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all i fuckin want for the yoi movie and season two is to have victor and yuri casually cuddling up and being domestic and fluffy and casually saying i love you and calling each other sweetie and just being cute as fuck in literally every scene they are next to each other. it's all im asking for and in literally going to cry because they are so perfect

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1, 6, 23, 24, and 30 for wondertrev please!!!!!!!

Wondertrev headcanons!

Omg @justpond–eringtheuniverse thank you so much for doing this OTP question meme with me. You have no idea how stoked I am. I love Wondertrev so much my heart could implode and I have so much to say about them! Please bear with me as this is going to be one hell of a long post and I apologise in advance for the overwhelming length.

The following answers are based on my head-canon, in which Steve somehow was resurrected and returned to Diana as an immortal (perhaps as a gift from the powers that be), soon after the explosion and defeat of Ares in 1918, and they have been living blissfully ever after.

I must emphasise the fact that I love fanfics that have Steve resurrected and become immortal in the 21st century as much as the next Wondertrev shipper, given the interesting role reversal and the fish-out-of-water situations that have Steve attempt to adjust to modern technology, but my heart aches whenever I try to imagine how excruciating and disheartening it must have been for Diana to live through a century without Steve. Alas, here we go:

1. Who is the most affectionate?
They are both passionate about each other but their upbringings make them manifest their love and passion very differently. She may seem reserved to others (with the exception of her original friends like Etta and the guys) but Diana is never one to hide her emotions and perpetually deep affection for Steve, in private or in public - she speaks her mind and put her words and thoughts into action, praising, complimenting, kissing, hugging, caressing and touching him whenever possible. Canonically speaking, in the movie, Diana was the one to hold his hand first and she made it clear that she wanted him to stay in her room in the inn in Veld and she even initiated the kiss. She is unfazed by the societal expectations, norms, customs and traditions of Man’s world which were holding Steve back occasionally. I like to think he is just as affectionate (and he certainly loves her as much) but he was also brought up as a gentleman and born in 1880s after all. At first he wasn’t too accustomed to public display of affection beyond hand holding, cupping Diana’s face, touching her hair and light kisses on her forehead or cheeks but eventually he became bolder and more relaxed in public with her, as they cherished every opportunity to be affectionate to their other half, especially after almost losing each other forever that night in the airfield in Belgium in 1918 and the societal standards changed gradually over the century they have been living in as a couple. It also had something to do with how Diana was rubbing off on him with her Amazonian ways. Steve is also the one to shower Diana with surprises whenever possible and mostly something non-materialistic as he knows well enough the preferences of his goddess. At home or in private they are very on par and in sync in terms of affection, although Diana would be more verbal about everything and Steve tries his best to catch up. They just love each other with every fiber of their being.

6. What is their favourite feature of their partner’s?
Diana’s favourite feature(s) of Steve would definitely be his mesmerising and bright cerulean eyes which remind her of the tranquillising blue waters of Themyscira. A close second would be his ash blonde hair (and he’s been keeping the same haircut from 1918 to 2018, as it never goes out of style), followed by his physique. She is just so pleased with his well above-average overall physical appearance and vigour and there is nothing she would find undesirable. To Steve, Diana is his angel (and actual goddess and salvation) and his love for her is a combination of utmost respect, devotion, admiration, affection, adoration and romantic attraction, thus to him she is simply perfect in every sense and it may be hard to pinpoint a feature but if one must ask he would say her eyes can reach one’s soul and her lips hold all the truths in the universe and he would never get tired of savouring her ethereal beauty.

23. Who comes up with cheesy pickup lines?
Gotta hand this one to Steve. His dry and sometimes cheesy humour is incredibly endearing to Diana and when the pickup lines are embarrassing he blushes so hard and Diana would first chuckle and then kiss him. Every now and then she turns the table on him and be the one to say them and for him it is always part hilarious and part enticing. Both of them can be goofy at times and they always end up laughing at the lines together lightheartedly.

24. Who whispers inappropriate things in the other’s ear during inappropriate times?
Both, although Diana instigated this. In the beginning, she didn’t even realise these things and circumstances are inappropriate because they seemed normal on Themyscira. It certainly had him very flustered and made it difficult for him to keep his composure when she first did that. Eventually Steve was emboldened and she knew he could handle this and they frequently do this to each other.

30. One headcanon about this OTP that mends it
This is by far the best question and I could talk about it all day. And if I were a better writer I would turn this into a fic (I actually tried and am still too ashamed to publish it, seeing there are so many brilliant pieces already, or perhaps I will, when I finally have mustered up enough courage to do so). Humour me, yeah?

Essentially, the major headcanon - shortly after blowing up the German bomber plane with himself in it, in Belgium, 1918, Steve was resurrected and returned to Diana as an immortal and they have been living blissfully ever after - encapsulates numerous minor headcanons:

1918 to 1940s:

  • a month into their reunion, Steve proposed to Diana and she immediately said yes; marriage might have been a foreign concept to her at first but after having been through so much in terms of life and death, they couldn’t and wouldn’t be separated again, and matrimony became very justified ; they wanted to hold, cherish and love each other more than anything and they intended to spend the rest of their eternal(!) lives together
  • Diana and Steve had a simple yet blissful wedding ceremony at the City Hall, attended by Steve’s only and elder sister Tracy, Etta, Charlie, Sameer and the Chief and their family members (Steve’s parents passed away before he joined the US Army)
  • Steve was in his US Army military uniform and he was stunned by the breathtaking sight of Diana when she entered the room, escorted by Etta and Tracy; she wore an airy sleeveless and low-cut white silk wedding gown that made her resemble the Greek marble statues and he was lovesick and his eyes glistened with joyful tears and he grinned so hard his cheeks stiffened, meanwhile she was blushing and smiling like he was the most precious being in the universe
  • They were now Steve and Diana Prince-Trevor; Diana thought she liked the sound of Mrs Trevor, there was a nice ring to it, however, out of respect, Steve said it was up to her to keep the surname he crafted for her, and they decided on hyphenating them
  • British Intelligence learnt of Steve’s immortality and his profile became top secret; due to his physical advantage over other officers and criminals, he was assigned special ops and high-risk rescue missions, much to Diana’s dismay (”Steve, you are not invincible, you could still get hurt,” sighed Diana), but Steve wanted to help more people, so he assured her that he would take proper care of himself and if she wanted to help him he was more than content to have her by his side; British Intelligence obviously knew about Diana and her identity as Wonder Woman by now and they condoned this
  • Diana received a degree in ancient art history and archeology from Oxford, completing the courses in less than 3 years, which wasn’t surprising to Steve at all; she speaks hundreds of languages and has an eidetic memory, for starters, and she went on to become a curator of the British Museum

1940s to 1970s:

  • They fought side by side during WWII and helped the allies tremendously in liberating concentration camps, pushing the frontlines and gathering  strategic intel
  • After the war, Steve resumed his secret missions for British Intelligence and Diana also joined SIS, as her colleagues at the British Museum began to show concern for, if not suspect, her apparent lack of aging; the SIS continued to provide them with identifications that could avoid suspicion pertaining to their condition
  • They visited Tracy and her family every now and then; she kept the questions about his peculiarly youthful appearance to herself and Steve was more than grateful for her understanding and she passed on at the age of 70; her children were curious about their uncle’s secret too but knew better not to ask
  • They maintained their close friendships with Etta, Sameer, Charlie and the Chief over the years, up until their passing, either due to old age or illness; afterwards, Diana and Steve had a sabbatical and travelled the world for several years, their wealth accumulated over the years kept them comfortable

1980s to present:

  • After their sabbatical, they parted with British Intelligence to relocate to the US, and there they joined the CIA (the Agency knew about Steve and Diana and their work from top-secret joint missions with the SIS); they were living in the States only every now and then as their operations required frequent worldwide travels; a decade or so later Steve requested a transfer to a command and strategic position based in the US as Diana became a curator for the Smithsonian Institution
  • Another decade later, Justice League was formed, and Steve has been leading US government’s ARGUS since; Diana is Head of Antiquities at Louvre when she isn’t busy saving the world as Wonder Woman
  • 100 years later Diana and Steve are still living happily ever after and saving the world together

Throughout the years:

  • They tried out various flavours and types of ice cream in countries they visited but Diana’s favourite is always the homemade ones Steve concocts for her
  • So is breakfast, they certainly sampled numerous and miscellaneous kinds during their globetrotting travels, yet she always favours the Trevor special, scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, hashbrown, baked beans and toast always all cooked just right and impeccable, prepared before she wakes up and served in a tray to be enjoyed in bed, and always followed by cuddling
  • Steve’s missions always require him to pilot airplanes; despite knowing he is immortal, Diana still gets worried (but she doesn’t make a fuss about it and Steve really appreciates that)
  • Diana and Steve didn’t always just work for the government, they make their best effort to save people outside of the bureaus’ jurisdictions whenever possible
  • Steve’s father’s watch is kept in a safe for preservation; Steve and Diana have been wearing matching watches (besides always wearing matching couple outfits, much to the amusement of their friends and acquaintances)
  • They rarely argue, let alone fight, and if they did they reconcile soon after (Steve is always patient and understanding and Diana is very compassionate and caring)
  • Diana is amused when she realised Steve actually needs glasses (despite his excellent marksmanship) and she chose pairs of them for him; although Steve started wearing contact lens once they were commercialised, he still wears glasses from time to time (think Chris Pine wearing glasses, *wink wink*)
  • Steve is polylingual (English, French, German, Dutch, Danish and Swedish) and Diana is always there to teach him other languages, either for professional or personal/recreational purposes
  • They always make time for vacation
  • They visit Themyscira every 3 years (except during WWII)
  • When they are at home they always find time to sway to some slow and soothing music

As a Metallica fan and a Punisher fan I want to go into why picking “One” as the song choice for the trailer is absolutely 1000% perfect. I also want to delve into the meaning of the song because otherwise there may be some multiple layers of meaning missing behind its use.

“One” was inspired by the movie “Johnny Got His Gun”, in which a soldier who fought in WW1 lost all of his limbs along with being unable to hear, speak, or see due to his injuries. He is kept alive by hospital staff but his existence is a neverending nightmare from which he cannot wake up.  He eventually asks to be humanely euthanized by his nurse via morse code (he uses his head, literally), but she is stopped before she can help him. He realized the Army is going to keep him alive like this and can only tap out, “SOS”.

Scenes from the move were used in the music video, which was used as an exploration of this mans pain, his PTSD, and the horrifying condition the Army kept him in. We can see this reflected in the trailer with Frank reliving the trauma of losing his family, along with being betrayed by his own government, much in the same way the man was in the movie. 

I believe Frank represents the veterans who have been traumatized and left broken by a government that uses up it’s military members and doesn’t support them after they’ve been chewed up and spit back out by war. Veterans who struggle with debilitating mental illnesses and physical injuries along with having to navigate the bureaucratic system which should be helping them but instead ignores their pleas for help. It is no secret that the US government has not been kind to it’s veterans, and it’s honestly a goddamn shame.

Anyways, if you’d like to see the video, here it is in it’s extended form:

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could you do prompts 33 and 37 with reddie?? like senior year skipping class in the school bathroom to make out nd they're just jokin around and having a nice time?? thanks sm!

NOTE: I’m not comfortable making any sexual jokes like that first prompt with either of the boys as high schoolers as they are under 18 and I am over 18 and I don’t want to sexualize minors in any way at all. So I’m gonna change the idea around a little if that’s okay. It will still have both prompts and they will still be sneaking around to make out but they are both 19 and in college.

Eddie Kaspbrak strolled quickly around the corner of the English building, moving as fast as his frustratingly short legs would take him. He’s 19 years old now, he should have had more of a growth spurt by now. But much to his dismay he stands at a mere 5’5” (though he will argue he is 5’5 and a half with Richie any day), which makes it much harder to get to class on time without running and giving himself an asthma attack. He knew he was dangerously close to being late, and Eddie Kaspbrak was NEVER late. He sighed as he strolled past the buildings restrooms, when a hand comes out of nowhere and stops him dead in his tracks.

Eddie shrieks in surprise as he watches his best friend and boyfriend of 3 years (who saw that coming, not him) Richie Tozier pop animatedly out from around the corner, still with his hand pressed against Eddie’s chest to stop him from walking.

“Bill probably heard that scream from all the way in his dorm across campus.” Richie jokes casually.

Eddie rolls his eyes. “I’m a screamer. Not sexually, just at life in general.”

“I can make that sexually.” Richie waggles his eyebrows at the smaller boy.

Eddie doesn’t hesitate to smack Richie’s arm at that. “We’re in a school building, dumbass, shut up!” He hisses at Richie.

Richie shrugs, clearly not bothered.

Eddie rolls his eyes and continues talking. “What are you doing here? You know I have class at 1! I gave you my schedule and laminated it for you so you wouldn’t spill anything on it, remember?” Eddie asks his boyfriend.

“I know, that’s how I knew I’d find you here,” Richie explains. “Skip class today with me Eds.”

“Richie, I have to go! I could miss some vital information about a project or something, and I’ll definitely be behind on homew-“ Eddie is cut off by Richie’s ginger presses against his lips.

“Edward, shut it. You’re 2 weeks ahead on your schoolwork for English, I know that for a fact. You can miss a day, it won’t kill ya.” Richie says convincingly. He adds a puppy dog pout to top off his argument.

Eddie rolls his eyes and smiles at his dopey boyfriend. “Okay. Just toda-“

Richie whoops in delight and pulls Eddie into the bathroom. As soon as they’re inside and no one can see them, Richie guides Eddie against the wall and connects their lips.

Eddie squeaks in surprise but doesn’t attempt to leave. Instead he drops his bag and relaxes into the kiss, winding his arms around Richie’s neck. Richie prods at Eddie’s lips with his tongue and Eddie opens his mouth to deepen their kiss.

Richie breaks away to kiss at Eddie’s neck, occasionally biting and sucking at it to make Eddie gasp.

“Rich, we’re in public, we should-“ Eddie starts but is cut off by Richie’s lips again.

When Richie pulls away he pauses to take in Eddie’s disheveled appearance. He always loved the Eddie looked when his hair was combed neatly and his shirts were pristine but seeing his hair slightly ruffled and his shirt lopsided and his lips pinker than usual was a sight he adored.
His thoughts were interrupted by Eddie’s quiet voice.

“Let’s go get ice cream Rich, like we used to. If we’re skipping, we’re doing it right, yeah?” Eddie asks.

Richie smiles and backs away from Eddie so the younger boy could gather his backpack. “Sounds perfect Eds.”

“But I’m driving though,” Eddie instists, “You’re a maniac on the road.”

Richie gasps and pretends to be offended. “You’re such an ass!”

“But a fine looking one, yes?” Eddie shoots back.

Richie throws his head back and cackles at that.

“The finest.” Richie confirms, still giggling.

Eddie smiles at him and links their hands together. “Come on then, let’s get out of here.”

“Tally-ho!” Richie states loudly in his most ridiculous British accent as he ushers Eddie out the building doors.

Eddie giggles fondly and walks hand in hand with Richie down the steps and off towards his car.

When it came down to it, he’d much rather have these moments with Richie than be in class anyway.

so i was rewatching jon’s scenes in baby driver (as one does) and just for the heck of it i timed how long he was in the movie…..and it came out to roughly 6-7 minutes of him actually onscreen 

what do i have to do go get more griff in my life??


sooo my sister just sent this to me and I am pissed tf off 

as someone who is Native American, I would be thrilled to walk into the Disney store and see Pocahontas merch. she was one of my favourites as a kid, still is my hero - for being brave, strong, wonderous, selfless, and teaching a lesson that most adults today can even begin to grasp (love is more important than hate). I have 2 Disney stores within driving distance of me and neither of them ever carry merch from this movie (if they do, it’s the rare, rare Meeko plushie) but if I saw some, I would snatch it up in a heartbeat.

the real point I’m trying to make here: it’s Disney. it’s for children. willing to bet the dress in the photo wouldn’t fit anyone over the age of 8, and if you’re going to hound them about cultural appropriation, then you’re just a childhood ruining asshole. 

when a child would put on that dress, it’s likely after seeing the movie - after seeing a beautiful, strong, wonder-seeking woman on screen and wanting to emulate that themselves. they don’t do it with the malice intentions of making fun of all Native American people 

I understand there’s a lot of bigger stuff at play here, but please, let kids be kids, let adults enjoy stuff from their childhood when they want to, and all you fucking bitter adults please stop projecting your inner depressions and political agendas onto harmless children’s cartoons 



A Sam Holland imagine loosely based on the song Evermore from the new Beauty and the Beast. I recommend listening to the song before reading. Enjoy!

You and Sam were the perfect couple. You’d been together since you were 14 and you never had any problems. Of course, that all changed when you turned 18. Suddenly, being adults brought on hell and high water for your relationship. You had to start making real adult life choices and everything seemed to just slip through your fingertips, including Sam.

It all happened on that fateful night at Tom’s new movie premiere. You’d been arguing about what you guys were going to do after high school. You wanted to go to university while Sam didn’t. You fought about whether to move in together, whether you’d have any money, etc. You had been fighting every night for weeks. It being a special night for his older brother didn’t change that. You stood outside the theater while the movie played, screaming at one another for the fifth time that week. It burned your throat to yell at the person you loved so much. It felt like you were choking on your words and your lungs were filling with molten lava.

You didn’t know what you were doing when the words came out of your mouth, you were just too angry to think about spending another minute together.

“I’m done, Sam.” You whispered. It was a shocking change from the loud dialogue you two were having before.

“What?” His tone matched yours. You could see the fear in his eyes.

“I can’t do this anymore. I’m sorry,” you went to turn away, but he grabbed your arm.

“Please don’t do this,” he begged.

You could see the tears in his eyes and it hurt worse than anything to see him like that. Although, you knew you couldn’t back down. So you simply pulled your arm out of his grasp. You turned around and lifted the bottom of your dress so you wouldn’t trip before running off in the opposite direction.

Everyday you didn’t wake up to a text from him or see his smile felt foreign and wrong. You weren’t that same without him by your side. Hell, you could barely remember a time that he wasn’t. It wasn’t until three months later that you saw him again.

Harry called you to invite you to his first art show. He had rented out a hall so he could put his photography up for everyone to see. You were thrilled to hear the happiness in his voice when he told you about it. You told him you’d be there and that you couldn’t wait to see him. You wanted to ask how Sam was, but you knew that would be a bad idea. You were honestly scared of what the answer was.

That night you dressed in the nicest clothes you’d worn since the premiere night. You grabbed your keys, waving goodbye to your parents, and headed out the door. It was a short cab ride to the place where the show was. When you walked in there were so many people and you couldn’t help but be proud of Harry. You saw him in the corner, explaining a picture to someone. You waved and he came running over to you.

“Darling!” He shouted as he hugged you and spun you around in the air. “You came.”

“Of course I came,” you moved a stray piece of hair away from his face and he rolled his eyes at you.

“Always acting like my mother, aren’t you?”

“Always,” you winked at him.

He pointed towards the beginning of the show and you gave him a quick squeeze on his arm before making your way over to the massive photographs on the wall.

It took you about half an hour to make it all the way through. At the back of the room was a hallway with other photos in it. You looked around for someone to explain what they were, but then you overheard Harry explaining it to someone.

“These are photos that my, well I call them my students, took. This side is my friend Harrison’s and the other side are my brother Sam’s photos.”

As soon as you heard his name leave Harry’s lips you felt your body tense. You took a deep breath before stepping into the small hallway. You didn’t know Sam even liked photography. You looked at Harrison’s photos first, not knowing if you could handle the other side of the wall.

You waited a moment before steadying yourself and turning around. Your eyes grew wide as you saw the five photos before you. They were all of you. There was one of you laughing, another of you blowing a kiss at the camera, one of you sleeping. There was one taken of your back the night of the premiere and one of you with your baby cousin. You didn’t even know he’d taken those photos at the time.

Your hand clasped over your mouth in shock. Tears welled up in your eyes when you looked up at the title over the five photos.

To my inspiration in everything I do.

A soft sob left your lips as your brain twirled around the information it was taking in. The photos were absolutely gorgeous. You had never seen yourself like that before. It was the way he saw you, and you’d left him alone three months ago.

“Um,” you turned around to see Harry behind you, his hands in his pockets and head low. “He told me to invite you. He needed you to see them. He needed you to see that no matter what you would never leave him. You would always be there in his heart.” You wiped your eyes of tears and faked a smile in Harry’s direction.

“Thank you,” your voice came out horse. “Where is he?”

“Home,” Harry stepped closer to you. “He barely leaves the house anymore. He’s basically wasting away.”

Your heart ached as you listened to Harry. You turned back around to look at the photos again. You’d done that to him. You’d ruined Sam Holland because you couldn’t handle a few fights.

“Would he want to see me?”

Harry nodded vigorously. He knew that the only thing in the world his brother wanted to see was you.

You took one last look at the photos and a smile spread across your face. You quickly hugged Harry before running out into the London street. You called a cab and gave him the address of the home you’d practically grown up in. You got there within a few moments. You gave the driver some cash before hopping out of the cab and running up the steps to the front door.

You knocked on it and it opened to show the familiar smile of Nikki Holland. She looked shocked to see you standing there. It had been a long time since she’d seen the site.

“Is something wrong dear?” Nikki asked you when she noticed how flustered you looked. You shook your head with a smile on your lips.

“Is Sam here?” It felt good to say his name. It was the first time in a long time since it floated off of your lips. Nikki nodded her head towards his bedroom and you thanked her before running down the hallway.

You lifted your hand to knock on the door. Your adrenaline was pumping through you like never before. After you knocked you heard a low and raspy voice ask who it was. It wasn’t the voice of the man you loved. It was different. He used to sound so happy. It broke your heart to know that you two being apart had changed him so much. Then the door swung open suddenly.

You looked up at Sam, but he didn’t look the same. His hair was much longer and his usual bright hazel eyes looked dark and dull. The smile you were used to seeing was nowhere in sight.

His jaw dropped slightly at the site of you. You were so beautiful. It was like seeing an angel after being in hell for years. He went to say something but you cut him off by throwing your arms around his neck. His hands instinctively wrapped around your waist. His grip on you was extremely tight, due to the fact that he wasn’t entirely sure you were even  real. You could hear him let out a huge sigh of relief at the feeling of you being in his arms again. His hand came up to hold your head, his fingers entangling in your hair.

“Finally,” you heard him murmur as he nuzzled his head into your neck.

Your fingers massaged the back of his head, trying to comfort him as well as let him know that you felt the same as he did. That being back in his arms again felt like heaven on earth.

Sam took a few steps back so that you were in his room. He didn’t dare let go of you. He thought that if he lost his grip on you for one moment he’d lose you forever. His hand came around from the back of your head to the side of your face, cupping your cheek. You pulled your face away from his neck and smiled at him.

“You’re so much more beautiful than I remembered.” He whispered to you. You could feel tears of happiness rolling down you cheeks. You hadn’t realized how much had been missing from your life until this moment.

You leaned forward to connect your lips to his. They were more chapped than you remembered, but it didn’t matter to you. The kiss was full of all the love and passion that you’d been missing in the time that you were apart.

“I love you, Sam Holland. I love you so much and I am so so sorry.” You say to him while your foreheads are pressed together. He shakes his head against yours.

“Don’t apologize,” his thumb moves up and down your cheek bone.

“I should never have left you. I-”

He cut you off by shushing you and pressing his lips to yours again. His lips moved from yours to your cheek, then you nose, and finally your forehead. They lingered there for a moment as he took in the scent of his favorite perfume. His eyes flickered back down to yours and you smiled at him. You hadn’t looked into this beautiful eyes in so long. It felt like a lifetime since you’d been this happy.

There was a knock on the door behind you two. You untangled yourselves from each other’s arms to see Harry with a massive smile on his face.

“I take it my favorite couple is back together then?” He crossed his arms over his chest with a smirk.

“Back and better than ever,” you laced your fingers with Sam’s and squeezed his hand. He looked down at you like you were magic. He still couldn’t believe you were standing next to him again.

“I love you,” he blurted out.

You smiled and went up on your tiptoes to kiss him again. Harry made a gagging sound and you laughed against your boyfriend’s lips.

“Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do, you crazy kids,” Harry said as he shut the door and walked off to his room.

Only seconds later you heard excited cheering coming from Tom’s room next door, you giggled at the thought of his excitement over you two getting back together.

“So,” you swung Sam and yours hands in the air. “I’m your inspiration?” Sam rolled his eyes before smiling down at you.

“You’re so much more than that. You’re my whole world.” It was something he’d said to you a million times, but this time felt so much more special. You started walking backwards towards his bed, pulling him with you.

“Show me.” You sat on the edge of the bed and he stood over you.

“Gladly, my love,” he leaned down to kiss you as the two of you laid back into his pillows.

things to remember when going to the movie / after watching it

when watching

  • there’s going to be some flashing when the words “ultimate weapon” and “ultimate ultimate weapon” are mentioned (x)
  • if you’re skeptical, try to keep an open mind. this is a different universe than the show, the characters won’t all be exactly the same, they were raised in a different environment
  • be respectful to any children present, i feel like this doesn’t need to be said, but it’s definitely important
  • most importantly, sit back and enjoy! let yourself get lost in the story for those couple hours! laugh at jokes! have fun!

after watching

  • make sure to tag your spoilers or keep them to a separate blog, not everyone can see the movie right away
  • there will be new people who liked the movie coming onto tumblr and other social media sites who haven’t watched the show, don’t be rude to them
  • (also: not all of them will want to watch the show, be respectful of their decisions)
  • movie reviewers won’t all adore the movie, since it’s going to be compared to the previous lego movies, and may be seen as inferior. it sucks, but just remember that if they haven’t seen the show it may not be as entertaining for them.
  • overall, just respect others’ opinions on the movie, not everyone will like it, don’t let yourself get too upset about it. your own happiness in terms of how you liked the movie will always be most important, don’t let anyone ruin your happiness.

tl;dr: just don’t be rude or mean, respect others’ opinions, and have fun!

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How was the movie??

Honestly, it was fantastic! I absolutely loved it and was on the edge of my seat all the way through. The thing that I loved about the first movie was just how fun it was and they definitely managed to keep that up in TGC, totally a worthy sequel to TSS.

(I’m trying so hard to not go again this afternoon)

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it (2017) except pennywise isnt real at all, theyre all just playing make believe in the sewers like the dirty 13 year old little shits they are.

also georgie doesnt die he just got sick when they were all playing in the rain so mrs denborough wont let him play with the big kids anymore :((

holy shit @ amazon’s current comics sale - star wars

i just want y’all to know that the kindle version of the entire darth vader 2015 comics run is currently on sale today, 9/20/17, for under $9 (USD), and if you haven’t read it PLEASE DO SO? this is (a) the series that, despite all 6 movies, made me care the most about this guy and (b) introduces doctor aphra, who i love, and who you probably will love also. her first standalone volume is currently on sale for $3.

you can collect the ongoing star wars 2015-now run and get up to date on 5 fucking volumes for $11.80

getting caught up to date on poe dameron will cost you only $4.40

the entire lando calrissian mini-series is $1.80

those are all i have time to look up but HOLY SHIT, i’m regretting shelling out for physical trades at this time, because this is… so cheap….. 

keep in mind that i’m not sure if this sale is anywhere but US kindle, so you’ll have to check, and you can’t read kindle comics in your browser – you’ll need to use a kindle app on a mobile device or tablet probably (barring those who have actual kindles)

Real Talk

Where do I put like….a disclaimer so no one gets confused?

I loved the movie IT. I thought the kids were great characters, and think a couple of their ships are cute.

I like them in a sweet, kids with an innocent crush kind of way, and that’s it. They are literal children, after all.


bewareofchris  asked:

"#she didn't manipulate him!!!#it was all his ideaaaaa!!#omg she is ust a kiiiiiddddd!!!#BITCH WHERE#like don't come at me with that bullshit that she is a hero or remorseful because I have never seen it#if they had even hinted at it fine but no#even cap tells her they cant save everyone#like dude pls the previous movie you wanted to save everyone or die trying#and now you don't care#??????#marvel#tony#wanda" Yes. Exactly

I understand why they wanted to make her a hero, I do, but if they had taken the time to make her seem like she cared I would have had more feeling for her, she went from villain to hero in .05 seconds just because??? that makes no sense! And then thaat whole scene with Cap telling her “Some times we cannot save everyone” that whole scene was a mess, they could have gone a completely different path and still keep the same feeling of caring for her if Steve had told her something like “It never stops hurting, but is because of that feeling that we must keep moving forward, so that next time we will be able to save one person more” or something like “I cannot tell you to let go of that guilt because I don’t believe it is something anyone can do, but don’t let it consume you, pull you down, instead use it as a reminder that we are all humans, we are not perfect, but we do what we can, and if next time we can help one person more than last time, then the weight of that guilt will be worth it”. Personally I would have liked something like that more.

Oh please…

…just because Alicia’s Laraboot has dual pistols and a braid it doesn’t mean old Lara is back!

I am happy some people will enjoy the movie, good for all of you. Alicia looks fantastic, she even looks like a younger version of Angelina to me. She will surely show us all how good she is. But this all has nothing to do with the classics.

Do NOT say it is our iconic classic Lara back when it is NOT. Just dual pistols and braid won’t do the magic

Modern au Race x reader drabble

This was requested by @rosesrace

This probably isn’t what you wanted, but I wrote this in around half an hour and it’s almost two in the morning, so I should be sleeping. Anyways, happy reading. (If you ever want to be tagged in something, just ask.)

544 words


Harry Potter spoilers? Idk if they’re really spoilers. Also like two swear words.

“Are you ready?” y/n asked Race as she put down all eight movies on the coffee table.

“Ya kidding me? Ise been waiting all week,” Race replied.

“You know what I don’t get? You’re in high school, yet you haven’t even read a paragraph out of the Harry Potter series. I mean, it’s one of the most incredible book series in the entire world. You’ve got friendships, relationships, witches and wizards, some of the most dynamic characters, and so much more,” y/n explained.

“Ise just never had the time,” Race defended.

“That’s what you’ve said every time I’ve asked why you haven’t read them.”

“Ise mean, there’s the movies.”

“Yeah, but do the movies include the scene where Winky is accused of conjuring the Dark Mark? Do they include the ‘There’s no need to call me sir, professor’ scene? Do they include the scene where Voldemort summons the Sorting Hat, sets it on fire, and puts it on Neville’s head, but Neville, being the new badass he is, takes it off, pulls out the Sword of Gryffindor, and kills Nagini?” Race just stared at the girl, confused by what she just said. “Exactly. The books are always better than the movies. JK Rowling is a queen. Enough said, go make the popcorn. I’ll order the pizza and set up the movie. Make sure to add the salt and butter to the popcorn this time otherwise it’ll taste like nothing.”

The couple then made haste with y/n ordering pizza and setting up the movie and Race making the popcorn.

After a couple of minutes, the popcorn was made and pizza ordered. All that was left to do was start the movie.

Four movies in and y/n was getting a little tired. She was sitting next to Race and sharing a blanket with him. Y/n decided to get a little more comfortable. She laid her head on his lap which took the boy by surprise. He was a little awkward at first, but then y/n said “I’m tired.” This made it a little less uncomfortable for the boy who had the head of the girl he likes in his lap.

Once the fifth movie came on, y/n was out. Her head was snuggled into Race’s lap while he was stroking her hair. She looked so peaceful. Like an angel. She had a few strands of hair in her face, but Race pushed them aside. Her lips looked so tempting. So soft. He had to resist the urge to kiss them, so he settled for her forehead.

“You do realize I’m awake?” she asked which made Race practically jump across the room.

“I… I’m sorry. Youse just looked so peaceful and beautiful, and I couldn’t resist it. Ise better get going anyways,” Race informed.

“Racetrack Higgins, get your ass over here,” y/n demanded. Race cautiously walked up to the girl. Once he was close enough, y/n pulled him in for a kiss. “I’ve been waiting to do that since freshman year,” y/n said.

Race was awestricken and muttered out “You… you have?”

“Yep, now come over here and give me another one.”

Let’s just say the rest of the night consisted of a lot of snuggling and kissing.

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I asked for something to be tagged and someone decided it would be really nice to be rude to me and it made me angry, what's a good way to cleanse negative energy

I’m sorry that happened. That sucks.

You may want to cleanse your computer. You can smoke cleanse it, or smoke cleanse your router. You can also draw a cleansing symbol, close all your tabs and refresh your computer with the sigil on the keyboard.

To cleanse yourself, you may want to take a shower, drink some tea, watch a funny movie, play music and dance–lots of ways! Anything to cheer yourself up. Maybe light some candles for an extra boost (^ц^ )

So I have seen Kingsman the golden circle and it was AMAZING. I really enjoyed it, but since I don’t want to spoil anything, that’s pretty much all you’ll know for a while xD

But yeah seriously, if you’ve like the 1st movie, I am pretty sure you will enjoy this one :D