all in a days work for an obsessive perfectionist

Kay so…I’ve been kinda playing around with trying to draw stuff in the Ed, Edd n Eddy style…I’ve been wanting to draw fanart for a while but I could never get the style down right…But now that I’m out of school and don’t have a lot of time to devote to con prep between work and sleeping in too damn late unless I have the day off, I’ve tried to practice some.

I’ve not posted anything until now because…I’m kind’ve a perfectionist and…ngl a chicken shit who can’t make a post or send an ask or whatever without obsessing over it and scrutinizing it…and so I’ve not felt like anything I’ve drawn is good enough to post…

Till now…

I think I actually have something…halfway good…

Just so we’re all clear, though, it is my current OTP…It’s pretty much the only reason I’ve been wanting to draw eene fanart…because there is very little fanart for this particular ship…and if you didn’t see one of my more recent posts - an answer to those fandom asks - my current OTP is BroEdd…which is what this is. So…I definitely understand if you don’t like it, but…I do…this is my blog so…whatever

Anyway…yeah…enjoy, I guess. And know that any artistic prowess I possess went into this so I prolly won’t be capable of drawing…fuckin’ anything for like a month…>/////<

but it was WORTH IT…

anonymous asked:

how do you get/stay so productive??

That’s a good question. With no one answer. If I’m being honest I’ve always been a perfectionist and very hard worker. I think largely it’s just the person I am. But I’ll make a list of what works for me, and I’m not saying this guarantees anything but speaking from experience. Let’s do this, so:

  • Develop an obsession with reaching your full potential. We all know what needs to be done, if at the end of every day you can go to bed knowing you did it, that’s the most rewarding for me. Because I know I’m expanding and unfolding with every challenge and every day.
  • Hard work does not equate to success. If you operate according to this flawed paradigm, your productivity will be so stunted with frustration then you’ll put yourself in a worse place. Understand that working hard to overcome challenges is valuable in itself. If you study your ass off and fail- whatever, you’ll gain something from that experience.
  • Enjoy the work you have to do. The way you frame your mind and interpret reality predicts 90% of how happy you’ll be. Tonight for example I had to complete 2 statistics assignments because I work all day tomorrow and then have class all night. Pause. Repeat Friday. So despite that not being my favorite task. I got it done. Why? Because I know my long term goals and I know the harder I work now, the better I’ll feel tomorrow about having finished everything ahead of time. Then I’ll enjoy work tomorrow. I’ll feel less upset about having to go to work. It’s a cycle that reinforces itself. 
  • Tell yourself “NO”. Like everyone I have impulses coming my way all the time. Impulses to go eat, watch a youtube video, go make tea, answer a tumblr question, moisturize my skin, take pictures of my nails. But the power in saying no to these stupid distractions is awesome. There will always be a hundred other things you could be doing- but denying those impulses and staying focused has a lot of power. I’ve developed an obsession with saying no to distractions. If I feel the urge for a replacement behaviour, I say “No. Do this NOW”. It gets easier.
  • Don’t let your mind fool you. Stop justifying why you can’t get things done. Why you can’t get more things done. People always give me excuses like- they got a bad sleep, they had something on their mind, there’s a lot going on, blah blah. You can complicate your life however you want to justify why you can’t get something done- but the complication is just an excuse. Push it back and do what needs to be done. Successful people are successful because they do what needs to be done whether they want to or not.
  • Keep a detailed agenda and log of what you spend your time doing. If you’re studying- record how long it took you to read a page, a chapter- because if it’s taking you an hour to read 5 pages- you’re not being productive. And you need to be honest about that. 
  • Nurture yourself always. Eat food that makes you feel good, stay hydrated, sleep enough, feel good about yourself. Balance is so key in being productive. You’ll accomplish nothing if you’re in a highly compromised state. Perpetual denial to your well being will be so detrimental. 
  • Eliminate distractions. Shut off your wifi if you need to, turn your phone off, just focus.