all in a days work i suppose

Friends who become coworkers suck

Today sucked. I got to work as normal at 10 normally my manger or senior coworker opens and all the setup is done, bread cooked, cookies cooked, an prep on food started. On sundays openers go in at eight and open at nine. Thats a whole hour of uninterrupted work time, an even after we open on sundays we don’t get more then five customers till after 11. Somehow though when my friend had to open today I get in at ten an almost nothing is done and they’ve barely started counting the money for the day meaning they waited till I got there to even open. The only thing done was the line was filled. That means they wasted 3 hours of work on their phone. When I check the oven area all of the bread is in the proofing oven obviously all placed at the same time. Thats 12-14 pans of bread that need to go in the oven at once. Our oven only holds 6 pans… Bread is suppose to be placeed in proofer oven for 72 mins with bread pans placed in every 20-30 so there is a time gap. Then while im trying to save our bread thier like so put this many of this cookie on a pan an this many of this one an so on. An before I checked on the bread I was seeing what we had in stock what needed to be prepared an how much was needed of everything. We had 8 of about 15 things that needed to be prepared before 3. So I said to them we don’t need all 6 pans of cookies because only two of them aren’t full we only need 3 pans a dozen an a half of each. They pretty much refused to listen an made more cookies then could fit in the trays an forced them in said trays which causes cookies to break an any cookie that breaks has to be put in the waste area because we no longer even have an employee discount much less a meal an we aren’t allowed to eat a perfectly good cookie but have to instead throw away a cookie only because its broke. Then when I started prep they sprayed the dishes not washed. Then after an hour of busting my ass to try an catch up before lunch rush our first customer comes in. Only its not a customer but someone they’re giving free food to this is something I don’t know intill after this. Right behind the man my friend jumps on, which should have given me a heads up cause they always drag their feet, is a woman and her daughter/niece/teenager who I grab because the sooner the customer is handled the sooner prep can be done. Unfortunately the woman gets 4 footlong sandwiches. As i start to cut her fourth one my friend is handing that first man his sandwich. I assumed he paid and went back to my customer and started thier last sandwich just as I place the last piece of meat on it the door dings. I look up to great another customer just to see both my friend an that man halfway down the parking lot. I get over it because I have a job to do an go to ask the woman what kind of cheese I should put on her fourth sandwich she interrupts me an says she would like another one the sameway. I do so smilingly grab the first 2 out of the toaster an place the second two in the toaster then immediately start the fifth footlong. As soon as I fold the bread open the bell rings a man comes in behind him is a family of six. I finish her order fast got her rung up then went to the man who precedes to have me cut him bread then change his mind as to what kind he wants 3 times i finally get it in the toaster then jump to the family of six who want 10 sandwiches 4 6" the rest footlongs, the bell rings one more time its a crowd of 10-12 people amongst them two of my regulars who came directly after the family. The toaster goes off after I get 3 footlongs cut while greating a crowd, I jump to it the man is now on his phone talking to someone I practically had to demand his attention mean while another group has come in an my line is now out the door with at the very least is 25 customers in line. When i finally get mister phonecall out I bust ass an get on through the order of ten starting my regulars a the two customers behind them. All this an runing to an from the cooler, registrar, an sink in between. When i finally get to the last group of customers a group of seven old ladies only are left in line when my friend comes trailing behind two more customers. My friend mozies thier way into the back an then drags thier feet only to jump on the people im working with an tries to shoo me to the register. I hand off the ham and proceed to fill the rest of the meat and get the next orders form the men and then one more group comes in. Its handled fast if sloppily on my coworkers part after we get them all taken care of we clean up the front an go in the back. I wash my hands and start prep because were out of things on the line and have no stock anymore. My coworker grabs the sprayer then thier cell rings an proceeds to walk off an have a conversation for ten minutes. I was mad so I started working harder on the prep when they lent against the table an straight up smelt of weed. Theres a whole conversation here between us when they pretty much ask me why im mad that they had only been gone a few minutes. I almost fucking cried then told told them that they had actually left for 48 minutes right when lunch began. They got pissed, i then said i just want to get this shit done so i can leave at 3 then they were like im not because i cant do anything right im just a fuck up. Then im like dude. We are at work that means we work not just pay attention to my phone all day. Bottom line somehow they got to leave early after skipping an jagginoff. Im so 😖.

A Story
(about the time I met Carrie Fisher)

I know I told this, sort of, in August at the time that it happened, but I’ve been thinking about it a lot today.

I was working at Wizard World Chicago in August 2016, so I had some extra money to spend as I was on an exhibitor pass. I couldn’t pass up a Carrie Fisher autograph so I bought a ticket, but I waited too long and ended up in group B on Saturday afternoon. 

Group B was supposed to start at 5:00 PM. I got in line at 4:30 and waited. And waited. And waited. The convention floor closed at 7 PM; I (hi, line friends) waited. She’d been signing autographs, more or less, since 10 AM. We could see Gary next to her, his tongue sticking out. 

I got to the front of the line at around eight o’clock at night. I was tired; I’d been working the booth all day and perpetual cheerfulness is exhausting. I can only imagine how tired she must have been. “No personalizations,” said the assistant as I handed her the book I’d brought to have signed, which I understood (I was the front of Group B, and there were easily another fifty people at least behind me). 

A minute later, I was standing in front of Carrie Fisher. I’m pretty sure, being a creature of vast social awkwardness, I made a stupid joke about being on the wrong side (I was wearing my Imperial Officer uniform). 

She looked up at me, opened the book, and said, “They’re trying to stymie me. I will not be stymied. Who would you like this made out to?”

I will not be stymied. A life in five words, and all I can say is that I’m so, so very glad I stayed in line.

Surprise! I’m your secret skk valentine, @soukoku-writes!!
I suppose this can also count as my gift to you for uploading your first fic~
Guys, please check out Bob’s amazing writing. Here’s her ao3. 
Also, thank you to everyone who participated in the skk valentines exchange!!
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I went to Ereda to get sage scroll for event to finally Lv99 my Apostasia and I met a friend in there on the opposite team who didn’t recognize me (or read the chat) and he brutally murdered me I got my sage scroll in the end


└ How can this adorkably cute mien be that of our oldest member? Muri desu~~ Too squishable~~

Cr: Arashi ni Shiyagare 11.03.2017

something that probably happened
  • Zavala: If only Saladin had been successful in using SIVA to recapture the Golden Age... The other day I was trying to get Amanda's hangar door to open so I could park my jumpship and it wouldn't work.
  • Amanda: A child could use it.
  • Zavala: Wrong. I called Cayde to help me with it. He had me shout "Open" into the panel over and over and it never kicked in, did it, Cayde?
  • Cayde: *snickers*
  • Zavala: What?
  • Amanda: Commander, the hangar doors aren't voice activated.
  • Zavala: ...I screamed into that crap pile for twenty minutes.
  • Cayde: *laughing and slamming the wall*
  • Ikora: I suppose not everything is improved by technology after all. Cayde.
The softest headcanons this World has Ever Seen

I’ve been in a horrible mood all day for reasons i honestly don’t know. So here’s some nice, soft, platonic headcanons between some characters.

  • Hanazawa “I have done horrible things in the past and feel guilt about it” Teruki has basically taken Serizawa “I have too done horrible things and am working towards being more independent” Katsuya under his wing
    • Teruki is really sympathetic with people that struggle with the same things he does.
  • Serizawa doesn’t really know how to do basic Adult Things, and unfortunately Reigen can’t be there all the time and Mob is, in fact, a Child
    • going to the grocery store, or buying new appliances that aren’t Utter Shit is pretty hard
      • Teruki, who is better at being an Adult than most adults, tends to conveniently appear out of nowhere when Serizawa is trying to figure out what kind of lose leaf tea Reigen likes
        • “Make sure to get a frying pan with a rubber or plastic handle to avoid burning yourself,” Teruki says right behind Serizawa, not even batting an eye at Seri’s frightened screech and the frying pans falling to the floor
  • Tsubomi likes to help out in some classes for younger grades, specifically English classes because she’s surprisingly fluent
    • Ritsu is shit at English pronunciation. Tsubomi helps him quite a bit
    • she also offered to tutor him after school
      • Mob nearly explodes when he see Ritsu walking home with Tsubomi one day (Ritsu is oblivious of Mob’s crush on her lmao)
  • When Shou swaps interests for a bit, going for something….. kind of strange, (his hyper fixation on Egyptian hieroglyphs basically came out of nowhere) he will spam everyone in his contact list with pictures and a lot of excited facts about it
    • Mob is the only one that gets excited with him, sending emojis as simple responses or asking questions or just egging him on somehow
  • Shou also sends Mob painting mixing/stimming/speed paint videos all the time, since he knows those calm him down quite a bit
    • Mob always thanks him in person. Shou usually tries to brush it off, gets extremely flustered, or goes invisible
  •  Mezato, nosy as hell, once followed Tome and Mob when she overheard they were going on a friend date to look for telepathic espers
    • somewhere along the line, she confronted them about it, only to get dragged into going to grab some ice cream from the ice cream parlor the always go to
      • “Hey Mob, Mezato, did you know that there’s no grape ice cream because Ben from Ben & Jerry’s–” “Made grape ice cream to impress Jerry’s sister, only to find out it’s toxic to dogs when her dog ate it? Yep, sure did.” “… Oh my god oh my god are you telepathic??”
  • Reigen and Tome follow each other on all forms of social media
    • Whenever one of them posts something,(adverts for the office, or picture’s of the latest UFO sightings) the other will add a snarky remark in a matter of seconds.
      • Always breaks out into an online argument
      • no one knows how this developed??? it’s just a thing now
    • “Ahh, I can ask him to leave you alone, if you want Tome–” “No no Mob, you don’t understand. These arguments are the highlight of my week.” “….. aah, okay…”
  • you know you’ve become an Official Adopted Child when Reigen takes you out for lunch. He’s saving up to take both Tome and Serizawa out somewhere nice

“I should have died.”

Cullen: The last time I was here was the day I left for Templar training. My brother gave me me this. It just happened to be in his pocket, but he said it was for luck. Templars are not supposed to carry such things. Our faith should see us through.

Quiz: I don’t think it worked. You haven’t been all that fortunate.

Cullen: I should have died during the Blight. Or at Kirkwall. Or Haven. Take your pick. And yet, I made it back here.

Oh man. This seems like quite an innocuous thing to say, but I think there’s actually a lot to unpack here. I normally choose the top or middle answers for everything, so I’d never heard Cullen say this before. To understand how devastating this line is (and I actually teared up when he said it) we need to understand Cullen’s history.

So, friends, let’s dive into a biography and character analysis of Cullen Rutherford (much longer than originally intended; my deepest apologies to mobile users who weren’t looking for a history lesson today) - under the cut so I don’t hit you with a wall of text. CW for some discussion of torture.

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So I just lost my job. Our entire company just went bankrupt. I found out the same day as the general public. In fact my manger told us even when she was supposed to let us find out from the news. Our store was the number one store in the U.S. and we had no idea what was happening. It was a devastating shock for everyone who works there. Were all really close, and I’m really close with our store manager who called me bawling. Not even 24 hours after the announcement that we’re going out everyone and their mother called the store asking about what our sales would be. And everyone who came in was glad to see our prices drop. No one gave a shit or though twice that every conversation our staff has had started with tears and hugs. I got a phone call from a woman asking me to connect her to another store that I don’t believe even exists. She got angry with me and said that she should have been notified that the store was closing because she had things to return. Like wtf I literally just found out myself. I’m sorry no one personally called you to tell that we’re shutting down. There isn’t even a customer service office left for me to call. There’s only one person for 140 stores for register support! So she starts talking over me and getting louder and louder, it had been a rough day and I was tired of being screamed at by customers for doing my job. So I just yelled, “lady do you even realize I lost my job!?!” She hung up immediately. I told my boss and she said,“well what are they going to do fire us?” Then I laughed and cried for a good 10 minutes.
-sorry it’s so long but it feels good to vent.


yeah so I went to #tatinof in Berlin and i had the chance to meet Dan and phil. They’re literally the cutest person on earth, they were so adorable.
When I met them I told them I came from France and they were really impressed, also Dan liked my magneto tshirt. They were so caring. Their arms are the safest place on earth.
The show was absolutely incredible, and I can’t thank them enough for their hard work and passion. They put all they’ve got in this. This day was the happiest I’ve ever been so far.
I already miss them so freakin much, and I hope to see them again soon. I feel literally empty now, like what am I supposed to do with my life now?

(Dan took a blurry picture but I don’t really mind tbh)


so now, 2 days of work, about 50 layers and laptop that cries “for the love of god, dont create another layerrrrrrr” later, this is all i was able to do

im far from being happy with it but to work on it any longer would probably destroy my poor laptop, so i guess its finished now :/

(and yes, its supposed to be water)

Unfinished AU

Character A is a writer that’s been keeping a journal of all their writing ideas. One day, Character A misplaces their journal and immediately freaks out that they’ll never get it back. A few days later, Character A’s journal shows back up on their doorstep – it was a good idea to write their phone number and address in their journal – along with several sticky notes with comments such as “great idea, expand more on this”, “am I supposed to hate this character?”, and “loving your work. Call my publishing office and we’ll talk” along with Character B’s number.

“why do people call me dumb”

So like….the X-men movies kinda suck at continuity? I binge watch all six x-men movies in November when I was pretty sick, and I just saw X-Men Origins: Wolverine and I’m just kinda like???? Because it has Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool in it, but I believe that the Deadpool movie is supposed to fit into the X-Men continuity so how does that work?  And it looked like Emma Frost (she was the diamond skin girl mentioned in the movie, right?) was the same age as Scott Summers, which also….really doesn’t work?  And it’s not like this is the only movie - Days of Future Past really didn’t fit with the ending of The Last Stand, like, at all?  And how does the new movie Logan work with ANYTHING?  Am i just expecting too much because the MCU was so well planned out and executed so that everything fits together perfectly?  Is x-men even supposed to be a single continuous universe? I just have so many questions as someone who didn’t come to the fandom from comics.