all i want is this show to go to trial

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Tomorrow, I'm going to the women's march (not in Washington, but in Wisconsin), but I'm honestly afraid to go. Due to all these shootings I'm getting really nervous. I want to go, I already made a sign (Keep your tiny hands off my human rights!), but I'm scared. Do you have any advice to help calm my nerves?

Standing up for what you believe in is going to be the most important thing this country needs during these trying times. We have to show strength and stand up for those that need it. If I could go to a march, I would be there in a heartbeat. We need to stand together and help support one another as we face the trials that are sure to come. And sometimes, standing up for what you believe comes at a personal risk. But nothing gets accomplished without some risk. Fear of risk is what those you are opposing want. Don’t be afraid. Stand strong for your cause. Because not everyone can.

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dude. com on u had all those mocs on a table and tey all looked the same but SU, u had to have token some inspirtation from another moc cuz im lookin at one that looks like the thing u built

learn to type you literal buffoon

this is the main inspiration for su/on. show me the moc you’re talking about. I sat down for a whole month building su/on through trial and error trying to get certain aspects of it looking similar to barbatos. im sure others have tried to replicate barbatos as well but I didnt go looking around for references from other builders. 

I really don’t want to remove the anon option, but you’re really fucking irritating.

Dear IOI

This last year I was very sick for quite some time. I was in the hospital for 2 months and during those 2 months you were the most active and promoting. I hadn’t watched Produce 101 but during my hospital stay I went back and watched the all of your trials and victories.

Watching interviews, variety shows, performances, and fan signs soon became an escape for me and when I got home and was going through rehab and physical therapy it was your music that helped motivate me into wanting to get better.

I’d put on your songs and have myself practice walking again for the duration of the song. Now nearly 3 months being home, I’m able to walk on my own despite the fatigue and now that I’m better you’re time together is over.

I wholeheartedly believe that you were some sort of angels for me in giving me something to look forward to.

Thank you for all your hard work and the weeks and tears and sweat that you put into your music. I can’t wait to support each and every one of you in your future projects.

Thank you IOI.

Let’s Talk YouTube Red!

Can I complain about YouTube Red? I’m going to complain about YouTube Red. I know this has been the topic of discussion, considering we all want to watch Dan and Phil’s: The Amazing Tour Is Not On Fire, the show and the documentary, and I know more than half of us are going to use that free subscription thing to watch them, but what about when that month free trial is over? What if I want to watch it again in, say, February? I can’t. Not unless I want to BUY YouTube Red for $9.99 A MONTH. I don’t want anything else on that channel. I want those two videos and nothing more, yet I can’t buy them. Other countries, that don’t have YouTube Red, can buy them as individual videos and own them forever. Why can’t the countries that have YouTube Red, have the same opportunities as those who don’t? It seems like a bit of a rip off to allow only certain places to buy them individually, but the rest of us would have to pay $9.99 a month just to watch it AGAIN, whenever we may feel like it. People say you can just buy them WITHOUT the YouTube Red subscription, but YouTube on Twitter tells me otherwise. What is the truth? Where can I buy them at a later date without paying $9.99 a month for a random month I want to watch it? Why is YouTube so greedy and want money? Don’t they make enough? They make a hell of a lot more than I do, and I would just like to buy both films to be able to watch them when it’s convenient for me. I’m not complaining about them not being free, I totally understand why it can’t be. But I don’t want to have to go and pay 10 bucks a month when I want to watch it more than once. Unless I have my facts wrong, someone please correct me. Do I have to buy YouTube Red after that trial to watch them again? Or can I buy them like normal videos like the people in the UK can? 


It’s been seven months since protests over the death of an unarmed black man after his arrest erupted into looting and arson, leading Baltimore’s mayor to declare a curfew and call in the National Guard. Now, that unrest remains a potent backdrop as the trial begins for the first of six police officers charged in Freddie Gray’s death.

“I just want peace while the trial is going on,” says Missa Grant, standing at a bus stop across a busy intersection from the former CVS that became a televised symbol of the violence. The store was looted, set fire to, and eventually torn down. The walls of a new red brick structure are now halfway up.

Grant says if the evidence shows the officers are not guilty, so be it. But with such a long and growing list of unarmed black men killed by police all over the country, she doesn’t think everyone will see it that way

“I believe there’s going to be another riot, I really do,” she says. “It’s not what I’m looking for. But I really believe that they’re going to react out if somebody doesn’t have to stand up for what happened to Freddie Gray.”

The officers face six separate, consecutive trials, on charges ranging from second degree depraved heart murder to misconduct in office. Officer William Porter is the first up, charged with manslaughter, assault, and reckless endangerment. He was called in as backup after Gray’s arrest, and was present at several stops of the policy paddy wagon in which the 25-year-old man was transported, handcuffed and in leg irons.

Baltimore Residents Wary As Freddie Gray Trials Slated To Begin

Photos: Jun Tsuboike/NPR

Emison scene - 5x23

This scene was such a moving and emotional  but I don’t anyone realized it. Though Emily and Ali spoke so little, so much was said.

To start off, Alison called EMILY. Not Emily, Spencer and Aria, just her. She didn’t care enough about whether Spencer and Aria were going to the trial, all she cared about was making sure Em was there. This shows how much Ali truly values Emily.

Also, let’s talk about Emily made sure Alison was okay and reassured her that it’ll all be fine. No matter what has happened between them she still cares about Ali and always wants to make sure she is alright. She could tell my the sound of her voice that something was wrong and she knew she needed to fix it.

Let’s now look at one of the most important parts, Emily apologizing to Alison and then Ali apologizing right back. Now it’s easy to assume that Emily was apologizing for turning against her and accusing her of being -A but why was Ali apologizing to Em? I would think that’s probably for not telling the entire truth and keeping so much from her as well as going back and forth with their relationship.


Ali: “I didn’t call to say that [sorry] … I just …” 


I just … called to tell you I miss you.

I just … called to tell you I love you.

I just … called because I can’t stop thinking about you.

I just … called to tell you my feelings have never changed and that I still want you.

But she stays silent and suddenly changes the subject as if choking on her own words, her own thoughts. She didn’t know how to say what she wanted to and she couldn’t bring up her courage enough to say how she felt so she quickly moved on. Leaving all of us broken, as always.

After Em tells her she’ll definitely be there, they sort of run out of conversation and some may even say it’d get awkward but Ali wanted to keep going. She wanted to hear Emily’s voice and feel some sort of sanity like she used to. She didn’t want to stop talking to Em. Charismatic, unique, vibrant, one of the most unsubtle people ever, Alison DiLaurentis was left for the first time ever, was left nervous and anxious while talking to someone. She usually can never say enough but in this conversation, it was as if she was frozen.

Ali: “Is it raining back home?”

She doesn’t care about the weather, she cares about keeping the conversation going. Emily was obviously in the same spot as Ali, completely shocked that Alison called her after all that has happened. She was stunned even trying to talk to her. Alison knew that there was nothing left to say, nothing left she could say, and said goodnight. 

There was SO much said in this scene and even more left unsaid. I don’t know about you but it left me breathless and wanting more. I can see the direction that the writers are heading and I’d rather be going there than be going no where at all. Anything is progress.

This scene was beautiful.


Beyonce rude af.

Watch this teaser for “Lemonade.”

Y’all caught those two screens at the end, right?

First, she released a single before the Super Bowl and got everybody so excited white folks started protesting and losing what’s left of their good sense.

Then, she dropped info about a stadium tour out of nowhere (but, during tax season so you could afford tickets, because Beyonce & Co ain’t no fools).

After that, in lieu of an album, she went back into hiding to put the finishing touching on some damn leggings and tank tops.

Meanwhile, everybody is signing up for Google alerts and trial subscriptions that they don’t even want.  I know a good ten people off the top of my head who signed up for Tidal just in case Beyonce pulled a Kanye/Rihanna and dropped her album exclusively on Jay Z’s Bootleg Spotify.


Y’all got premium cable money?  Beyonce out here pulling stunts and shows and caring naught about your discretionary income on this good day.  


And so it begins!

I hope Beyonce got a fat check from HBO because you know how folks forget to cancel their trials before the first charge!  Collect ALL them coins, Bey.