all i want is to escape from this world and live with edward happily ever after

Birthday Wishes

summary: Taehyung had been your best friend since you were little kids. Every birthday, he is insistent on having you make a wish and blow out the candles. But some wishes don’t come true, and others have a funny way of manifesting themselves in your life. 

genre: slight angst?? but mostly fluff

word count: 6318

A/N: this kind of just happened? For the past few days I kept dreaming about this, and so I had to write it all down. (I also stayed up until 5 am writing most of this so I’m sorry if it doesn’t make sense). Also, this is me experimenting with writing in the second person, since it’s something that I am not used to. Enjoy! 

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Curtain Call


What a way to end the Freak Show …

There’s nowhere to go. Our world is dying sweetheart. This is the end of the line.


Dandy has taken the Freak Show by storm & is taking advantage of his power, blaming lack of sales on the Freaks and calling them stupid, ugly & boring! Eve gets fed up and knocks him down as the Freaks stand over him and call him boring and how he will never be one of them.

We quit.

But Dandy won’t let them go that easy, he won’t let them go at all.

Dandy primps himself up for what looks to be a performance & that it is. He begins humming the nutcracker as he begins to shoot down each Freak one by one:


Dandy goes into Desiree’s trailer & can’t find her but begins to approach the closet she is hiding in and gets attacked by Eve from behind. The two throw a couple of punches but Dandy manages to get his gun & kills her:


Jimmy heads back to the Freak Show and notices the stillness in the air. He walks into the Big Tent only to find all of the dead bodies. Desiree runs in and collapses in his arms.

The Twins lives were spared as they are seen walking down an aisle in Dandy’s room where he finally gets to marry Bette. 

As a sign of appreciation the girls hired a French cook to celebrate their marriage, but low and behold it’s Desiree & she drugs Dandy and we soon realize this was all an act to take him down.

They all welcome Dandy to his debut performance, the star attraction reenacting Houdini’s underwater escape act:

I’m not an escape artist, I’m a song and dance man.


The tank fills up as he manages to scream his final words:



Elsa continues to seek stardom by attempting to meet Mr. Henry Gable the president of the World Broadcasting Network. Elsa waits all day to catch him as he leaves but he is nowhere to be found and the office begins to close. The receptionist lets her know that he went out through the back to avoid her:

And you let me sit here like a fool all day? What kind of place is this?


The receptionist advises her to change her act because Marlene did it better, which causes Elsa to attack her and a man comes running out from the back, Michael Beck Jr. Vice President of casting. BINGO!

1960 Hollywood California-

Elsa Mars gets a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

She is now married to her manager Michael Beck but the marriage isn’t all it’s made out to be. He cheats on her, she cheats on him. More like a business arrangement.

She is asked to perform on Halloween but refuses.

Massimo awaits her at her house, she tells him she’s bored and lonely and wants to runaway with him to be with someone she actually loves. He gives her terrible news that he is dying of lung cancer and only has a month.

She is later approached by her husband and Mr. Gable saying that they found the clip of her legs being sawed off. They also found out about her Freak Show and how it suffered a huge massacre and all the Freaks are dead. Not having much to live for anymore she agrees to perform on Halloween to call out Edward Mordrake to bring her to her death.

Desiree is now married with children.

Jimmy, Bette & Dot are finally together and expecting.

Mordrake stabs Elsa and banishes her back to the Freak Show where she is greeted by Ma Petit and the rest of her Freaks. She becomes the star of the show surrounded by love.



Holy CRAP! So I’m a little upset that Ryan Murphy chose this route to kill everyone off. Dandy’s death wasn’t enough for me being that he was such a huge character on the show. Elsa’s story line was a happily ever after … I wonder if Massimo will be there with her too. Jimmy & the twins, cute. Desiree, good for her. I mean it’s losing its touch!!! Season 1 & 2 had these amazing endings, sort of cliffhangers and after Coven with the happily ever after, he did it again with Freak Show. This season was so promising with the crazy killer clown and the Freaks .. it had so much potential! I believe there was WAY TOO MUCH promotion for this season, too many ads, too many interviews that just gave everything away before it even happened … 

What do you guys think?

Were you happy with the finale?

Were you happy with the season in general?

Did Jessica Lange go out with a bang?

Fresh start / Zayn centric

Prompt: Zayn ,17, is an orphan and is living on the streets. He is robbing houses, selling weed, and he is quite popular, but one day he robs harry’s house who is a successful detective, 22, and harry is unexpectedly home so he catches zayn and gives him 2 choices. 1. He reports him and goes to jail 2. He gets custody of Zayn for a year. Zayn reluctantly chooses the 2. option but things aren’t easy when you have a bad past

Trigger warning: being homeless

word count: 7.5k

A lot of people don’t really care about the homeless people living on the streets. They tend to say that it simply has to be their fault that they are living here and don’t give them money when they walk by because they are only going to buy alcohol or drugs.

When you have a place to stay, a nice comfortable bed, a bathroom and maybe even a fridge filled with delicious food you won’t be able to imagine living on the streets. It’s a daily fight for life.

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