all i wanted was some spaghetti

Beautiful Things// Carl Grimes Imagine




So it was official. Carl and Enid were a thing. I guess I saw it coming, with all the longing looks and lingering touches they shared. I could see the couple now, holding hands under the table and laughing together as they ate. I stared a while longer, eventually tearing my eyes away from the two and going back to poking at my spaghetti.

That right there is all I ever wanted with Carl, ever since I was 14. But no. This shitty world just got ever shitter. I guess any real friend would be happy that their best friend was ‘getting some’, and I really did try to look enthusiastic while Carl rambled on and on about how pretty Enid’s smile was or how she 'Just gets me, you know’. Yeah, well I got Carl. I know Carl better than he knows himself, yet that never got me anywhere.

Daryl nudged my shoulder, breaking my depressing thoughts.

“Hey kid, you’re not touching your spaghetti, usually you inhale the stuff, what’s bothering ya?”

I sighed again, and glared pointedly at Carl and Enid.

“Ohhh the new couple, chin up y’/n, it’s his loss you know.” Daryl said, I could see his sympathetic smile out of the corner of my eye and could feel anger bubbling up inside of me. I didn’t need people’s pity just because I can’t get a man. Fuck that.

I ignored Daryl’s comment, and shoved my plate away from me, my fork clattering to the floor as I stood up. I looked around for a second, my dramatic actions causing interest around me. with on last glare at Carl, I stomped away, slamming the door behind me for good measure.

                                             //The Next Day//

After my mini tantrum yesterday, I decided to make up for the drama by volunteering to do an extra shift on lookout today. I was headed to Rick’s house to tell him when I heard someone shouting my name. I froze instantly, thinking that it was Carl, and was wondering whether to make a break for it or confront him when an arm was placed on my shoulder, turning me round to face..Ron.

“Jesus Christ you’re hard to keep up with” He rolled his eyes at me, leaning over to catch his breath. I rolled my eyes right back, but let out a breath that I hadn’t realized I was holding in.

“What do you want now Ronald.” I said. Ron and I were moderately good friends, but we’d been hanging out a lot more since Carl started following Enid around like a lost puppy dog.

“No need to be so bloody moody y/n, just wondering if you want to come to mine and chill for a bit, since I’ve got the morning off.”

I considered doing the right thing and offering my services to protect Alexandria, but decided that reading comics and talking about how much I miss the internet was a better use of my time.

The two of us walked back along to Ron’s house in a comfortable silence. Until Ron decided to break it.

“You wanna hear my opinion on Carl and Enid?” he asked suddenly, turning to me.

“Not really no. But you’re gonna tell me anyway so go ahead.” I sighed. I was kinda tired of hearing all about them now.

“I think you and Carl would make a much better couple. Enid’s not even that nice, trust me when I say I know.”

I appreciated that Ron was trying to make me feel better about the whole situation, but putting Enid down was not the way to go about it.

“ I don’t hate her.” I blurted out, surprising even myself.

“She’s actually really nice. She’s lovely, she’s so good for Carl, I mean look how happy she makes him. I could never do that.”

Ron was surprised at the point of view I was taking.

“Well, to be honest y/n, everyone thinks you hate her, with no help from your little outburst yesterday.” He nudged me playfully as a rolled my eyes at him.

“Yeah well I’m just a dramatic person, you’ll get over it” I flicked my hair and sped past him., strutting a little, making him laugh.

“Yeah yeah y/n you keep joking, but you know you’re just jealous. Also feel free to keep strutting because I am loving the view I’m getting right now” Ron shouted from behind me cheekily.

I huffed, but stayed walking in front of him, thinking about his comment.

Was I jealous? Of course I was, I want it to be me in Carl’s arms, me making him laugh, but instead all I got was ditched as soon as another girl entered the equation.

What annoyed me most was that.. I didn’t hate Enid. She was more beautiful that I could ever be, and although she was a bit weird, she’s kind and thoughtful.

I guess it would be a lot easier for me if she was awful. that would mean I could hate them together with good reason. But no, she just had to go and be nice, making me feel like a selfish bitch whenever I felt anger bubble up inside of me when I saw them walking hand in hand, or kissing under the big oak tree, or laughing together as they looked into each other’s ey-


Oh. I turned on my heel and looked at my surroundings. Ron was right, I’d walked right past his house and was nearly at the end of the street by the time Ron shouted at me. I huffed and stomped back, brushing past him into his house, muttering that I wasn’t a twat.

I ran up the stairs to his room, knowing the route well, I opened his door, ready to lie down with some comics and forget about the whole thing when-

oh for the lOVE OF SPAGHETTI

There, sitting on his bed, were Enid and Carl with their hands still closed around each other’s.

“Oomph, what the hell are you doing standing in the- oh. um. hello?” Ron was as confused as I was as the four of us looked at each other.

Cal looked right at me before clearing his throat and beginning his explanation.

“Oh um, dad told us to come and get you both to tell you about the meeting for tomorrow’s run, and Daryl told us that Ron had gone to get y/n to go to his house so we thought we’d come here to get you, but you took ages so we went inside and now you’re here and um, um yeah. ha” Carl finished awkwardly, scratching his head with a small smile and looking back down at his shoes.

'Oh. Right. Do you want to stay and chill with us then?“ Ron took it surprisingly well, but the quick side glance he gave me showed that he just wanted to make me uncomfortable. That prick.

Enid nodded with a grateful smile and reached to grab some comics from Ron’s side table, handing one to Carl and scooting over on the bed, patting the spot next to her and looking at me.

um. no, sweetie, sorry.

I pretended not to see her gesture and sat on the floor and we all read comics for an awkward half-hour, until I couldn’t take the tension anymore and told everyone that  I didn’t feel well and was going to head home.

"I can walk you back, i-if you want?” Carl said to me. I was surprised he was speaking to me, since we hadn’t really had a proper conversation for two weeks.

“Nah I’m ok, just going to head home, plus I don think your girlfriend would like that very much anyway.” The words came out of my mouth before I could stop them, and everyone looked at me shocked.

I ran out of the room and down the stairs before anyone could say anything, especially Enid.

I walked the rest of the way home. Why did I have to go and fuck things up even more, Carl will be pissed at me for speaking to his girlfriend like that, and even if he isn’t, I couldn’t even have a conversation with him without wanting to burst into tears and tell him everything.

As my house came into sight, I let a few tears fall when I saw the porch steps Carl and I used to sit on a talk about anything, nothing and everything. I had it all, but now he’s telling Enid all his hopes and dreams, looking up at the stars with her, hugging her, loving her.

I wiped my tears away.

Beautiful things just don’t happen to girls like me.


Saucy like a chunky meatball dipped in the finest of pureed tomatoes and delectable seasonings, all on a bed of angel hair pasta.
#BettySpaghettiMode XDD

Try To Make Your Fandoms Sound As Bad As You Can

Team Fortress 2: A bunch of grown men with badass hats shooting each other over glowing dots and briefcases.

Gravity Falls: Noah Wiseman must uncover the secret of his great uncle’s brother’s diary while battling a mystery flavored Dorito chip

Steven Universe: A bunch of rocks slam into each other and make out and stuff

Gorillaz: The Satanic lovechild of Shrek and Keith Richards starts a band with a blue haired stoner, a loli, and Captain Protein Shake.

OFF: “I came here to chew some Big League Chew and kill spooks and babies. And I’m all out of Big League Chew.”

Hetalia: An Italian man wants spaghetti but his Aryan hubby says no.

Black Butler: Demons, cake, pedophilia, death and corsets. What more can you ask for, really?

Lucky Star; Dammit, Konata, stop being so relatable.

Five Nights at Freddy’s: Barney the Dinosaur’s human incarnate starts some mischief and the little furry babies are pissed.

The Babadook: [Babadook screaming like an angsty scene boy]

Homestuck: Together a gamer geek, his cousin(?), Mandy, and Henry Danger fighst alongside some pissy candy corn headed internet trolls to save the world from a mutant dog…beetle..carapace…thing…and aaah shit here come the cherubs!!

Steam Powered Giraffe: Musical robots with a love of Bobby Darin and a hatred for elephants and rock candy.

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I already think you're beautiful so as my gf I'd still tell you that, but also let you know that I'm committed to being beside you even when you don't feel you're worth it. Also if you get sad in the middle of some social event I'd probably sneak you away and we could just go home and eat breads. I'm always sleepy though so hopefully you wouldn't get bored of watching documentaries with me. Although I'd also like to take you places when I can. 🍞🥖🥐

this is literally all ive ever wanted i would cook u spaghetti when we got in from the rain and we would dance around our rustic apartment in our wet underwear

vegetable soup is vegan
I shouldn’t have to tell someone every time something is vegan
That carrot, it’s vegan
That pasta is vegan. Yes even with the sauce. 
That fruit bowl is vegan
Aren’t you getting tired of me telling you shit’s vegan?
I mean that water you’re drinking is vegan
That potato is vegan
That mayo you bought is vegan- oh it’s because you have allergies that makes sense

I’m going to give you some spaghetti- watch out though it doesn’t have meat on it. So this is technically by definition, a vegan food- but you love spaghetti! Oh..

Just this is how it is
It really is

You tell someone something is vegan and they dont want to eat it even if it’s their favorite food
Even though they eat vegan type foods all the time
And you have to tell them that what you’re eating is a vegan version 
But then that’s too annoying 
But if you don’t say it, than you must not be vegan anymore

It’s bull fucking shit


the calendar // panic! at the disco

So I still need to play Undertale but this is what I'm getting from tumblr
  • Frisk: androgynous child-adult who is the goat person's child? except they're human? they are not good with knives and they fall down a hole at some point
  • Sans: tiny skeleton who hates dirty brother killers. has some sort of eye thing going on
  • Papyrus: the great papyrus, he likes spaghetti and was probably killed by the dirty brother killer
  • Mettaton: why do you all want to bang a robot
  • Alphys: ??? is this the neopets looking thing
  • Tlolorilrilarl: old mother goat. becomes a young goat with a sweater? sweater goat
  • Flowey: the unholy offspring of lightning and death itself

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I feel ya. All those tumblr accounts whining over Dylann getting the death penalty are just some dumb, white "edgy" teenage girls who only want him to be alive so they can send letters and nudes to him in prison lmao

and it makes me so mad bc black men and women are the ones actually getting “unfairly murdered uwu” by the american justice system and ya won’t hear a peep about it from them but when a mass murderer gets sentenced to death it’s uh oh spaghetti oh’s :(

Aph Characters as things I've heard in school 2

Italy: Ciao Bella! May I show-a you to your seat?


Japan: Niko Niko Need to stop.

Romano: This spaghetti tastes like fucking paper.

Prussia: And they’re doing a line of White Lightning in the handicapped stall of a B-Dubs.

America: Some people say Harambe’s death was an inside job.

England: All I want for Christmas is the sweet relese of death.

France: I am so photogenic.

Russia: I may look innocent and cute, but these eyes have seen things that could scar you for life.

China: *trips on stairs* FUCKING TITS

Canada: I am so invisible in this school, I break several rules a day and no one has said a damn thing!

~I honestly had never heard this song before but I completely fell in love with it. So I want to thank the person who requested this for introducing me to this great song ♥~

You’re old man is doing some club stuff so you’re home all alone. You decide to make some dinner for him before he comes home. He’ll probably come so late that the food is cold but at least you get something to eat. You get the ingredients and start cooking. In the middle of cooking some spaghetti you get bored and decide to put some music on.

You’re dancing in the kitchen as you cook. Axl Rose’s voice goes through you like a knife. After you listened some Guns n Roses you decide you want to listen to some Lana Del Rey. You swing to the music and enjoy every second of it. 

After a few songs you find yourself listening to You Can Be The Boss and singing along. ‘’You can be the boss, daddy. You can be the boss. Taste like a keg party, back on the sauce. I like you a lot, I like you a lot. Don’t let it stop…’’ You close your eyes and really enjoy the song. You don’t even notice that your old man is standing behind you when you dance to the song and sing. ‘’You can be the boss, daddy. You can be the boss. Bad to the bone, sick as a dog. You know that I like, like you a lot. Don’t let it stop…’’ All of a sudden Tig grabs your hips. 

‘’You want me to show you who’s the boss?’’ He whispers to your ear. You blush. You didn’t know he was listening. You kinda feel like laughing to the comment he just made. And you do laugh. He turns you around. He smiles at you. The song plays in the back round when he kisses you.

He had a cigarette with his number on it. He gave it over to me, “Do you want it?” I knew it was wrong but I palmed it. I saved it, I waited, I called it. The liquor on your lips, the liquor on your lips. The liquor on your lips makes you dangerous. I knew it was wrong, I’m beyond it. I tried to be strong but I lost it. You taste like the Fourth of July. Malt liquor on your breath, my, my…

~Seriously thank you so much for introducing me to this song I’m seriously in love with it ♥~

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what would dating jimin be like?thank you:-)




• him following you around everywhere and making weird noises in your ear

• he’s the type of person who celebrates weekly anniversaries

• he’d re-enact all the romantic and cheesy parts from well known movies like that spaghetti scene from Lady and the Tramp

• he’d take lots of videos and pictures of you on his phone

• he always tries to use some cliché pickup lines on you but you just shut him down

• “are you a campfire?“

• “jimin, what-”

• “because you’re hot and I want s'more"

• “jimin, stop”

• him always carrying the bags when you go shopping because he thinks it’s probably too heavy for you even if it’s just bread

• waking up to see his bare torso every morning

• and he’s still sleeping so you start to run your fingers along his chest and arms and out of nowhere he’s like “well good morning”

• always challenging you to little games or competitions

• “i bet you i could climb the stairs faster than you"

• cute pet names (like angel, baby, kitten, etc.)

• rubbing his tummy when he’s stressed and letting him rant to you


• !subtle winking!!

- Admin Xeryus

Hijack Imagines #4

When Jack meets Hiccup for the first time, Jack assumes that Hiccup is some cute nickname he goes by, so he just snickers and goes along with it. It takes a good couple months of relationship progression for him to finally see some sort of official document and see his name is ACTUALLY Hiccup.
Jack then isn’t quite sure if he wants to admit he never realized or just completely play like he’s known all along.
Finally over dinner the next day, Jack dejectedly mumbles at his plate of spaghetti, “I thought Hiccup was a cute nickname…”
Hiccup laughs for a solid 5 minutes.

Dear con-goers,

If you see someone in a big armored cosplay taking a rest, with their helmet on a table and their prop weapon leaning against a wall or something, that is absolutely not an invitation for you to waddle over and play with their stuff. I don’t know what part of me taking a breather implies that I want some stranger putting their greasy little hands all over my $300+ gear. Hell, I’ve had someone walk up and try to take my helmet off of me while I was still wearing it. Why would anyone even think that’s okay? How would you like it if someone walked up to you and just took your phone out of your hands? Not a whole lot, I’d bet. If you’re gonna spew spaghetti all over a cosplayer, at least ask before touching their stuff. Everyone should have learned this in kindergarten.

Puff the magic dragon

(I am the DM of four players for a pathfinder campaign. They have just finished killing a juvenile dragon and are curing the meat for later, when this occurs. Note that player 1’s main method of attack is throwing knives.)

Player 1: I want to grind up a dragon scale into powder.

DM: Ok, go for it.

Player 1: And when I am done, I put it in my pipe.

DM: … You are smoking a dragon scale?…

Player 1: Yes I am.

Players 2-4: Whoa, we want in on this too!

DM: Alright, well you all grind up some dragon scale and smoke it. Everyone make a fortitude save.

(Everyone passes, but not by much)

DM: Ok, so nobody is dying from it but you all start to feel rather high, and are starting to feel hungry.


Everyone else: YEAH! ASGETTHI!

DM: Everyone make a perception check to try to find the spaghetti in your convoy. (Everyone fails quite spectacularly). You collectively find one single piece of spaghetti, and the largest pot in your inventory. What next?

Player 1: I put the pot over the fire and boil the water.

Player 3: Put the spaghetti in your knife sheath (player 1 does so). I cast abundant ammunition on it!

Player 1: Yes! Now I will take the spaghetti and throw it in the pot from 10 feet away!

DM: Ok, roll your d20 to see if you get it in the pot. You need at least 15, you are not sober and you are not proficient with spaghetti.

Player 1: *rolls 16* Nice! Made it! Now I do it again!

DM: Alright, but since you are using abundant ammunition, the first spaghetti disappears from the pot, and the one in your holster is slightly limp.

Player 1: Fair enough.  *rolls nat 20, confirms with another 20*

DM: Wow. Well, you have successfully split your pot in two with a limp piece of spaghetti. 

*entire party and DM nearly dies laughing*

After a few months of living with Damon my life has just been more positive, I got him enrolled to online classes. I got a new job sometimes taking longer shifts to earn more money just to make Damons life better. That’s all I want for him. A good life where he can be happy. I have my break downs sometimes, some night terrors just wishing to have Jezella back, with the words she had said to me. But we haven’t spoken since or had any contact. I haven’t heard much from my brother either.

I’m left to close up for work tonight, hopefully Damon warmed up the spaghetti i had texted him that was in the fridge. But I haven’t gotten a text back, which is rather unusual for him. I head back home calling Damon but with no answer. Now I’m starting to get paranoid. I get home seeing windows broken and the door wide open. I rush out of my car “Damon!? Damon!” I scream looking for him. Furniture move around and disheveled, definitely signs of a struggle. I go to Damons room seeing in yellow paint an S in side a triangle. I’ve seen this.. I swear I have. I piece of paper taped to the wall -you’re son is a very special individual. Sorry for the unexpected visit but we need him for quite some time.

The letter being marked by a red what looks like a smile in the corner. Where the fuck is my son.

It was Franky’s birthday yesterday. She is four years old.

So we had some spaghetti noodles

Gunter ate the most.

He started eating too much so I tried hiding the plate on the sofa. He flew to it. That boy has the pasta lust so we had to cut him off.

But don’t worry Franky got some too.

We also put out way too many sunflower seeds (Franky’s favorite treat)

Her and Bolin did some nice sharing.

But what Franky wanted most of all was cuddle time with daddy

Happy birthday fluff girl!

Garlic Bread Pizza

My boyfriend and I call it poor people pizza because this stuff is soooo cheap and super easy to make (but also incredibly delicious!)

You will need:

A long loaf of frozen garlic bread
Some shredded cheese (mozzarella works very well)
Spaghetti sauce

Preheat your toaster oven or regular oven to 400 degrees. Cut the amount of garlic bread that you want and sprinkle your shredded cheese on top. Bake for 7-10 minutes (or until the cheese on the edges is golden brown).
Dip the pizza in your spaghetti sauce (you can warm it up in the microwave or on the stovetop, or leave it cold/room temp) and enjoy!

All in all, the ingredients usually cost me around $8 and I almost always get 4 meals out of the garlic bread loaf. That’s $2 per meal!