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Yoosung meets a woman that has an uncanny resemblance to Rika at his college and becomes infatuated with her and begins neglecting MC

@rfascenariios hahahahaha, so I sometimes accidentally open blogs and then end up scrolling through and I found this, even though I have a mountain of other head canons to work on, but I just love this so much, so here you go.

  • It started with a picture that Yoosung posted on the messenger
  • “I found Rika! Or, at least a woman that looks just like her! She’s in one of my classes and her name is Yumi!”
  • He wasn’t wrong. She did look just like Rika.
  • Yoosung talks about her constantly, getting to know her at school
  • Now, he and MC have been dating for about a year and a half now, and she gets kind of worried about the fervor in which he is treating Yumi
  • Yoosung gets invited out to a mixer with his friends, so MC is invited along and Yumi is there
  • MC gets to talk to Yumi and she’s nice enough, but admits that she has her sights set on Yoosung
  • When MC tells Yumi that she and Yoosung are already dating, Yumi says, “Really? Because he treats me more like his girlfriend that he does you.”
  • After the mixer, MC asks Yoosung if he loves her, and he says yes, of course, but she’s still really nervous about the whole thing and not sure if she believes him
  • And his talk of Yumi continues to escalate, because she started asking questions about Rika and emulating her
  • Eventually, MC tries to express her hurt to Yoosung about the whole thing via messenger, but he doesn’t understand why she’s all bent out of shape
  • Zen and Seven get in on this as well, basically trying to explain what’s going on in MC’s head, but Yoosung refuses to listen
  • It’s not until Yoosung skips a date with MC to hang out with Yumi that things get ugly
  • She’s hurt, but she doesn’t let it affect her too much, hoping he still loves her
  • Zen even yells at Yoosung for doing that
  • The next day, MC shows up at his school to drop off his lunch, which she always brings for him on Tuesday’s, but Yumi sees her first, says that he’s busy studying and, without being a student, you can’t get into the library, so she’ll take the lunch to him
  • As soon as she has the lunch in her hands, she tells MC, “Yoosung and I went out on a date, by the way. You should probably stop bringing him food. He’s moved on.”
  • MC walks away in tears
  • She goes onto the messenger and says that she needs to break up with Yoosung, as much as it breaks her heart, because he doesn’t love her anymore
  • All he loves is a memory of Rika and the woman that looks just like her
  • He doesn’t see it until after his class with Yumi, and he ends up frozen for a few minutes just staring at the message… until Yumi reads it over his shoulder and offers her condolences
  • Yoosung, having been snapped out of it, says he needs to go find MC and talk to her, he doesn’t want to break up, he doesn’t understand why she would do this
  • However, she’s busy drinking with Zen and Jaehee, her phone is turned off, and Yoosung doesn’t know where she is
  • That night, MC stumbles back home, still super drunk, and realizes that she accidentally went to Yoosung’s apartment
  • Now MC is about to turn away when she checks the messenger and sees that he wants to talk about this, so she decides that now is as good as ever…
  • She gets her phone out to start recording because she knows she won’t remember in the morning
  • ….only to walk up the stairs to his apartment to find that Yoosung’s kissing Yumi
  • MC drops her purse out of shock, and when he hears the sound, he freaks, and tries to push Yumi away (what he was trying to do all along)
  • MC doesn’t hear him calling after her and just half stumbles, half runs away
  • She posts a picture on the messenger of Yoosung and Yumi kissing
  • “I thought he wanted to talk to convince me not to leave him. Guess I was wrong. I was wrong about everything.”
  • Zen tries to jump to his defense, saying that Yoosung looks uncomfortable, like he doesn’t want it, but MC just says, “I need to go drown my sorrows in ice cream and romance movies. I’ll check the messenger once a day from now on. Don’t worry about me.”
  • She does as promised, sits at home, crying, eating ice cream, and watching anything with a romance premise
  • Her coworkers worry about her when she’s at work because her eyes all puffy and red, but she just explains that she had a really bad break up
  • One coworker offers to beat him up for her once they hear the details, but she declines
  • She tries to get Jumin’s advice on killing her emotions so she can stop hurting
  • Yoosung finally manages to ambush her a few days after she saw him kissing Yumi at her apartment before she leaves to go to the grocery store
  • He explains that Yumi was there trying to help him (or so she claimed), then suddenly grabbed him and kissed him. She then tried to convince him that MC didn’t love him and only Yumi could
  • But Yoosung knows better, he feels like a jerk, and realizes that Yumi is nothing like the Rika he knew (which wasn’t necessarily the real Rika, but he doesn’t know that)
  • He begs MC to take him back
  • MC states that they’ll start with the dinner she’s about to make, and they can go from there
  • They go grocery shopping, then cook and eat together
  • He ends up kissing her goodbye at the end of the night
  • And twenty minutes after leaving, he comes back and, just-
  • This impulsive, loving yandere child just drops down on one knee with a ring in his hand
  • A few weeks later, Yumi has made no further progress with Yoosung and is getting frustrated, and when MC shows up on campus again to give Yoosung his lunch, Yumi goes to confront her…. then sees the ring on her finger
  • Before Yumi can approach to ask what’s going on, Yoosung is there, kissing MC, giddy as ever to see her
  • Yumi is forced to walk away and save herself the embarassment

If you want to forget the boy who broke your heart, here are 10 things you should NOT do:

Number 1, if you wanted to forget about him, maybe you shouldn’t have told your friends that you have a sort of frustrating crush on the guy you’ve been talking to lately. If you did, it’ll be the last time you’ll ever know peace. Before you realize it, your whole class knows, your teachers know, your family knows, your neighbors know–the president himself is in the process of knowing. Every time he walks by, you will be stripped of your composure. Your life will become a romcom onlookers tune in to. 

2, do not think about the last text he sent you just before you go to bed. It’ll haunt you in your sleep and you’ll dream of his eyes, of his voice, the way his nose crinkles when he laughs, and it’ll leave you with fantasies impossible to come true.

3, do not stalk his social media accounts. Just don’t. Don’t look at his posts or, god forbid, his pictures. And for the love of all that is good, do not message him. It will lead to several awkward conversations that will leave you both giddy and mortified and you will find out that he uses too many emoticons and not enough words which means you don’t really understand what he means, but that he is more adorable than you first thought he was.

4, if you want to forget him, don’t smile back. Oh, it will be tempting, I know. After all, how can you resist when he smiles at you as if the sun itself resides in his chest? When he smiles like it’s the first and last time he will ever be happy? How can you not smile back, when he reminds you just exactly what happiness feels like?

5, do not associate songs with him. When your favorite song comes on, do not think of slow dancing to it with him. Do not imagine the two of you sharing earphones and listening to a playlist on repeat. Do not devote the lyrics like an ode to his laughter, do not think of him when you sing. Melodies are not supposed to echo a name. 

6. do not name him “What If”. Do not think of all the ways he can make you better. Do not name him “Maybe”. Do not come up with reasons why he can love you just as fiercely. Do not name him “Almost”. Do not hope for something you damn well know could never be.

7, do not get jealous of the girl he laughs with. Do not compare yourself to the way she looks, how she’s thinner, prettier, more breathtaking than you will ever be. Do not look at his smile–it is the same smile he gives you. It is the same smile you’ve fallen in love with, the same smile you thought was meant for your eyes only. Do not get jealous of her. He was never yours to keep in the first place.

8, if you want to forget about him, do not cry over him. He’ll disappoint you again and again and again and I know it’ll hurt, god, how it hurts–but do not cry over him on the car ride home. Do not let them see that he has broken you. Don’t let them know you care. Don’t let heartbreak paint your face with mascara tears, do not cry yourself to sleep.

9, do not tell him how you feel. Do not tell him that he saved you when you couldn’t save yourself, don’t tell him you cared. Do not rearrange your words over and over in hopes his feelings will change. Do not wait for his answer. Do not save his reply, do not hurt yourself this way. You do not need a constant reminder that he does not love you back.

10, if  you want to forget the boy who broke your heart, do not write about him. Do not immortalize the way he stood, the curl of his lips, the shade of his eyes. Do not make permanent the memory of his last words as he said goodbye. If you want to forget, do not write him poetry. Do not surrender the beauty of your metaphors. Do not make symbolisms about his name, do not compare him to stars. He is just a boy, who felt like a miracle in what little time you had together. He is just a boy. Do not give him the power of your words.

If you want to forget him, do not commit these mistakes. If you want to forget him, don’t do what I did.

—  10 things you should not do to forget
L.Joe’s contract termination

Okay. Okay. FUCK. Okay. Hey guys, Valerie here. Sorry I’m writing about this so late, I just woke up after being sick. As you guys might have read, L.Joe has requested contract termination. Their contracts were going to expire in July I think, but their supposed “comeback” was before that, and L.Joe had requested the termination before it.

As you guys have known, or know now, Teen Top’s popularity is not the one it was when they debuted. Teen Top was topping charts when they first debut with ‘clap’. For a rookie group from a small company to do so as soon as they debut, let me tell you, it’s VERY rare. Nowadays it’s like it’s impossible. Teen Top were the first group debut under TOP MEDIA, and being the small company it was, it was obvious they didn’t have proper staff for management. It was commented multiple times under various Teen Top articles later on how the company didn’t properly support the boys when they had activities because they didn’t know what the fuck was going on themselves. 

Teen Top then debut with Supa Luv, Be Ma Girl, Miss Right and other bops. They were all hits since they really suited Teen Top’s image, and very very much liked by the Korean Netizens. Everything was going on pretty well. But then, TOP MEDIA, being the underdeveloped and clueless company it was, decided to send Teen Top overseas. This is where the problem starts. Sending your artists overseas is nothing bad, but doing so when their fandom is still stabilizing in Korea is a BIG MISTAKE. The same this was done with NU’EST. They had a great debut song, topped charts, but were sent to overseas and then their popularity dropped to the ground. 

Shit like this happens, and you can’t always have the same crowd cheering you on when you come back. Other groups would debut and would desperately want to take your place, which they did, hence Teen Top was nearly forgotten when they came back.

Their popularity took a positive turn when they came back with Ah-Ah, as their M/V hit 5 million views rapidly and was even re-tweeted by B.A.P’s Zelo. They won awards, and promoted a buck loads with it. If you have been an Angel when they came back with Ah-Ah, you would see how much they promoted. They even went to Japan and did a full concert. 

TOP MEDIA then gave them the song Warning Sign. I’m not going to lie, the song was not my taste, and it wasn’t the taste of the K-Netz either. Their comeback showcase was highly praised, but at the end, no one payed attention to their song and it was a flop. 

TOP Media has also not given any other members any opportunities. Ricky and Changjo have had very few lines in songs, and rather than helping these two improve, they were constantly pushed to the side. When they revealed their nearly debut song ‘Love Comes’, an Angel commented “Ricky has many lines!” All of them laughed, including Ricky, but he must’ve been hurt so many times when it was revealed he would be having very few lines in their song, especially their title songs. Chunji was given musicals, and he is the main vocal of Teen Top, so the opportunity was handed to him, of course. Changjo struggled himself (and NOT with the help of TOP MEDIA) and participated in a few rap shows (they showed him as a rookie, even when he’s 7 years into debut, just because they no longer know who he is). Niel was given another comeback, rather than changing up the game a bit and doing something differrent like giving rapper line a chance, having them promote as a duo. TOP MEDIA’s investment in Teen Top became less, and became more with UP10TION.

UP10TION were given 3 comebacks, all of them hits, while Teen Top were just in the corner waiting for their turn. This has happened to Teen Top before, too, when they had to wait an year long for a comeback. How much more patience do you think the boys have left in them to go through the same process again? I would’ve quit. But the boys stayed together, because they want to. 

L.Joe dropped hints as soon as this year started. He changed his Instagram I.D last year, and then just posted old pictures of him and his brother and/or just his dogs. After seeing all this, I told @kittybear-jellycat that something was off. During the Lunar Year Greeting, L.Joe didn’t seem to be himself, there was just something… off about him. You could tell there was something going on. I DM’ed him, and told him I was worried and hoped for his mental health and his safety. L.Joe then made his Instagram private, but then he made it public after news articles started reporting on it.

I’m guessing L.Joe was in Japan promoting his movie, and he seemed to look very happy when he met his fans at the airport, but at the end of the day, he is NOT happy, he doesn’t want to be an idol who goes through an yearly cycle of just one comeback, whilst other groups comeback frequently and rise to the top. He was worried about his future, Teen Top’s future, so he requested contract termination.

If you want to know, yes, I want L.Joe to leave the company. As difficult as it is for me to say it, I want him to leave it. But I also want the other members of Teen Top to leave. I’m sure L.Joe wants to stay together as Teen Top, and Teen Top has replied that they want to stay together with L.Joe. I just want everyone of them to terminate their contracts with TOP MEDIA. Leave TOP MEDIA and their growing bias towards UP10TION and their coming girlgroup. Teen Top is strong as 6, and they deserve to be treated better than how TOP MEDIA was treating them. 

Thank you for reading. 

Part Two

Always With You (UPDATE)

I’ll be giving out these wristbands before the concert in Mexico.

Considering all the crap I read about Yixing from other “Lay Stans” when they announced that he wasn’t coming, I decided to make these for those fans that will be there even if he won’t.

It says “Estamos Siempre Contigo” which is literally “We Are Always With You” and I think it’s a nice gesture towards someone that gives his all for his fans. I know it’s just a wristband and it’s cheap but I wanted to do something for him and it’s kind of a wild dream if he gets to see them.


I’ll be at the venue by 4pm but I don’t have a clue of where exactly I’ll be (I’ve never being to that arena) so you can follow me on my IG account (Click Here) where I’ll be posting pictures of my exact location so we can meet. Also, my friend and I will be wearing the shirts on the picture above so it will be easier for you to spot us (I hope so :P).

It’s going to be awesome to meet you and hopefully, I’ll see you soon. :D

When you, stop wanting us

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It was funny.

Somehow you found it funny because everyone had warned you about dating a celebrity and he was. He was that exactly; a celebrity. He was a proper celebrity with proper fans and before he was your boyfriend, everyone warned you the danger of dating Jay Park but you were stubborn. In some ways when you think about it now, it was good that you were stubborn because loving Jay was the greatest thing you have done, loving Jay was easy and simple.

That was until it was no longer that.

There was always that, the familiar tone of ‘I told you so’ whenever people asked you about Jay nowadays but it was never that for you. They warned you of all the girls he were always with, all those songs he crooned and all the raunchy lyrics he wrote. It was never that with Park Jae-beom.

He was a man; a complete gentleman.

He made you happy, and when you met him it felt like forever since you’ve been happy. You were in your mid-twenties, young and beautiful. Your face reeked with youth and your smile never losing its ‘breath of fresh air’ but life as someone in mid-twenties was hard. You were trying to find yourself and you were trying to make a name for yourself. You were filled with passion and spirit to carve your name in the world and who would be more attractive at that age than a 30 years old CEO, who was filled with confident, youth, composure and security.

You found warmth in Jay.

You found love with Jay.

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anonymous asked:

I'd be really interested in your view on harry releasing his solo and album before Dunkirk is released. Would this effect how he's seen as an actor? Would it interfere with any of the promo for the movie or his music? When do you think would be the best strategic time to release his music? I'm super excited for Harry's music, and am interested in your thoughts on the new timeline suggested

yeahhhhhhhhhh I don’t know.  I don’t really like it and I”m trying to work through why I feel that way and i’m having a tough time putting it into words that make sense outside of my own head lol

I think part of it is because I’ve heard from different people how he wants to keep music and acting separate which i think is very smart.  And this definitely won’t help him do that.  It MIGHT affect how he’s seen as an actor, depending on what kind of music it’ll be.  Especially since Dunkirk is such a serious film and such a big departure from anything he’s done in the past, both musically and promo-wise with One Direction.  It’s just completely different tonally and would have been a great reintroduction after he’s been in hiding for so long.  

Promo also will be…complicated.  They’ll probably do print media/interviews in late may with on-camera interviews/press junkets in June.  So that’s…a lot.  Granted, it’s an ensemble film so he won’t be needed for all of the promo.  It can be spread around a little bit, but at the same time…the fact that he’s a big star and it’s his first movie means the press is going to want to talk to him a lot. It’ll definitely be a balancing act.  

Then there’s the question of with that balancing act, would it lead to overexposure?  Or is his team baking on the fact that his disappearing act over the past year and a half been enough for people to WANT all that Harry in your face all at once?  I mean, listen, I nearly died yesterday when we got to see pictures of him after not seeing him for so very long…but even I”m a little hesitant about this.  

Personally i’ve been expecting it to be a fall release this whole time.  He’s a big enough name and it’s so anticipated that he’ll do enough sales to compete in Q4.  It also seemingly wouldn’t compete with what the other boys release.  Plus, it’ll be enough time post dunkirk to recover and have people excited to see him again.  Always leave ‘em wanting more, and all that, you know? 

Hopefully my dash of negativity doesn’t mean my Harry card is revoked ;) You know whenever it’s released i’m gonna buy the hell out of that album and listen to it on repeat and tell everyone around me to buy it until they’re sick of me talking about it and I’ll be banned from even saying the word “styles” even if i’m talking about clothes.  Buuuuuuut i’m still hesitant for the time being.  

Seb Dating Someone Younger Would Include
Author’s note: Please let it be known that in this instance, by younger, I do not mean dating a thirty-four year old as a fourteen year old as that is wholly inappropriate and also illegal. Also I’m sorry for inconsistent uploads as of late, I’m graduating very soon and I also have a birthday coming up really soon.

- Him wanting to post pictures of you all the time but he doesn’t because he’s afraid of the backlash that you might get
- You “borrowing” his clothes a lot
- He is very private with your relationship and is hesitant to talk about you in interviews because he’s afraid of the backlash that you may get
- That’s not to say he is ashamed of you in anyway, he loves you deeply and is proud to be dating you, he is afraid of the effects that his “passionate” fans may have on you
- On the occasion that he does talk about you/ posts a picture with you etc, he asks you not to look at it for fear comments would have a negative effect on you
- As much as he denies it, he is slightly insecure you’ll find someone closer in age and that you can “relate to” (his metaphorical words not mine) better and you’ll leave him
- When the two of you go anywhere together in your own car, he drives
- Him taking you to try new things all the time
- Making jokes about the age difference constantly, for example he’d say “back in my day….” and you’d follow up with a “when was that 1842?”
- He is your number one supporter in anything you do
- He takes candid pictures of you all the time
- While he wants to shield you from everything negative that could be said about you, you still see some of the stuff. Sure, it will upset you, the comments on your Instagram or Twitter, but you will always have Seb there to reassure you
- Nose kisses
- He’s the most excepting human ever when it comes to you
- He always tells you how proud he is of you because he remembers what it’s like for a lot of young people and he always wants to make sure you feel validated, loved, and appreciated

“Hey babe how sexy do I look today?” You hear your boyfriend Aaron say from behind you.

You turn around to be met with the glorious boy that is Aaron Carpenter.

“Take a picture I need a new one for instagram.” He said putting his arms behind his head a doing his cute smirk that he does.

“I better keep a tighter leash on you all these females gonna be wanting you after this pic.” You said giggling while taking the picture.

Aaron came closer grabbing his phone before leaning down really close to you. You could feel him breathing down your neck. He kisses your jawline slowly before bringing his lips to your ear.

“Oh come baby you know nobody can get me off like you.” Aaron whispers before going back to kissing your jawline and down your neck.

Lets just say this picture would not get posted for awhile 😉

OK, I might have gone a little bit overboard on this next villager, but I really wanted to try making a true patchwork villager and I had to pull out all the stops. I did create an elephant named Patch a while back who hinted at the style that I was going for but I thought that I could kick it up a notch. And so it was that Scraps the stitched-together pastiche of a puppy was created! 

This guy is the end result of the work of several days (I can’t even begin to estimate how much time he took to complete in total). I used an assortment of different fabric patterns to create him, many of which were actual in-game clothing textures which was quite a challenge in and of itself. At first he was only going to be one solid color with a few sewn-on patches here and there but it didn’t quite fulfill the vision that I had for this character. It’s really hard to capture all the details in screenshots, but here a few additional shots of his model to give you a better look at him from different angles:

Sorry for the picture-heavy post! I just wanted to make sure that the little intricacies weren’t lost, especially since so much work went into him. I hope that you guys dig him as much as I do.

Instagram Frenzy

REQUEST: hi! can you write a blurb/imagine where dan is on tour and you post a really sexy/gorgeous pic of yourself on instagram and he goes crazy on twitter/in the comments showing you off (: xx

You look over the photo again before posting it on Instagram. It’s of you, sunbathing in Hyde Park in your bikini top and cutoff shorts with a lemonade in your hand and shades on. You look bronzed and glorious, and you’re hoping it will get Dan’s attention as it’s been a little hard to keep the spark alive since he’s been on tour away from you for months. You hit post, set your phone down, and go back to enjoying the sunshine and the park with your friends.

Not much longer later, your phone buzzes with notifications. You see that Dan has left a comment on your instagram photo and you open the app to see what it is. You’ve already gotten a few thousand likes and a bunch of comments, and after scrolling for awhile you find Dan’s. ‘Holy shit’ it says with the heart-eyes emoji next to it.

“Wow Dan must really like that picture you posted,” your friend says, laughing.

“What do you mean?” you ask.

“Look at his twitter. And his instagram page,” she explains.

Since you’re already on Instagram, you head over to his profile. He’s reposted the photo of you with the caption, ‘How a trashbag like me got a girl like this I will never understand. Love you dear.’ You bite your lip and smile, hitting the ‘like’ button and commenting back ‘I love you too. Come home soon!’

After closing Instagram, you open Twitter to see what he’s tweeted. Again, he posted the photo, but with a different caption this time. ‘I’m dying to get home to this babe.Am I a lucky guy or what?” And again, you liked the tweet, but rather than replying, you decided to send him a text.

You’re on a bit of a rampage with that picture I posted aren’t you? You said.

Shortly after, your phone dinged with a response. You can’t really expect anything else when you post a picture like that. You got me all hot and bothered - I had to show you off.

Smiling, you replied back. Aww you’re sweet. Now come home so I don’t have to post pictures online to get your attention.

Soon, baby. Not soon enough because I want to see you immediately. But soon. He replied. You send him back the kiss emoji and set your phone down, grinning with the knowledge that your photo did exactly what it was intended to do.


results of stream so far xD

so at first this started out as me shit posting cause i wanted to get outa a slump i was having then next thing ya know im doing full on pictures x3

1st is octi he gets so embarrassed when spell tells him hes so cute as an octopus

2nd sai playing the guitar  i wanted to do something for auhigh and this ended up showing up xD i think ill make sai help the choir or something with background music playing his guitar~

3rd is a request/ i asked her what to draw  for faa she wanted to see all her octopi bbys on me cause for some reason they love to hang off of me xDD thanks @furgemancs for helping me figure out what i was saying

4th another request/ i asked her what to draw for @foreverafterall she wanted lossi to give sai the raspberries but we thought it might be to hard so she chose hugs instead but i was able to get the raspberries in as well xDD

So I was inspired by this post and I always love love LOVE behind the scenes stuff for TV series that people draw, so yeah! I had to do something with it. Take it and do what you want with it! *falls over*

(I guess this qualifies as an actor AU? This occupies a weird space so yeah. @ackerchou, I blame this all on you.)

  • Shiro and Zarkon are super good friends off-camera. They are always posting pictures on Twitter and other social media platforms in costume, commenting on how “today was a good day, got to beat up this dude” or “Black Lion Paladins have to stick together #vld2016”. Shiro is super notorious for biffing takes because he’ll start laughing and Zarkon is shameless in totally screwing up scenes by making him laugh with stupid faces. It happens a lot during the super serious moments.
    • Shiro is also known for fangirling over Zarkon, considering how long he’s been in the acting business and his famousness. Pretty much everyone fangirls over Zarkon.
  • Zarkon hates his outfit; he’s always tripping over it and has fallen over in a few scenes. He fell into Haggar once and they both went tumbling down off a green-screen set. Everyone was fine but his cape had to be modified so he could walk around in it.
  • Keith and Lance are that pair of actors who are super tight off-screen and do pretty much everything together. They post stupid Vines, crazy pictures, ALS challenges, cinnamon challenges and anything else you can think of. They love interacting with fans and are super shameless about fanning the klance flames; they’ll post pictures of them almost kissing or posing seductively with each other. Both of them snag pictures of each other when the other isn’t paying attention and will hack each other’s accounts to post stupid posts. They wander around a lot wearing Voltron merchandise.
  • Lance is heavy into improv; it’s gotten to the point where the writers just say “Insert Lance commentary here” because he will totally go off-script. Some of his best moments come from doing things off the top of his head.
  • At least every actor has done something like this with Hunk. He’s so big and strong that it’s hard not to give it a try. Even Zarkon did it (complete with the caption “I’ve got a leg up on your paladin”); that post went viral within minutes. He’s not only the heart and soul of the lionsquad but of the cast and crew as well.
  • Allura takes pictures of everything and with everyone. Her dressing room is filled to the brim with pictures of times on set that she snagged or selfies with the crew and cast. A lot of them are her kissing their cheeks or making duck faces. She also records her singing songs or dancing with the crew during down time and posts them online. Her favorite picture is with the original Allura actor from the 80’s who came to visit the set of the new TV series.
    • A memorable moment was during a take with her and Zarkon and they totally screwed it up. While the camera will still running, they decided to do whatever and confessed their love for each other and Zarkon ran off the set with Allura in his arms. They both jokingly commented later about how they really feel like their characters are having an affair with each other and that the entire plot line of the show should be changed.
  • Haggar is actually super young and pretty but she gets a ton of makeup and prosthetics to make her ugly and witch-like. Both she and Zarkon have the most prosthetics to put on and it takes a couple of hours to get them to look like the evillest duo of the universe.
  • A lot of wide shots are just miniature landscapes, like the Castle of Lions or the Garrison, and the cast will often take pictures next to them or act like Godzilla getting ready to stomp on them. All of them have pictures where they’re leaning up against the legs of the lions, which are really the only things that aren’t CGI of them.
  • Pidge is like Orlando Bloom where she’s forever making funny faces in the background during takes and no one notices it until the final edit. She gets bored easily and is the known prankster of the cast. She also squirrels food everywhere to eat between takes and forgets where she hid them sometimes. So when the prop guys come through and dismantle everything, they find fruit snacks, fruit, nuts, chips, and pretty much anything else you can think of.
Voltron Warrior Cats AU

@klanced and @summer-arts are making a warrior cats au, but little do they know I have been thinking about this for months.

Note: You definitely need knowledge of the warriors universe to understand this, sorry. If you haven’t read something I’m glad to answer any questions pertaining to this au.

So here are the immediate parallels (things will seem weird but it’ll make sense I promise):

  • Bloodclan: Galra
  • Skyclan: Altea
  • The Four Forest Clans: The Aliens civilizations that Zarkon has conquered
  • Tribe of Rushing Water: Earth
  • Lionclan: Voltron

The story is basically a “What if Bloodclan won?” kind of deal. 

Random Trivia:

  • Instead being called “Paladins of Voltron” the five of the prophecy are called “Lions”
  • The Alteans are all Orientals.
  • Haggar is a half-clan cat (Skyclan and Shadowclan) that supported Bloodclan
  • Shiro is Keith’s uncle but only Keith knows this. Shiro does not know.
    • Shiro and Keith’s dad are brothers.
    • When Keith’s dad brought Keith to camp, he claimed Keith was a lost kit he found.
  • Once Shiro becomes an official leader the Lions get warrior names.
  • They do not have their names in this au
    • The cats from the Tribe have tribe names
      • Lance: Rain That Falls On A Frozen Stream (Rain)
      • Shiro: Clouds That Cover The Night Sky (Cloud)
      • Pidge: Pigeon Flying From Bushes (Pigeon)
      • Hunk: Rock Covered With Roots (Rock)
      • Keith: Burned Branch Of An Old Tree (Burned Branch)
    • Clan cats have Warrior names
      • Allura: Shineheart
      • Coran: Gingernose
      • Alfor: Goldstar
      • Haggar: Lightningblood
    • Then there’s Bloodclan
      • Zarkon: Eclipse
      • Sendak: Tooth
      • Thace: Howl
  • The allies Lionclan makes are the forest Clans. 
    • They liberate Thunderclan first
    • Then Riverclan
    • Then Windclan
    • Shadowclan isn’t “liberated” but the barn cats that help Shiro were once Shadowclan cats and they ally with Lionclan

Now onto the actual plot:

Bloodclan has taken over the entire forest and the clans are forced together to serve the invading Bloodclan cats. The clans fell around 8 1/3 years ago, aka 100 moons.

Skyclan was banished later than in the canon warrior cats universe, around 9 years ago (108 moons). However, much like canon Skyclan, almost everyone is now dead. Alfor dies when he tried to return to the forest to seek help from the other clans, only to find their numbers decimated and Bloodclan ruling the forest. Alfor had 3 lives left. He was killed twice by Bloodclan (they obviously knew leaders had multiple lives) and was able to return to the Skyclan camp on his last life to warn the others. Unfortunately Bloodclan was able to track him and most of Skyclan was captured or killed. Coran was able to escape with Allura, whom Coran was training as his medicine cat apprentice.

In present day at The Tribe, Stoneteller gets a prophecy about the invading Bloodclan, although it’s a prophecy so it’s vague. 

The prophecy is worded as so:

“Only lions of blue, yellow, green, red, and black can keep blood from running through the forest.”

Stoneteller is confused af and sends a patrol of Matt, Mr. Holt, and Shiro to see what’s the deal with the forest. They get captured by Bloodclan and are forced to fight forest clan cats for Zarkon’s amusement. Shiro doesn’t injure Matt in this au but rather chases him out of the forest into twoleg territory. Who knows what Bloodclan did with Sam Holt. He’s a senior warrior so he was probably sent to one of the forest clan camps for labor or something.

Fast forward and Shiro is nearly dead with a horribly mutilated front paw. Luckily some “barn cats” (wink wink) find him and the twolegs that work the farm take him to a vet where he is taken care of but they have to amputate his front leg. Since he is a feral cat he isn’t adoptable so the barn owners plan to take him back to the farm where they can keep an eye on him but he doesn’t have to coexist with humans. Unfortunately, Shiro is really traumatised, so he starts his journey back to the Tribe.

Back in the Tribe, cats have assumed that the three cats sent to investigate the forest are dead and have moved on, except a Pidge and Keith. Keith has been banished from the Tribe and now is a rogue living on the outskirts of the territory. Lance has just become a prey-hunter and Hunk has just become a cave-guard. Pidge is still a to-be. Pidge sits “vigils” each night to look for her brother. Now since this is my au I’m mashing clan life with tribe life. Hunk and Lance are sitting their “warrior” vigils when all three see a shooting star, which is an obvious sign from Starclan (or the Tribe of Endless Hunting but I’m just gonna call it Starclan), so they run off in the direction it was “pointing” to. They find other tribe cats cornering a worn and tired Shiro. They recognise him and are about to stop the other cats when Keith surprises them all and grabs Shiro by the scruff and runs. Lance, Hunk, and Pidge run after him with the tribe cats chasing after them all. Keith obviously cannot carry a fully grown cat by himself so the trio catch up with him. Everyone is worried about the other tribe cats catching them (Lance and Hunk because they broke their vigil) so they agree to help each other and are able to lose their chasers.

Keith takes them to the old log he’s been calling home, and here they ask Shiro what happened to him but he doesn’t remember it all. Shiro tells the others about the prophecy and they all agree to go on a quest to find out more about Bloodclan. 

The next day they are out hunting (you can’t fight evil on an empty stomach) and Lance finds a tunnel. Keith is like, “Oh yeah those exist.” Lance decides to explore further and they all find the Moonstone!! But guess who is guarding the Moonstone: Allura and Coran. There’s a little skirmish but Shiro tells the two Skyclan cats that they aren’t Bloodclan. Allura is now 100% sure these cats are the cats that the prophecy talks about, but the other cats are like, “How do you know about the prophecy?” 

So it turns out the prophecy was sent to any cat that could understand Starclan’s messages. Allura was training to be a medicine cat before Bloodclan destroyed Skyclan and so she knows more of the prophecy. This information is basically the roles of the colored lions. All cats must become honorary warriors while Shiro must become leader. Shiro of course needs his nine lives of a leader but Starclan cannot give them to him yet. He has to prove himself. But they all form Lionclan nonetheless.

And thus starts their adventure. I might actually make this a comic because I have more ideas but this post is getting long.

I do have designs for what each cat looks like, but I’ll put them under the cut

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Attacked Part 2

Hellooo my beautiful people! So this is part two to this imagine, and I’m honestly surprised by how many of yall  requested part 2. I was suffering from a bit of writer’s block(as always) for this story, but I got this idea from an anon, so thank you so much whoever you are. I don’t think it’s all that and a bag of chips, but it’s pretty good. I hope yall like it!!

It’s been weeks since Calum, or anyone, has heard a word from you. After the day you left, it was as if you’d dropped off the face of the earth. You weren’t active on any social media, you wouldn’t reply to anyone’s text, and no one knew where you were. Well, besides your bestfriend of course. You were living with her until you could find a place of your own, but from the looks of it, she wasn’t letting you leave any time soon.

“You gotta get up Y/N. We’ve been locked in my apartment for weeks.”

“I don’t wanna go out there.”

“Are you still scared?” She questioned with a sigh, sitting on the edge of the spare bed.

“No, it’s just…the world is so fucking cruel. I’d rather be locked in here than be out there.”

“Good point, but we’re leaving.”

“Y/BF/N, no.” You whined as she pulled the covers off of you. You attempted to tug them over your head but she yanked harder and they fell to the floor.“ I don’t wanna.”

“But you’re gonna. Now get dressed so we can go catch a movie or I’m dragging you out the house in penguin pajamas.”

“Calum, you’ve seriously have to stop this.”

“Stop what?” He looked up at his best mate in confusion.

“All this moping around.” Luke sighed, plopping beside him in the black SUV.The four boys were just now leaving their hotel for a scheduled meet in greet in thirty minutes.

“I’m not moping.”

“Then what do you call it?”

Calum only stared at Luke blankly for a few seconds before rolling his eyes and letting out an exasperated sigh.

“So what if I’m moping? ”

“Luke, leave Calum be.” Ashton sighed as he and Michael climbed into the next row of leather seats.

“I’m just sayin’.” Luke shrugged his shoulders.

“My girlfriend got attacked, left me, and then disappeared all in the same day.” Calum complained.“I deserve to mope.”

“And I understand that, but-”

“But what?”

“Nothing, mate. Nevermind.” Luke gave up on trying to prove his point knowing it was damn near impossible with Calum. He pulled out his earphones and stared out the window as he drowned his friends out. 

Even though Calum knew that he wouldn’t find anything on your social media pages, he decided to check again just in case. He started off with your twitter, sighing when the last thing he saw was from the day before you left. He then went to check your instagram, his heart beating fast when there was an upload of you and Y/BF/N cheesing at the camera. The two of you seemed to be in a arcade having the time of your lives.

“She uploaded something!” Calum grinned from ear to ear and turned around in his seat to show everybody.

“She looks like she’s okay.”Luke concluded after examining the photo.

“Really? I was starting to think she was dead.” Michael joked.

“Now do you feel better knowing she’s safe and sound with Y/BF/N?” Ashton questioned and Calum nodded.

It was eating him alive that he didn’t know what happened to you or where you went. After you left Calum felt broken; it was as if a piece of him was missing. After being with someone for almost two years and living with them for one, something just always feels off. He often finds himself  subconsciously making and ordering food for two, turning over in the middle of the night to cuddle, and even walking to the other room to show a funny meme even though she’s no longer there. These past few weeks have been hard on him and it definitely didn’t help that he was worried sick about you.  

It didn’t take long for the band to arrive at the venue. Of course it was surrounded by screaming girls and the boys knew that it was going to be a long day. They all smiled kindly and waved at the fans as they walked entered the building to get set up at the long white table, taking their seats and waiting for the security to start allowing the fans to come in. It was going normally; they were asked a lot of questions, goofed around, signed, hugged, and took pictures with the girls. It was only when a two girls showed up and began having a conversation about Y/N with Calum when he really started to get in his feelings.

“Have you heard from Y/N? Is she okay?” The teen asked, reaching to push loose strands of auburn hair into her ponytail. 

“I haven’t been able to talk to her,”Calum shrugged his shoulders,” but she’s okay.”

“I saw what those girls did to her. It was so fucked up.”

“Yeah.” Her friend shook her head.”We were about to ask her for a picture when they just attacked her. She wasn’t doing anything but getting cereal.”

“You were there?” Calum furrowed his eyebrows and the two nodded their heads.

“Yeah, I recorded it and posted it on tumblr. It went viral there, I’m surprised it isn’t viral on twitter.” The girl spoke as she unlocked her phone and began to search for the video.

“It’s time for you girls to move now, we have others who want pictures with Calum.” One of their security guards came to escort them to the exit, but Calum told him to wait.”Calum-”

“It’s about, Y/N, it’s important.” 

That was all it took for the guard to leave them alone. You had made good friends with the 5sos crew. Almost everyone accepted you as if you were their daughter, so when they found out what happened they were devastated.

“Here it is.”

“We haven’t found their twitters or instagrams or whatever, but a lot of people on tumblr are still looking.” Her friend informed and Calum felt his eyes watering as he watched them attack you.

How could they do this to you? How could they do this to anyone? Calum understood the dedication some fans had and he greatly appreciated it, but why would they go this far? He examined the girl’s faces anytime they appeared on camera and made sure to not forget them. 

“Uh, thank you for showing me this.” He sniffed, quickly wiping away the tear that escaped from his eye.

“No, problem. I hope you two can work everything out.” The auburn haired girl smiled and went for a hug, her friend joining in shortly. 

Calum allowed them to write their twitter and instagram accounts on his hand and gave them one more hug before they made their way out. It was around two hours later when there were only a handful of girls left and the meet and greet was almost over. Three girls were going along taking pictures with the others boys while Calum finished up with a dark haired girl.

“Hey, Calum!” A strawberry blonde and her two brunette friends made their way to them with huge smiles on their faces. Calum gave them a grin before bidding the dark haired girl goodbye, turning to give them his full attention.

“I can’t believe I’m actually meeting you!” The taller brunette squealed.

It took Calum some time, but soon he began to realise exactly who these three were. His whole mood was ruined as he felt his breathing become quicker and his body heat up from the anger bubbling inside of him. Calum was a gentleman, he knew he’d never hit a girl, but in that moment he wanted to drop-kick all three.

“It was you.” He simply said as he glared, wishing they’d disintegrate.


“You’re the ones that attacked Y/N!” He suddenly shouted, drawing everyone’s attention.

“Calum, you don’t know if-” Ashton walked over but was interrupted.

“I do! These girls showed me the video earlier and it was them!”

By now almost all of the remaining fans were quiet, watching the altercation with wide eyes. The fandom has seen Calum lose his cool with a sarcastic comment or slight attitude, but this? This was full out anger. Skin flushed, vein popping anger.

“Why would you do that?! What in your fucking mind would tell you to attack my fucking girlfriend and say shit like that to her?  She was minding her own business and you had the damn nerve to go up to her and assault her? What the hell did you think that was going to do, huh? Get you a better chance to be with me? Because I for sure wouldn’t want to go with selfish, evil bitches like you.”

At this point everyone’s mouths were dropped. The three girls stared at Calum with teary eyes, but he didn’t care. All he could see was red and the three girls who caused him and his love pain.

“Did you even think about what that would do to me? To her? Y/N’s fucking amazing! She was the best thing that’s ever happened to me! I was planning on marrying her soon and now you’ve got her too fucking scared to even be in a relationship wit me! I lost a piece of me because you had so much hatred for someone you didn’t even fucking know!” Calum’s eyes welled up with tears as he yelled at the girl.

“Calum, come on.” Michael grabbed his arm and he snatched away.

“No! They deserve this! They just get away with jumping my girlfriend and causing her to disappear from the face of the earth while I suffer and have to pretend that I’m fine when I’m not!”

“But they’re still your fans, Cal, you can’t just-”

“They’re not fans.”He corrected him.” Real fans would see how much I loved her and how happy I was with Y/N/. They wouldn’t attack her while she’s fucking grocery shopping and degrade her.”

Calum closed the top to his permanent marker and slammed it down on the table. He decided that he was done for the day and needed time to himself for now. Before he left, though, he was sure to say one more thing to the three crying girls.

“I have never been so disgusted by someone in my life.” He spat, eyeing them up and down. “The three of you can go fuck yourselves.”

Then he headed towards entrance to call himself a Uber.

Of course like all incidents like this one, it spreaded on social media quick. Everyone was talking about the video of Calum going off on fans, some justifying it, some not. Majority were saying that that’s what the girls deserved, but then again you had few that made Calum just seem like a horrible, out of controlled boy. Calum had his earphones plugged in and was huddled under the plush duvet in his hotel room, scrolling through the multiple tweets about what happened. He even smiled a few times, happy to know that almost everyone was on his side. He felt his phone buzz again and a text notification appeared on the screen. Calum ignored it, thinking that it was either management scolding him or the boys checking to see if he was okay. It was when it buzzed again did he look at the message as it appeared, his heart skipping a beat at the familiar number. He clicked it quickly and chewed his lip as it took him to his messages.

There were three text sent:

Are you okay?
I think we should talk.

Eh, I could’ve ended that better. There will most likely be a third and final part so inbox me if you think I should do that. For everyone who’s sent me a request, I’ve seen them and I’m working on them. Like I said, I have a bit of writer’s block and don’t wanna just give you a shitty imagine, plus I’m dealing with AP classes in school and just ugh.

If you liked this imagine here’s the rest of my writing: Masterlist

BTS 8th Member

Okay so this 8th member theory is really mind f*cking me. At first I thought it was kinda ridiculous but like the more theories I saw the more I started to believe it could be true, so I started watching some music videos and I’ve been talking with my friends about it and we came up with all these things that could have to do with it. 

-First obviously there’s the thing where in BTS group photos they always have a space left open that makes you feel like there should be someone there, but they do it in a way to where you don’t really notice it unless you know to look for it. (I don’t know if any of you have watch doctor who, but this reminds me of the cloaking the tardis has were you know it’s there but you subconsciously avoid it unless you are actually looking for it.)

-I saw a post talking about how it reminds them of a doctor who episode and I remember this episode also. It’s where when a person dies, it’s like they never existed because everyone forgets about them, but in the back of their minds people remember them, especially those that were close to them, and so they feel this emptiness or void and they aren’t sure why. It’s almost like when you walk into a room to do something but then you can’t remember, for the life of you, what it was that you went in there for. 

-So what if the members are subconsciously leaving room for this 8th member because they are used to doing it, but they don’t even realize they are doing it. 

-And through this whole storyline it’s seems like there is something wrong with Tae. Maybe he was closest with this 8th member and the emptiness he feels is driving him crazy or angry at the other members for not feeling the same emptiness he does. Maybe that’s why he takes the girl from Jin and starts the whole theory on Jin then becoming depressed and killing himself or maybe he stole the girl to try and find something to fill his emptiness.

-Maybe Jin did something to the 8th member and Tae can’t remember it happening, but the anger he felt towards Jin because of it stayed with him. So Tae attacks/ kills Jin because he is subconsciously taking revenge on Jin for what he did to the 8th member without actually knowing the real reason he is attacking Jin.

-Then I thought of Stigma. Maybe the whole thing takes place in Tae’s head. The dog symbolizes the 8th member. He’s happy when he’s there, but then the dog leaves and Tae becomes sad, then gets trapped in the cage. In the cage he is alone with the emptiness that the dog left behind and unable to escape it. And the anger and emptiness eventually drives him to the point that he kills himself.

-I also thought of the I Need You mv where they were sitting around the fire and some of them were throwing items into it. In some places people throw items of or things that remind them of a dead loved one into a fire as a way to commemorate or honor them, maybe they were throwing items of the 8th member into the fire. Maybe this is before they forget about him and that’s why several of them appear to be trying to commit suicide. So, before they die one of them makes the deal with evil that causes the BST section of theories to come into place.

-Then we thought of the Omelas story, of the city that was happy because a boy sacrificed himself so that they could be. And no one remembered the boy because if they did remember him they wouldn’t be able to be happy knowing that someone was suffering so that they could have happiness. Maybe the 8th member was the one who sacrificed himself and the reason Tae isn’t happy is because he remembers that the 8th member sacrificed himself. (This is kind of a side note because I know that The World Is Gonna Change has nothing to do with the storyline, but it makes me think that Rapmon is remembering that the only reason people are happy is because of the suffering of others (the boy who sacrificed himself), which is why he wants the world to change)

-Then I thought of the shoes in Spring day. There was alot of debate about whose shoes they could be, but what if their the 8th member’s shoes. Like Jimin is starting to remember the 8th member as well so he hangs his shoes to honor him, and maybe there is something to do with trains that reminds them of the 8th member. Thus, why in I Need You they would commemorate him in a train yard and why at the beginning of Spring Day why it looks like Tae is trying to commit suicide on train tracks.

-Then we were thinking about Tae’s lyrics in Spring day where he says things like “I’m sorry, I’m sorry my brother” “You know it all, You’re my best friend” “I miss you” “How many more nights must I wait before I can see you” and we were thinking that maybe he is talking about the 8th member. He remembers and misses him and is sorry for what happened to him.

{A/N}- In no way am i saying that any of this is actually correct. It’s just the results of some speculating I was doing with my friends that I wanted to post and hear other people’s thoughts on. Also the pictures I found, I got off of the instagram account: kpopart118, so credit for the pictures goes to them. Credit for help with these ideas goes to my friends instagram account: tae_bubble_  and tumblr account: topclass-hoe

anonymous asked:

I'd like to request headcanons for Viktor, Yuuri, and Yurio on how they feel and react when they first visit their s/o who lives in New York City please!

This is unique! I don’t know if it really falls in the long distance series, but you can imagine that if you want! Thank you for the request :3

[Viktor Nikiforov]

  • Spending time in New York with Viktor would be the greatest experience ever like 10/10 would recommend
  • He’s going to be so polite and chipper to the people who are rude to him on the street, kindly ignoring their negative spirits
  • omfg just imagine someone yelling at him for being in the way and then he’s like “oh my sorry i didn’t think me standing here would be such an inconvenience! my bad! :)”
  • He’s going to want to do anything and everything New York has to offer, and you’re going to be his tour guide
  • Viktor will probably force you to see a Broadway show with him, and you’ll probably end up going to a ballet, too
  • He will want to take so many pictures with you everywhere; he’ll post them all on Instagram and share his adventures with the one he loves most
  • omfg just please take him sightseeing please please i promise it’ll be lit as fuck and so precious
  • Besides all of the actives and such to do, Viktor will love nothing more than coming home at the end of the day and winding down in your home, just enjoying the time being spent with you

[Yuri Katsuki]

  • This small-town boy will be out of his element in such a big city, but it’s worth it to go see your beautiful face
  • He is going to be so overwhelmed with the amount of people and the loud noises that ring throughout the city tbh
  • and you know he’s going to be such a cute bean in his little mask to protect himself from smog and illness omfg
  • Yuri is going to be attached to your hip the entire time, holding your hand and basically molding his body against yours to make sure he does’t get separated from you
  • but like by accident you wandered away from him at a store and within five minutes he sent you fifteen texts and left like six voicemails ugh babe you’re precious but chill
  • He wants to visit an outdoor ice rink and take you skating because he figures it’s an easy way to have an excuse to hold onto you while you skate, but you don’t mind
  • Yuri mostly wants to just walk the streets with you and show you off, as well as visit all of the fancy and interesting restaurants to try new foods
  • He never quite becomes accustomed to the hustle and bustle of New York, but Yuri knows it’s worth it if he can see you

[Yuri Plisetsky]

  • Bringing this boy to New York would be utter chaos but probably one of the best decisions you could ever make honestly
  • He may or may not get into some fights with some passersby, depending on the mood he’s in
  • lmao but just saying he totally will try to fight with someone if they cross him and it’ll be hilarious probably
  • The first place he’s gonna want to go is definitely designer clothing stores
  • Chanel, Gucci, Prada, you name it and he’s fucking THERE
  • Shopping with you and buying you clothes would be the highlight of the visit, not to mention any fashion shows you manage to get into
  • and let’s be real you’re gonna basically have a new wardrobe by the time he’s through with you lmao
  • When it comes down to it, he really just likes spending time with you and dressing you up; he’ll surely be visiting you in New York way more often
Tales of Iron & Paper: Gajevy #1 Fiction of the Iron Slayer

Author’s Note: The first of my Gajevy (or Gale) drabbles & short stories.  These will be published under the overall title “Tales of Iron & Paper”.

Prompt: [from @eliz1313 / eliz1369]  Gajeel & Levy in college… maybe stuck in an English/creative writing course together? :)

Words: ~ 1600  || Fanfiction Link

Fiction of the Iron Dragon (or, Secret Art of the Iron Dragon)

Levy was undeniably excited about her creative writing course. It was an invitation-only class, and invitations were only issued to students in their second or third year at Magnolia University who had demonstrated a talent for and an interest in writing during a prior year. Levy had always been a shoo-in, along with her best friend Lucy, but she hadn’t fully believed she’d get in until the letter from the Chair of the English Department had arrived in the mail over the summer.

Levy and Lucy arrived early for the class and grabbed good spots by the windows not too far from the front. There was only one other student in the room, a guy a little older than they were who looked like he’d probably just stayed after an earlier class. They assumed that he would be heading out as soon as more of their own classmates arrived. Nothing about his multiple piercings, sleeveless navy T-shirt, or elaborate black Mohawk suggested an honours English student. He eyed them as they came in, but then went back to his book.

The rest of the students arrived in twos and threes, and Lucy eventually noticed that she’d lost her friend’s attention. Levy kept looking back at Black Mohawk.

“What’s up, Levy? I’m sure he’ll figure it out once the class starts. Why do you keep staring at him?”

“I’m not staring,” Levy replied, frowning. “It’s more that… I recognize him now, and I feel kind of weird that I didn’t say hi when we walked in.”

“Um, he kind of stands out—how come you only remember him now?”

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My sons;

Some of you are getting quite disrespectful when it comes to me not answering asks quick enough, so I’ll make it clear once again:

1) I typically get around 20-30 asks EVERY DAY, that is 140-210 asks EVERY WEEK. 

2) Simple asks that I answer such as, “After seeing your presentation on james madison I wanted to ask: what was the relatonship between him and dolly like?” My answer looks as if it only took me half an hour to answer–in fact, stuff like that takes me around two-six hours to write! ALL BECAUSE OF RESEARCH. And I love to do it! 

3) Those simple presentations I make? Those take three-four hours to fully type, find pictures, do research and post! My posts take a long time to make!

4) I find myself to be one of the most active blogs when it comes to answering people’s asks–so complaining to me like a little baby, “You are taking forever with answering my ask!” or “Why haven’t you answered my ask yet?” ARE VERY DISRESPECTFUL TO ME. I assure you, I work as fast as I can to answer every ask that shoots into my inbox. 

5) I have so little time to answer asks during the week days but I try my absolute best. I have to get up every morning (PCT) at 6:30 am, get to class by 8:00 am and I don’t get home till 5:00 pm! Even when I get home, I spend until 9:00 pm-10:00 pm doing homework! Do I still find in the evening to answer some asks? YES! Yes, I do! Do I have a very busy life outside of this blog? Yes! Yes, I do! Do I love this blog with all of my heart? Yes! Yes, I do!

6) I have told you time and time again, if you have an URGENT ask that you need answered: TELL ME! Asks that I know are urgent, I answer ASAP that very same night and get first priority. Or, message me privately! Sending me asks twice because I am not answering them quick enough I find very disrespectful! 

You all are going to hit up my inbox on anonymous, “umm, maybe you shouldn’t be complaining so much!” and to you I say: fuck off. Let this remain to be a fun place where I can go and educate others and be friendly instead of work for me! 

Bad: “Why haven’t you answered my ask yet?”

Good: “Hey, I think my ask may have gotten lost in your inbox…”

Also- this is not a signal where I am getting you all to stop sending me asks, because it is complete not the case! Never, ever stop sending me asks! I love them so very, very much. 

Final note: Keep sending me asks! Send me twenty asks, send me a billion questions–I do not care how many you send! The more you send, the more I love you! Just don’t be rude and disrespectful when it comes to my timing when answering asks because I work very very hard! Don’t be rude and we do not have a problem!

!!please read

Part of me kinda wants to do a what makes him/her/them beautiful. Cause I really want to promote body positivity:)

Rules to enter: please follow me, reblog this post, and send me a picture of yourself with proper pronouns and I’ll post it and EVERYONE who Is participating should write a reason why said person is beautiful in the comments. (If you want to participate please comment on other people’s photos :) I want to increase the amount of smiles today.)

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Long Distance with Taehyung

Before I start this, I wanna say a huge huge huge thank you for 4,300 followers, that feels so weird to type I literally had to pause and check the follower count bc I was like wait do I actually have 4k I thought it was 2 for a second bc I was like there’s not way it’s 4 so thank you all so so much, it means so much to me!!! And now it is time for the second member of the maknae line, the second half of the Daegu line, the other half of Vmon, the love of my life who looked so fucking good in the recent airport photos like the necklace !!!!! also that lil sun “tattoo” (idk if it’s real, a lot of people were saying it’s henna either one is fine with me) looked so nice, Kim Taehyung aka V aka tae tae 

  • So this series is gonna be about a long distance relationship (ldr for short) with the boys
  • This is gonna involve single father!Tae (for all of the father related posts, click here) which is basically about Tae having a kid (a son) prior to your relationship with him, his post involved idol couple!Tae (here)
  • We all know how much Tae loves his family and how much he’d love his own bby son, he is such father material as is so the moment he holds that bby in his arms, he’s gonna be wrapped around his lil itty bitty finger (plz just imagine Tae’s hands compared to a newborn’s for a second and cry with me)
  • Leaving his bby boy behind is not gonna happen for the first year or two bc for the first year of his life, he’s a single father and obviously, if he’s doing press the other boys are most likely doing it as well so his parents have to watch bby bub and he just doesn’t like leaving him
  • Tae’s a very hands on parent, he likes being there for the lil moments like bby boy’s babbling or bby boy discovering he has toes or fingers or that the baby in the mirror is h i m, Tae never ever wants to miss those moments so he takes time off from touring and come backs but still does a bit of press here and there and a shit ton of Vlives and logs and things like that
  • Everyone’s super understanding that his bby is his top priority bc lil goober can barely walk, let alone have his father leave for tour
  • But once he meets you and you two are living together and goober is older, he decides to go on tour again while you and his parents watch bby boy, it’s a shorter tour bc he doesn’t wanna spend months and months away from his lil man
  • It’s his first time leaving bby boy for longer than just a couple hours so saying goodbye is s o fucking hard, lil goober doesn’t fully get it bc he’s never experienced it but all he knows is that both you and Tae are sad
  • You all say goodbye in private bc even though your relationship is public, something like a goodbye is personal, especially this goodbye
  • Tae gives the both of you long hugs (I could literally ramble on forever about how amazing Tae’s hugs would be) and he keeps kissing bub’s head and your forehead and he doesn’t let go until the very moment he has to leave so it’s just one long hug with lots of kisses before he has to say goodbye 
  • He prefers Skype/Facetime over calling
  • He only ever calls when he’s not gonna have much time to talk like pre-show/interview or when he has really shitty wifi connection
  • But he Skypes you and bby boy every single day, normally twice a day, in the morning and night (on your schedule bc asking a bby to stay up late so it can be morning or night for Tae is not the best idea) 
  • Bby boy always eats breakfast with Tae and you and Tae always has to eat something with you so even if it’s just something small like a chocolate bar, he’ll do it just so it can be a family meal
  • He gets so so so happy seeing his lil mini me munching away at some cereal or an apple or anything really bc his cheeks get so full and they’re so kissable and Tae keeps making you lean over and kiss his cheeks for him
  • Sings to him e v e r y night, he hasn’t missed a night yet and he doesn’t plan to, he doesn’t care if he has to wake up just to sing to him, he’ll do it bc there are only two things that will get bby boy to fall asleep
  • One is Tae playing with his hair and giving him gentle lil kisses all over his face and the second is hearing Tae’s voice, whether it’s talking or singing
  • He sings lullabies, children’s songs, BTS songs, anything bby boy wants him to bc Tae spoils his lil man so so much bc he just loves him with all of his heart and he wants nothing more than to make him happy and give him everything he needs and would do anything to see that mini square smile light up his bby’s face
  • Tae is the king of selfies and videos, he’s always posting lil clips of himself looking all cute like I just wanna take a moment here to appreciate Tae’s genes bc just when I think I’m used to how handsome he is, he comes back and is just like nope, he’s so breathtakingly beautiful and I love him so much my bias is showing bye
  • He sends tons and tons of pictures every day, he keeps both of you updated about everything from what the other boys are doing to his outfits and he expects the same from you and bby boy
  • You send him this clip of bby boy saying “I love you daddy” and Tae literally almost cries bc he misses him so much and wants to pick him up and give him a huge hug
  • Ight but imagine this, Tae doing a V live in his hotel room and you and bby boy watch it and bby boy keeps giggling and he’s so focused on Tae bc tae’s a goofball and is way better than any kids show who needs Pingu when you have Tae lip syncing Celine Dion 
  • He keeps mentioning bby boy and he shows some clips you sent him of lil goober dancing around to Fire or Cypher Tae has this really proud look on his face bc that’s his munchkin
  • He buys the both of you something from every stop, sometimes it’s something small like a teddy bear or a shirt but also Tae has been known to get some more pricey presents (my new favorite nickname for him is Gucci boy he’s so pure) so there is some bigger gifts as well
  • He gets bby boy and you some brand clothing and he gets you an engagement ring that you don’t get to see just yet bc Tae’s obviously saving that for when he proposes and he gets the three of you matching watches
  • Also I have this head canon that once Tae has all of his bbys (he has four in total, bby boy, twin girls and then another boy) he gets the whole family personalized jersey style shirts so it has “Kim” and then a number between 1 and 6 (Tae is 1, you’re 2, bby boy is 3, girls are 4 and 5 and then maknae bby boy is 6) so that all of you can have matching shirts
  • When he gets off the plane, he’s literally running past people and running straight towards his lil man who’s already waiting for him and squealing once he sees him and all you hear is this really loud “daddy!!!” followed by their giggles and bby boy’s squeals/screams once Tae gets to hug him
  • He’s clinging onto Tae and he mumbles how he’s never letting go again and Tae’s not complaining at all and he brings you into the hug and everyone’s just holding onto each other really tightly
  • “Lil man, I gotta shower, you have to let go for a bit, I’ll be quick I promise”
  • “No”
  • “Plz, I smell like an airplane”
  • “No”
  • “I’ll let you watch Pingu on my phone and I’ll let you have two extra cookies tonight if you give me five minutes to shower”
  • “…fine”