all i want is for one person to reblog a selfie

♥⇢ Ok so I’ve never done one of these and I actually appreciate all of my mutuals… Even if we’ve never actually talked, I want you guys to know that I’m here if you ever need to talk, rant, have me reblog your selfie/edit, anything really (even if it’s not hp!! tag me on your photography!!). Y’all are amazing and I hope you have a lovely 2017!!

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New SF9 and NCT blog!

Hello, everyone!

So, along with just reblogging things on this blog, I will be doing mtl and ships for both SF9 and NCT 😄

I have no rules for mtl other than I will not include underage members in smutty mtls and I will not do things like “SF9 mtl to date (insert body type)” because I don’t think that’s fair to everyone.

I’ll do three types of ships (for NCT please just tell me if you want all units or just one):

Personality ships:
You can send me things about you like what you enjoy and what you’re attitude is like.

Selca ships:
You can send me 1-2 selfies and I will ship you based off your looks.

Kink ships:
Basically you would send me your kinks and all that jazz and I’ll ship you based on that (underage members will not be involved).

And you can get shipped with both groups or just one, just please tell me 😊

I’ll also do drabbles from time to time and I’ll post about that when I get more followers.

So yes, I hope this can be a fun place and you all can enjoy my blog!

Personal blog

okay i decided to create a separate blog for personal posts @be-na-dikt where i’ll be whining sometimes about stuff and maybe post selfies or aesthetics or something. 

This one will remain as my main one where i’ll post all the art and cosplay AND will reblog posts. literally nothing changes about this one. i’m just not comfortable enough to complain here cause that’s not why y’all followed me + that feels like personally whining to like all of you and i am not fan of it.

You’re totally welcome to follow my personal blog if you want even if we’re not mutuals

Look at this site
Isn’t it neat?
Wouldn’t you think my spam blog’s complete?
Wouldn’t you think I’m the girl
The girl who has everymeme?

Look at this thread
Messages unread
How many replies can one person send?
Lookin’ around here you’d think
She’s got everymeme

I’ve got Shrek and Bee Movie a plenty
I’ve got text posts and anons galore
You want Kardashian reaction gifs? I got twenty
But who cares?
No big deal
want more

I wanna be where the good posts are
I wanna see, wanna see ‘em bloggin’
Typin’ around on those—what do ya’ call 'em?—oh, phones.

Shitposting you don’t get too far
Notes are required for going viral
Scrollin’ along down a—what’s that word again?–feed.

Up where they get
Notes on selfies
Up where shop all their own memes
Bloggin’ so free
Wish I could be
Part of those posts

What would I give
If I my reblog
Actually mattered?
What would I pay
To spend a day
Feeling relevant?
Bet ya up there
They don’t even care
Bet they don’t mind not using a queue
Pics of puppies
Liberal yuppies
Ready to stand

And I’m ready to ask what those people know
Submit 'em my cat pics
And get some followers
What’s a relatable post and how does it—what’s the word?— notes?

When’s it my turn?
Wouldn’t I love
Love to explore that world up above?
Up in your feed
Wish I could be
One of those blogs

Up in your feed
Wish I could be
One of those blogs

FANDOM SHIPS: I ship you with

I finally hit 1K!

THANK YOU everyone for reading my fics and liking my writing. In order to show my gratitude, I’ve decided to do fandom ships for y'all.

Send me an ask and I will tell you who I ship you with, the fandom, ship name and a small one shot for you.
The fandoms I will include are:

  • Sherlock (obviously)
  • Marvel Cinematic Universe (Avengers, X-Men etc)
  • Harry Potter
  • DC (Mostly Justice League)

If you want this:

  • Make sure you follow this account  and/or  this mutlifandom trash (my main blog, for those who don’t follow Sherlock or do not want to follow my sherlock imagines blog.)
  • Send an ask with your name, description, personality, sexuality(I will assume you are a girl and heterosexual, otherwise) and optional- selfie tag.( Try to be off anon? )
  • Lastly, reblog this post.

[I know that I only post Sherlock fics here but everyone needs a little change right? If you do not want to see these posts on your dash then please blacklist #ishipyouwith*. 
Also, if you are not in a certain fandom that is listed but want one of these, you may specify the fandom(s) you are not in, in the asks.
If you have any other related questions, feel free to ask.]

I have lots of work at hand so I’m going to be slow but this will be fun, I promise!


You guys, I’m psyched on this wave of selfies coming out of herpblr! My general rule is if you post a selfie, I’ll reblog it. (I’ve hopped onto itsaciscoworld’s new tag)

Because you are all beautiful as fuck

because we could all use more exposure to the real life side of herpes (the more faces - in numbers and in diversity - the better!)

because it is courageous and badass to assert “this is who I am, this is what I say I am” when so many forces in our society are trying to keep us from doing that, and I want to validate everyone who chooses to assert that. 

If you aren’t into selfies / aren’t ready to post your face / simply don’t want to post your face, 

that’s cool too. 

We all face different consequences (or not) for how we put ourselves into the world, based on our particular circumstances, and different personal boundaries. There’s no one way to be strong and brave, and I personally aspire to help make this a space where no one has to prove their worth. That shit is undeniable. 

the strawhats if they had blogs

Luffy - mostly vines, any kind of meme that can possibly be posted. personal fav is dickbutt. mourns the loss of the tumblr glitch, is also the greatest shitposter of all time. his sidebar img is a picture of “thwomp” with “rest in piece” in black cursive letters with a faded white border (usopp made it for him). takes selfies and vines with random people on the street. has 4 fake about pages and the real one just says “im luffy the pirate king” and redirects to Never Gonna Give You Up after 10 seconds. usopp helped him with this. tumblr claim to fame is eating a bathbomb

Zoro - a blog with the basic theme titled “zoro”. theres 3 posts and theyre all pictures of his swords

Nami - aesthetic blog. generally only posts ocean pictures and orange things. buys a lot of bath bombs and posts pics

Usopp - fashion/art blog. makes custom themes and mostly just reblogs from the other strawhats. has one of those weird statcounter things that says who from where is on your blog

Sanji - food pics. lots of food pics. sidebar is something similiar to “Sanji. 21. Cook. Fighter. Stuck eternally in the friendzone.”

Chopper - uses his as a diary, talks about medicine a lot. has a ~cute~ theme with little pixels on it. likes to reblog cool anime graphics even though he hasn’t seen most of the shows theyre from

Robin - mostly literary analysis. pictures of book covers and reviews of book stores that she’s been to. also likes to liveblog horror movies and review them. sometimes posts nature sketches. sometimes reblogs posts making fun of john green

Franky - posts pictures of things hes built and takes selfies w everything. his theme is that old Plaid theme that tumblr removed even though usopp offers to make one for him because his blog looks fucking awful

Brook - only has his official Soul King blog. answers all of his fanmail personally tho

Official Announcment for CPN


Okay, as everyone knows last week’s CPN took place solely on my blog through submissions. Last week I got 300+ selfies and I still didn’t get through all of them. So for the sake of my sanity and for the sake of everyone getting their selfie posted, this week I want everyone to POST THEIR OWN SELFIES ON THEIR OWN BLOGS WITH THE #CPN AND/OR #CLEXAKRU POSITIVITY NIGHT. The event will last all of Friday (07/15/16 in the US) instead of during certain times (because people from EU and etc missed last weeks CPN) and I will be going through the CPN tag reblogging peoples selfies with my own personal compliments just like last week. As those of you know last weeks theme was finding one personal attribute about yourself that you liked, this weeks theme is favorite snapchat filters. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE SNAPCHAT, YOU CAN STILL PARTICIPATE, THEMES ARE OPTIONAL BUT IT WOULD BE FUN. If you absolutely must have your selfie as anonymous because of personal reasons. Please upload your selfie to a tinypic link and send it as anon and I will post it. PLEASE ONLY DO THIS IF IT IS ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY BECAUSE IT DOES SLOW DOWN THE PROCESS OF GETTING TO EVERYONES SELFIE. 

If you have any questions please message me! 

Project Self Esteem: Now Reblogging Your Selfies #cloneclubselfesteem

Hi there friends!

Some of you know that I’ve been going through a rough time. Unfortunately we all have our demons, and one of the things about myself that I’ve found dwindling due to recent events is my self-esteem. I understand that this may be a familiar feeling to many of you and I think it’s time we all come together in solidarity around this. 

So, in an attempt to feel better about myself and maybe help others do the same, I propose #cloneclubselfesteem. 

  • What is #cloneclubselfesteem?

    #cloneclubselfesteem is a project of posting selfies and spreading positivity. This was originally conceived as a personal project but I invite everyone to join in. 

  • How does it work?
  1. Post as many selfies as you want using #cloneclubselfesteem
  2. I will be reblogging all of your selfies and writing kind words in the tags
  3. You do the same! (Some of you already do. Go you! You’re an inspiration for this!)
  • Don’t want your selfie reblogged here?

    Let me know in the tags! Feel free to also let me know if I wrongly reblogged your selfie.

  • How long will it last?

    For now, I will do this at least for the rest of the month of April. But if it goes well and all of you enjoy it, I’d be happy to continue this indefinitely. 

  • Don’t want to use the #cloneclubselfesteem tag?

    Just let me know! I’d be happy to track whatever selfie tag you already use. 

All of this is of course optional. A friendly reminder to keep this a safe space, so kind words only please. If there’s anything I’ve learned it’s that being compassionate towards others makes you feel better about yourself. 

I will also be participating in this project on my personal blog (the link will be below the “read more” so that this blog may remain anonymous if you so choose). 

You’re all beautiful, Clone Club. xx

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Small, quiet, rundown and in the back alley Fitblrs

Hey guys! i am looking for “small” fitblrs to be my inspirations, ones with personal stuff, and tidbits about their life, not just reposts of slim-thin-already done ladies and gents! i want your selfies, your sloppy foods, bad angles and real lives! honesty, strength courage and the need to start over! if you are one of those blogs, please reblog this and i will follow you! i want to not only see you guys but also share you and your lives with my followers! so follow me/this post in order to meet more people like yourself! i am calling all fitblrs that are themselves!

If this bitch is really trying to make this selfie week happening I will personally advocate we blackout the entire fucking month of march this is ridiculous. All of these butthurt people want their own day to reblog their selfie like you must truly have no fucking concept of what blackout truly was it was not just some “quirky fun thing to do” it was literally life changing for some people i’m telling you right now if I see one selfie week post on my dash I will not hesitate to unfollow you. Stop stealing from black people, this was our event for our community for our own reasons, not a fucking invitation for every other race to have their own “version” of blackout. 

It was not for you, and it never was. Stop being anti-black. 

I recently got an ask suggesting to organize another barduil fandom meetup, and since it’s been about a year and a half since the first one, many people who got into the ship later missed it, so… why not! :3

The concept is simple (and was all @kenaiskoda‘s idea!) - on September 17th, you’re all invited to post selfies (or something else if you’re not comfortable with posting pics of yourself) in the ‘barduil fandom meetup tag, and talk about yourself (as much as you want!)

You’re also welcome to share your headcanons, tell us about how you got into barduil, what are your favourite fics/fanarts, promote whatever you’ve created for the ship… anything you want!

The point is to get to know each other a little better and share some love and positivity by reblogging/replying to/liking each other’s posts. (by the way, please, only one post per person!) The first meetup really was a lovely and successful event, so let’s do this again and have fun, shall we? :D

Please reblog this post to spread the word!

Alright everyone! Dust off those Autumn looks and get out your cameras because it is time for another selfie party!

Saturday, November 21st from 5~9:30 pm (est) I will be reblogging everyone’s selfies with some personalized kind messages in the tags, so just mention me in selfies, new or old, to get my immediate attention!

As with all of my past parties I have one rule; if you are going to participate you must be willing to reblog other selfies from the party and add encouraging messages in the tags. Everyone deserves to feel good!

So! Saturday evening, November 21st from 5~9:30 pm! See you then!!~♡☆

Lads. I think it’s time we do another one. Same rules as before: 1-4 selfies of you, short description of yourself (ex: name, age, what you identify yourself as). Remember to tag your post under #Sidemen Tumblr Meetup Also, if you don’t feel comfortable showing your face, just make a short text post about yourself. 😊 The fandom has obviously grown tremendously since the last time we did this in June, so this is a great way for people to get to know the fandom on a more personal level. ❤

SO GUYS LISTEN UP my friend, Vida, is meeting the one and only connor franta next week at his book signing and being the lovely person she is she’s making a little scrapbook full of messages to give to connor from anyone who wants to send in stuff! it could be anything from a cute hello to a thank you, hell if you want you could even draw something or take photos of connor related things like merch selfies- this is your chance to send connor anything you like and she’ll add your URL or your twitter @ . I know youtubers love seeing things their viewers have made for them especially as they know they can’t meet all of us individually so this is a really great way to show your support and appreciation for everything connor has done for us and to show him how proud we all are of everything he has achieved. so if you have anything you want to submit you can send it to me and I’ll pass it on or you can send it to Vida’s twitter (@ wildheartxkian) thank you if you do this it really means a lot to vida and i’m sure connor will love seeing your messages

Oh hey, look what I got in the mail: Proof that I am the Emperor’s Finest, a great gift (for a great guy) by just40k

If you want one of these, which you do, you can order them over at Redbubble, from all of ours favourite 40k blog!

And yes, this is a selfie. Don’t you worry, I understand my dashing good looks may be a bit daunting but I am really quite nice.

And don’t forget to try to love yourself today, you incredible people! After all, if I could I would buy you all an Emperor’s Finest mug. Cause that’s what you are.

Also, if you see this and do not reblog my selfie, the selfie of the Emperor’s Finest, why then that’s just plain heresy.

Trans Day of Visibility has been amazing and I love and am so proud of all my transgender and non-binary friends. I love how positive this day is and I know it’s educated lots of people. 

Here are some outfits Barney is going to wear in Issue 3 of DeadEndia. When I created Barney, I asked for help from trans men on the kind of character they would love to see in the media and it was so interesting hearing the very specific fears and hopes associated with hearing a fictional character is trans. Today is about visibility and putting trans characters in your personal webcomics is one thing but getting more varied and normalised trans characters in mainstream media is very important and can be life saving. 

I just wanted to put a post on my blog about today. I’ve been reblogging lots of cool selfies on my personal blog ganondilf. I don’t wanna step on anyone’s toes or make today about me though and if anyone feels I’m intruding I’lll happily take it down.