all of God’s blessing of Water be upon the circle that (I or We) cast (Today or Tonight). May you cleanse (Me or Us) with your holy water Oh Lord, so it my wash (My or Our) negative energies away as (I or We) perform in (My or Our) magickle workings (Today or Tonight).


When you are done sprinkle the water around the circle as you walk clock wise for the last time. Stop at water and leave the bowl of water at the blue candle, then walk to the center where your main alter should be and ending of the ritual with this chant:

Lord my God thank you for blessing these your holy elements and this magick circle. Be with (Me or Us) as (I or We) go on with the ritual.


Releasing the Elements/Quarters:

Start at water, take the bowl of water in your hands and raise it to the sky then chant:

 (I or We) give thanks you Oh Lord, for you’re blessing of Water, go in peace.


When you are done, blow out the blue candle and dump out the water on the ground or find a safe place to dump the water. Now go counterclockwise to fire, raise your arms to the sky and chant:

(I or We) give thanks you Oh Lord, for you’re blessing of Fire, go in peace.


Blow out the holy candle and red candle, and then walk to air. Raise your arms to the sky and chant:

(I or We) give thanks you Oh Lord, for you’re blessing of Air, go in peace.


You have two options for the resin; you can either put the charcoal with water out or let it run its course. There is no right or wrong way, just do what is right for you. Then blow out the yellow candle and go to the final quarter earth. Just like you did for the other elements, raise the blow of mud and chant:

(I or We) give thanks you Oh Lord, for you’re blessing of Earth, go in peace.


You could put the mud either on the ground or in a flowerpot; it’s your choice. Blow out the green candle and now your done!!

I hope you find this ritual helpful and inspire you to add things to make it more personal to you.