all i want to do is post pictures of him

Yoonseok - Sope

Just some of my favourite Yoonseok or Sope moments. I say some because 1. There’s so many moments out there that I can’t possibly put them all into one post and 2. I can’t find a lot because when I search up “J-Hope twerking on Suga”  “Yoonseok Moments” or stuff like that, Google doesn’t find any of the pictures or gifs I wanted ):

Huehuehue anyways let’s just get started. 

I mean Hoseok hugged like everyone and everyone comforted him but I just like this. He’s even doing his cute 人 mouth (lmao I tried looking up a frowny face emoji thingy but i just ended up using my chinese keyboard)

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BTS’s Halloween party and they were just comparing hands

and then Hobi goes like

Lmao Yoongi’s so mean to him

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(guys I suck at finding gifs and shit help)

Like look how cute they are. Hobi dnacing with his Santa bag and Yoongi just grips the edge of the bag and dances cutely along side him. 
and then everone else in the background doing their own shit



Hoseok’s all smile-y and Yoogi’s like ??????










Idk I just found this really cute and I couldn’t find the other gif when they’re laughing so hard and Hoseok falls over to the back of Yoongi and is basically hugging him from behind.

But like. Look how fucking adorable Hoseok is. HE LAUGHED AND HIS LEG’S JUST COME UP AND BOUNCE AND I’m so fucking biased towards him excuse me.

Their hug aldkfjeijalkjfiea;oefnowefhkhflaiuwefh. The way Yoongi just cradles Hoseok’s head and brings him closer

Hoseok controlling Yoongi’s arms is so cute and I wish I could find more gifs of them doing this but I suck at finding gifs so pardon me.

their track suits and hwagae market

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Hoseok uncontrollably laughing and Yoongi finding it adorable af


I just find this so adorable like Yoongi just has his hand under Hoseok’s chin and idk why I find it so frickin cute but I do.


Okay this makes me so happy because when Yoongi hops on their backs he wraps his arms around Hoseok’s waist and like ok yoongi ok

and then this (’:

Well I should stop here. Lmao sorry for this super terrible post but I just wanted to make this

P.S. Pictures and gifs are not mine! Creds to everyone who made them!!!

Honestly guys, I really don’t want to sound rude here in any way but I think we should all just calm down about Arzaylea. It’s not breaking news that her and Luke are dating and yes she is allowed to post pictures with him. She is his girlfriend. You’re all honestly just exhausting yourselves so please just calm down about it. Luke’s not in trouble and for how long they’ve been together I seriously don’t think she’s ‘using him’. Do I stand for everything she says and does? No. But you guys are only exhausting yourselves by hating on her 24/7. Just calm down.

Baby/Daddy (Dino/Chan Headcanons)

(A/N: I don’t know if this is too short?? anyway here it is. fair warning - this is smut (if you couldn’t guess that from the request); so for those of you who like Dino, Dino stans, enjoy, and those of you who hate this and wanna yell at me, I hope you enjoy doing that too. I really hope this isn’t too short - with this format of post, I never know if it’s too short or too long. anyway, smut, Daddy kink, other stuff ahead. if you’re not comfortable, don’t read or just block me. have fun!! -Tanisha<3) (thanks to @koups for sending me the picture the white suit is unnff)

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So I was inspired by this post and I always love love LOVE behind the scenes stuff for TV series that people draw, so yeah! I had to do something with it. Take it and do what you want with it! *falls over*

(I guess this qualifies as an actor AU? This occupies a weird space so yeah. @ackerchou, I blame this all on you.)

  • Shiro and Zarkon are super good friends off-camera. They are always posting pictures on Twitter and other social media platforms in costume, commenting on how “today was a good day, got to beat up this dude” or “Black Lion Paladins have to stick together #vld2016”. Shiro is super notorious for biffing takes because he’ll start laughing and Zarkon is shameless in totally screwing up scenes by making him laugh with stupid faces. It happens a lot during the super serious moments.
    • Shiro is also known for fangirling over Zarkon, considering how long he’s been in the acting business and his famousness. Pretty much everyone fangirls over Zarkon.
  • Zarkon hates his outfit; he’s always tripping over it and has fallen over in a few scenes. He fell into Haggar once and they both went tumbling down off a green-screen set. Everyone was fine but his cape had to be modified so he could walk around in it.
  • Keith and Lance are that pair of actors who are super tight off-screen and do pretty much everything together. They post stupid Vines, crazy pictures, ALS challenges, cinnamon challenges and anything else you can think of. They love interacting with fans and are super shameless about fanning the klance flames; they’ll post pictures of them almost kissing or posing seductively with each other. Both of them snag pictures of each other when the other isn’t paying attention and will hack each other’s accounts to post stupid posts. They wander around a lot wearing Voltron merchandise.
  • Lance is heavy into improv; it’s gotten to the point where the writers just say “Insert Lance commentary here” because he will totally go off-script. Some of his best moments come from doing things off the top of his head.
  • At least every actor has done something like this with Hunk. He’s so big and strong that it’s hard not to give it a try. Even Zarkon did it (complete with the caption “I’ve got a leg up on your paladin”); that post went viral within minutes. He’s not only the heart and soul of the lionsquad but of the cast and crew as well.
  • Allura takes pictures of everything and with everyone. Her dressing room is filled to the brim with pictures of times on set that she snagged or selfies with the crew and cast. A lot of them are her kissing their cheeks or making duck faces. She also records her singing songs or dancing with the crew during down time and posts them online. Her favorite picture is with the original Allura actor from the 80’s who came to visit the set of the new TV series.
    • A memorable moment was during a take with her and Zarkon and they totally screwed it up. While the camera will still running, they decided to do whatever and confessed their love for each other and Zarkon ran off the set with Allura in his arms. They both jokingly commented later about how they really feel like their characters are having an affair with each other and that the entire plot line of the show should be changed.
  • Haggar is actually super young and pretty but she gets a ton of makeup and prosthetics to make her ugly and witch-like. Both she and Zarkon have the most prosthetics to put on and it takes a couple of hours to get them to look like the evillest duo of the universe.
  • A lot of wide shots are just miniature landscapes, like the Castle of Lions or the Garrison, and the cast will often take pictures next to them or act like Godzilla getting ready to stomp on them. All of them have pictures where they’re leaning up against the legs of the lions, which are really the only things that aren’t CGI of them.
  • Pidge is like Orlando Bloom where she’s forever making funny faces in the background during takes and no one notices it until the final edit. She gets bored easily and is the known prankster of the cast. She also squirrels food everywhere to eat between takes and forgets where she hid them sometimes. So when the prop guys come through and dismantle everything, they find fruit snacks, fruit, nuts, chips, and pretty much anything else you can think of.

results of stream so far xD

so at first this started out as me shit posting cause i wanted to get outa a slump i was having then next thing ya know im doing full on pictures x3

1st is octi he gets so embarrassed when spell tells him hes so cute as an octopus

2nd sai playing the guitar  i wanted to do something for auhigh and this ended up showing up xD i think ill make sai help the choir or something with background music playing his guitar~

3rd is a request/ i asked her what to draw  for faa she wanted to see all her octopi bbys on me cause for some reason they love to hang off of me xDD thanks @furgemancs for helping me figure out what i was saying

4th another request/ i asked her what to draw for @foreverafterall she wanted lossi to give sai the raspberries but we thought it might be to hard so she chose hugs instead but i was able to get the raspberries in as well xDD


A lot of people really wanted lucio to enjoy sweater weather so! I drew him having a great time in sweater weather! In more sweaters! (Featuring whipcream mustaches)

Baby at Home

Requested by @jadedhillon : Omg could you do the “Imagine your OTP welcoming a new baby. Person A would post lots of cute photos on social media gushing about how blessed they are and the exact times and weights, etc. and Person B would just post a photo of themselves holding the baby like ‘I spawned’.” With Jason as person B and the reader as person A

Jason sighed as you took another picture of him while holding your newborn in his hands. He didn’t cease on smiling back at you though, even if it came out a grumpy. He secretly loved you’d have so many photos of your baby in further future, but all he wanted to do sometimes was to chill with you while planting kisses at the small head of his daughter.

At first it was funny; how you’d sneak up on him, trying to get the best shot for Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook. You were just happy you had your first baby and wanted everyone to know. Nevertheless, Jason was against it; what should he do if someone found out about his identity and internationally hurt you or his baby girl?
And so, he asked you to take down everything for the obvious reasons. Of course, you couldn’t help but agree. You saw his point, be was completely right. No maniac was needed in your small household. And whatsoever, you respected and loved your husband with all your might.

You found yourself spending four hours on social media deleting photos of the baby and every related post. Sometimes the help of Barbara and Tim was needed, in order to cover your tracks completely.

What you opted to keep though, was your Snapchat account. You assured Jason that the only ones that had added you were family members and very close friends and the you blocked everyone else who added you.

Jason had halfheartedly agreed on letting you keep that account, even explaining once again why he didn’t want pictures of you and him and the baby out in social media. You reminded him you knew it. And that some fun with Snapchat wouldn’t harm anybody.

And as Jason realised later, it didn’t.

Except for the times you’d record him doing cute stuff with the baby without him acknowledging your presence.


“Jason! Say hi to Snapchat baby! ” You sweetly called out to him as you help your phone in front of your face.

Oh you weren’t shooting him again weren’t you?

Jason’s last beacon of hope vanished the moment you gestured him to say something smart. He had less than ten seconds to talk.

“Uhm hey! I spawned.” He awkwardly said, just in time, before the video ended. He watched with a smile as the tip of your tongue stuck out of your mouth while you tried to come up with a great line.

Closing your phone and sitting down next to Jason on the couch, you rested your head on his shoulder.

“How’s the baby, now Jay? Did you take her to the doctor for measurements?”
Jason’s eyes widened in horror once you finished your words. He slapped his forehead as hard a she could and handed the baby to you. He started pacing back and forth into the small living room in your apartment.

“I’m sorry baby! I’m sorry you’ve been the ‘mommy’ later. I should have taken the day off and-” Jason shushed you with a small gesture as he picked up his phone to call the doctor.

“Aw baby, dad is such a dork right?” You whispered to your baby as you occasionally tap her nose carefully on her tiny one.



Okay, maybe you weren’t the best of parents but you worked on it.


I think we’re all pretty sure that Cr1TiKaL is dating that girl with the blonde hair, and I’m just really happy that he found someone he likes who looks so nice (especially after having his last gf cheat on him). And it’s very cute seeing pictures of them on tumblr and things!

But also all of these pictures came from social media posts outside of Cr1TiKaL’s (like the girl’s own Instagram) and we know that he’s a fairly private person … So probably we should give them some privacy and at least not directly message him about his relationship developments or anything, at least until he publicly mentions having a gf in a video or something.

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It would be interesting to read your analysis on Dan's involvement in this video. I haven't seen him be this involved in posting about a video in a long time- he's sent multiple tweets, this morning posted on Facebook, put pictures up on instagram and used Tumblr. I am curious why he is going all out- especially because he has at least posted about this as much as Phil (if not more)

i wanted to talk about this in conjunction with my thoughts on dan’s live show but you summarized everything so well in this ask so,,, yES. i’m so glad you picked up on it! i can’t remember a time that dan has sponned a video this hard, and that too an AP vid, not even one of his own. he’s definitely posted about it more than phil (tWO insta pics vs. zero from phil? reblogging the video from phil on tumblr w an actual caption? a totally unnecessary and clickbait-y/sexual promo tweet?) two explanations for this, in  my opinion. first, while it’s been somewhat obvious for a long time, they barely seem to have any distinctions anymore between ownership of their channels. all three main channels seem like a collaborative effort on some level and they’ve talked about assessing their upload schedule with all 3 channels in mind (dan will say something like “two weeks ago you got a phil vid, last week a dapg vid, so this week a dan vid” or they’ll be like “we’ve uploaded like 3 times in the last two weeks across all of our channels” etc.)  with this video specifically it’s clear that dan must have helped phil prepare for it, even if phil did all the shopping. and then he talked about his eyes hurting in the live show yesterday bc of spending hours glued to a computer editing the day before. that combined with his anecdotes the week prior about having phil help him with all of the filming and production of the piano teacher vid demonstrates a new level of openness with us about how deeply involved they both are with each others’ content. so i see this impassioned promotional campaign on dan’s part for phil’s vid as an extension of that–he’s not trying to hide that it’s basically his video too.  

the second reason for all the posting, in my opinion, is simply that he wanted to make sure that as much of his audience/following as possible would know about the video and watch it. simple as that. he promoted it so hard bc he wanted to make sure that everyone who follows him, even the scant few who follow him and don’t follow phil, knew about the existence of this video. which is amazing, because to me it means that despite all of his obvious discomfort and self-consciousness regarding all the edgy straight guys who subscribe to him and follow him exclusively “for the memes” and the deeply artistic, profound meditations on life/existence (thoughts on that whole pile of shit are coming, i promise, i have so much to say!!!) he also wants all of them to know that there is this completely different side to him that he is (somewhat) proud of. even if he can’t put it on dinof for whatever reason, it’s there and it’s real and he can let it shine on amazingphil and he made damn sure to yell about it on every social media platform available to him across two whole daYS so that basically every facet of his audience couldn’t miss it. i mean, i fervently await the day that dan destroys the concept of this so-called “quality threshold” he perceives for himself on dinof as thoroughly as he destroyed the notion of subscribing to traditional gender roles in yesterday’s live show. but until that day comes, i’m happy that he at least feels he can show more of these softer sides of himself on AP and that he wants to tell as many people as he can about it via this onslaught of promo posts/pics. he’s clearly so pleased with how the video turned out and clearly feels that it’s important for as much of his audience to see it as possible, without actually posting it on his own channel. the fact that he went to such lengths despite still feeling somewhat scared and flustered by the edgy straight dudes makes my heart sing. he loves the video so much. he loves embracing his own inner softness so much. he loves phil and phil’s channel so much. he was basically screaming it for everyone to hear. 


I wanted to practice expressions and I’m currently obsessed with Fallout, so I tried doing something with the expression meme thing that’s been floating around tumblr for each of the (humanoid) companions :D

It was a lot of fun! I tried to pick expressions that kinda fit the characters :P

Since tumblr apparently won’t let you upload more than 10 pictures per set I’m gonna post two sets. 

This is set 1 / 2, the other one is here

au where Allura always was the blue paladin and Lance instead is a merman on the planet him and Hunk crashed on, and Keith takes his place in the episode. Lance is one of the rebels, and before Keith and Hunk leave, Lance kisses Keith’s cheek. Hunk teases Keith and he goes “he’s not my boyfriend! He’s just a fish I very much admire” part jabbing at Hunk and Shay and part embarrassed

Reactions, visual posts and gifts master list’s
  • Imatexts and quotes

Basically for the imatexts I have made, since they are pictures posts, you gotta “search on the blog”. Just search “imatexts” or “imatext” and if you scroll down, you’ll find all of them!

  • Their type of…



  • Reactions

Dating a gender fluid (without gifs)

Hurt during sex (NSFW)

You don’t want to marry them

You being feminine

You being ill

You’re a drummer and can do V’s voice

You’re more attractive than before

You’re drunk and cry at a party

Someone’s flirting with you

You being scared after seeing a scary movie

You don’t want him to meet your parents

You being dominant (NSFW)

Your hair being fluffy

Starting a dance battle between the members for you to judge

You sleeping with a plushie

You being embarrassed after two members had some skinship

You sneaking into their dorm

You both being horny (NSFW)

You being insecure about your weight

You doing too much sports

You cooking with their moms

A stranger kissing you

You accidentally facing their intimate part

You trying some clothes on in the fitting rooms

You singing for the first time

BTS asking you out to prom

Staying late at school (written)

You dodging their kisses

You having an origami collection

Other requests

Rap Monster’s type of girl

Which BTS member would date a black girl

Which BTS member would date a non-asian girl

Which BTS member would date a 00 or 01 liner

Which BTS member would date a 98 liner

Which BTS member would date a 97 liner

How would Jungkook date a short and loud girl

Playing with Fire, Part 2

Pairings: OC Jack x Reader, yet eventually someone of the Avengers x Reader

Words: 1.8K

Warnings: Arguing

OC’s: Okay so obviously everyone in this series except the Avengers are original characters and I just wanted to inform you that Jack, the boy reader is dating –I pictured him to look like Nick Robinson, because well, have you seen him? Yep, I know.

A/N: So, like some of you might have noticed, I already posted the 2nd part some time ago, but I just hated it. I wasn’t happy at all how it turned out -but hey, that happens, so I deleted it and wrote it again and here you go. I’m so happy I did that, because now I truly like this part and I hope you do as well x

Part 1

The hand gif’s from Google

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“Sweetheart, are you sure you are able to go back to school?” My mom frowned looking way too over concerned, while rushing after me around the house as I was trying to get everything I needed.

“Yes,” I let out a soft laughter, dropping my keys to the bottom of my bag. “I feel more than okay, I have no reason to skip the classes any longer.”

It was true, I was feeling better than well. Okay yeah, I was still freaking out because of what happened, but my powers, as I guess I was supposed to call them - had vanished as quickly as they had appeared. I knew I was already the hot topic of all the biggest gossips around the school and I didn’t want to feed the flames by staying at home.

“I’ll come home early if I don’t feel okay,” I asserted, pulling shoes on and taking one last glance through the mirror. “But I’m truly okay, I promise.”

“If you say so, sweetie,” she sighed, pulling me into a deep hug, making me roll my eyes with a laughter. We were close with mom, but hugging and calling each other with corny nicknames was way out of our league.

“I’m going to be late if you don’t let go of me,” I laughed, making her pull further with a grin.

“Just- be safe, okay?” She frowned, nipping her bottom lip between her teeth, as I rolled my eyes with a soft laughter, before rushing to my car and pulling out of the driveway.

The Avengers Tower, NYC

“We can’t just rush into her house and kidnap her,” Steve sighed, shooking his head. “We have to be subtle.”

“For how many times do I need to say this,” Tony rolled his eyes, “she might be dangerous.”

“Exactly, that’s why we are going to talk to her calmly,” the blond man stated, trying his best to stay calm, but Tony was –once again poking on his nerves.

“So you are saying that we should just rush into her house and sit down for a cup of tea?” Tony frowned, glaring at Steve. “Do you even-“

“Boys,” Wanda called out reservedly, glancing at the annoyed men in turns. She was surprised as both of them stopped arguing immediately and turned their heads towards her, looking curious. “I think I should go talk to her.”

“Wanda, with all respect, I don’t think-,” Steve started, yet Wanda cut him off with a glare.

“Steve, I know what she is going through,” she notified, shrugging her shoulders with slight frown. “I can talk to her –I can use my past to confirm her to come with us.”

“Wanda, Tony’s right, she might be dangerous,” Steve sighed.

“And you think it is better idea to corner her?” She shook her head. “I can handle her and you know that.”

“So, how’s our Super-girl doing?” I heard a soft laugh calling after me as I walked across our school’s parking lot, shoving my car keys to my bag. Soft smile raised to my lips as I saw Jack jogging after me, his face turned into amused smile.

“Hey,” I smiled as he reached me, running his fingers through his light brown hair.

“Hello,” he chuckled, his green eyes focused straight into mine.

Okay yeah, I guess I have to admit that he was handsome. And funny and kind –and like Jenny said, there was nothing wrong with him. Actually, he was alarmingly the opposite of “not okay” –he was almost way too perfect and therefor so out of my league.  

“So, I heard what happened at the chemistry class,” he raised his eyebrow, looking slightly amused. “Did you really have the fire in your control like the rumors say?”

“So there really are rumors running around about me,” I let out a laughter, trying to dodge his question. “Please tell me they are only good things?”

“Oh believe me when I say, there have never been so good rumors about anyone so far,” Jack let out a soft laugh. “At least as far as I’ve noticed suddenly every single one of the boys at the football team are chasing you –not even mentioning the comic nerds, you are like Goddess to them.”

“You can’t be serious,” I laughed, shooking my head. “And the girls?”

“The girls either want to be you, or kill you because of their jealousy,” he laughed, shrugging then with bright smile on his lips. “I’m only saying what I’ve heard.”

“Well I guess things aren’t as bad as they could be,” I let out a laughter, before nipping my bottom lip between my teeth, glancing at him carefully. “Jack listen, I –I’m sorry that I cancelled our date last weekend.”

“Oh no don’t be, it’s totally okay,” he smiled, rubbing the back of his neck as he let out a nervous laughter. “If you want to, we could always try again –let’s say tomorrow night?”

For my surprise I found myself nodding my head with smile on my lips. Something told me that I really should give him a chance.

Suddenly I realized that Jack’s talking about the rumors indeed wasn’t just talking. Till the end of the school day I had dodged at least six hit lines, found three girls who looked like they were planning on how to kill me in most painful ways, and ran away from the worst gossipers all day long.

“This is awful,” Jenny let out a playfully dramatic sigh as we were sitting on the grass at the school’s yard, eating lunch. “No one even knows who I am anymore, I’m turning into you –I’m going to die alone. What an awful destiny.”

“Jen they don’t even have a proper base to their admiring -I didn’t really even do anything,” I laughed, rolling my eyes. “It was just some kind of physical effect.”

“You saved the whole school from exploding,” she notified with a kick of her eyebrow. “It doesn’t really matter if you have some kind of superpowers or not, everyone still sees you as a hero.”

“Well in that case,” I smirked playfully, covering my eyes with sunglasses, “I guess we just have to get used to all of the fans. You could be my manager and bodyguard, keeping all the admirers away and responding to my interview requests as well as invitations to the finest parties of New York.”

“That actually sounds pretty good idea,” she laughed, finishing her smoothie. “Who knows, maybe you’ll even get an invitation to one of the magnificent parties of Tony Stark himself.”

“Oh, I like how that sounds,” I giggled softly. “Partying with the Avengers wouldn’t be bad at all.”

Out of nowhere Jenny’s expression changed into truly concerned. “To be honest getting a bodyguard to you isn’t a bad idea at all,” she frowned, nodding towards a group of girls walking towards us, their faces turned into everything but kind smiles.

Yep. In every college there is this one group of girls that love to cause drama by hook or by crook. And in our school it was Jessica’s group –well, more like Jessica and her group of minions.

“Oh, not today,” I sighed rolling my eyes, before getting up from the grass as I kicked my eyebrow at the blond girl who was reaching us confidently, notwithstanding the fact that her high heels were sinking slightly to the ground with each step.

“Hey Super-girl,” she chuckled, making her minions giggle brightly. “What’s up?”

“Oh, beside your ego?” Jenny cooed, squinting her eyes dangerously. “Just turn around and keep walking, Jess.”

“Excuse me, are you deaf or did you just not hear that I’m talking to Y/N?” Jess hissed, stepping a bit closer to Jenny.

“Umh, are you stupid or did you just not know that being deaf and not hearing is basically the same thing?” Jenny let out an annoyed laughter, closing the gap between the two girls, looking straight into Jess’s icy blue eyes.

“Let’s just calm down, okay?” I called out, pulling Jenny further from her. “Jessica, what can I help you with?”

“Oh, yeah about that,” she smiled artificially, tilting her head slightly. “Stay away from Jack.”

I raised my eyebrows, letting out sarcastic laughter. “Excuse me, what was that again?”

“Don’t play stupid, you know that Jack and I share a history,” she cooed, crossing her hands to her chest. “So stay away.”

“I don’t have time for this,” I breathed out, rolling my eyes as I turned around, grapping my bag from the grass. “Jenny, let’s go.”

“What’s the rush, Freak?” I heard Jess’s squeaky voice calling after me. “What makes you think that Jack would ever touch a freak like you even with a long stick?”

I turned around, rising my eyebrows. “What did you just call me?”

“Oh, freak wasn’t your name?” She frowned, turning the corners of her mouth downwards. “I’m so sorry, I forgot that it was just a name that others use from you behind your back. Foolish me.”

I felt tears of annoyance ascending to my eyes as I saw the purely mean smile on her face. “You have no right to say that-“

“I’m just telling you what you are too stupid to see by yourself,” Jess laughed, “Jack doesn’t want you, Y/N. He has a bet with the football team and all he needs to do is get you on his bed and he wins.”

“That’s enough,” I snapped, stamping my leg to the ground as I stepped closer to her. “You have no right-“

Yet my sentence got cut short as the voice of tens of car alarms filled the air, the strident noise making all of us cover our ears with our hands.

“What’s happening?” I shouted over the racket, glancing at Jenny and Jess alternately, earning just a shrug of their shoulders and confused and fear-filled expressions on their faces.

And then I felt it –the ground starting to shake, the quake getting harder and harder each passing second.

Avenger’s Tower, NYC

“Suit up and get to the Quinjet,” Steve called out, his face turned into a deep frown. “There is an earthquake.”

“Earthquake?” Natasha frowned, rushing to get ready to leave. “Since when has it been our job to take care of the natural disasters as well?”

“Since they’re happening at a small part of Manhattan,” Steve responded with strict voice, clinging his shield to the back of his suit. “And it seems that Y/N is behind it.”

“Y/N –the girl who played with the fireball thing?” Clint frowned, shooking his head. “No way.”

“Yes way,” Tony sighed, shooking his head with purely annoyed expression on his face. “I told you she was dangerous, but surprisingly no one gave a damn.”

“I gave a damn, Tony” Steve snapped, as the Quinjet got to the air. “I gave a damn about her safety and I apologize that I was wrong, but this is not the time to turn up against each other.”

“What do we do?” Wanda took a deep breath, her eyebrows knitted to a deeply concerned expression.

Tony kicked his eyebrow, the red helmet of his armor setting down to cover his face. “We fight.”


You know, I don’t believe I ever posted pictures of this guy, so I’m doing it now! I made him 4 years ago in high school (damn that seems so long ago) with a newspaper base and formed white clay around it. He’s about seven inches tall. Sadly, a piece of his hair broke off last year and I haven’t gotten around to fixing it completely because he needs a new paint job all together as it SUCKS. Part of me doesn’t want to though since I worked so hard on him! He’s had a permanent spot on my shelf since I finished him. C:

dating calum would include:
  • random phone calls at any time of night just to tell you that he misses you
  • “2 more weeks pretty boy and you’ll be all mine again”
  • coming home to him dancing in his underwear
  • having date nights twice a week
  • building blanket forts all the time
  • waking up to him leaving sloppy kisses all over your face
  • bribing him with a blowjob whenever you want something
  • “have i ever told you how much i love your booty?”
  • him dedicating certain nights to worship your body
  • waking up to an amazing breakfast after a night of rough sex
  • dealing with him when he’s extra clingy
  • seeing candid photos of you posted on social media
  • “calum why do you always take pictures of me when i’m caught off guard?”
  • “you’re just so damn beautiful baby and it reminds me of how lucky i am”
  • becoming close with his family
  • hearing how much he talks about you to his parents and sister
  • putting up with his stubborn ass when he’s jealous
  • taking pictures of him while he’s asleep
  • squeezing his cheeks constantly
  • touching each other’s butts 24/7
  • late night talks
  • coming home to see him sprawled out on your bed naked
  • seeing him naked A LOT
  • “since i’m already naked we might as well have sex”
  • tracing his tattoos while cuddling
  • distracting him while he’s playing video games
  • “fuck babe you made me lose but i have a feeling we’re about to do something better”
  • giving him massages when he has a bad day
  • leaving hickeys all over each other
  • playing pranks on the other boys
  • him singing you to sleep 
  • lots of sex
  • randomly saying you’re in love with him in the middle of a conversation
  • “i’m crazy in love with you princess and that will never change.”
Jumin neko atsume headcannons

(☆ω☆*)screaming omgmyfuckinggod I got carried away

  • so obsessed with this game
  • takes pictures of them and posts them in the RFA
  • zen complaining and sneezing
  • stopping his presentation just to b updated
  •  “Laides and gentleman, in our cat food commerci-
  • everyone b like ????
  • Jumin will casually taking his phone out and b all like
  • “/sighs/ tubs wHy you eAT all mY fOOD up AGain? but it’s okai i love you too (っ*´∀`*)っ”
  • photos on his RFA profile pic, on his wallpaper, on his bed
  • it’s eVERYWHERE
  • i can see him buying the company and the game
  • will also create a cat called elizabth the 3rd
  • “Zen, do you want to be the new model for neko atsume?(☆ω☆*)”
  •  “nO, fucK oFF-”
  • “Zen you ken trUST mE! It’s nEKO aTSUME”
  • “fuCK ofF JumIN”
  • “Elizabeth tHE thIRD will B thERe Too”
  • “I said fuCK oFf!”

(written by reiko)

anonymous asked:

Omg you met changmin!?

he sat with his mom in the café when kim and I entered! we didn’t want to bother him so we only sneaked in glances

Do you mind if i use some of the pictures from your Seoul trip you’re posting for a moodboard? :)

if you aren’t printing out the pictures then i’d really appreciate credit sobs

are you guys staying together in a hotel or something? i’m a bit jealous but more than that i am very happy because all this is so cute!!!

we’re staying at a hostel together, yes! thank you;; i’m really happy to be spending this trip with her :’))

im inlove w your posts about your trip. the photos are so pretty, so aesthetically pleasing

i’m trying heuhehe gotta build my ig feed i guess and the photography student in me comes out even if it’s just iphone photography lmao there are really pretty spots here!

akgahgadh korea had such aesthetic places????????// HOW DID I MISS ALL OF THESE WHEN I WAS THR AHHH ;-; be my tour guide please asgsahash

those were all garosugil!! 

GIRL YOUR EYEBROWS ARE ON FLEEK. SLAAAAYYYYY 🔥🔥 Idk bout you, but I love it when people compliment my eyebrows. So I thought I’d pass on the love~❤

thank you!! this is very sweet of you to send me :’)

u are!!!!! the cutest!!!!!!!

the animals are cuter AAAAAHH but thank you this!!

so i haven’t written anything 5sos related in two months, but i saw this picture and was instantly inspired…….so here you go lmao hopefully it doesn’t suck too much

Calum always hated the winter. He wasn’t overly fond of snow, he disliked the cold weather and he was usually away from his family when that’s all he wanted to do. Him and his band were playing the Jingle Ball again. He loved playing shows and seeing a sea of fans screaming for his band. But this time of the year, all he wanted to do was spend time with his family.

He missed his sister – Mali Koa, his missed his parents – Joy and David, and he missed his home. He was tired of feeling so small in strange places. He wanted to feel whole and warm again in the arms of his family in a place that he knew like the back of his hand.

But instead, he was constantly stuffed into a bus, spending hours a day on the road driving to the next venue to play a show and do the same thing all over the next day. Calum hated to admit it, but he was starting to feel numb, and not because of the cold.

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