all i want is to meet her

Masterful book foreshadowing for Jonsa

None of the women Jon meets remind him of Sansa, except for one, and that clue is hidden deep in the text. And I mean deep.

It’s Alys Karstark. Jon protects her from her evil uncle, arranges her marriage, and gives her away at her wedding, where he calls her Winter’s Lady. Got that? He’s making a political move on the surface but the subtext is romantic and the imagery is all Sansa.

At first she reminds him of Arya. But it’s Alys teasing him about dancing at Winterfell that triggers what is, IMO, the biggest foreshadowing for Jonsa in A Dance of Dragons (that title is important!): much later, he has a thought in his head of a woman asking him to dance. He replies to her in his thoughts that he’ll dance with her soon. Soon…as in, the next book, when he meets “Arya” who is really Jeyne who he thought was Alys but is really Sansa. HOLY WOW.

Like the fact that its so carefully layered among all of these false identities, feints, and red herrings is evidence that the author is building something in secret, but that he also wants to drop breadcrumbs so when the story has concluded readers can go back and catch these little details they missed.

I fucking love it.

bbs im going to bed but tonight has been WILD and I want you to remember despite all my sarcasm and humorous side of tonight, remember that one day you will meet Taylor and you’ll be able to hug her and tell her how much you love her. You will be that person typing a text post that reads “i meat tayllros smothhhh” 

Keep your head up, and remember taylor sees way more than you think. 


Meanwhile, outside the house… 

Tyler: Mkay, Mkay I gotta go soon - the midterm is in my two days and I still have to study - 

Lily: More?? Study more?? I guess you’re right - can we meet after it though? That reminds me - I need to work my butt off on the comp-sci lab… 

Tyler: Of course babe. 

Lily: Great :) Hey, so I - I wanted to - uh - ask you something?? 

Tyler: Why are you being all shifty - we’ve been dating for like almost um- three? 

Lily: Four. Four years dude. 

Tyler: Yeah! So if you gotta ask something just spit it out dumbo - 

Lily: It’s more…of an important question - so like uh - yeah… 

She fumbled in her pocket. 

last night i cried to my mom about not being invited to the secret sessions and she reminded me that taylor is always going to love us and want to meet us and there’s gonna be infinitely more opportunities for all of us who haven’t met her yet

All I wanted was for Taylor to notice my face because I know I’ll never meet her and that’s the closest I can get AND SHE DID. I’m sorry for the state of my blog at the moment as I’m still trying to get my heart rate back to normal. Ugh but thank you @taylorswift for that. In the meantime guys help me get her to notice @farfrombeing’s post and reblog it!!

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I feel like there has to be more to this song than initially meets the eye.... Maybe the point of this song in the overall scheme of this album/storyline is that Taylor had to go out, alone, and home to her cats while Calvin was off doing God knows what. She’s also using her “reputation” of being a cheater and also getting what she wants. She’s playing a character. Maybe all Her real stories will be told from a characters point of view.

i think the album is like a puzzle with 15 pieces

I know I can never change the fact that I was so sick when I met Taylor a few years ago. And No im not posting this to try to meet her again by any means . I want all my friends too. But Im just sad that I was so sick , I could barely stand or talk since I got out of the hospital just the day before. I honestly dont even know how I was standing. And on like no sleep and being super sunburnt from standing in 100 degree weather all day at the festival . Just of all days . And I felt so bad I was about to turn around and walk to first aide when I found out. I couldnt even feel if i was smiling in the photo. I just wasnt fully there and it kills me to this day that I was so quiet and not my self at all . I am still forever greatful. I just will always be mad at myself for being so sick . So whoever meets her in the future Im just saying be glad you wont be sick lol…

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Anonymous said:’M S O HAPPY FOR YOU





Anonymous said:Omgg!! This is amazing, ypu deserved to meet Taylor so much!! I hppe ypu had THE BEST TIME with her and listening to the album and I’m just sooo happy for you 💗

Anonymous said:You met Tay???? YES GIRL 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 YOU GO GIRL!!!!! Congratulations!!!! 🎉🎊

Anonymous said:jamie i can’t believe you went and i didn’t know?? i think we’re mutuals (maybr not) but GOD IM SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!

Anonymous said:i’m so happy for you jaime i’ve creeped your blog for so long & you’re one of the nicest people here lmao CONGRATS!!!!!!

Anonymous said:Hi you don’t have to reply to this bc I’m sure you’re flooded w/ messages but I’m so so happy for you!! 💖💜

these are all so so so so so nice thank you guys so much!! it was a HUGE surprise when TN DMed me and one of the hardest secrets i’ve ever had to keep especially from so many close friends. so thank you for bearing with me being weird on here. i still can’t believe it was real. 


Meet “Future Cat”! She’s a currently nameless (well not technically but her current name is.. no) 3-year old lady who is not shy at all and currently busy checking everything out and marking the important things, including me :P

After I listened Gorgeous 100+ times I think I understood the line “You should take it as a compliment that I’m talking to everyone here but you”

Hets are saying that Jo@ so gorgeous that she was scared to talk to him, but from kaylor perspective it sounds more real that she didn’t talk to Karlie cause she didn’t want to bring bad attention to her after kissgate

Gay perspective looks a lot more real

Just saying

Lately I have been feeling extra thankful and grateful for Taylor and everything she’s done for me. I mean, I always am but the feelings are just heightened lately. Taylor did so much for me, she sent me money, she painted me a picture, gave me a piece of her jewelry, wrote me the sweetest note and to top it all off, she wanted to meet me. She didn’t have to do any of that, but she did it because she wanted to. Because she wants her fans to know how much she cares about them. She did all of that for me and sometimes I just don’t understand how or why I was the one she picked. Out of thousands of other people she picked me, annoying, self conscious, boring old Rebekah from Kansas and I don’t think I will ever wrap my head around that. I’m not sure I’ll ever feel like I deserved all that love and kindness from her but not a goes by that I’m not beyond grateful and thankful for everything she’s done for me. I love her with all my heart and I just hope she knows how much what she did means to me.

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Hello! I just wanted to say that I am so happy for you. You are living your best life! I can't wait to see your interactions in Van City and hope that all your desires come true! If you can't tell I am living vicariously through you. I am really hoping I get to take my daughter to a Con one day and make her dream come true of meeting CP and GG.

Wow! Thank you so much! This is really sweet and kind and I really appreciate it. And I hope you do as well! Hopefully one day your daughter’s wish (and yours) comes true! Grant and Candice are awesome.

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I know an ESFP who's incredibly defensive, and seems to just be living her life on the loop. She's created this idea of competence that she must attain to be valuable and will just not let go of it even if it's obviously not what she really wants. She suffers a lot because of the obstacles she meets trying to reach that goal, but even when she breaks down and reaches out to her friends to talk it's like she's just going through the motions of spilling it out, like this impersonal method (1/3)

[con’t: of “i must spill out everything that goes on in my head to people i know will listen until i can pull myself together”. Saying ANYTHING during these moments (any feedback on the situation, as non judgemental as possible, even after making sure she blew off all her steam) makes her go in defense mode, incredibly hurt and upset, until she rationalizes and forgets the entire thing. She clearly doesn’t want to connect or get empathy, just get it out of her system so she can start functioning again. It’s like her Fi is so buried until all these layers it’s unattainable. How can one help from the outside?]

If someone is just looking to dump their emotions, then they’re not necessarily going to be open to advice or feedback and there’s not much you can do about that. A lot of people ask me about how to help friends or loved ones out of a looping pattern. Remember that the main reason a person loops is because they really don’t want to change (which developing the auxiliary function requires), it makes sense that they won’t be open to feedback because it is always construed as criticism that demands them to change. Therefore, it is sad but true that loops easily become chronic and a person won’t be motivated to change until they hit some kind of rock bottom that slaps them into realizing how wrong their direction has been. If you are determined to help someone out of a loop (an admirable undertaking), then make sure to keep your expectations realistic (don’t get your hopes too high). Celebrate little steps but don’t sweat the setbacks - two steps forward and one and three quarter steps back is still progress. Some tips:

1) You must first earn/have their trust because otherwise they will not possess enough faith in your opinion/judgment to stop and hear you out. To build trust requires a person to believe that you have their best interests at heart, that you do not have any personal/selfish expectation or investment in wanting to “control” or “change” them. This means that you cannot in any way be the source of their problems as that would be perceived as a “conflict of interest" and your opinion would then be considered “biased” and easily discredited/dismissed. To earn trust, show a willingness to be non-judgmental by empathizing and not dismissing their feelings even though you personally disagree with their behavior or decisions. People feel what they feel and when a person is driven by unconscious emotions, there’s no reasoning with them, therefore, it is in everyone’s best interests to first process those feelings and emotions in order to clear the way for more rational thinking. In other words, trust helps you get around a person’s psychological defenses, which creates more space for you to influence them. But this also means that, if there is no trust, the odds of being able to help are very low.

2) When someone is hypersensitive to feedback or criticism, it is a good idea to disguise your advice as much as possible, like when people feed a pill to a dog by wrapping it in bacon. There are many strategies you could try:

You could use genuine inquiry. If someone comes to you feeling bad, ask them whether they want to talk about it. If they do, then listen intently. If they have trouble getting things out or organizing their thoughts/feelings, ask reflective but non-threatening questions. Avoid any questions that would imply they’re doing something wrong or that they are at fault for anything. (While I see that your question comes from a desire to help, the tone of it is a little suspect in terms of making it sound like she’s at fault for being so stubborn, but this attitude is not good when you want to help someone because you may be clouded by your frustration without realizing it). Make sure your intention is simply to get to the bottom of what happened just for the sake of having a full understanding. E.g. Ask them to describe exactly what happened, the exact trigger or cause of the stress, what exact emotion they are feeling (not just vague words like “sad” or “bad”), whether there is some possible solution to the problem (activate healthy Te thinking but only once they’re calmer), whether there is some other more positive way to interpret what happened (activate healthy Ni depth of reflection), etc. When ESFPs are overserious, inferior Ni is gnawing at them unconsciously, so you could help them channel Ni activity into a more positive and conscious direction. If your true intention is simply to gather information, they will feel more at ease and less defensive because you have not placed any expectation upon them to change. The conversation seems as though it’s for your benefit in wanting to show care and understanding what’s happening with them but it is actually for their benefit to fully process all their thoughts and feelings. This is a good thing to do with Fs because they really need to process feelings or they can’t move forward.

When a person is feeling calmer because you have allowed them to process their feelings and emotions, you can look for opportunities to seed ideas to them. Ps in particular are very suggestible and easily cast into doubt, so sometimes all you have to do is mention an idea off-hand with a “maybe…” or “what if…”, just enough to insert it into their mind and spark some reflection, then allow the idea to incubate and germinate at its own pace. This method might take a long time to get results but you can seed ideas multiple times if the opportunities arise. For instance, if an ESFP is feeling stressed, you can seed ideas that put them back in touch with Se’s easygoing presence of mind or Fi’s moral boundaries. Subtle seeding works because it employs the strategy of “convincing someone by making them think it was their idea”. The basic strategy is that you provide some puzzle pieces to them, then they put the puzzle together and believe that the big picture idea was their own creation. When an idea seems to come from yourself, you’re more likely to follow it. In short, people in a loop get stuck on only knowing one way of doing things and they latch onto it for dear life, so help them discover alternatives whenever possible as this encourages them to think in a more well-rounded and objective way.

You could disguise suggestions in the form of “free talk” or “shooting the breeze” or “playing around with ideas”, making it obvious that you don’t feel any emotional investment in what is being said nor do you care if people agree with you (but this is only possible after intense feelings/emotions have dissipated and everyone is calm). Casual talk makes the discussion seem not very serious and ideas can flow more freely without anyone getting their back up. If your idea or suggestion is shot down or they get offended, casually brush it off by saying that you were just brain farting or making conversation, no big deal (don’t take their defensiveness personally or they will suspect an ulterior motive). For example, if someone comes to you very offended about something someone said, you can validate their feelings first, then pose some questions once they’re calmer: “I see why you would feel offended by that, it’s a very hurtful thing to hear. Is there a possibility that they were just having a bad day and they didn’t mean to hurt you?” This might make them pause and reflect on other possibilities (good), or this might make them think you’re not on their side (bad). If the former happens, then you can roll with it and try to get them to think more objectively. If the latter happens, reinforce that you understand why they feel hurt and that you’re on their side (read: “forget I said anything”). Imagine that a looping person is a closed up fortress, therefore, as someone who’s trying to get in, you’ve got to poke and pry around to find any kind of entrance. If you get caught trying to “break in”, whistle and pretend like you were just walking by and minding your own business like in the cartoons.

If you really want to give advice directly, always ask them if they want it beforehand, then it’s on them if they react badly to it. If you need to use some “tough love” because they are really just using you as an emotional dumping ground (again and again), then before you allow them to dump, make a deal with them: Tell them that you’re not a dumping ground, that you would prefer to have two-way interaction like a proper relationship, so if they get to vent (as usual), then they also have to hear what you say about it afterwards. This is about enforcing your boundaries and knowing that you deserve respect and validation as well. If they can’t agree to this, then they’ll have to find help elsewhere.

3) Have patience, otherwise you run the risk of applying pressure to them that only exacerbates their unhappiness AND you make it more likely that they will misdirect that unhappiness into blaming you. To help someone out of a loop, see yourself as their champion, not their teacher or advisor. You are there to gently and subtly encourage change because you cannot force change. When someone doesn’t want to see the truth, shoving it in their face is not going to help, all you can do is lead them slowly down the winding path to the pond and hope they realize that they should drink when thirsty.

HEY TAY @taylorswift ! Thank you for everything that happened last Friday and for all the ways in which you inspire me every single day. If you got my letter, you might know that I mentioned a few people I have in my life because of you. THANK YOU A BUNCH FOR ALL OF THEM AND SO MANY MORE. 

I was just thinking of mentioning them here too, in case you happen to make a list of people (in red underlined) that you want to meet during the reputation tour: 

My groupchat loves:

  • Silke: @onabalconyinsummerair MY GLITTER BUDDY. This gal is literally glitter in human form. So funny, so enthusiastic, so sassy and I love her and her big heart so much. P.S. I CAN 113% RECOMMEND FOLLOWING HER ON TUMBLR.
  • Ruby @crystalskiees – an amazingly talented photographer, and a fierce and wonderful human and friend. She dares to dream big and follow those dreams, and I admire her so much for that.
  • Ella  @ella-swift – Ella is such a radiant and strong gal. Super smart and hardworking, and I love her so so much!! I really hope to meet her this era!
  • Rosalie – @rosalieswiftie Rosalie is such a kind soul. She is incredibly wise and super smart!!
  • Sigrid – @hearyourvoiceinthedarkswan Sigrid has a heart of gold, and she is one of the strongest people I know. I love her so much and I´m so immensely proud of her.  
  • Mariza @swiftslonglive  – Mariza is pure sunshine and adorableness in human. I love her and her big fearless heart so much. I´m meeting Sigrid and Mariza again in March, and I´m so excited!
  • Carolina @lekkervaquita – Carolina is super loyal, she´s always there for when you need her, and she´s so kindhearted. She doesn´t love pineapple on pizza, but I still love her to pieces.
  • Andre – @newyorkromantics13 Andre is INCREDIBLY strong and brave, he´s an amazing and loyal friend and human with a heart of pure gold.

My travel, taco and T-Swizzle buddy

  • Nina @theflowerssthatwedgrowntogether – Nina and I have a shared love for traveling, tacos and you! I´ve been so lucky to meet Nina a few times, and she´s one of the first friends I made on tumblr, and she´s absolutely amazing!

Thank you endlessly for being YOU and for bringing so many lovely people into my life (SO SO GRATEFUL THAT I GOT TO THANK YOU FOR THAT IN PERSON - IN THE MOST RAMBLING WAY) 


Your rambling friend and sparkling nail polish twin,


Do I Even Need a Reason?

           “Why do you like him?” The first person who asks is Maxwell and she should not have been that surprised when he approached her, open frothing champagne bottle in hand with a pensive expression on his face. He was the younger brother; of course, he would show concern over any intimate developments regarding the elder. Savannah casts her eyes downward, not wanting to meet Maxwell’s questioning blue gaze before averting them towards the him being put on the spot of interrogation.

           There he was, in the middle of all his equally important, probably snottier and definitely insincere (save one or two if she was being kind) comrades who were all nodding (or pretending to nod in mock enjoyment) at his amusing anecdote about letting alpacas roam in the ballroom free for all to pet at his last soiree and how one had gone bounding with their tapestry straight from the Orient in its mouth. The small party all broke into modest laughter before lifting their forever abundant flutes for a toast to their benevolent, ostentatious host. The man in the middle in his well-fitting brown suit and his hair perpetually kept in place, never ruffled and for the occasion, smiling, teeth showing and the lines on his face pulling upwards, not tense, not serious and not stony.

           Savannah finds it difficult to hide her own smile and once more, she keeps her face down as Maxwell looks from his brother to her and back again. This sweet young tart with a head for timelines, dates and gender theory while still having the capacity to down tequila shots and losing herself on the dance floor would want to be a match with his often surly, rather humourless and high maintenance brother. There was a far commoner sight of Drake outside, having a true good time than that notion teetering on the brink of impossibility. Yet, there was a twinkle in Savannah Walker’s brown eyes as she follows Bertrand’s figure as it moves about the expansive ballroom, gesturing as he speaks animatedly of the weaponry mounted on the wall and his opinion of some of scandals that have erupted lately in Cordonia’s colourful society.

           “Maxwell, you know better than to ask a girl that question,” Her answer floats off as her eyes never leave Bertrand, more so now that he is reclining against the stairwell, one hand on the banister and the other in his trousers’ pocket. “Do I even need a reason?”

           “It’s just strange, you know. I mean, I love my brother. I truly do and he is the best brother I could ask for but,” Maxwell tries to keep his tone even but it takes him a good swallow before he can force the next few sentences out. “We both know my brother can be totally unlikable at times. He can be so out of humour, snobby and even downright mean. And that’s just what I say about him. Could you imagine someone who hates him?”

           Savannah lifts her head and meets Maxwell’s gaze full on, her brown eyes daring him to challenge her after the next statement. “I don’t see why I should care, Maxwell. I understand your concern but I’m confident in my decisions.”

           “Just,” He sighs and takes a nervous glug out of the bottle of champagne in his hand before continuing. “Drake will murder the both of us if something bad were to happen and…”

           “You think quite lowly of your brother for someone who claims to love him so.” Maxwell cringes at her words but manages a cordial smile before filling up her flute that was slowly being drained to the bottom. “I see him for who he really is and I still love him all the more. However, you are also a dear friend to House Beaumont and I don’t want you to ever feel…uncomfortable.”

           Savannah beamed up at him. From the day, she met both the Beaumonts, she found a good friend and confidante in the younger and a growing, solidifying infatuation in the older. They were the height of sophistication, driving about in their stretch limousines and sailing the azure Cordonian sea in their magnificent yacht, leaning over the railing and bidding hello to the dolphins when they got far enough. They had been kind to her, lovely nobles who tossed her a bone and let her mingle in their affairs, walk in their gardens and plantations and peruse their extensive, impressive library of treasured tomes and cherished classics.

           Unfortunately, the elder had made her fall in love with him.

           As much as she hated to confront it, Maxwell’s question sent her head reeling with wonderment as to exactly why she did. The man truly could be an absolute irritation. He had a temper that rivalled an ornery crocodile, the need to prove that he was superior to everyone and so darn arrogant and bossy, it was trying to attempt to please his extreme standards. She would be reading at a window seat and hear him berating a servant for missing a spot on the silverware or not arranging the chairs at precisely the right position. At that moment, she liked him a little less. The poor servant left with his tail between his legs and he would pace for a bit in the gardens afterwards to let off steam. His lips would be moving rapidly, his mutterings a mystery. That was when he would notice her. He stops his stride. Considers the fountain, the one with the mermaid statue, roses carved into her hair and cradling a vase that provided for the water before he lifts his head up and considers the young woman who looks down at him. Their eyes made contact for a blissful moment before she slams her book, gathers them and deserts her place on the balcony.

           There was something in those eyes.

           Savannah took a long sip and purred as the bubbly, sweet wine with its fruity undertones soothed her drying throat like a necessary balm. Bertrand was still preoccupied with his circle and Maxwell, noticing this, shoots her a sympathetic look.

           “I don’t know how or why this happened, Savvy but,” He reaches out a hand to touch her arm. “Just be careful.” He had to leave then. His own friends were anticipating him to bust his signature moves now that he was sufficiently liquored up. Savannah had to deal with her own devices and matters of her foolish, naïve heart alone. Ungluing herself from her vantage point, she journeyed through the moshing, snogging and passed out partygoers to find herself enough space to lose herself to the sensuous beats pounding out of the subwoofers Bertrand had erected for the occasion. The booze was getting to her and she needed to let loose.

           For those blissful moments, there was nothing but the music and her wild gyrations. Maxwell was executing smooth, skilful head spins and the crowd was cheering him on with bellows and vociferous applause. The noblewomen were cackling and chattering in alcoves, over sugary drinks, about their potential bed mates they would sequester away by the end of this hedonistic night. Savannah, her wild brown hair tossed about her tanned, bare shoulders, supple, full and round breasts straining against her lilac off shoulder bandage dress was in her element. She could hit the books tomorrow after sleeping off the massive hangover as she always did. Concealer and a meticulous skincare routine will stave off the dark circles and fatigue. That and strong, black coffee.

           Before her heart beat could pound any more violently from all the raucous movements, there was a literal change in the air. Pulse quickening, groin grinding dance music was replaced with the ethereal winking beginnings of a familiar song, a song for the ages and a song that would cement the true blue feeling of love and amour in a couple’s hearts. Savannah slowed down and came to a full stop, looking about her and seeing the few conscious and not nauseous inhabitants pairing off with people they would never dare to dance so intimately with. She could go find Maxwell who had miraculously disappear and demand he relinquish that champagne bottle. Yes, that was the perfect plan.

           She was unprepared for the warm, strong palm that enveloped her hand and was now pulling her out onto the marble floor where the other couples swayed in time to the melodious tinkling. Stopping in the centre, she was spun till she was face to face with him.

           “Your Grace? What…what is the meaning of…?” She has no chance to finish her question for her has taken her left hand in his and slid his right hand upon her waist, tugging her against him. His face is unreadable, stoic and his grey eyes are boring into hers. They are frozen for the first initial contact, eye contact unbroken. The lyrics come on and that is when they start to spin.

There’s such a sad love

Deep in your eyes

A kind of pale jewel

Open and closed

Within your eyes

I’ll place the sky

Within your eyes

           She bites at her lip, her tongue darting out to moisten them as her left hand grips his and her right slides up his arm, shuddering at the strength she discovers. Bertrand’s eyes seem to roam all over her face, from the sloping expanse of her forehead to her cherry blossom lips, the hollow of her throat that pulses and ending at the sensuous bounty of her bosom. They return to her eyes and Savannah feels drowned, overwhelmed in those pools of grey. Icy on the surface but if she could just break the surface.

There’s such a fooled heart

Beating so fast

In search of new dreams

A love that will last

Within your heart

I’ll place the moon

Within your heart

           “How are you enjoying the party, Miss. Walker?” His polite enquiry came out in a cool whisper as he takes her through the motions. His right hand neither rises nor drops. His face not once looks away from hers. Savannah clears her throat before stammering out a non-committal answer. His fingers twine with hers and his grip intensifies in purpose. Yet, there is not a flicker of emotion upon his face.

           “It is as wonderful a party as all the one’s you threw before, your Grace.”


As the pain sweeps through,

Makes no sense for you

Every thrill is gone

Wasn’t too much fun at all,

But I’ll be there for you

As the world falls down


Falling down

Falling in love

           She gasps as he pulls her close against him, his face so close to hers she can smell the redolence of sweet wine on his breath mingled with his musky cologne. The hand on her waist is now splayed out on the small of her back and she attempts not to show any modest, feminine signs that she knew full well she was pressing up a little too intimately against the Duke of Ramsford. His face however never betrayed a hint of emotion. His lips were still set in that straight line, his eyes stony as their colour and the gaze in them purposefully unreadable.

           His hand on her back however, recited sonnets of what he was feeling for her as they continued to spin slowly, everyone around them diminishing into unnecessary and insignificant blurs.

I’ll paint you mornings of gold

I’ll spin you Valentine evenings

Though we’re strangers ‘til now,

We’re choosing the path

Between the stars

I’ll leave my love

Between the stars

           “You look…” He starts to comment on her appearance and Savannah can only stare at his stern façade as he suddenly tears his eyes away, thinking of the right word. Lovely? Beautiful? Sublime? Elegant? So perfect that it adds to how undeserving he was of her? Her brown eyes were absorbing him, prying upon the many layers he had swaddled himself in. He needed to avert his gaze lest he fall helpless and Duke Bertrand Beaumont is anything but. Her hand on his arm however and the other, so soft, so delicate, so deserving of penitent kisses before being washed in a rose bath and towelled dry. Did the commoner not know of how deeply she could affect him?


           “Oh. Thank you, your Grace. That means a lot coming from you.” Disappointment is tucked away, blankets of avoidance drowning it out along with the soothing croon of David Bowie.

As the pain sweeps through,

Makes no sense for you

Every thrill is gone

Wasn’t too much fun at all,

But I’ll be there for you-ou-ou

As the world falls down

           Oh, but what’s this? The hand that cradles hers raises it until it was resting, languidly, rather anxious too upon his shoulder and he gently shrugs off her other hand from his arm. This was a silent command; put it where its companion is waiting. Savannah soon had her hands twined behind Bertrand’s neck and his hands had found its home on the tops of her shapely hips. He wanted to seize them and pull her closely, tight against him but the moment was too pure, too pristine and too precious to be ruined. The only thing that parted them was their commingled breaths and how badly did he want to be her air supply. Too soon. Too fucking soon.

           He settles for leaning in close enough so that his forehead rests against hers and she inhales, the sound so dulcet and innocent at the contact. What was happening was unexplained and perhaps it should remain so. Putting it under a lens would ruin its simplicity.

           “I lied. You look amazing.” His voice is barely a whisper.

           “I know. I still thank you all the same.” She smiles up to him, shuddering at how their noses could very nearly brush against one another. Watching the corners of his lips quirk up just slightly cements the moment as totally unforgettable.


As the world falls down


As the world falls down




Falling in love

As the world falls down, falling



Falling in love

           “Why me?” He asks the question this time. She lifts her head up from the pillow, a lazy, giddy with contentment smile on her face when she notices his arm still wrapped tightly, protectively, fearfully around her waist before she manoeuvres herself to face him. The index finger of her right hand gently caressing underneath his eye before he leans in to press a worshipping kiss to her forehead, the bridge of her nose and stopping just before her lips for she had started to speak and who was he to silence his angel?

           “You’re a prize and yet, you’re not. You have flaws, glaring ones to by the way but,” She sighs and reclines as he shifts upon her to gaze into her beautiful, pensive face. Her hand slides up his bare chest to rest against where his love lays contained, restrained and yet beating effortfully. “Maybe there does not need to be a reason. Maybe, it is just right. Just perfect. Just that you know this is the person you want, you want to love and want to be with.”

           It is so dark that she cannot tell that his eyes are glistening before he takes her hand and presses his lips to it, letting the warmth linger, wanting it to flow up her arm and take residence in her heart.

           “You are too amazing a woman. There is nothing common about you, my love,” His lips journey to kiss the diamond ring that she wears with pride every moment, every second. “My duchess.” He starts a line, a journey of hot, butterfly kisses from where her heart lies, secure forever for him, beating for him, for them. Onwards and upwards, bypassing her collarbone, snaking up her neck and catching her jawline before her puckered lips received their blessed offering.

           “My wife. My reason to try, as hard as I can, to be deserving of you.” His words tickle her mouth and she surrenders into his passionate embrace once more but as she opens her mouth to accept his love, he pulls back and leaves her wanting for just one blissful moment.

           He scrounges on the bedside table for his handphone and, befuddled, she watches him with her head tilted until she hears that familiar crooning. Her heart beats just that little bit faster as her husband engulfs her once more with his heat, his comfort, his desire and his unwavering ardour.

           “I love you.”

           “I love you too.”

As the world falls down, falling



Makes no sense at all

Makes no sense to fall


As the world falls down



Falling in love

As the world falls down



Falling in love

Falling in love

Falling in love

Falling in love

Falling in love

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I love Taylor so much my heart physically hurts.

She’s literally the biggest fucking celebrity in the world, yet she spends time on tumblr talking to us and she goes on our insta livestreams and she remembers our names and things about us and loves us with her whole heart, she invites us into her HOME and spends hours with us playing unreleased work, feeding us, and meeting us, there is nobody fucking like her she is so humble and beautiful and love us so much she deserves the entire world the world doesn’t deserve her.

The media portrays her so horribly when she is literally the person who invented kindness and beauty and it hurts me that she goes through so much scrutiny when she doesn’t deserve it at all.

I just love her so fucking much I want to give her endless hugs and also the world