all i want is to appeal to the tweens

about TH's new "LA" sound/image

So I’m seeing a lot of fans rag on TH’s new ~Americanized, or otherwise ~club sound, and um, I just want to say…Girl Got a Gun is like nothing you would hear on American radio or in a club. When TH released Humanoid they found, imo, a very unique sound that really doesn’t have any nationality or clear influence, and that’s what I hear in GGaG as well.

Just because something uses a synth and electronic drums does not make it a club track. And after TH’s interview talking about how much of a process it was to make this album after everything they’ve been through, finding their voice as artists and so on, it seems insulting to them to say “they’re just trying to make club hits”.

As for people saying “they need to return to their old sound”:

The Tokio Hotel you’re romanticizing and want back is a Tokio Hotel where almost all of their music was written for them and their image was highly controlled. I know that hurts to hear because we like to think that TH had a lot of freedom, and I do think they had a say in a lot of things. But the idea that their management didn’t push them in a particular direction to appeal to tween fans is just false. You are idolizing a band that never was and that Tokio Hotel don’t want to be. If you want perfectly written pop-rock tracks with universal messages and safe music videos, you are seriously in the wrong fandom. Tokio Hotel have outgrown their old image and are making music and art for themselves now. You don’t have to like the songs, even, but don’t for a second think they’re being fake or dishonest when that is the exact fucking thing they’re escaping.

To end this on a positive note, I am in love with the teaser for Girl Got a Gun and I’m so excited to see them branch out visually and conceptually.